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Ask to Join {FIXED} Pokemon Ultra Contest!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Pollen-Puff, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    The stage is on you and your Pokemon.... You've been readying for this moment for months.... Out comes your Pokemon, out of its Pokeball! Your moment has come! But can you defeat your opponent while looking great at the same time? This is an Ultra Contest, and you're ready to rumble!

    Welcome, ladies, and gentlemen, to the Pokemon Ultra Contest! The evolution of Contest Spectaculars, Ultra Contests are the new spectacle of Kalos that's taking the region by storm! Battle, perform, and show the world your Pokemon and you!

    Discussion thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/discussion-signups-pokemon-ultra-contest.20770/#post-743621

    Accepted Characters:
    Rebecca Black ( @Excalibur Queen )
    Luca Geminus (Me)
    Finion Charles ( @Martin Pine )
    Anora Gales ( @Lightning-the-emolga )
    Ash Stone ( @FrostCrispz )
    Allie Silverstone ( @EeviumZ )
    Mia Anderson ( @Runn.Dunn )
    Nara Rinno ( @PlayfulShinx47 )
    Anistar City (Current)
    Snowbelle City
    Couriway Town
    Coumarine City
    Shalour City
    More to come...

    As he walked into Anistar City, Luca could instantly feel that there was something different about this place. He was amazed at the aura that the town seemed to emit, but he quickly went to the Pokemon Center to rest his Pokemon. After that, he went to the boutique to buy some accessories for his Pokemon and a new outfit.
    "That'll be 2000 P, please," the cashier kindly said.
    With a hole in his pocket and a spring in his step, he quickly dressed up his Pokemon. A bow for Mist, a decal set for Dubi, a special Rock-type brush for Topaz to make it look extra-shiny, and yellow-and-black ribbons for Ampere.
    "Now that you're all looking great, let's enter the Contest Hall!"
    The doors' swish, the cheerful music playing from the speakers, the other ecstatic participants, Luca couldn't wait to dive in. Ultra Contests - a great new adventure!
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  2. Finion was probably the only trainer not as ecstatic as the others, sitting outside the contest hall in Anistar City with his head in his hands. He groaned, leaning backwards out of his haunched position and then slumping against the back of the bench. “Why am I doing this?” He knew exactly why he was doing this, he just couldn’t believe that he was. It wasn’t that he thought it was girly or anything he was just really ... new to this. It wasn’t typically his thing and he had been training a lot but to now perform in front of people? With his family and Pokemon watching at home! It wasn’t settling well for the trainer.

    Finion missed Sparky. The annoying little squirrel on his shoulder was company he had gotten used to over many years and too now be separated from him was a bit sad. Despite his current state of dismay Finion rose to his feet, checking his bag for everything he needed and then heading towards the hall, walking in shortly after Luca.
  3. Rebecca was prepared. Her Seals had been chosen and put on Pokeballs. Moves had been worked on. All that was left was to go in. Rebecca took a deep breath. Then she exhaled. She then headed into the hall, determined to do her best.
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  4. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Anora just used her sun stone to evolve her gloom before entering anistar town.
    She looked at the city, amazed by his size and look this place is so beautiful she thought to herself.

    "I should prepare a bit before going in" Anora told herself and start entering the shops.
    At the start she bought tms to teach her pokemons, then walking to get some accessories.

    After paying she start dressing her pokemons.
    A blue bow under the bellossom's flower ear, a white flower on robombee's head, and a red bow on emolga's chest. Delphox already have a top hat on her so she added a red bow under her cheat as well.

    "You all look so sweet now!" Anora said with her sweet voice, "lets win this contest you all can do it" she said cheerfully.
    The pokemons cheered as well before going back to the pokeballs, even delphox that she got from her friend.

    After returning everyone she went to the contest, ready to do her best.
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  5. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    As Luca walked into the contest's backstage room, he met some of his rivals: A red-haired boy who had a face that didn't exactly match his age, two long, brown-haired girls, one girl having ponytailed hair and the other a tanner skin tone, maybe being from Alola. "Hello! Is this your first Ultra Contest, too?"
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  6. Allie stepped up to the Contest Hall. A shiver ran down her spine as she saw it, not of fear but of excitement. Her Eevee sat on her shoulder, per the usual, and her Gardevoir walked alongside her.
    "Eevee? How are you feeling?"
    "Veee!" Eevee smiled.
    Allie smiled back. "Gardevoir, how about you? Are you excited?"
    "The prospect of performing here does excite me, yes."
    Allie laughed. "No need to be so formal! We're here to have fun!"

    She walked towards the nearby shops, picking out accessories and other items that seemed to be useful. She then went back to the Contest Hall, her Pokemon following her.
    She found the backstage room relatively quickly, and saw many other people. She began equipping her Pokemon with various accessories, selecting Pokeball seals, the works. Satisfied, she stepped back. "How do you guys like this?"
    Eevee jumped up and down in excitement. "Veevee!"
    Gardevoir nodded, a slight smile on her face.
  7. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Anora was waiting inside the building, she couldn't wait until the contest would start. However, she was still worried about the entrance she would do, what if i would fail she thought to herself.

    Just then she heard a voice, it was from a dark green haired trainer, she listened to her question carefully before answering.
    "Indeed if is my first contest, but dont think i would be an easy opponent" Anora answered with a giggle and gave a soft wink, she have been training a long time at performing.
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  8. Allie noticed some performers talking. She returned her two Pokemon and walked up to them. "Hi! I'm Allie. It's my first time performing!" She smiled. "I'm a bit nervous, any tips?"
  9. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    "Hi! I'm Allie. It's my first time performing! I'm a bit nervous, any tips?"
    As the voice of a girl talking took Luca, who was already nervous, by surprise, he accidentally shouted
    "GAH! Agh, sorry, I'm nervous, too," and then blushed.
    "Hi, I'm Luca, and this is Mist," he pointed to Dewgong, "Dubi," He pointed to the oddly colored Porygon-Z, "Topaz," he pointed to the baby Phanpy, "and Ampere," he said as, finally, he pointed to his most trusted partner, his Ampharos.
    "It's my first time performing, too. My tip would be, as learned from personal experience just now, always remember to get seals for your Pokemon. I just made that mistake and the best I have is a Spinarak-web for Halloween. You don't happen to have any spares, do you?" You're blushing again, Luca. Next time bring seals so that you don't have to embarrass yourself... Why can't you remember anything? You're so dumb!
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  10. "Actually, I do have a few extras!" She pulled out a few different seals and showed them to Luca. "Use any of these. I already have my seals equipped on my Pokeballs."
    Eevee popped out of her Pokeball, hearing the commotion. "Vee-eevee?"
    Eevee walked over to Luca's Pokemon, greeting them. She seemed quite happy.
  11. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    "Thank you so much! These are great! There's snowflakes, thunder, a prismatic effect, and rocks! Let's try it out! Everybody return!" As red beams retracted Luca's Pokemon into their tinted and sealed Pokeballs, he sent them out, one at a time.
    "Mist, you first!" With this, Dewgong gracefully spun in the air as the synthetic snowflakes fell.
    "Alright, now it's time for Dubi!" Porygon-Z was up next, and it flipped onto its head as it hovered just above ground as the prismatic effect shimmered.
    "Wow, we're really on a roll! Topaz, you're up!" As Phanpy exited the Pokeball, it curled into a ball and rolled as small pebbles broke when falling on it.
    "Okay, could be better, but I like it! Now, for the finale, Ampere!" Ampere, upon leaving the Pokeball, cried to show power as static bolts rotated it.
    "Thanks so much, again. I really needed these. I'll return them after the contest!"
  12. "No pressure. I usually bring extras in case someone needs them. A lot of people are really competitive with these Contests - but I'm just here to have fun!" She laughed, and Eevee nodded in agreement. "Ee-vee."
    "Your Pokemon look great! I wish you the best of luck!" Allie looked at Eevee. "We should show your Pokeball seals too, right Eevee?" Eevee nodded in response.
    Allie returned Eevee to her Pokeball, and then sent her out. A burst of color-changing sparkles surrounded her as she did a small twirl.
    She then sent out Gardevoir, who was surrounded in a sparkling purple mist. She did a twirl as well, but she levitated off the ground slightly with her psychic abilities.
    Allie smiled. "You two look amazing! You'll do great!"
    "Admittedly, I am slightly nervous," Gardevoir stated telepathically. Eevee gave her a reassuring look.
  13. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Anora giggled to herself from the two trainers talk, good that i already bought the seals a few days ago, it seems like i have a bigger chance to win she thought to herself and giggled a bit more.

    "Nice affects" Anora flattered the girl with the eevee and the Gardevoir, "good luck on that contest" She said with her sweet voice
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  14. Allie tilted her head, confused. "Uh - thank you!"
    "And good luck to you too, miss," Gardevoir said telepathically to Anora.
    Allie turned back to Luca. "Do you know when the contest starts? I might have some time to practice with my Pokemon..."
  15. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    "I think we're missing a few more, but maybe it'll start early if they don't come soon. I can hear the crowd, so we might g-" Before Luca could finish his sentence, an announcer with a Kalos accent began to speak.
    "Good evening, everybody! Tonight we have a stunning Ultra Contest to present to you as the kickoff of the new season!" Right after, a woman with an Ultra Contest logo shirt said "Please step into the elevators, they will lift you up to the stage so that the contest can start. Others will come for the second round of the contest."
  16. Allie smiled. "Well, that answers that question."
    She stepped into an elevator, returning both her Pokemon. Her heart pounded in her chest, this was the moment she had been waiting for.
  17. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Anora was a hit shocked from the telepathy, she looked right and left before relizing it was the gardevoir. I should have figured that already, most psychic type pokemons can use telepathy, even Magic she thought to herself and gave a soft nod to the gardevoir.

    Just then she heard about the contest getting started, she filled up with excitement and worry in the same time.
    "Look like it is showtime" she told herself as she is stepping into the elevator, she got ready with a pokeball.
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  18. Rebecca nodded to the others. She stepped into the elevator. Being prepared helped calm her a bit. She hoped that she and her Pokemon would remember what they had practiced.
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  19. Mia rushed in quickly, her pokemon scrambling right behind her.

    “Aw man we are SO late!” Mia whined, looking frantically around the room and spotting an elevator crammed with trainers. “W-wait!” Mia called desperately, rushing over to hold the doors. Tux pushed Pip out of the way, trying to get behind Mia. “Uh-haha~” Mia giggled nervously, “uhm, is this for the contest? Am i too late?” She asked all of them worriedly.
  20. Finion had been very quiet and discrete upon entering the contest hall, keeping to himself and not really talking to anyone. He was prepared but that did not mean he was confident. The routines, the entrances and performances had all been planned but that didn't mean he wasn't second guessing them, zoning out as he thought about all that could go wrong. He was so lost in his thoughts that he almost missed the elevator up into the competition, Finion blinking and quickly rushing into the elevator behind Mia.

    "Sorry, sorry" He apologized quickly and quietly. It was because he didn't have Sparky here with him that he wasn't being kept alert. The little blue Pachirisu would've made sure that Finion had his wits about him.
  21. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    As the group reached the end of the elevators and faced the stage, Luca's heart started beating so hard that it hurt him a bit. He realized that it was time for the first round, Entrance. He sent out Mist first, who appeared with a graceful spin under the snowflakes. Dubi came out next, levitating upside-down above the ground while prismatic effects shone around him. Topaz was sent out, using Rollout but tripping over one of the rocks and collapsing. The Phanpy laughed, as if this was part of the show, and then winked at the crown. Luca quietly sighed to himself, then called on Ampere who shouted his as static coursed around him. Luca then took a bow and let the others send out their performers.
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  22. Allie had chosen not to show the entirety of her entrance to the performers, and readied herself. She did a small twirl while releasing her Pokemon. Both appeared at the same time: Eevee appearing in a swirl of color-changing hearts and pink stars, while Gardevoir emitted the Shiny sparkles and a sparkling purple mist. The two faced each other and both used Shadow Ball, having them collide and create a shower of purple sparkles. Allie curtsied with her Pokemon, winking cutely at the audience.
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  23. Mia huffed and squeezed in with the rest of the group, apologizing and giggling for the tight space her pokemon took up.

    “Pip, Frie, Tux, return!” She said, bringing her pokemon back into their pokeballs. She wasnt nervous at all! She had been preparing for this for a while now and the last few practices had been a success! As they reached the stage, she stepped on with the rest of the group and took Tux, Frie, and Pip’s pokeballs out.

    “Alright you three, show time!” She called throwing the pokeballs up in the air. As Tux’s seal popped open, a cloud of smoke filled the air around them, making a mysterious and dramatic effect. As Pip’s pokeball popped open, a burst of color changing stars that fell slowly to the ground. Frie’s was last, making a shimmering effect to mix with the stars.

    Tux landed gracefully in front of Mia, giving off small electric shock that made her hair frizz.

    “Oops-“ Mia giggled as Pip swung around, his two flippers shimmering as if they were made of metal, Mia struck a confident pose alongside her partners, giving the audience a bright and cheerful smile which now looked a bit silly with her hair. Frie floated above them all, twirling and giving a cute wink.
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  24. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Anora sighed, "look like it is showtime" She said as she entered the stage, doing a little dance with twirls before throwing up two pokeballs to the air, her long hair swung beautifully as she twirled.

    Honbee came from one ball along with flowers in different colors, the flowers twirled as they falling down slowly.
    The ribonbee used sweet scent to make a pink thin mist, making the flowers spin ever faster and each flower flew to another direction beautifully.

    Right then joljol came from her ball With stars around her, the emolga winked cutely and used attract to fill her surrounding with hearts along with the stars. She then quickly used iron tail to break them all into sparkling pieces that fallen with the twirling flowers.
    The two pokemon flew down along with the affects toward Anora.

    When the two pokemon landed perfectly on Anora, she gave a small twirl and gave a cute, charming wink toward the audience as the she is surrounded by the sweet scent and the sparkles falling on her with the flowers.
    Anora giggled joyfully with her sweet voice, she never expected it to be that fun, it seemed like Joljol and Honbee are enjoying it too.
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  25. Finion was not as excited or prepared as the others and when they had to go straight from the elevator onto the stage he sort of did panic a little. Freezing up for a moment and just watching as the others came on before taking a deep breath and composing himself. He'd practiced this, he was going to be fine.

    Before he came onto the stage he released his first Pokemon. An aurorus named Frilly. The large Pokemon gracefully lumbered onto the stage with a few snow flakes dancing in the air around her. It was then that Finion ran up her tail and onto her back. The ice Pokemon lowered her neck so that Finion could run along it and towards her head. When Finion was on her head she straightened up, lifting the trainer up into the air who now suddenly had a monferno behind him. He had released the fire monkey behind Frilly's neck frills. Blitz climbed up onto Finion's shoulder who continued to remain balanced on Frilly's head before stepping off, falling to the floor and released a Pokemon. Finion landed on Coconut's back, the shiny Tropius rising onto his back two feet for a second before lowering himself again.

    So there Finion sat on the back of shiny Tropius, in front of an Aurorus and with a Monferno on his shoulder.
  26. Rebecca unleashed Reba first. The seal on the Sandslash's Pokeball unleashed popping color changing stars. Maxwell was next. The Yamask's seal unleashed a tower of black smoke. Rebecca stepped back. Maxwell used Shadow Ball, which was met with Reba's X-Scissor. This resulted in an explosion. Reba then crossed her arms as Maxwell floated above her head. Rebecca spun around, then bowed.
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  27. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Wow, and I thought I did a good job in the entrance round.

    After everyone had shown off their Pokemon, it became time for the Performance Round. the Announcer states this and everyone is sent back down. Luca returns his Pokemon and is then called upstairs again by the T-shirt woman. He goes back into the elevator and then calls out for his Pokemon.
    "Mist, Ampere, come out! Let's have some fun!" As Dewgong and Ampharos appeared, Luca asks Mist for Rain Dance. Ampere then uses Ion Deluge to electrify the rain and Magnetic Flux to have the drops swirl around the trio. Mist then uses Icicle Spear toward the ceiling, which in combination with Power Gem from Ampere made a snowflake shape which exploded into multicolored crystals. Mist then uses Icy Wind to lift the three into the air, where the two Pokemon finish with Attract to give the nearest audience members a miniature heart symbol. Of course, this had no effect on humans but it looked nice. They all took a bow and then Luca shouted "And... finished!"
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  28. Allie watched Luca's performance on the live cameras backstage, and smiled. He's pretty good.
    Eevee sat on Allie's shoulder, looking nervous but excited. They had practiced daily up until today, alongside Gardevoir. She was confident, but knew that the other performers were very skilled.
    "You did great in the Entrance Round, you two! Now we just have to get ready to perform!" Allie smiled widely.
    Gardevoir didn't look so proud. "You truly think so? The trajectory of my Shadow Ball was off slightly-"
    Don't be so hard on yourself! It looked fine to me!" Allie reassured her Pokemon.
    "Eevee-ee!" Eevee couldn't resist adding in her two cents.
    "She says that she's quite excited for the Performance Round."
    Gardevoir smiled, feeling a bit more confident now. Eevee hopped up and down in excitement.
  29. As Mia called her pokemon back into their pokeballs, they headed back down in the elevator. Mia was in very high spirits, feeling pretty good about their performance. Sure, her hair was now a little messy- well, a lot messy... she began patting her hair down as she finally got off of the elevator and sat down, breathing a sigh of relief that that part was over.
  30. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Anora wasn't that impressed, "i will show a true performance with attract" she told herself and giggled.
    "Time to test the Magic" she continued and holded the ball of her friend, she gave a small slow giggle as she look at it
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  31. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    As Luca came down from the lift, he heard the T-shirt girl call Anora to the stage, then say that after that Allie would go and then Rebecca, Mia, Finion, and finally Nara. Excited for the others, he wished Anora good luck and watched her go up the elevator. He then turned to the live TV, nervous to see what his rivals could do.
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  32. Allie heard that she would be called after Anora, and shivered - not with fear, but with jovial anticipation.
    "Oh my gosh, it's actually happening! I'm so excited!" She squealed in excitement.
    "Eeeeeee!" Eevee shared her trainer's emotions.
    "Calm down, Allie. I advise you to remain calm, to prevent mistakes from being made." Gardevoir looked less exuberant than Allie and Eevee, but still excited nonetheless.
    "I guess you're right, but it's just so exciting!" She ran up to Luca. "You did great! I can't believe that was your first time!"
  33. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Anora was in shock, so soon?, I didn't have enough time to plan she thought to herself as she walks toward the elevator.
    "Dont worry, he said that Magic can plan a performance immediately when she sees her ally. I just need to go with it, he said that it would be fine" she told herself as she taking two pokeballs from her pocket.
    Once the elevator stopped, Anora quickly dushed toward the stage and threw two pokeballs as she twirls, "time for some beauty!" She called out as she thrown her pokeballs.

    A Delphox with a top hat and a red bow came out of her pokeball with gas balls of light in different colors around her. while a bellossom with a blue bow came out near her with with glittering snowflakes around her. Only a swift look at the bellossom and Magic got a plan of a performance.

    Magic used future sight immediately, but instead of throwing only a rocks in there she used psychic to throw the snowflakes and the light balls as well, they all entered a black hole and disappeared.

    "Maybe we should make it a bit... Sweeter" she giggled quietly and ordered a sweet scent. Floweet's flowers ears start spinning as they unleashing a sweet thin mist.
    Magic took the chance and used another psychic to form all the mist into a big beautiful ball, the Delphox made it levitate in the air.

    Right then the future sight came, however, the rocks has smashed the snowflakes into tiny glittering pieces, the rocks also broke the light balls and released the colorful colors inside of them.

    Delphox continued her psychic even further while keeping the ball in the air.
    She made the rocks spin around the ball, same as the gas to make a trail of changing colors. The glittering pieces in the meanwhile made the beautiful gas ball glitter, the whole thing looked a bit like Saturn.

    Now its time for the final, Anora and Magic nodded to each other as they understand each other.
    Magic lifted both Anora and Floweet, she kept Floweet in the middle of the sweet gas ball and Anora on top of the ball, it was like she is standing on it.
    The Delphox was under the ball as he using all that power, pulling his stick up so it would look like she is holding it.

    "Okay Floweet, time for a charming dancing, use attract and quiver dance" she called out, she was happy that everything went out perfectly.

    The bellossom nodded inside the gas ball and winked cutely, unleashing a couple of hearts that wandered inside the ball in an interesting way.
    She than started dancing in her place, the sweet pink gas revealed strange waves from the dance through the gas, although it didn't have any affect.

    "The final blow!" She shouted in excitement, Magic used a bit more of her psychic to immediately blast the hearts, while they covered with with sweet scent, toward the audience. It gave a lot lf people the heart eyes affect while it followed up with an enjoyable smell, "no one can beat me when it come to trickiness" she giggled to herself.

    The Delphox had a hard time keeping up with her psychic, the colorful light trail faded away as Magic released the hold of it. The rocks fell to the ground and made a circle around the Delphox and the others.
    As Magic bringing Anora and Floweet down with psychic the ball of gas scattered in the air until it faded away.

    Anora gave a small bow right after she and Floweet landed, she then returned Delphox and Bellossom and went back to the elevator.

    She send out Magic inside the elevator to see how see is, the fox pokemon huffed heavily, she was out of power, aspecially from psychic.
    "Im sorry if i let you push yourself too much, we need to relax, aspecially you and Floweet" she told the Delphox with her sweet voice.
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  34. If Allie was impressed before, she was certainly impressed now. She sprinted up to Anora, smiling.
    "You did so good! I love what you did with the Future Sight, it looked really cool!" she exclaimed.
    Realizing that she was next, she entered the elevator, returning her Pokemon as she entered. She exited onto the stage, her heart pounding in her chest. She did a small curtsy to the audience, then twirled as she released her Pokemon.
    Gardevoir had long blue ribbons attached to her dress, and a white ribbon necklace. Eevee was dressed more elaborately, wearing a crown of blue roses, a cute white dress, and pearls on her tail. Allie wore a white dress that darkened to blue at the bottom, and white dance shoes. All three wore crowns of blue roses on their heads. It was their time now, and they would own the stage the best they could.
    "Let's go! Eevee, use Charm! Gardevoir, Misty Terrain!"
    Gardevoir formed a pink ball of mist in her hands, while pink hearts swirled around Eevee. The two moves collided, and a beautiful pink mist filled with tiny hearts filled the room.
    "Eevee, Freezy Frost! Gardevoir, Shadow Ball!"
    Eevee leaped into the air and did a small spin as dark blue crystalline spikes appeared all around the stage. Gardevoir fired multiple Shadow Balls at the spikes, causing the Shadow Balls to explode into purple sparkles.
    "Gardevoir, Icy Wind!"
    Gardevoir launched a glittering blue wind that picked up the sparkles and also sucked in the Charm and Misty Terrain from before, creating a pink and blue vortex filled with tiny hearts and purple sparkles.
    The vortex picked up Allie, Eevee, and Gardevoir, as they floated in the center. They did graceful dance moves in the midst of the spiral.
    The spiral soon dissipated, and the trio knew that it was time for the finale.
    "Eevee, Swift! Gardevoir, Psychic!"
    Eevee created stars and sent them across the room, but Gardevoir held them in place with Psychic.
    "Gardevoir, Misty Terrain, and Eevee, Shadow Ball!"
    Similar to the opening of their performance, Gardevoir created a pink ball in her hands but waited to fire it. Eevee launched a shadowy orb into the air, just as Gardevoir fired the Misty Terrain. The moves combined to create a dark purple mist around the room. Combined with the Swift from before, it looked just like the night sky.
    "Eevee, Sunny Day! Gardevoir, Dazzling Gleam!"
    The Pokemon manipulated their moves in such a way so that the night sky effect cleared away and it looked exactly like a radiant sunrise. The Swift stars turned to tiny white sparkles as Gardevoir stopped using Psychic, and the trio was showered with them.
    "And... finished!" Allie cried, doing a synchronized curtsy with her Pokemon.

    They re-entered the elevator, and the Pokemon both looked exhausted.
    "You two were AMAZING! It went exactly like we planned it!" She high-fived her Pokemon.
    "Thank you, Allie. You and Eevee did wonderfully," Gardevoir telepathized.
    "You did great too, Gardevoir!" Allie smiled.
    "Vee-vee-ee." Eevee gave a huge smile, then laid on the ground and went straight to sleep.
    "Get some rest, you two. You deserve it," Allie said while returning Gardevoir and Eevee.
  35. Reba and Maxwell's effects activated when released. Rebecca wasted no time. "Maxwell, Shadow Ball. Reba, Poison Sting." Reba's Poison Sting hit Maxwell's Shadow Ball, resulting in an impressive, and explosive, display. "Reba, Rollout. Maxwell Psychic." The Yamask's Psychic lifted the spinning Sandslash, surrounding her in light blue light. She hovered in the air, spinning, before stopping. She was lowered to the ground. "Maxwell, Will O' Wisp. Reba, Swift." The white stars collided with purple flames creating multiple explosions upon collision. "Maxwell, Night Shade. Reba, X-Scissor." The Sandslash cut through the attack with ease, the result somewhat impressive. The three bowed, then left the stage.
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  36. ThePlayfulFox

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    Nara sat on the bench. She didn't talk to anyone, she didn't want to be talked to. She just wanted to sit by herself, while thinking of what she could of done better with her entrance round.
    The Entrance Round
    Nara stood on stage. She wouldn't steal the show from her three pokemon." She took a deep breath. "Enter Blaze, Sunny and Jack!" She shouted while she gave a small twirl. She pointed her toe out on the ground as her pokemon got released. Blaze, the silver Ninetails, came out with blue flames. Jack came out with sparkles. Blaze used Willow-Whisp. Jack used Aura Sphere. Blaze forced the purple flames to spin around the blue orb. Jack then jumped up to attack the orb and flames. Blue and purple sparkles rained down on the team. Hopefully, she grabbed the attention of the audience.
    Nara looked at Blaze's pokeball. She would need her for the second round.
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    Anora sat in the room with magic, judging the rivals after her. She took three pokeballs and send them, an emolga, bellossom and a ribombee came from them.
    "You all were great, we are close to Victory" anora told her pokemon, "so let give it our best! One last round to show how beautiful and cute we are" She said cheerfully.
    All her pokemons agreed with her in excitement, however, Floweet's hype was weaker by a lot.

    "Is something wrong sweetie? You look a bit unsettled" the girl said after noticing her pokemon pokemon feeling down.
    "Bello..." The bellossom replied in a sad tone, "bello bello..." She tried to explain.
    Anora stared at her for a moment, "i wish i could understand you to know your problem, but right now theres nothing i can do about it" the girl explained, she was so busy with her pokemon that she couldn't see the performance of her rivals.
    Her other pokemons looked at bellossom, they tried to comfort her, the emolga also looked at the performance on the TV from time to time.
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