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Private/Closed Flower Gift, Flower Gift... - Pokemon Trainer Academy RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Hisseki, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. (The participants for this RP are @Hisseki, @The Argonaut, @Excalibur Queen, @spookyscary, @I Never, @Littleblue, @DragonFlye, @Charlespark, @DullDeity, and @Ry_Burst. They are the only ones permitted to respond to this thread aside from, obviously, the admins.)
    "Flower Gift, Flower Gift, grant me a wish...
    I cared for you, o Cherrim, so please grant me this...
    To teach the future of your wonder, to see them admire...
    That, dear Cherrim, is my one true desire..."

    These words are engraved on the copper statue of an older woman, whose hair stays up in a bun, and who wears a robe that covers even her feet. A hand extends out forwards, holding a cane, and the other hand does the same though it is empty and outstretched, as if reaching for something or someone. This older woman is none other than Madame Pivione, the founding mother of the Southern Kalos city, Gracerise City. This statue stands directly outside of the Gracerise Trainer Academy, and is where this tale takes off... ...
    With a sigh of not boredom but excitement, Lawson Anatole looked up at the copper statue that stood before him after having read the plaque aloud to himself. He adjusted his goggles so they sat above his forehead since he no longer needed them if he was looking at a distance. Ara the Cubchoo pat his head gently a few times as a signal that she wanted to get a move on, and in response, Law started walking. He looked around for anyone he would recognize, and when that did everything but provide results, he let out a sigh - this time, a sigh of annoyance and frustration. Nevertheless, a smile remained plastered on his face as he took in the surroundings once more. The cherry blossom trees practically made up the entire forest around the school - and around, and even in, the entirety of the town itself - and were rustling gently in the wind. A few petals fell to the gravel pathway beneath his feet, one landing on Ara's head. Behind him was the old copper statue, and before him was the Gracerise Trainer Academy, where he would spend his time training to be better with Pokemon, and where he would learn to be the best Pokemon Coordinator out there. A burning fire of determination in his eyes, he pumped his fist in the air as he thought to himself about his inevitable performing future. Ara sighed, both in an effort to remove the cherry blossom petal that she placed on her nose and as a sign of her almost-embarrassment over Law's silly hand movements that had no context in her mind.

    "... ... Ara?..." Lawson said to his faithful stuffy-nosed companion, "This is gonna be great, I can already feel it!"
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  2. Down the path of gravel walked a young woman, a Pawinard by her side. The soft sound of a tinkling music box emanated from the right-hand pocket of her trench coat, Luck be a Lady putting a smile on her face. Sure, she may not like many sounds, bu she found the faint music of her handmade music box to be quite pleasant when she and her partner took walks.

    Her partner, Gauge, snapped along to the beat, swaying his head as he walked alongside his Trainer. He was proud of her work on the many things she had created, including the music box, and was secretly excited to be a part of it.

    As the duo passed a large statue of a lady with a bun, Araminta paused to read the plaque and examine the statue in its entirety. "Wow..." she mumbled to herself, smile widening. Glancing to a male Trainer and the Cubchoo that was by his side, who both stood nearby the statue, she nodded, patting her own Pokemon's head before continuing down the path, humming along to the tune of the song that filled the air around her.
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  3. Another young woman started to walk down the gravel path as well. A seemingly nervous Espurr clung to her shoulder. "I thought I was going to be a nervous wreck but instead its you that's the nervous wreck. Take it easy Gloria." Aquarius said. She gently patted the Espurr's head. Gloria looked up at Aquarius and cocked her head. As they passed the statue of a lady with a bun, Aquarius paused to read the plaque. She spotted a boy with a Cubchoo and a young woman with a Pawniard further up the path. 'At least I don't have to endure the awkwardness of being the first one here this time.' she thought.
    Gloria heard the tune of Luck be a Lady and lifted her head up. "Espurr?" she said. Gloria's head gently bobbed up and down as she listened to the music. It seemed to have calmed the Espurr down a bit. 'I wonder where that's coming from?' Aquarius thought. She glanced at the girl again. 'Maybe from her?' Aquarius wondered. Gloria changed her position so that she was sitting on Aquarius's shoulder. The Espurr pointed to the girl with the Pawniard by her side. The girl seemed to be humming to the tune, so there was a good chance she was the source of it. Aquarius smiled and rubbed her Pokemon's head.
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  4. Yuni looked back at her Dratini, who was quickly slithering towards her. The small blue Pokémon hurried through the gravel path, attempting to catch up to his young master. Finally, he paused, and coiled up Yuni's leg, until he managed to pop into her bag. Looking down, the girl smiled and almost chuckled at her Pokémon's behavior.

    Looking away from her bag, and up at the copper statue of an elderly woman. Merlin, the Dratini, looked up, then hid in the bag again, possibly scared of the figure. Yuni spotted words engraved on the statue, and quickly skimmed over the letters. Taking her attention away from the statue, Yuni looked at the other students. There were three others, each with their partners beside them. One of the girls had a Pawniard and was humming a tune that Yuni was oblivious to. Another student and her Espurr seemed to be slightly interested in the tune, as it had calmed the nerves of the purple cat-like Pokémon. The last student, most likely the one that had arrived first, was already past the statue, with his Chubchoo trailing behind him.

    Merlin slid out of Yuni's bag to admire the scenery around him, the cherry blossoms, the copper statue, and the school itself. One of the petals fell onto his 'tail', which he ignored. Looking at Yuni, who was ready to walk towards the school, he tilted his head before quickly catching up. Yuni was ready to learn everything she could at the school, to satisfy her wants of becoming the best Gym Leader out there.
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  5. Rae was sweating and panting as she arrived at the entrance of the Pokemon Academy, here in Gracerise City. You see, by-standing reader, Rae had just came from Verdanturf Town, Hoenn, with her family to Gracerise City, Kalos. They moved to a nice little house that was two miles from the academy, so Rae decided that she could get a little work out in as she goes to the academy. The scenery of the academy was amazing, and Rae took her first steps into the academy.

    As Rae entered the academy, she noticed four trainers; three girls and a guy. She wondered how many more students are in the school, and how excited she would be for making some friends; a light then came out from a Poke-ball in her pocket, and out came her Torchic. Torchic had a happy expression as he looked at Rae, and Rae said, "Yeah, I know how you feel buddy."

    After gawking the outside of the academy, and the copper statue of an old woman, Rae decided she wanted to work out some more before heading to the academy. "Hey, Torchic, you wanna see if they have a gym around here?" Rae asked as she looked at her Torchic. Torchic was bouncing around happily. So, Rae and Torchic found a gym and started exercising and practiced their martial arts.
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  6. Caleb, a young man, walked happily through Gracerise City, taking prideful strides, while his partner, a Magby puffed out his chest with pride. As Caleb began to give a sweet whistle as he walked, who's melody filled the air. Mags, as the Magby was named, soon dropped his tough guy persona, and happily swung to the beat, changing his stride to match the music.

    People eyed the duo with a mixture of awe, and embarrassment, as they seemed to be marching to the beat at this point. Soon they both entered Gracerise Trainer Academy, only giving a glance at the statue of the elderly woman who stood within the gates. They continue past the statue in their march. Well Caleb confused his march, while Mags wandered off to study the statue next to some other trainer.

    Once Caleb noticed, he gave an audible sigh, and walked over to the statue. There, as he stood by Mags, he noticed the engraving and began to read it aloud, mainly to himself, unaware he was speaking instead of thinking.
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  7. Adrian hummed softly to himself as gravel crunched underneath his Chuck Taylors, his head on a swivel to take in the sights around him. He inhaled, tasting the sweet, floral air as he walked, guitar case thumping against his back lightly. On the ground in front of him, Lyric chittered and chased some stray cherry blossoms that drifted in the wind. "Is that Petal Dance?" Adrian teased with a grin, but the Petilil was oblivious as she batted at the petals with her leafy arms. Adrian looked up and spotted a group of other students and Pokémon ahead of him. He didn't recognize any of them, but that was understandable; students were said to come here from all over the world. Even better; he'd known what he was getting into, and he couldn't wait to meet some of his new schoolmates.

    The boy thought back to his admission letter, which was folded carefully in one of the side pockets of his bag. He couldn't quite remember what it said, but he recalled reading information about his dorm, which was probably where he should be heading. Before he could check for the letter, however, Lyric tripped on the gravel and fell, crying out and distracting him.

    "Alright, that's enough," Adrian said as he smiled sympathetically and scooped up the small Pokémon. Lyric calmed when she was lifted into the air, and the two paused to listen intently to another student reading the plaque at the foot of a tall statue.
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  8. Lawson turned around to glance at the sudden abundance of noise - though not very loud noises, they were still indicative of him no longer being alone - and saw several other trainers, each with their own Pokemon. Walking backwards slowly, he observed the new trainers, from the one with a Magby, to one with a Pawniard, and even one with a Dratini, and so on. Ara tried poking him in the back of the head to tell him that walking backwards would end in disaster, but Lawson only really realized that after it was a bit too late. He ended up tripping over a sizeable pebble in the gravel road, just before reaching the entrance. With a soft, grainy thud, he hit the gravel beneath him. Luckily for Ara, she had jumped off of his back and landed on her feet when he started to fall. She facepalmed at her clumsy companion, giggling a bit.

    "Oh c'mon, Ara. I mean, you could stand to laugh a little more. I'd consider that quality comedy~!" Law jested to the Cubchoo, attempting to make gravel angels in the path rather than actually stand up. In response, Ara gently whacked him on the forehead and started laughing a bit more. For a dorky klutz, he really knew how to put a genuine smile on the little bear's face. She wondered why he didn't care whether or not others would see him being... himself, for lack of a better term, but quickly dismissed the question and sat on his stomach as he continued, again, being himself.
  9. A rather loud crunch of the gravel behind her made both Minty and Gauge whip around, the song playing from her pocket dying away and finally ending. The Trainer she had seen before the onslaught of others had fallen to the ground, but he seemed to be laughing it off, so Araminta did nothing about the situation. Instead, she smirked as she watched him make gravel angels for a moment, turning back around and continuing down the path.

    The Pawinard began to rummage through Mint's pocket, pulling out a few different music boxes, including the one for Luck be a Lady. Keeping one in his paw, he put the others back into her pocket, winding the small key that was placed on the tiny box's side. Gauge held it out, letting Someone Like You play loud and clear unlike the first song used, since it had been in Mint's pocket, and he began to quietly whistle along to the tune, causing a smile to spread on Ara's face.

    They headed towards the Gracerise Trainer Academy, where they'd be taking classes, both optimistic and unsure of what the near future had in store for them.
  10. Gloria had a pretty good view from where she sat on Aquarius's shoulder. She had seen the whole incident with the boy who was now making gravel angels and giggled. Then the Espurr seemed to remember something. She carefully moved over to Aqua's bag and began to go through it. Once Gloria found what she was looking for she let out a joyful cry.
    The item in particular that Gloria had been looking for, and that was now in her grasp, was a mint green bandanna. She tugged on the sleeve of Aqua's blazer. Aquarius saw what was in Gloria's grasp and guessed what the Espurr wanted her to do. Aqua stopped walking and gently removed the bandanna from Gloria's grip. She then proceeded to carefully tie the bandanna around the Espurr's neck. "There. How's that?" she said to Gloria. "Espurr!" Gloria replied in a cheerful tone.
  11. ( @I Never @Ry_Burst @DragonFlye @Charlespark @DullDeity @Hisseki @The Argonaut @Excalibur Queen Alrightyo, Whyne is late to the party. Also, I got permission from @Hisseki to use a Leafeon since you can technically get one at level 2)

    "Ahnoah, you sure I'm not late?" Asked Whyne

    "I'm sure we're fine. Place just 'round the corner. Remember, I'm just north of Lumiose, so if ya need anything, just give me a call." Said Ahnoah.

    Whyne's entrance consisted of him riding up to the academy on top of a giant Arcanine. It seemed like a bit of a flashy entrance for a new trainer, but Whyne didn't think about it all that much. Whyne grabbed his bag off of the giant Arcanine and signed to Ahnoah a 'See Ya, thanks for bringing me.' Ahnoah looked over at the Academy and took a look at the bronze statue and smiled a bit. Then he was off, his brother, to become a trainer that will do great things for the world.

    Whyne was wearing a gray hoodie, but white on the inside of the hoodie. He was also wearing black shorts that went just past knee length. His bag was a dark green satchel-type that resembled the most commonly used bag in Kalos. Inside of it were a few supplies to get him by, and a Holo-Caster for keeping in touch with his brother. Lastly, there was a Pokeball that contained his companion, a Leafeon named Cilantro.

    Whyne sent out Cilantro who seemed to be sleeping in the Pokeball. When he came out, he seemed a bit disoriented and stumbled around a bit.

    "Come on Cilantro, we can't have that as a first impression." Said Whyne.

    Cilantro shook his head a bit and gained a bit more control over his movement. He looked up at Whyne and chimed a bit and then made his way down to where the trainers were. Whyne followed Cilantro and saw a group of trainers around a statue. Before greeting the trainers, Whyne took in the surroundings. The air was sweet with cherry blossoms and the academy looked like it was its grand opening. Clearly, the place was well taken care of. The small chirp of birds and the faint sound of music.

    Cilantro was particularly interested in the trainer that was on the ground. Cilantro made his way over to this trainer and his Cubchoo and sat down in front of his face, looking at the trainer in a curious manner.

    Why is this guy on the ground? thought Cilantro.

    Whyne didn't even notice that Cilantro had left his side, as he was to busy taking in the scenery.
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  12. Rae had finished exercising, and was extremely exhausted. She felt like she was about to pass out, but to her demise, Torchic had already passed out. Rae chuckled a bit, and returned Torchic back to his ball. Rae had returned back to the center of school, she was surprised that school hadn't even started yet. She noticed three other trainers than before, all of them seem to be guys. Rae noticed that one of the trainers she had seen before was lying down on the floor, and she chuckled a bit. But as she was chuckling, she noticed something, SHE WAS STILL WEARING HER WORK-OUT UNIFORM! She was so embarrassed that she ran into the nearest restroom, so that she could put on some more decent clothes. "How could I have done something that stupid!?" Rae thought as she slammed the restroom door behind her.

    ( @Ry_Burst it's your turn next)
  13. After the boy had finished reading the plaque, he bent over and picked up the Magbythat was at his feet. He ticked Mags belly, and he gave out a giggle. "Okay buddy, let's look around," he said, as Mags finished laughing and climbed up, and taking a seat on his head. The duo they began to walk away from the growing crowd of trainers. He would meet them eventually, but he might as well explore the campus. Getting lost was pretty much his hobby, by now, and he wanted to at least explore a little bit, so he had some kind of vague grasp on where he was going.

    Then as he got ready to explore aimlessly, he saw a trainer, and their Cubchoo, laying in the gravel. He walked over and stuck his hand out, offering to help him up. "My name is Caleb," he said giving a big grin.
  14. Adrian winced when one of the other students fell to the ground, too—this pathway was dangerous, they should really do something about it—but the other boy seemed to be laughing it off, much to his relief. He made to say something, but out of the corner of his eye, he saw someone approaching from inside one of the campus buildings. He looked up to see a girl wearing some kind of uniform, but she turned and ran in the other direction, a panicked look on her face. Adrian blinked in surprise, and before he could stop himself, began jogging after the student in concern. "Wait!" He called.

    She was much faster than him, however, because he lost her shortly after she'd entered one of the buildings. Lyric chirped curiously up at him from his arms, and he realized that he was in an unfamiliar building. "Oh," he said to himself and his partner with a hum. "I guess I got us lost, huh? Well, we've gotta find our way around here sooner or later. Looks like it's gonna be sooner, yeah?" With that, he set out to roam the large halls, taking in the rustic decor. The building was fairly empty, but that was probably considering how early it was. Most of the students seemed to be arriving around this time, and he tried to picture the school during a normal day, halls bustling with people and Pokémon.
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  15. "Hurry up Phanpy, we're going to be late" yelled a young boy as he and his partner Pokémon sprinted in and out of the city streets. The pair wheezed and panted as they slowed to a halt outside the gates of the acclaimed Gracerise Trainer Academy. "This place sure isn't Goldenrod" the boy said, still slightly out of breath, "But these city streets are gonna take some getting used too.

    The boy, who goes by the name Patrick, looks up in suprised at the other trainers littering the courtyard. "We're not late?" He asked his Phanpy is relief. However, that surprise and relief turns into confusion as he sees a fellow trainer lying in the gravel, before being helped up, but thinks nothing of it. "Let's go get some rest Phanpy" Patrick says, "Under that tree seems like a good spot".

    As the two of them rest under a large oak tree, Patrick finally notices the diversity of Pokémon layed out before him. "This is incredible" he says with the enthusiasm of a young child, as he grabs a large notebook from his bag. He flicks through the pages, until he lands on one titled 'Dratini', and starts sketching the one slithering before him. "I'm gonna fill up my own Pokédex in no time here" he says to himself "This is going to be great".
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  16. Ara looked around at the mini-gathering Law seemed to have amassed by... being himself, let's just say. She sighed as Law sat up, with the help of another trainer. "Say, thanks," he said to him shakily, still sort of laughing. "Say, what's your name? And is this your Leafeon?"

    He reached around and moved to pet the Leafeon, not really knowing what else to do in the situation. Ara enviously stared at Law's other hand for a moment, then buried herself under it and started having him pat her as well. Law snickered, then followed Ara's guidance. "You goofball..." Law muttered to her, receiving an "Oh really?" kind of look back from her accompanied by an eyebrow raise that read SARCASM in the biggest, boldest letters possible for him. He kept moving his hands, then looked back to the trainer who had helped him up. "I'm Lawson Anatole, but you can call me... Law~!" He told the trainer, pausing for "dramatic effect" as he held up a peace sign.
  17. Gloria's curiosity almost overcame her shyness as she headed towards the Leafeon and the boy who was petting him. Halfway there the Espurr quickly stopped, turned around, and ran back to Aquarius. The shy Pokemon attempted to hide behind her leg. Aquarius picked up Gloria and gently stroked her head. "It's okay. That was still progress. You went halfway there this time before you turned around. That's farther than last time."
    The Espurr gave a small nod in response. Aquarius set Gloria down and started to walk towards the boy with the Cubchoo, with Gloria walking as closely as she could without being tripped over by Aquarius. Aquarius came to a stop in front of the them. Gloria got up on Aqua's shoulder. She looked down at the Cubchoo and gave a small, shy, wave. Aqua smiled at her Pokemon's behavior.
  18. ( @I Never Your Turn in the cycle. )

    Cilantro brushed his head into the pet. His ears and his head leaf seemed to shutter a bit letting off a scent of cilantro herbs. He then looked up and made a small smile. A little squeak from Cilantro came from the petting, a happy squeak to be specific.

    This squeak caused Whyne to stop spacing out and actually take in what was directly in front of him. Cilantro wasn't too far off, but he seemed to be socializing with another trainer.
    At least Cilantro was making a positive first impression.

    The statement finally processed through Whyne's head at this point. 'And is this your Leafeon?' Law had said. Whyne walked over to Cilantro, the unknown named student, and Law.

    "This is actually, uh, my Leafeon. My name is Whyne and the Leafeon here is Cilantro," said Whyne. Cilantro turned back towards Whyne while staying in place. Cilantro made a gesture towards Whyne with his leaves, signifying that he was his trainer.

    Whyne made a glance at his Holo-Caster. The time was starting to get close to orientation. There was still a fair bit of time, but it would be unwise to show up for Orientation and wise to show up early.
  19. "It's a pleasure Law. It's a pretty cool nickname. You a student too? " He asked as he glanced at the other student and the Leafeon. He seemed to appear out of nowhere, much like his Leafeon, which still was kinda cool on their part.

    "Yeah, I don't have a Leafeon. I have a little Magby named Mags." He said gesturing to the fire type on his head with thumb. Mags have a happy cry and gave a wave to the other pokemon. Then, he climbed down of of Caleb's shoulder and looked at the Cubchoo and Leafeon, much like a small kid looks on his first day of preschool. You know, a bit nervous, but overall excited to meet new people.
  20. Patrick gently placed down his notebook and eased himself into the trunk of the tree he was sitting by. "We don't get much moments like these back home do we Phanpy?" He asked his partner "Just resting, taking in the nature, I don't know if I'll get used to this". He eyed the small crowd in the courtyard, "Let's head inside, I don't think social interaction is my forte".

    Patrick jumped up and brushed the grass off his pants. However, a ring from his Pokegear caught his attention. "Hi Mum" he spoke "Yes I made it here in time". As Patrick was reassuring his mother's doubts, Phanpy grew interested in the other trainers and Pokemon present, and decided to go introduce himself.

    "Yes, I'll call you as soon as I get into my dorm, goodbye" Patrick said as he hung up on his mother. "Okay Phanpy let's go" He said confused as he didn't see his partner, "Phan....". He watched as he saw his Pokemon use Rollout to reach the collection of other trainer. "PHANPY, COME BACK!" Patrick yelled as he raced after his curious pet.
  21. Law brushed himself off a few times, ignoring some of Ara's attempts to have him continue petting her in favor of his almost cleanliness. After finally accepting defeat, Ara turn to the other Pokemon that had amassed nearby and waved with a close-eyed smile to each of them, the Leafeon included. Law waved to everyone, seeing as though his little fall seemed to attract others. "It's nice to meet all of ya. In case ya didn't hear, I'm Lawson, or Law for short. As for the student question... well, we all will be students once we head through those doors! Let's hit up that orientation!"

    He quickly stood up, scooped up a Pokemon and started walking. Ara followed closely behind him, trying to gain his attention considering he had just scooped up Whyne's Leafeon. She pounded on his legs, but Law just kept walking and muttering a bit to himself. "Let's see... if I were an orientation... I'd probably be... in the gymnasium!" With that, he took off towards said gymnasium - after looking at the school map on the wall after first entering the doors.

    (You're up, @Il Fantasma!)
  22. Aqua saw Law walk off and decided to follow him. She figured that the Leafeon wasn't his, since he had had a Cubchoo with him when she had first seen him. Said Cubchoo appeared to be attempting to get his attention. Aqua picked up the pace. Gloria had to cling to the girl's shoulder so that she wouldn't fall off.
    "Hey!" Aqua said, trying to get the boy's attention. "Espurr!" Gloria cried out. The small Psychic type was trying her best to help her trainer try to get his attention. "Espurr! Espurr!" At this point Aqua had went from a fast walk to a run.
  23. Cilantro was a bit startled at first, but he didn't seem to mind all that much. He was just along for the ride.

    However, Wayne was quite alarmed to look at the ground and Cilantro to not be there. He looked up and saw a glimpse of Cilantro's Blue/Green ears. By the time Whyne finally noticed, Law had already taken off. Wayne did a sprint in the direction Law went. Once Whyne met a crossroad in the path, he stopped.

    "Alright, we're was it, where was it..." said Wayne. He popped out his Holocaster and looked at the picture of the acceptance letter and looked at where the orientation is going to be held Gymnasium. It showed a little map of where it is in the building. Whyne figured out where he was and went off. He was sure it was an accident, but you can never be too safe.
  24. Rae finally got into some decent clothes, and headed out of the bathroom. She noticed that most of the people that were outside have left. Torchic then started pecking at Rae's leg, and she looked down at him, and said, "What's wrong, buddy?" Torchic then jumped into Rae's bag, and took out two slips of paper. Torchic handed them to Rae, and she took them and read them. They were the schedule and map of the school! They had to go to the orientation at the gymnasium! "Crap! Come on Torchic, we have to hurry!" Rae exclaimed. She grabbed Torchic, and started running all the way towards the gymnasium.

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