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First Pokémon X & Y Anime Details

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    We may have slipped into a slow news time regarding news about Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, however this morning has brought a few small details to do with the sixth generation of the Pokémon anime.

    We may have slipped into a slow news time regarding news about Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, however this morning has brought a few small details to do with the sixth generation of the Pokémon anime. If you wish to know more, then read on!


    The first season of the sixth generation of the anime will go by the simple name of Pokémon XY and will once again feature Ash and Pikachu as the main characters; they'll be beginning their adventures in Kalos from their starting point of Lumiose City. The anime will begin airing in Japan on the 17th of October, five days after Pokémon X and Pokémon Y see their worldwide release.


    However, while the beginning of the XY anime may seem like a long way off, it's worth remembering that in the Pokémon Best Wishes: Season 2 Da! anime we've already begun to be introduced to some sixth generation Pokémon in the form of Ash meeting a trainer with a Gogoat, Noivern and Helioptile in an episode due to air during July, so the chances are we might see more of the sixth generation Pokémon during Ash's current adventures.
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Demelza, Jun 30, 2013.

    1. mangaholic
      hmmm ash's hat looks similar to red lol >:D and pikachu got slimmer again :3:
    2. precita
      An important thing to note is this is the first time a new series has been announced only showing Ash.

      Anyone remember when the DP anime was revealed for the first time, they only showed Dawn on the poster and NO Ash/Brock? I remember it was so misleading people thought Dawn was getting her own series back then. Then when Best Wishes was announced, they only showed Iris/Cilan at first and NO Ash.

      I wonder why this time they revealed Ash first, but not his travel companions. I guess its obvious Iris and Cilan are gone as they wouldn't keep their return a secret. The Best Wishes series has been mediocre and a step down from DP (arguably its only above Johto in terms of writing), so I hope this series can be more like DP.
    3. Demelza
      Well, to be fair people will get sick of them revealing things the same way every generation, and fifth gen was a reboot so they were very secretive to if Ash would be returning or not. This time they don't really need to bother making a big secret around it though because they aren't treating it as such a fresh start.

      In terms of writing it has been worse than DP, but then the episodes have been enjoyable throughout either way, especially the N arc and the Da! arc. The worst part about Best Wishes has been the League, if not for that I'd have been really fond of it.
    4. precita
      I'm really not sure what they can do with group dynamics this time. Iris and Cilan were basically just Misty/Brock 2.0 with some differences so I can't see them doing that again with new characters in the same role.

      The only other alternative is the next female lead has a May/Dawn role and is treated as a more important character again, but I suppose that depends if the games have any side quests that can be used in the anime the way Contests were.

      The writers don't really have much other ways to use characters in the way the show is written. I don't want another Gym leader girl tag along again though, that gets old quick.
    5. Doubled
      I've pretty much given up hope for a change in the anime, so while I can't say I won't watch a few episodes, unless I hear that it has significantly improved, I'll just watch the important episodes. I really do hope that the writing improves significantly, and I would like to see the Pokemon in teams be as varied as they were in Sinnoh where Ash was able to capture Pokemon of a different region (Gligar) and evolve it into the current generation (Gliscor, at the time anyway).

      Although it is interesting to note that we might see a difference in his team this time around. What exactly do I mean? Well, Talonflame answers that. Ash has been capturing the main birds in every generation to date, save Spearow (if it counts), and this one happens to evolve into a half flying type. What does that have to do with anything? He could always have it be his main fire type of the region, right? We know the anime has its traditions, and one of them arguably is that the Pokemon captured to replace the missing starter is at least part or pure whatever the type is, and its evolution is too. More than likely, they'll make him capture it anyway alongside whatever fire type he has, just like Gliscor and Staraptor, Squirtle and Lapras, Snivy and Leavanny, Oshawott and Palpitoad... you know what nevermind forget I said anything about that part; but my hope is that this will force the writers to be more creative with his team.
    6. Joshawott
      Going off what we know already maybe a dancer like one of the rivals in game. As for the other male lead we'll be seeing Brock 3.0 unless they insert another Max into the group
    7. precita
      In terms of characters Iris/Cilan were a vast improvement over Dawn and Brock (especially Brock since he was so bland in DP), but the writing is worse so I couldn't enjoy the saga much.

      Best Wishes battles are pretty lackluster and there's no real character development in the series anymore. Ash's rivals and Unova pokemon were also pretty bad this generation so it killed any excitement for the league.

      That's why I hope the XY saga has good group dynamics and writing. I can deal with somewhat bland characters in a saga as long as the writing is good. I liked DP even though Dawn was somewhat bland and Brock was a dead character, mainly because it had good story plots and battles.
    8. Brendan Savem
      Brendan Savem
      To be honest, Best Wishes was off to a great start, with Team Rocket's initial epic development. It was after those episodes that were postponed and then scrapped after the Japenese Tsunami disaster that happened at the time when things started to change. The initial Plasma plot was retconned and replaced with the one that we have now. Whatever the original storyline was like, we'll never truly know, it was something about Giovanni being kidnapped by Team Plasma though.

      Yes, this is most likely goodbye to our current sidekicks, maybe not Cilan, but I'm convinced about Iris, since she's supposed to become the next Opelucid Gym Leader after Drayden retires. But I honestly don't care who comes next, whether it's a semi-clone of all our other ladies, which is indeed the likely scenario, or someone completely different, which everyone will either ignore or despise, like Dawn. Because, fact is, the whole series is about Ash and his global adventure in a world of fantasy dreams. The whole darn thing should have been renamed "Satoshi and Minions Friends" years ago.

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