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Ask to Join Five Nights at Freddy's Roleplay Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Dragonslayer220, Mar 1, 2017.

  1. Hello this is Dragonslayer and I came up with a new idea: A FNAF RP! Here, you are a FNAF animatronic and you just have fun around the pizzeria and go on crazy adventures!
    Rules: No swearing, no bullying, SHIPS GALORE, drama please, ONE special power if you want (teleporting, superjumping,etc.), no Mary Sues, CRAZY ADVENTURES, no most powerful or smartest or anything like that, and have fun! Contact me if you have any other questions. If we get enough people who join, I will most definitely open the RP!

    Animatronics you can be:
    Chica, Freddy, Bonnie, Toy versions, Nightmare versions, Balloon boy/girl, Marionette, Lolbit, Springtrap, Funtime Foxy, Fredbear, Endo, and other animatronics you come up with that I haven't!

    Bio Template:
    Gender (If any):
    Appearance (Or picture):
    Other Info:
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  2. My Bio:
    Name: Mangle
    Gender: Female
    Generation: AKA Broken Toy Foxy
    Personality: Sneaky, smart, agile, violent, but sometimes fun loving and light hearted. She usually loves to have fun other than eating security guards, she gets kind of nerdy when someone talks about humans or the outside world.
    Appearance: Mangle is an Albino animatronic fox with pink cheeks and inside of ears, broken wires, very mutilated with other head, bowtie, pink underbelly and tip of tail, but otherwise all pale white, she has one green eye and one eye that doesn't work.
    Other Info: Can sneak around quietly and craves security guard flesh!
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  3. Sounds Fun

    Name: Foxy
    Gender: Male
    Generation: Unknown
    Personality: Foxy is pretty quick to think, blaming others for actions they havent commited, as he likes to call his Pirate's Hunch, and while he doesn't like to admit hes wrong, he may apologize, and even then, it rarely happens.
    Appearence: Foxy is a crimson fox animatronic, who wears an eyepatch to match his pirate moto, he has tattered brown shorts, along with many rips in his suit, showing easily noticeable Endoskeleton.
    Other Info: Foxy tends to stay away from the other Foxies, convinced that he is the better pirate of the bunch.
  4. Accepted! There may be epic battles in Mangle's future...
  5. Screw The Rules, OF FTW
    Gender (If any):Male
    Personality:I change...
    Appearance (Or picture):Much like a fox..Heres something i Colored.
    Screenshot 2017-03-01 at 6.57.56 PM.png
  6. Ummm........that can be a nickname but use an animatronic like Phantom or nightmare?
  7. Phantom Foxy bc he looks like a fox
  8. Nice! I imagine Foxy and Mangle getting into an epic battle!
  9. i imagine ANYTHING cuz everything is awesome! btw tell other fans about this
  10. Bio Template:
    Name:phantom Foxy,
    Gender (If any):male
    Appearance (Or picture):Much like Foxy, Just Able to Go Through walls, Appear at the worst times, and Much..Much Cooler
    Other Info:LELELLEL
  11. ........okay accepted.......
  12. Anyone else wanna join? I'm thinking like 10 more people could join....UNLUCKY NUMBER 13 FOR FNAF!!!
  13. Name: Jessica, but goes by Freddy usually.
    Gender: Female
    Generation: Original (FNaF 1)
    Personality: Her more dominant personality is Freddy's, who is bossy and apathetic. Freddy does not let anyone know about Jessica. What remains of Jessica is more emotional and caring of other people. While Freddy tolerates Bonnie best when he is quiet, Jessica would like to be friends with him, but cannot due to her other personality's overbearingness.
    Appearance: torn up, dirty suit with wires hanging out. When Jessica is in control, the top hat and bowtie are removed; small white dots appear instead of Freddy's blue eyes. Carries the microphone only during work hours.
    Other Info: Freddy can teleport.
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  14. ACCEPTED that's pretty good!
  15. Thanks, I thought a multi-personality animatronic would fit well.
  16. Name: felix (toy bonnie)
    Gender (If any): male
    Generation: toy
    Personality: bonnie is quite shy and quiet, he loves to spend time alone or with Freddy . He will put himself in front of others in means to protect them, even though he may hate them. Felix (the Hooman) is very much the same as toy bonnie
    Appearance (Or picture): da picture
    Other Info: has a crush on Freddy/ Jessica

    Attached Files:

  17. ACCEPTED that's a well detailed bio! Tell your fellow friends! Let's try to get to at least 13 people!
  18. Thirteen is a lot for this, can't we just start at five and let new people in as we go?
  19. Nice, we ARE at five so I'm gonna let it open at about 5:00 Midwestern time AKA US Central time!
  20. Also, I'll be editing Freddy/Jessica's character bio to include what both think about toy Bonnie.
  21. Did you just write overbearingness
  23. Awesome! Can you start us off in...whatever pizzeria this is?
  24. Alright, I started off the Roleplay!!
  25. Yeah, I'm working on it.
  26. yay! Im kinda bored right now so we can RP!
  28. YAYZ I COOK RICE IN FRIDGE xD Ik where u got that from......Fathom......

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