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Fluorescent Lights (End of Silence)

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Power Metal Maiden~, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. (Short story inspired by Red's album "End of Silence", featuring my most beloved original characters, Rain Izabel and Trinity Evance. All lyrics after the chapter titles are lyrics from "End of Silence")



    These halls… So endless. Anytime I gather the courage to shout, only the darkness beyond the fluorescent lights replies. Suddenly, I remember, and her frantic voice is all I can hear. I sit down, finding tears as they fall on my shaking hands. This hurts, I need her… Good night, fluorescent lights.

    Chapter 1

    "I don't want to be afraid, I don't want to run away
    I don't want to be evaded, it's more that I can take."

    -Let Go

    "Rain? Please wake up, darling." Her quiet voice insisted as cold, slender hands touched my forehead.

    "Trinity?" My red eyes fluttered open, taking in every inch of my guardian. For an avatar of war, she was lovely. She made the perfect sister, although I was related by blood to absolutely no one. Her black hair was the same tone as mine, but much longer. I smiled, but I was afraid that she would disappear at any moment.

    "Yes." Trinity looked me over a couple of times. "Why are you looking at me like that?" She asked, obviously worried.

    "I had that dream again… With those halls, those flickering lights… Your voice." As I told her this, I realized my cheeks were still wet.

    "Rain, you worry yourself far too much. You know I will always be here, as long as you live. It's my destiny." She smiled, running a hand through my hair.

    "But Ian is your destiny too." I replied, scowling. For Trinity I would fight for that vampire. But deep down, my hatred for him burned.

    Trinity shook her head slowly. "He left again. He was acting so strangely."

    "What do you mean?" I demanded.

    Her violet eyes were somewhere else. "He said he had work to do, and then he said nothing more. He was gone just like that."

    I immediately knew what this meant. Ian was an "assassin", or so he called himself. However, no one had ever hired him as far as Trinity and I knew. In truth, he was a murderer.

    Chapter 2

    "I turn around, there you are
    A blink and a flash back to you again
    You push me down tried to steal it all
    This time I pushing back."

    -Wasting Time

    We left at the first sighting of the sun. Trinity led the way to a decrepit building, and I should have figured its entrance would be in the back of such a trashed alley. I wrinkled my nose at a rancid smell, and soon after that I found the source of the stench. There was a man leaning up against the damp brick wall, his hands lifeless at his sides. As my eyes moved higher, I spotted his face. It was ever paler than mine and completely drained of everything. I was surprised the corpse still had eyes, even if they were filmed over with a milky membrane. Ian had definitely come through here.

    Trinity caught my arm in a tight grip. "Come." She forced the rusted door open to reveal the threatening darkness inside. I wanted so badly to run, but I slowly stepped inside… For Trinity's sake.

    Just to make it worse, a metallic clatter pushed my nerves over the edge. I snarled, and Trinity touched my shoulder to reassure me. I shook my head and struggled to move forward, until I tripped. My knees buckled beneath me and I fell onto them, gasping a bit. "Damnit." I muttered. Trinity helped me to my feet, but as I tried to step forward again, someone grabbed me. I knew it wasn't my guardian this time, since the grasp was violent, and around my neck. I winced, caught off guard.

    "Let her go!" I heard Trinity shout, her voice stern. I struggled against my attacker's grip, and I heard Trinity again. "Ian, put her down!!!" She howled, and the tight hold on my neck was broken as I heard a sound I would never forget. Bones snapped, and Trinity screamed for the first time ever.

    I felt pure rage burning every bit of my body. I focused and reached out, my hand grasping onto what must have been Ian's neck. However, something was wrong. The skin upon it was thick, and felt as if covered in pieces of bone and dried blood. I gasped and let go, just as the lights in the cold room flickered on. I saw Trinity leaning against the wall near the switch, dark blood running from her shoulder. Ian had broken it when she made him release me. I screamed and turned to Ian. What I saw made me struggle for my breath.

    Before me was not the cunning, dark haired Ian I used to know. A creature stood before me, pieces of what seemed to be its skin covered in thick scabs. Pieces of what looked like bone jutted out from its joints. I narrowed my eyes. This was Ian. His mortal body must have been killed somehow, and this demon had remained. This thought was based on stories Trinity had told me about vampires in my younger days. I shook it off, knowing I had no choice but to fight him.

    Ian was shrieking, blood trickling from the corners of his mouth; his obscenely long fangs caked with red. The light must have been too much. I crouched, then stormed towards him, landing a fist against his rotting stomach. Frost suddenly crawled up from my fingers, twisting itself into his mutated body. He froze over, and I pulled my fist away. Without time to waste, I shoved my hand against my belt, feeling the butt of my pistol. I swiftly pulled it from my belt, firing almost as soon as I aimed for Ian's forehead. I heard Trinity scream for a second time, followed by the sound of her knees hitting the concrete floor. The demon's icy corpse fell as well, a disgusting mixture of cold water and blood pooling around it.

    Chapter 3

    "Close my eyes
    These voices stay
    Haunting me, I can't escape
    For you, just you
    Time will always wait
    While I throw away
    What I can't replace."


    Trinity didn't stop shouting her husband's name for over an hour. We sat on the cold floor of the eerie building, her eyes never leaving Ian's mutilated body, my arms around her. I apologized over and over, and eventually Ian's name faded from her tongue and she began to speak to me, slowly. There seemed to be no feeling to her voice whatsoever. "There is no need for your apologies." There was a long, cold pause. I shivered, and she seemed to notice. "I have a feeling he did this to himself." She said, her voice cracking ever so slightly.

    I sighed. "Trinity, why would you say that?" I closed my eyes, rubbing my temples to try and ward my headache away.

    "I just.. I feel it. I don't understand why, and I never will." She groaned.

    I remembered Trinity's shoulder had been broken, and I apologized again. "Let me help you with that, please Trinity."

    "No, it won't be necessary." She said as I was lifting my hand to her shoulder to heal it.

    "Why not?" I growled, upset that she was refusing my aid.

    Trinity stood suddenly, her body shaking a bit. She peeled her eyes away from Ian and locked them onto mine. I suddenly felt uncomfortable as she began to explain. "Rain, listen to me." She bent down a bit, so that her face was closer to mine. "I can't stay here, I can't handle this. This world will be so strange without him. You are all I have, but I can't be here physically any longer, love."

    "Trinity! What are you saying?! You're my guardian, please, please don't leave me!! I need you!" I was screaming, tears welling up in the corners of my eyes.

    Trinity grabbed my chin with one hand, her expression fierce. "Calm down. Let me finish." Her voice was weak, so I kept silent as I bit down on my lip ring. "There is a way for me to stay with you, just not in body. Trust me."

    I tried to speak, but nothing came out. I had no idea what she meant. This was all crazy talk to me. I stared at her, hard, and then was caught by surprise. Trinity smiled a genuine smile as she slowly sank down to her knees and leaned against me. I listened to her breathing, but after a while it came to a halt. My eyes widened, and I pushed her away from me, one hand at the back of her head, the other at her unbroken shoulder. "Trinity!!" I shrieked, although I knew I could do nothing. She was gone. I screamed over and over again, until finally my world fell black.

    Chapter 4

    "Your whispers fill these empty halls
    I'm searching for you as you call
    I'm racing, chasing after you
    I need you more; I'm lost in you."


    "Wake up, Rain." She whispered, and I obediently opened my eyes, although fluorescent lights immediately blinded me.


    "Yes, I am here."

    I looked around, frantic to find my guardian, but she was nowhere to be seen. I crawled forward, blinking to regain my focus. As soon as I could see clearly, I saw only a stretch of linoleum floor beneath me, patterned by the reflections of the bright lights above. One reflection flickered, and I slowly looked up to see a moth fluttering around the inside of the light cover. I took another horrified look around, but Trinity wasn't there.

    Now screaming in short, crazed bursts, I used the ice cold, white wall to stabilize myself as I stood to my feet. Again, her voice came and went. "Rain, please calm yourself…." I forced myself into silence for a long moment, but it was broken by a scream other than mine. It sent my blood into shock, raising every hair on my body. I bit down hard on my lip, and felt a small drop of blood as it fell onto my chin. I stepped forward slowly, one foot in front of the other, my shaking hand instinctively moving to where my gun should have been. As soon as I realized it wasn't there, I knew someone had brought me here to die. A second shriek only proved my theory. I covered my ears, and Trinity was there in my head. "Stop it, darling. I'm here." I shook my head, but obviously she disagreed, and her voice continued to haunt me. "Rain! I am really here. Remember, I told you about a way we could be together." Now I could only listen, she had my attention. "Listen to me carefully. Go into the next room, you'll be safe for a short amount of time. Look for something that you will be able to see yourself in and you will know that you aren't just going crazy."

    I realized I had no other choice than to follow Trinity's instructions, even if it wasn't really her. I was in danger anyhow. My eyes darted back and forth, making sure the halls were clear for now. I darted to the door across the hall, which was labeled "Restroom". I opened the door, startled by the darkness inside, but a glint across the room caught my eye. I was afraid at first, because I swore I saw someone standing across from me. After my heart had steadied itself, I was assured that it was just my reflection in a cracked mirror. I entered the room, flicking the light switch. I was so jumpy that the light turning on, although anticipated, frightened me. I stepped up to the mirror, gasping at what I now saw. At first, Trinity's face greeted me, but then I squinted and I knew that I was looking at myself.

    My hair had been so short before I woke up in this place, but now it shared the length of Trinity's hair. What I noticed after was even more startling to me. My eyes, once larger and bright red, now had the narrower properties of Trinity's and held a darker ruby hue. I smiled as the faith that my guardian was really with me swelled up inside. "That's right, I promised you I would always be here. You are my destiny." I laughed a little, pressing my hand up against the glass. At the same moment, a sickening splattering sound broke my newfound reason to rejoice. I whirled around to face the hideous truth. I was in danger.

    A disgusting monster stood before me, covered head to toe in what seemed to be curdled blood. Deformed fangs jutted out from its jaw, saliva dripping from them. As I looked closer, I knew it had once been vampire, and I felt sick. It was just like Ian, but they could have been someone good. I held back from gagging, gathering whatever courage I could. I needed help, and I needed it quick. Thankfully, Trinity answered me. "Rain, please just breathe, I will handle this. It is no longer mortal; it's not a moral issue. Someone is sending these things against you, and Ian must have been a pawn in this game. No, this is not a game, this is war." I heard the angry passion in her voice and I felt as safe as ever. I closed my eyes tightly, and although I heard the rotting pawn move closer, I felt Trinity pushing against it from within. Something was growing inside, and it finally became too strong from me to hold in. I opened my mouth to scream, and instead came Trinity's cry. It was powerful, and I was full of faith.

    Trinity was here, and I had never felt it like this before. I wasn't afraid. I reached out, feeling Trinity pushing me forward as I grabbed the creature, slamming it full force into the wall. Blood rushed onto the walls from its plagued skin, and I finished it off, my frost covering every inch of it. "We are done here." Trinity said, using my lips, my vocal chords. This was great. As I left the room, I caught a last glance at my reflection, and this time wasn't shocked to see Trinity there instead.

    "Rain, we have no time to waste. Run to the end of the hall, someone is waiting there. I feel their thoughts and they aren't too peaceful."
    I nodded after the words from Trinity left my mouth, and I immediately ran to the end of the hall, ignoring the ugly shrieks I heard along the way. I felt as if I had one thing to do and nothing was going to stop me from getting there.

    Chapter 5

    "Replace this fear inside
    Take this nothingness from me
    I want to fight
    I want to shine
    I want to rise
    Break me down."

    -Break Me Down

    The end of the hall was just a flood of darkness; the fluorescent lights had died off as I was running. However, I could somehow see perfectly in the sickening black. I braced myself as the sound of footsteps became apparent, and finally a figure appeared. It was a woman, taller than myself, and very beautiful. I narrowed my eyes, feeling Trinity's distress. The woman spoke, her voice hypnotic. "Rain, what a surprise to see you here. I thought you would have been finished off at least an hour ago."

    I snarled, lifting a hand in threat, but Trinity was quick to calm me.

    "Poor Rain, you do not even know who I am. I am Metal. I brought you here with my power, but you became far too strong." She stopped for a second, the sound of her heavy boots echoing through the hall as she stepped closer. "Now, I absolutely cannot have someone stronger than me. They worship me." As she said this, she gestured down the hall.

    This became too much for Trinity, she threatened Metal with my voice. "You bitch! Those rotting pawns worship you?! They don't worship anything, they can't, you took away their souls!" Trinity's rage was building within me. "What the hell did you do to Ian to make him let go of his mortality?!"

    Metal shook her head, mock disappointment playing in her fiery eyes. "Oh Ian, that poor boy. He was so easily convinced that Rain was after his life that he gave it to be the first to fight her off. Although, I did tell him that I would give his mortality back to him if he finished her. What a shame that he was so worthless."

    Trinity and I screamed simultaneously, but her scream was far more dominant. I rushed forward on my own will, but I knew Trinity had lent me her power as soon as I felt my hands become large paws as they hit the floor. My skin had been replaced by fur almost instantly, and I felt bone as I sunk my oversized feline fangs and claws into Metal's snowy skin. She howled in pain, trying to pull the giant tiger from her leg. I held fast, tasting the rich blood that poured from her as I pinned her to the floor. I felt the ice leave my body as it began to lick at her skin. I took another violent strike with my claws against her cheek, ripping away most of her facial features as the frost on her skin sounded with a sickening crunch.

    Chapter 6

    "I've come undone
    But you make sense of who I am
    Like puzzle pieces in your eye."


    After a while of releasing my rage, the witch was nothing but a cold, bloody mess. Trinity brought me out of her tiger form, and I felt her fade a bit as she pulled away from my voice and took her place in the back of my mind. I tried to steady my breath as I pushed a hand through my hair, leaving some of Metal's blood behind in it. I shook my head in disbelief, finding the strength to walk to the door and enter into the sunlight. I was weary, and I found myself on the ground, my head between my knees. I threw up twice, breathing hard. I hated this, what the hell was all of this about?

    My answer came soon enough. Trinity began to explain, and of course, an explanation was long due. "Rain, I'm so sorry you had to live through this. You have many lives, and in each one I am always with you. It's the real meaning to being a guardian; I will be with you no matter what. Ian is always there too, since he's my soul mate, but this life turned out all wrong for him. So far, it's looking the same way for you. If you want to leave, you can, just like I did. I will be with you, even though you won't remember me from this life. I am yours."

    I smiled. Then, feeling insane, I began to laugh hysterically as I saw my gun lying on the pavement beside me. I kept laughing, all the way up to the moment my bloodstained finger tightened on the trigger of the cold metal pushed against my temple. Good night, fluorescent lights.

    "I'd give it all to you
    Letting go of me
    Reaching as I fall
    I know it's already over now."

    -Already Over
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  2. Woah. That was nice. I'm really impressed and I love that story. Wow.
  3. My eyes...how they began to water at the last few paragraphs.

    Its awesome Rain. It pwns. Cool story. I like the use of lyrics, very original.
  4. Teapot

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    Wow. Reading the lyrics at the end sent a shiver up my spine. Very, very good.
  5. Psycho Monkey

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    I am at a loss of words for how great this is. I hope you post another short story sometime soon.
  6. This...is...*insert appropiate positive word here, because there are none in the English language*!

    It was beautiful. Please write again!
  7. Oh wow. This left me totally stunned and speechless. *applaudes*
  8. Thank you very much for your awesome comments, guys. ^^ I'm glad you liked it.

    Btw..if you really liked it, I'm in the middle of making a comic of it.. I'm only have about 6 pages of pencil so far...After I complete the pencil pages, I will trace over in ink and scan them, and most likely color them on the computer using either Photoshop or Gimp, we'll see..

    It will take a while, but if you liked this, maybe you'll like that too.
  9. That sounds amazing! :D Please let me/us know where you're going to post that comic!
  10. Teapot

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    DO WANT. I second that request - do tell us when you're finished!

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