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Ask to Join Fire Emblem: Valentia Heroics Of Hope

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Fraseandchico, May 29, 2017.

  1. So, I've Been Playing Fire Emblem: Shadows Of Valentia Recently, And I Decided To Make An RP Based On Valentia, This Will Take Place 29 Years after the Game, And Alm And Celica Will Have Had Children, Alm Is The New King of Rigel, And Celica Is The New Queen Of Zofia, And they Have had Children, However, Duma And Mila Are Reawakening, And Duma Is Still Mad With Power And Has Already Sealed Mila's Power.
    1. Cannot Stress This Enough: READ THE FREAKING ROLEPLAY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. No One Liners
    3. To Join, Send Me A Private Message With Your Character Sheet, And If I Haven't Rped With You Before, Give Me An Example Of Your RP Skill.
    4. Falchion Is Still In Alm's Hands, But The Royal Blade Could Be Taken A Bit Later On In The RP.
    5. There Will Be One Prince And One Princess... from Different Countries
    6. You Can Only Hold One proper Item At A Time.
    Onto The Form:


    My Form:

    Name: Guan Rudolf(Although He Doesn't Know Who His FAMILY Are)
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Green, Messy hair, Blue Shoulder pad, Brown Eyes, Peachy Skin, Red Top, Brown Trousers, Black Shoes, A Backpack. A Strange Mark on His Right Hand.
    Personality: Considered A bandit Of Sorts Despite The Fact That he Only Commences raids On Actual Bandits, A Bit Cold Hearted At First, But Kind Deep Down, And Respects The Rigelian Empire
    Weapons: Sword
    Item: Lightning Sword
    Lv: 5
    Class: Mercenary
    Past: He Cannot Remember It.
    Home: Rigel Woods
    Bloodline: Unbeknownst to Him, The Bloodline Of The Regelian Empire


    Guan Got Up, Ready For Another Day In His Life, He Looked In His Backpack, Then Realised that There Were almost No Supplies In There, he Said
    "Oh, Come On! Where Did Almost All My Stuff Go?!" he Stood up, And Got His gear, And Started To Keep An Eye Out For Any Bandits.
  2. New Classes? Pffft, I Stick with the Oldies

    Name: Nitro Lowell
    Age: 23
    Appearance: White Hair, Blackish/Purpleish Robe,
    Personality: Lazy, Hates to Clean, Cant sit and Watch as someone is Being Abused right Infront of Him, Learn more m9
    Weapons: Second Star((Pfft, Who uses Cannon Items Nowadays?))((And this is what it Looks Like, He holds the Leather Strap that Is in the Hilt, When he Fights, he Throws the Hilt Back, Causing the Blade to go up in the Air, And Catches it. thCQOV7GWI.jpg
    Item: Bodhi Blastia *Arm Bracelet*
    Lv:5 - 100
    Class: Swordsman*Vigilante*
    Past: He used to be in the Knights at his Old Town, Leaving after his Boss died, Taking the Blastia, And I'm too Lazy to create a Complex past
    Home: Zaphias, Lower Quarter, From a Country Far from Here.
    Bloodline: "No..."
    ((Custom"Theme: Kane Wo Narashite

    Name: Kota
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: thLPSEKF71.jpg
    Personality:Friendly around those he Trusts and Children Who likes Dogs, but Dislikes it when approached by People he Does not Know, Its common for People to try and Pet him but Instantly Rejected.
    Item:Bodhi Blastia
    Class: Dog *Sinful Companion*
    Past:One of the Few Remaining Breed of..Whatever it is, Some type of dog, Still a Great Companion, Him and Nitro Talk, People Jealous that they don't know what He's Saying.
    Home:Zaphias, Lower Quarter
    Bloodline:Whatever breed he is.

    Name:Alexei Schifu
    Appearance: thEQ9YUPPV.jpg
    Weapons: White Knight Sword & White Knight Shield
    Lv: 5 - 100
    Class: Knight
    Past: Losing his Father was One thing, Being childhood Friends with Nitro was Another, I'm to Lazy to have a Complex one
    Home:Zaphias, Lower Quarter
    Bloodline:Royal Knights.

    He wakes up In his House, Kota Sleeping Right beside's him,
    "Jeez, How long was I Out? Its bad Enough Having to Share a Room With Alexei, why did he Even come Here in the First Place?" As soon as he said that, Alexei walked into the Room.
    "Official Knight Business Nitro/ You should Know, the Knights Don't Trust you, And I have to Babysit you, Now, Can you Go clean Up? Your side is a Disaster."
    "Oh shut up Alexei, You're as Crabby as a Old Lady, Jeez" Nitro Said, As Kota started waking Up,((Btw I use ** For his Dia.
    "Got that right Kota."
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