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For Honor and Justice: Chivalry and the Crown

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Mechanist Gamma, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. In the distant lands of Juralis, thousands of years ago...

    Back when the land was ruled by a King or a Lord, and the highest elements were steel and fire, war raged across the continent. Pokemon clashed with Pokemon, Human fought Human, and the land was left in chaos. The reason for this was the clash between the seven kingdoms and their respective guardians.

    Eruidal, the kingdom of the north. This land of crag was protected by the guardian spirit Chario, a giant black Charizard with the ability to create blue fire.

    Sencro, the kingdom to the west. The land of ocean was kept safe by Gyras, the golden Gyardos with the ability to control the tides.

    Crigarios, the kingdom of the southwest. The rocky mountains and caverns keeping the desert inside safe from the outside world were protected by Blagol, the giant Golem with power to raise the mountains higher.

    Jumaquo, the kingdom of the south. The dense forests were protected by Toranaus, the walking hill Torterra. This beast helped the land prosper by making its crops grow faster, but it can also make all other plant life age.

    Hagura, the kingdom of the east. The tropical land was kept safe by Shequino, the living razor Samurott. The deity can slice through volcanos with a single slice of its blades.

    Vencuras, the former kingdom of the northeast. This city was raised into the sky where it has remained since by Brazinos, the Braviary with humongous wings able to cause a tornado with one flap. The soaring savior held Vencuras in the sky until Humans could install turbines to keep the city afloat.

    And finally, Lentos, the central city of the region. The city was made for trade and conversation, now any visitors are coming to conquer instead of converse. The city and its guardian, Vreega, the giant Eevee with the impossibly loud voice, could barely fight back against the constant attacks for territory.

    All seven nations were in the war, whether they liked it or not. War was here, and there was no stopping it...

    The hooves of the fire horse clopped against the ground as the Jumaquo warrior rode through the palm trees. The symbol on his cape had forced him to run. Even if he could make it to Lentos, he doubted they would have helped him. So he had started riding south-west back to the forests he called home. Suddenly, he saw someone else. But what was their allegience?
  2. (Just a little heads up, Victini IS a Gijinka.)
    Victini was mindlessly skipping along a path, singing a tune in a foreign language, her eyes closed. She had been doing this longer than most people could tolerate, especially since she wasn't wearing any footwear on the rocky path. Eventually, the skyblue eyed girl heard the clacking of hooves, and stopped in her tracks, opening her eyes, smiling at the approaching person, waving. "Hello~!"
  3. (Uh... what? There's no Gijinka kingdom!)
    The hooves of the Ponyta almost ran over the girl, but a passing voice said "Sorry!" The three pursuers from Hagura were not so kind, giving not a word as they chased the man from the greenlands.
  4. [​IMG]
    ((Victini isn't associated with a kingdom)
    Victini stared at the person on Ponyta as he passed. Grabbing the string of a Drifloon behind her (Forgot to mention that), she gave chase, being quite agile, being to keep the four in sight. "H-hey!"
  5. A small shadow was seen overhead. A dragon pokemon flew gracefully, effortlessly through the air. Uptop this graceful flying type was a girl. The Vencuras spotted other people below her, studying their apparel. "Friend or Foe Harmony, what do you think?" The female asked gently. "Al, Altaria!" The dragon replied, swooping through the clear sky towards the people below. The girl, who's name was Levy, kneeled on the speeding pokemon, one hand on the neck of her Altaria and the other in the sheath of her Dagger. She's never been one for fighting, but just in case if she were to be attacked. Unlike the dresses and fancy attire of others, Levy wore a simple brown shirt with black pants, with a belt carrying her Pokeballs and her weapon. As Harmony drew closer, the girl tapped her hand on the neck of her dragon, who then used cotton gaurd on Levy as she dismounted mid air. The Vencuras fell, but then twisted mid air, hitting the cotton and landing on her feet. Suddenly, Levy knew she screwed up when the two running there, was not in fact, part of the Vencuras alliance.
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  6. (1. Ah, right. Is see what Gijinka are now. But if you're not associated with any kingdom, then you're considered a bandit.
    2. There's one man wearing a cape with the Jumaquo symbol and three men from Hagura in pursuit.)
    The girl had also landed right in front of the speeding Ponyta. "Watch out!" he said, but the fire horse had no chance to turn away. The two crashed into each other. As the boy stood up, he returned Ponyta to its Pokeball. The men then came over and strung arrows onto their bows, and pointed at the Jumaquo and the Venturas. Oh, great. One of these days. the man thought, preparing to draw his sword.
  7. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Also, just a heads up: I did not approve the use of legendaries here, so unless your character is a human literally named Victini for some ridiculous reason, I'd advise rewriting it or facing a warning, as per our rules.

    Otherwise, carry on.
  8. Levy was a tad confused when she found herself flying backwards and her stomach hurt like crazy. "Ow, why'd you do that! I might have been part of you alliance! I'm offended!" Levy complained, catching her balance mid air and landing on more cotton. "Thanks Harmony." She said into the silent trees. Levy advanced but found herself struggling to catch her breath. "Shoot." She grumbled at the Hagura continued chase. "I don't know what you did but I'm pretty sure you upset them." Levy stated. The Vencuras raises her right arm off to the side, signaling for her Altaria to attack the chasers. The girl jumped onto the dragon and raced into battle, weapon at the ready.
  9. "Heh, a fighter, huh?" The Jumaquo warrior said, drawing his blade. "How good are you at deflecting arrows?" The Hagura fired a volley, but the ones aimed at the young teen were deflected. "Hyah!" he said, attacking two of the Hagura.
  10. Drifloon wrapped its strings around Victini's shoulders, and began to carry the girl, closing the gap between the two and her, although now very quickly, it was certainly faster than on foot, accidentally knocking over one of the attackers. "S-sorry!"
  11. The Altaria had seeminly disappeared from sight. Out of no where, Levy fell from the sky and landed on the third Hagura's head. "Hi-ya! Yeah! I've wanted to do that since forever!" The gir cheered as she signaled for Cloudia to pick her up again. The dragon did so, happily. Once again, Levy fell but her move was anticipated. She found herself gasping in pain due to the gash she received on her weapon arm. "Shoot...." She grumbled as the Vencuras watched her enemy draw closer. Levy dodged, but her energy was not endless and she was tiring quickly.
  12. With only one enemy left, he allowed his Ponyta to strike with flame-thrower. The battle had been won. For now, at least. "Thanks for the help." the boy said. "I'm Bark of Jumaquo. Who are you?"
  13. The Vencuras gave a small bow. "I am Levy of Vencuras. This is Harmony." Levy said, flagging her arm as the dragon landed next to her, cooing softly. Levy was typically not quiet about anything so she was a horrible spy if she were to ever be made one. Her place in the government happened to be an flying fighter, only equipped with a dagger and one or two flying Pokemon. They usually use dragon types for their durability, but some use flying types. The Flyers did aerial stunts, jumping off of their Pokemon to attack an enemy. The Altaria who was named Harmony by Levy was not actually her Pokemon. The dragon was only Levys friend, the flyer didn't have any Pokemon. She had been discussing about capture with the dragon, but right now the conversation remained neutral.

    The Vencuras moved her hands in a particular motion, asking the Altaria to prepare for flight. "Well, it was nice dropping in but I don't feel like fighting anyone else, so I'll take my leave." As soon as the last word left her mouth Levy seemingly disappeared into a cloud of cotton and was soon seen hovering ontop of Harmony.
  14. "A Vencuras...?" Bark thought. "WAIT!" he shouted, hoping he could call the girl back down.
  15. "Harmony?" Levy asked, hoping the dragon understood. Of course it did and swiftly descended, silently landing in the trees. Levy dismounted her Altaria and jumped though the trees on the thickest branches. Descending and protected by a bird, Levy had the incredible skill to jump higher and seemingly always find her balance in the air. Some called her the Cloud Jumper as the Flyer always attacks from dangerously large hights and always seems to land it accurately and swiftly. Finally the Vencuras landed on a branch near the fighter from earlier. "Hey, so what's up?" She calmly stated sitting down, not looking the least but winded form her jumping.
  16. "Well..." Bark said. "You know, we don't WANT to fight this war. We only fight because the other nations keep attacking us, and we retaliate. We don't even have a good reason TO fight, and I just want this war finished."
  17. "No, I don't like fighting that is true. However, as much as I would love to end this war, the leaders may not think similarly." The Vencuras stated thoughtfully, crossing her legs on the branch. "I am a part of the special forces so I'm closer to the King, but there may be personal quarrels between the seven nations." Levy voiced, trying to express her opinion. "What are you suggesting?" She asked, jumping out of the tree. Normally that wouldn't be that hard, but the Vencuras accidentally jumped too high, higher than the tree she was jumping out of. Levy gracefully landed on her feet, seemingly not effected. "Whoops, not sure how to control that yet." She observed as the young fighter looked upwards with a confused expression.
  18. "I'm suggesting forming an alliance for peace. Think about it; Jumaquo and Vencuras: Allies until the end. And we could be the ones that start this alliance.
  19. "An alliance between the Vencuras and Jumaquo?" Levy hummed thoughtfully. "Yes I do suppose that we would be quite a force to be reckoned with. However, the alliance is not entirely up to us unless I'm am unclear as to who I'm talking to. You aren't the king, are you?" Levy almost whispered fearing that if he was the ruler than she may be in grave danger for talking casually. "And besides, what would Toranus and Brazinos say about it? So the enjoy each other's company?" She asked, regaining her posture.

    Levy was trained in a special school because her mom and dad were part of the fighting forces of Vencuras. Because of that, Levy was taught advanced math, science and language, but instead of history they were asked to train as flyers. So most kids went home every night into the floating city, and read their fairytale about the main nations and their supposed protectors. However, Levy's family did not have enough spare change to buy the books for her, so the young flyer had to settle for rumors she heard in the classroom.
  20. A girl jumped between them. Her gloves held the symbol of the Lentos. She wore a dress, a cape, some gloves, and was a 11 year old by the looks of it. She faced the two warriors. "I, am Anice. Warrior Princess of Lentos.
  21. "Aww, the Eevee group...." Cooed the teen as she looked at the Lentos. To be honest, pity was spilling out of her voice as that specific nation didn't have enough land and was constantly struggling to keep it. "Jumaquo, talk to your ruler as I will mine. I don't feel like killing a kid today." The flyer stated flatly. Levy seemed to have changed her attire sometime, now wearing a white sleeveless shirt with light blue pants that match her sky blue hair. She had a visible cape now, a white one with a large collar displaying the sign of Vencuras on the back and as the charm that ties the caps together by her neck on the front. Levy also had sky blue gloves on that reach her elbows. To finish it, white flyer boots cloud be seen under her light blue pants. Levy nodded in farewell and flagged her arm, then moved it upwards. In a cloud of cotton, she seemed to disappear before hovering for a moment above the duo beneath her, waiting for any last words before her departure.
  22. "Kid? At least I know how to fight!" She responded. Out of nowhere, the Eevee jumped beside her, ready to attack the enemy or protect the princess.
  23. "Fight?" Levy scoffed. The Flyer leaped off of her Altaria and seeminly disappeared. Seconds later Levy appeared behind the newcomer and held the girl's had a behind her back, no weapon present. Before her Eevee could possibly react, Harmony created cotton around the small pokemon's legs so it couldn't move. "Fight?" Levy repeated. "Honey, if I wernt in a good mood or if I am due to report to the king you would be dead by now." The teenager released the Lentos and signaled for Harmony to fly her back to the capital, and soon enough the duo had disappered into the clouds.
  24. "Hah. If only she knew." Bark said. "Toranus actually helped Brazinos raise Vencuras." the boy said, knowingly.
  25. "Really? That's all you got?" Anice taunted. She grabbed her bow and arrow and shot her signature arrow. It was one of Pokemon arrows that she created. It hit Levy, and she tumbled off of her Altariad. She was unhurt, but had a small bit of confusion Ray.
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  26. "W-what the...?" Bark said, looking at Anice before kicking the bow out of her hands. His Ponyta caught Levy.
  27. Levy spluttered for a bit, a wound on her back reopening as she landed on the Ponyta. Harmony was enraged.

    In an earlier battle, Levy was shot down by an arrow that probably would have killed her if she were unconscious. The Vencuras had caught herself but the Enemy sliced open her back and she lost her Consciousness. If it wernt for the Altaria who flew down to block the wound with her cotton and protect her from the enemy, the Flyer would have died young. At the fact that Levy slid off of the Altaria's back, Harmony had a flashback and when Levy landed the Ponyta, Harmony thought she had died. The wings of cotton that formed Altaria grew to 3 times it size and the Dragon dove. MoonBlast after Dragon Pulse to Sky attack, Harmony created a huge crater where Anice stood. The dragon flew over the crater, noting that the Eevee had at least taken serious damage, but what about her target?

    The Flyer lay there, looking eerily still and a bit of red showing on the back of her shirt.
  28. "Ponyta, we need to get her to the woods!" Bark said. "Get Ariel and her Chansey to help her! I'll be right with you!" On command, Ponyta raced into the woods with the injured girl. Bark, meanwhile, had to stay behind. He had to calm down that Altaria.
  29. Harmony quickly picked up Bark and set him down on the top of a tree. The Altaria had no quarrel with him. Harmony hovered over the crater's dust still trying to assess the damage given.

    Levy coughed multiple times as she bounced on the Ponyta's back. Once or twice a yell of pain came from the young teen.

    Why my back? Why my back? I may never be able fly again!
  30. The greens of the forest surrounded the fire horse and wounded girl. As soon as they entered the inner village, people looked... except for two. The mayor of the town and Ariel, the town healer. "Chansey, I need you!" the girl said. The big man held the girl with her back facing upwards, as to stop more blood from falling to the ground. Inside the clinic, the girl got to work and soon the wound had closed.
  31. Anice released her Espeon, and shot another arrow at the girl before flying away. She hoped the final wish arrow would work. She then healed the small kingdoms guardian, then flew back toward Levy, the giant Eevee behind her. She hoped her only final wish arrow, which was the only one she had, worked. She saw the girl was hurt, but expected the arrow to take effect soon. If at all.
  32. (See? I did post. Now we wait for Espeon to heal inside the clinic.)
  33. Levy was unconscious, but felt herself healing due to the medications that a nice lady was giving to her. The puncture where the arrow had hit her throbbed badly and she felt warm and sticky in that spot.

    A few minutes later, when no one was in the room, Levy jumped the the windowsill and flagged her arm. The Altaria, who was very happy at the sight of Levy, cooed softly and gave the girl a big hug. Levy smiled and put a finger to her lips, shushing the dragon. Then both flew to the Vuncuras capital. "I'm a good hour late thanks to that Lentos.... Gosh...." Seethed Levy as she walked the royal hallways with Harmony at her side, waddling at her own pace. "Levy! The ruler waits you!" Called someone futher down the hallways. "I'll be right there!" Levy responded, now running stiffly down the narrow passageways. The Vuncuras stopped in front of the large doors and took a deep breath, preparing her opening statement. Then she pushed open the doors. "My Lord, I propose an Idea. The Jumaquo make an alliance with us, and we attack the Lentos."
  34. Bark ran into the forest, exhausted. "Son!" The chief said, running over to Bark. "You're safe!" "Yeah, dad." Bark said, barely breathing out of his father's bear-hug. "Dad, there's something we need to do. I met a girl from Vencuras, and I think we might be able to form a peace treaty with the flying city."
  35. "You already know, My lord, that Chivalry is a big part of this War. One of the golden rules of being a fighter is when and Enemy is fleeing, you may not attack them. I was not fleeing, nor too injured to continue to fight. The Lentos rudely interrupted my conversation with the peaceful Jumaquo as I was about to take my leave. I did fly to your city, yet she shot me off of my dear Harmony, causing me to fall out of the cloud. I was unconscious and unable to catch myself, lord, I'm deeply sorry. The Jumaquo healed me, and I believe that we should create an Alliance. I proposed my idea." Levy reported, standing up straight once more.

    "I do indeed believe that it is overdue. We must forge a strong bond with the Jumaquo. Young Neice, you are a tad uneducated in our history, yes? Well the Torterra who rules the Juamquo helped rise this city into the blue skies! We must return the favor." The ruler announced. "I am deeply sorry for your wounds, and I agree. If the Lentos such to dare as to attack an unwary enemy who is 'fleeing' we must get revenge."
    "I beg for you to wait for me to heal, my lord, as I will be a great asset in this battle." Levy begged, hopefully at that.
  36. "Ya, ya, ya, blah, blah, blah, here I am! I propose a better deal. Us Lentos can be greatly useful to you. Give us an acre of land, we will join forces. We can protect each other, and win this war. We can rule Kalos, " she said. Anice hoped he would except the deal. Lentos needed more land, badly. " So, what do you say?" She asked.
  37. The ruler coughed. "And you are? I have no idea as to whom you are. You barge in on a private meeting with one of my special forces members and make an offer without my permission. Where did you learn to respect your leaders?" The King asked outraged. "I'm going to give you a minute to give me a good reason to not throw you into prison." He ordered, the knights and flyers in the room readied their weapons and put up the barrier again. Usually the wind barrier protects from any outside entrances, teleportation included. Someone will be fired.
  38. Bark and his father, Vine, rode off to the southeast, where the Great Crater stood firm. Long ago, this had been the site of a war between a Golurk and a Metagross. A Bronzong was able to stop more destruction by sealing the thee away in a pocket dimension, but the scars of war still stood. Vine looked at the landscape angrily. This was where his father was killed by Eruidals, and he arrived too late to save him.
  39. Crow Looked at the girl who had seemingly teleported into the room, he had his knives drawn at the Lentos Princess, his Flygon, and his Toxicroak readied for battle. Being one of the Kings Rangers, he had no idea how she had entered the room unnoticed, even he hadn't detected her, and that was his job. He looked at the king nervously, awaiting a signal to attack or capture her.
  40. "Ya, don't even try to catch me, cause I'll just teleport out of here. Won't we, abra?" She asked, looking at her Pokemon. She turned back to the king. " Well, if you won't except the offer, I'll just go make partnerships with Hagura and Sencro, then conquer you. But you could change that all right now, and Become part of the winning team. The other two have already joined, so it's more war or less land. Your choice." A nice got ready to teleport out of there.

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