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DPPt/HGSS For the Most Part, I'm a Normal Guy

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Shocari, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. Shocari

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    I have a Normal team(all but one of 'em, really), that i just came up with.

    Either Ability
    252 HP, 4 Def, 252 Spe
    -Sleep Powder
    Memento is really the only reason Jumpluff is on here. It opens the way up for my Belly Drumming Linoone to, well...Belly Drum XD Anything else is to either stop the opponent from doing any major damage, or to cushion anything coming Linoone's(or anyone else's) way.

    Linoone@ Salac Berry
    116 HP, 252/136 Atk, 4 SpD, 136/252 Spe
    -Belly Drum
    -Extreme Speed
    -Seed Bomb
    -Return/Shadow Claw
    Linoone, who is just another sweeper on the team, will attempt to Belly Drum and activate Salac at the same time...especially after being sent out due to Memento, which should basically guarantee a set-up. Extreme Speed picks off anything that might even attempt to outspeed it via Choice Scarf or general higher speed, and the monstrous attack stat will either kill it or leave a major dent. Seed Bomb scores coverage on Rocks and Grounds that resist Extreme Speed, as well as hurt the bulky Waters. Return is for extra STAB after ES's low PP, or Shadow Claw for coverage.

    Dodrio@ Focus Sash
    Early Bird
    248 HP, 8 Atk, 252 Spe
    -Baton Pass
    -Drill Peck
    Dodrio will pass off Agility onto any of the sweepers, depending on the situation. The HP EVs allow it to come in on Stealth Rock around 4 times, and the Speed EVs allow it to Pass that much faster.

    Zangoose@ Life Orb/Expert Belt
    252 Atk, 252 Spe, 4 HP
    -Close Combat
    -Shadow Claw/Night Slash
    -Ice Punch/Fire Punch
    Zangoose will just get an Agilipass and attempt a sweep. The given moves provide excellent coverage. I can't choose between Shadow Claw and Night Slash, and Ice Punch handles Dragon, Flying, (whatever else Ice kills) or Fire Punch to deal with Forretress and Scizor better.

    Miltank@ Leftovers
    252 HP, 136/120 SpD, 120/136 Def
    -Milk Drink
    -Body Slam
    Miltank shall...how do you say? MINDFUCK. With Curse and Milk Drink, Miltank can increase her stats as well as heal off any damage during that time. Body Slam paralyzes anything faster after Curse, and Earthquake just hits really hard.

    Togekiss@ Expert Belt/Life Orb
    Serene Grace
    252 SpA, 252 Spe, 4 SpD
    -Aura Sphere
    -Air Slash
    Togekiss can recieve Agility as well, making it that much more deadly. Everything has coverage, and Serene Grace pumps up the chance for Burn/Flinch/Paralysis.

    I can't decide who should get Life Orb and who should get Expert Belt. I'm also at a loss for an item for 'Pluff. Any ideas will be put into consideration.
  2. Very nice concept, I like it, but it was some flaws that I would like to adress.

    Jumpluff Lead: very good thing actually, should work good against slower Leads. The problem is that faster leads like Aerodactyl and Azelf will taunt it before it can do anything and then it will be open for attack.
    You use it later then but still, thats a point to consider. Maybe add an attack for those faster leads?

    Linoone really needs that Jumpluff, which might fall flat with those faster leads that I have mentioned. And even with the Belly drum it still cant do a lot to certain Steels like Scizor, Lucario and Skarmory, especially if scizor and lucario are Bulky EV wise.

    Dodrio with Focus Sash isnt that great , considering the heavy usage of Stealth rocks. You might want to go for Leftovers and hope for the attacker not to be in possession of Ice Beam or stuff that hurts a lot. Giving a Pokemon high HP wont help against every thing~

    Miltank is a nice bulky thing. I like it. But watch out against Special Attackers with that thing.

    Togekiss is as deadly as always, with Agility a major beast that abuses Hax a lot.
    Cant go wrong with that thing.

    The thing is that certain Walls might wall your team completely, like Skarmory and Blissey, stallteams with Toxic might be a problem too.
    But I like the synergies. The usage of untypical Pokemon is nice too.
    I think it can work in certain situations but i would tweak it a little bit more.

    [EDIT] Forgot the Zangoose.
    Zangoose can work as a sweeper, but its very frail, and a lot of Pokemon will be able to wall it completely. Gyarados and Swampert come into mind who can take those hits easily and then counter it hard.

    The problem with that team is, is that certain problems of one pokemon arent covered by other Pokemon like at all, and bulky Pokemon might be the biggest Threat for that team, and I havent even mentioned hyper threats like Mence and Heatran yet.

    EDIT PART DEUX: Holy snaps! I forgot that your miltank gets walled by Levitating Ghosts by 100%. Another thing to consider!
    HOLY Snap Im an idiot! Forgot the Ability!
  3. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Here's the basics:

    - Jumpluff shouldn't be leading if you want him to drop a Memento for Linoone, or else Linoone will be walled and gutted very quickly after setting up. Linoone should be saved for late-game, and if you want to combo it with Jumpluff then Jumpluff should be saved for late-game also.

    - Linoone needs to go Max Attack really since he'll likely need that more than anything. He'll want to make sure anything bulky on the opponent's team is already ancient history unless he wants his sweep cut incredibly short, so don't send him out recklessly. I'd pick Shadow Claw over Return here so that you have better coverage to prevent people walling you. Make sure all Steel-types on your opponent's team are KO'd before attempting a full sweep with Linoone, since it gets completely walled by Steels regardless of what moves you choose.

    - If you're using Sash you'll want to be avoiding SR like the plague regardless of your typing - even if you're Lucario with 4x resistance to Rock, switch in with SR on the field and your Sash is gone. Dodrio usually has better things to do than attempt to Baton Pass Agility and die trying - he can do this job, but pulling it off whilst being clobbered isn't easy even with max HP EVs.

    - Zangoose isn't THAT slow, really - if it was something like Marowak then passing Agility would definitely be recommended, but Base 90 Speed on Zangoose certainly doesn't require Agility boosts at all even if it could be a tad better. If you're still worried about the Speed, Choice Scarf is far more efficient than Dodrio being forced to use a moveset he was never really designed for.

    - Cursing Miltank isn't quite as effective as most would like it to be, to be honest - it works great on Snorlax because Snorlax's Sp.Defense is massive, and Curse boosts its weaker Defense stat. Miltank on the other hand has good Defense but weaker Sp.Defense - even with Curse, its weaker defensive stat is still completely exposed. I'd suggest maxing out HP and Sp.Defense here for Miltank really so it has less of a weakness to exploit, that way you'll be able to get the most out of Miltank.

    - Togekiss doesn't need Agility either when it can cripple enemies with Thunder Wave and then batter them with Air Slash attacks. Roost is a great option too, and Aura Sphere grants good coverage with Air Slash, thus rounding off potentially the most irritating moveset in Gen IV.

    Overall, I'd say Dodrio needs a complete overhaul since your team doesn't need an Agility passer, and over-reliance on setups will likely get you killed off very quickly by an opponent who catches onto your strategy and simply decides to constantly pound away at you. Zangoose should definitely get the Life Orb over Togekiss since Togekiss doesn't really want to sacrifice its bulkiness, whereas Zangoose can get away with suffering recoil on his attacks since he can't take hits anywhere near as well.

    With this team, you'll want to wear down the opponent as much as possible before sending in Jumpluff/Linoone to finish the job. It seems to revolve around Linoone a bit, and Linoone doesn't want to be facing a Steel-type mid-sweep, ever.

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