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Footprints in the Sand

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EspeonTheBest, Jan 26, 2016.

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    The Pokemon world has always had some kind of threat. Be it Team Galactic or worldwide floods, there has always been a thick haze of danger surrounding the Pokemon universe. Yet...in panic a mere child is able to take down a whole evil organization as young as 10 years old. Isn't that...over-exaggerating? Think of the average 10 year old- fifth grader. They run and play without any cares in the world. They aren't very responsible, and many refuses to take care of pets. How could a young child be able to master the art of controlling elemental beasts that if they were to turn on their trainer could kill? Finally, the Hoenn Region figured out why there were a decreasing age at which the average citizen passes away. Hoenn made a new law; you must be 16 in order to obtain your first Pokemon.

    The problem seemingly fixed itself over time. 16 year olds started to gain Pokemon and use them wisely compared to the rash actions most 10 year olds would make using their partners in battle. However, when this law came into effect, they skipped a whole year of new 16 year olds. Well, all of those except for all those who, at 16 years, caught their own Pokemon and started their journey with the permission of their parents. All was well and calm in Hoenn. There weren't many new ambitious trainers who were training that fateful year, no new trainers, no old ones willing to fight, and nothing to stop silent doom.

    Of course, something had to go wrong, yes? A group of sea loving criminals, most of which were former Team Aqua members, formed a group named Storm Breaker. However, they were not referred to as so in many places, so they settled for the more vague description of 'Pirates'. They rose to power at dizzying speeds, causing most of the nation to stand dazed as they wondered what hit them. Most seaside towns and islands were deserted in fear of being looted and terrorized by these 'Pirates.' No new ambitious trainers to stop them. Right?

    If you decided to not read the beautiful paragraphs above that took me around half and hour to write, I'll skim over the basics here. You are one of those self-made trainers who caught their own Pokemon and set off of their journey as the government bred more starters for all the other 16 year olds for the next year. Of course, you find that you want to save Hoenn from the Pirates. Or...maybe you want to be a pirate. Doesn't matter to me. All I ask is that your Pokemon be below level 30 and we're good. A little more than a paragraph per post would be highly appreciated. ^.^

    End intro, In context)

    'Day 3:
    They've left me here. The Breakers. Evil they are. The boat has a hole in it, so water is leaking in. It's slow, but it's obviously rising. I heard that they had to abandon over 10000 Pokedollars worth of gold and precious metals on this ship once they figured out it was going to sink. As much as I would love to take it and run, I can't. The bars are rusting slightly and it may be enough for me to bend and break the steel, but my right hand is still swelling from whatever diseas that Rattata carried when I fed it a cracker and it bit me. Evil...evil...evil. I'm appalled that they would leave such a highly honored man like me to die here. I suppose their safety is more than my life....'

    Kali snapped the water-worn book shut and threw it onto the bright, white couch across the room and planted her face in her hands. A large figure poked it's head out from around the corner and let out a small whistle of confusion as it slithered over to the 16 year old teenager. "Mi! Lotic, Lotic." The large sea serpent cooed as she wrapped herself around the armchair Kali was sitting in. "Mirabi, I told you to stay in the ocean for now. You could dehydrate on land." The teenager scolded gently as she patted the Milotic on the head. Kali, a tall blone haired teenager, stood up and stretched her arms. Her sandy blonde hair almost reached her hips, and there were two single crimson stripes in her hair coming from her bangs, which were now growing out and swept to the side. It was a hot summer day in a deserted Lilycove, so Kali dressed appropriately. She had a pair of jean shorts on with a plain, ruby red, sleeveless shirt. The hotel she was camping out in was fairly nice. It had a small aquarium that Kali supposed at one point held some kind of water dwelling Pokemon. The young teenager did not dare draw close to the tank however in fear that a cruel human left the aquatic Pokemon to rot in their cell. Kali's head swiveled around once more as she heard the usual pat pat, pat pat, as her other partner, Solstice, climbed down the stairs from the upper floor. "Solstice! We're leaving! Let's go!" Kali shouted through the empty hotel lobby. She glanced at the white sofa where she had discarded the diary. The teenager sighed and picked it up, knowing it was crucial for her. How could she ever figure out what happened to such an important man and become a real detective without it?

    Kali slipped on her blue tennis shoes and slung her messenger bag over her shoulder. Mirabi started whistling a happy tune as Kali found Solstice and placed the Espeon up on top of her head. Then, with a nod from all three members, the crew set off into the deserted Lilycove. The once bustling city was eerily quiet and unnerving. Above them, the midday sun beat down on them mercilessly and seemed as if it were laughing in their misery. Kali heard that the Pirates were nearby, and she definitely needed to sneak onto one of their ships and get information. Mirabi sighed as they passed the contest hall, visibly growing weaker and no longer humming. "See? Mirabi I warned you." Kali sighed as she patted the slithering Milotic on the neck. "We're almost there. See? The ocean. Why don't you give Mira a hand Sol?" The teenager suggested as she glanced up at the two tipped tail that was dangling abover her. A slight movement above helped Kali affirm that Soltice was in fact willing to help the Milotic, and sooner than later the serpent was swimming happily in the cool ocean. Kali smiled ran alongside the beach with her singing Milotic, laughing all the while. She stopped to put her hands on her knees and break before the teenager waved Mirabi over so they can start on their journey to Mossdeep. However, a sharp sound behind her made Kali turn suddenly and caused her to gasp as she lost her footing and fell.
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  2. Rye stared at the shore line. His town, or what had been left of it, had been pillaged a few days earlier, leaving only him. His Raichus ears perked up at a loud noise, a cry that came from a flock of wingull above. Rye looked down to see a girl , probably around his age, stumble on something. He gestured for his Raichu to follow him and he started down the slope and towards the beach, his head-wrap around his face, his safety goggles tinted black, giving him a eerie look.
  3. Midnight stood inside a battered door frame, staring at what was left of his house. The place he had spent almost 3 years of his life. A small breeze blew through the blown out frame, whipping around his silver hair. A familiar shadow was cast upon the floor. "Okay, Mismagius . Enough games. Did you find anything good?" The shadow on the floor flickered for a moment and his Mismagius appeared. He had been with his Mismagius almost all his life, and he knew from the look on her face, that everything had either been pillaged or destroyed.
  4. Mirabi stopped swimming and cooed softly as her trainer fell. The Milotic slithered out of the ocean and slowly scooted her way to Kali. Solstice jumped off of the blonde's head and started to sniff her for injuries. The Milotic finally made her way over to Kali and nudged her shoulder. "Ah, yes Mirabi. I'm ok, just I think I twisted my ankle at worst. It's not too bad." Kali said with a smile after her Pokemon both expressed concern for her.

    The Milotic gazed up over the shore and noticed two figures. With a hiss, the serpent uncharacteristly quickly wrapped her long body around Kali and Solstice in order to protect them. "Mirabi? What's wrong? Whose there?" Kali asked softly as she tried to look beyond the Milotic. The teenager stood up and brushed the sand off of her shorts. The trainer patted Mirabi on the neck and stood next to her, calmly watching the figures grow closer.
  5. The sand was starting to kick up on the beach, little dust devils sprouting up out of nowhere. the head wrap was slightly flapping in the breeze as Rye came closer. he slid down the sand dune, his Raichu also equipped with a pair of safety goggles. "I'd get going if I were you. The sands kicking up, and I spotted a horde of Sandshrew heading this way." he said quickly, his voice muffled by the head wrap, he wore bandages around his hands and pulled out a pokeball. he sent out his Lapras, named Crystal, and quickly hopped on. his Raichu, whose name was Twitch, scrambled up as well.
  6. Midnight walked down the cracked, deserted, road. He sighed, not knowing when or how to contact safety and get a way off Mossdeep. Just then, he spotted two figures, and some Pokemon on the beach. He decided to approach, cautiously.

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