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Ask to Join First Evolution Camp:Pokemon Roleplay

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Kat The Eevee, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. OOC:Author's Note
    Hello! I made a Discussion If you want to join this roleplayhttp://pokecharms.com/threads/first-evolution-camp-pokemon-roleplay-dicussion.14343
    BIC: Maeve woke up in her cabin to find her roommate, Aaron was missing. He was often gone though, him being a shy Pokemon. Maeve brushed her fur and ran to the Dining hall for breakfast. Maeve was rather happy she was at this camp, but she missed her trainer. She got her breakfast and sat down, waiting for her friend and Teammate, Aaron to come.

    Aaron Got up early and went to go train. He hated that his trainer abandoned him her just so he could get stronger. So everyday Aaron got up early so he could train to become stronger. He assumed that if he got strong quickly, his trainer would take him back. Aaron finished his training and went to breakfast. He got his food and sat down beside Maeve. She looked rather annoyed about something. Her face turned from annoyed to happy "Hello Aaron! Good to see you. Let's eat, we have a long day of training ahead."
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  2. Asura the Chikorita woke up after a good night sleep. However as soon as she remembered that she was at camp and it was the first day, started to make her feel nervous and anxious. Asura was very reliant to her trainer so she was very upset that she got dumped here to improve her skills. All she wanted to do was be with her trainer. Her trainer looked after, protected and calmed her down whenever she had an anxiety attack or got upset. Asura dreaded starting the day as she put her pouch on and took out her pendant. She flicked it open and inside it had a picture of her and her trainer together, of the day she hatched from her egg. Her eye reared up slightly at the sight of her treasured possession. She shook her head, wiped her eye, closed and put away her pendant. "It's only the first day and you're already on the verge of tears. You're so pathetic," Asura said to herself. She pulled out a small water bottle and cleaned her heart shaped leaf on her head with some water. "I'm getting a bit hungry, I should probably eat before training starts. It will be bad battling on an empty stomach," She thought.

    Asura then headed to the dining hall to get breakfast. As she entered she realized that a couple of Pokemon was already here. Asura sat opposing them, she kept opening her mouth to greet herself but, her anxiety and nervousness got the better of and kept bailing out of speaking to other Pokemon.
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  3. Karana nudged Siegfried. "Siegfried, get up. We need to eat before training starts." Karana said. The Flabebe nudged the Shinx again. Siegfried rolled over to look at Karana. "Okay, okay. I'm up. Let's go." Siegfried said to her. Karana giggled, and the two headed out to the dining hall. Once they arrived, Karana spotted a Chikorita and waved at her. Siegfried sighed and smiled at his friend's actions.
  4. Asura realised a Flabebe, wave to her and her thoughts went crazy. Asura couldn't help but have a bit of a worried look on her face since it reflected her thoughts. "okay don't over do it, just wave back don't do anything weird. if you do anything weird!" Asura thought to herself. Asura lifted her foot and waved back. "H-hey,"She stuttered. As she did that she started to breathe heavily and felt as if a huge weight was lifted from her shoulders. "Oh dear lord, you're not gonna survive a day when struggling this bad with saying hello," She thought to herself. Asura just attended back to her breakfast and proceed to eat it. She took a look at her bag and saw the pendant. "I need to sort this out, my trainer isn't here to hold my hand or calm me down, soI've got to get a grip," She started to speak her thoughts to herself, not realising that she was speaking out loud and that everyone else could hear.
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  5. Noel was still asleep in the cabin like a baby, as he was curled up in his fluffy blanket. Daniel had gotten up before him, as he transformed into Noel while he felt awkward to be without his trainer. He thought to himself as he went over to Noel, "I suppose this could be a test... a test to see if we can be on our own without our trainer." He went over and gently shook Noel, as he said in his Cyndaquil-like voice, "Hey sleepyhead, wake up! Rise and shine buddy!"

    Noel woke up startled, as he almost fell off the bed while Daniel giggled at him. Noel went over to his desk and grabbed his blue scarf as he wrapped it snugly around his neck. He grabbed two small water bottles, as he gave one to Daniel as he said, "Alright Daniel, let's go to the Dining Hall. I definitely would eat first before training or even battle." They both walked out the door, as Daniel followed alongside him after he closed the door.

    They quickly went to the dining hall while Daniel took short, steady steps, as he tried to adapt a bipedal movement since he was used to slithering around as a blob. Daniel said to Noel as they quickly walked to the dining hall together, "Well, you're a pretty quick one for a morning. I'm supposing you want to eat before training starts?"

    Noel nodded at him, as they both went inside the dining hall and saw some Pokémon inside. Daniel whispered to him, "You know what to do if they ask us right? Just pretend we're twins or something. After all, we're kinda like brothers now." Noel smiled at him and nodded, as Daniel noticed a Shinx that had on a red bandana and a Flabébé whose collar was violet. He smiled at the Shinx, as he waved to him while Noel walked with him to get breakfast.
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  6. Siegfried saw what appeared to be a Cyndaquil wave at him and waved back. He smiled. Karana giggled. The Flabebe waved as well. Then she twirled in the air gleefully.

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