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Open Fire Emblem RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Grand Master Koop, Feb 9, 2018.


Who is your favorite beast unit in Fates?

  1. Kaden

  2. Keaton

  3. Selkie

  4. Velouria

  1. One thousand years ago, a great war took place. Four dragons and their followers clashed in a long and bloody war. The dragons were Alkharuc, the Dragon of Knowledge, Kenkathik, the Dragon of Creation, Dulvenraq, the Dragon of Destruction, and Cenzithor, the Dragon of Choice. The war was put to a stop by a group of mages united in the aim of peace. The dragons were turned into four glowing orbs of their various traits. The leaders of each of the four kingdoms signed a peace treaty and took their orb away.
    Alkharuc's followers became Alrest, the Kingdom of Knowledge. It was ruled by Lord Fern and his descendants. Alrest is the hub of knowledge of the world, with the castle being home to the biggest library in the world.
    Kenkathik's followers founded Centai, the Kingdom of Creation. King Charlin ruled over the land until his death, passing the kingdom's reigns to his descendants. Centai has helped out all of the other kingdoms with its world-renowned builders.
    Dulvenraq's followers made Denzer, the Kingdom of Destruction. These barren plains were ruled by Emperor Jarin, choosing the land so those of his kingdom would have to prove their strength. Denzer has the least problem with bandits than any of the other kingdoms with its powerful army.
    Cenzithor's followers united into Jenar, the Kingdom of Choice. Ruled by a democratic council first founded by Councilwoman Emmeline, the kingdom is famous for their citizens being able to live how they want.
    A thousand years later, Denzer has mysteriously decided to attack Centai. Unsuspecting of an attack, the outer edge of Centai has quickly fallen. As Denzer's military makes their way to the inner territories, the royal prince and heir to the throne has taken a small group of fighters to attempt to take back various key locations. News of Prince Carnel has frozen. Now the choice falls to the King's other children...
    ------------------------------------------------------------ Rules ------------------------------------------------------------------
    1- The usual, no one liners and such
    2- Shippings is allowed but nothing too mature
    3- Use Grammar and punctuations
    4- Follow Pokecharm rules
    5- Have fun

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  2. While I appreciate the call, I'm holding off until a plot is resolved. It does help me decide on a character. While I'm willing to help come up with a plot, most of the Fire emblem plots I've come up with are better from a fanfiction or Fangame standpoint.
  3. its ok, I'm calling Eeveechu over t help me with the plot since i have a general idea down
  4. I'll wait too. sorry.
  5. I have some character ideas I could use, but it really depends on what the plot is.
  6. That's something you can help me with.
  7. want me to set up a convo?
  8. Alright, I'll join. It's a neat concept. I do have a couple questions first though. Do you guys have these kingdom's names decided yet? Who are the folks who are getting possessed by the evil? Can we do more than one character?
  9. 1) I just figured out the kingdom names, so Koopa should soon update the description.
    2) The main antagonists, of course. :p Tho at the moment it's the king of Denver, as the normally-rough-but-peaceful king has just decided to go to war with Centai.
    3) I expect the answer is yes, as FE has a lot of units.
  10. Here's my characters. It's fine if I take the Tactician, right?
    Name: Carnel
    Gender: Male
    Class: Lord
    Skills: Dual Strike+, Sol
    Weapon: Swords (currently Iron Sword)
    Appearance: Carnel has short black hair with sharp blue eyes. He's tall and slightly muscular. Not extremely beefy, but he doesn't have flab. Carnel usually wears black and silver armor with a silver cape.
    Backstory: Carnel is the elder prince of Centai, the Kingdom of Creation, and the heir to the throne. He's always been interested in knights and swordplay, and asked his father to teach him to fight like he does. His father didn't want Carnel anywhere near a sword, as this was a time of peace and he didn't want his son to have to fight. Carnel then turned to his retainer, Lilith, who taught him in secret. When the war started, Carnel took Lilith and some other knights to go and fight Denzer's army head-on. His father didn't like it, but when Carnel showed off his swordplay his father knew he couldn't refuse. The hopes of Centai's royal family on him, Carnel hired a bounty hunter - Silver - to aid him in the fight. He approaches his first objective, Fort Brexit, quickly.
    Others: Has two younger siblings. Other RPers can be them. His mother died a year after his youngest sibling was born, which is why Carnel only has faint childhood memories of her.
    Name: Lilith the Vigilant
    Gender: Female
    Class: Cavalier
    Skills: Discipline, Outdoor Fighter, later Aegis
    Weapon: Swords (Iron Sword), Lances (Steel Lance)
    Appearance: Wears a full plated suit of armor, similar to Sophie (from FE:Fates). The armor is dark green with elements of light green, and has brown leather underneath. She usually doesn't wear the helmet - she says it restricts her vision too much. Has blue hair and blue eyes.
    Backstory: Lilith is a powerful warrior, and the retainer of Prince Carnel. She joined the King's peace-loving guard because she admired their ideals, despite being a warrior. She is one of the few trained fighters in the kingdom, which is why Carnel got her to train him in swordplay. Lilith is a kind soul, but is ever vigilant in watching for threats to her kingdom. As such, she is the Vigilant.
    Others: Basically the Frederick/Seth of this RP.
    Name: Silver
    Gender: Male
    Class: Mercenary
    Skills: Strong Riposte, Patience, Good Fortune
    Weapon: Swords (Iron Sword), Knives (Steel Knife)
    Appearance: Wears clothes like Kaze, but without the armblades and with the green replaced by the purple. He also wears a purple headband under his hair with a black metal plate on the front. Carries a sheath with him, but he usually just carries around his sword with his left hand and on his shoulder. Has black hair and green eyes, as well as a scar over his right eye that sometimes makes him twitch it closed.
    Backstory: A traveling mercenary, Silver has gained a reputation for being clever and wily. He can talk his way out of most situations, and fight out of the rest. A quick warrior, he excels at finding weak spots in a foe. Not much is known about Silver's past outside of his general history, but he's a powerful warrior known to few and feared by more. He got into a tough spot, and the prince helped save his life. Silver is an honorable warrior, so he now works for the prince as his retainer - for 5% of his normal price, because the prince insisted on paying the sellsword for his services.
    Others: Will later become Carnel's second retainer.
    Name: Shard
    Gender: Male
    Class: Tactician
    Skills: Solidarity, Focus, Tomebreaker
    Weapon: Tomes (Fire, Wind, Elthunder), Swords (Bronze Sword)
    Appearance: Shard has brown hair and green eyes. He wears a purple cloak with yellow lining with a black shirt and pants beneath it. His three books are stored within the cloak.
    Backstory: Shard doesn't remember anything about himself except his name. He mysteriously appeared unconscious one day, and was helped by Fen. He soon became friends with him. He soon discovered he knows how to use magic.
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  11. Also @Lucas Inazumai might be interested in joining this. As far as I know he's the biggest Fire Emblem fan on Charms.
  12. Name: Yacker
    Gender: Male
    Class: Outlaw
    Skills: Locktouch, Movement +1
    Weapon: iron bow
    Appearance: Typical Outlaw gear without the hat, and no cape, however, he wears a black facemask. has a Small amulet the same colour as amber(exact purpose unknown. Family heirloom, Assumed to be worn by the last of the family)
    Personality: Not afraid to kill mid-battle, Rude, Rebelious, Cocky, Arrogant. Not afraid of death.
    Backstory(Optional): To be revealed later.
    Others: Probably gonna die.
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  13. Bios:
    Name: Fen
    Gender: Male
    Class: Kitsune
    Skills: Beastbane, Evenhanded, Rend Heaven
    Weapon: Beastgem (Special Weapon)
    Appearance: Like any Kitsune, he has fox ears and a fox tail, his hair is dark orange. wears a dark blue tunic, dark brown medieval leggings and brown boots.
    Personality: Extremely cheerful and carefree, but that's just to hide the pain he feels deep inside.
    Backstory: One day, the King of Centai got drunk and made love with a Kitsune. A few months later, the same Kitsune showed up at the castle's door injured holding Fen. Her tribe was raided and everyone were either killed for their fur or ran away. The female Kitsune was one of the lucky ones that escaped and brought her son to his father before dying because of her wounds. Because Fen is a bastard child, he was shunned by most of the castle workers and nobles throughout his childhood.
    Others: Fen could be the one to find Shard if you don't mind Eeveechu
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  14. 1) Carnel and the king are nice people, if anyone shunned him it'd be the rest of the royal court.
    2) Yeah uh, the queen died when Carnel was really young.
    3) Sure that works.
  15. yeah you said the queen died after the 3rd child was born and Fen is the second child
  16. well don't worry I edited Fen's Bio
  17. Well yeah, but she still wouldn't have been around for long at all.
  18. I removed the queen part, so we should be good
  19. Why haven't I saw this RP from before? And for gods sakes, there is no plot yet? *Sigh* fine, I'll just have to deal with this then. Question is, what is the RP taking place in? And yes, Eev, I am technically the biggest fan of FE in Charms, but not the only one. Still, as for characters, I've got a lot, and I mean A LOT to choose from, whether it's new or old, I have nearly every type of character.
  20. the plot has been set @Lucas Inazumai
  21. Reread the opening post - Rohan's been updating it with the plot we have. Just to clarify for everyone, you can be the royals of any kingdom if you want. Just know that if you're a Lord from Centai then you have to be the youngest sibling and there's only one of those, and if you're from Denzer you'll probs be an enemy at some point.
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  22. The third royal of Centai should be female because gender equality
  23. Yeah, that's what I was thinking too.
  24. I'll Do it. Guess the reference.
    Name: Weiss
    Gender: Female
    Class: Priestess(Gaiden Variation)
    Skills: Astra, Soothing light.
    Weapon: Iron Sword, Firaga.
    Appearance: Sort of like Weiss from RWBY(Yes, I watch that now.), but shorter hair, its blonde, And her 'dress' is a lot less 'elegant' and more Ruffled and has Priestess Leggings.
    Personality: Despite her age, she is quite mature, and is very confident, Although still has childish tendencies. Unlike her siblings, She is very unsociable, And Doesn't like to be ordered around. Follows her instinct in a fight.
    Backstory(Optional): Weiss is the youngest Royal in Centai, when She was born, sadly, her mother died just a few weeks later, so she has almost no memory of her except the name, and that she saw her mother as her person seen, this saddens and Annoys her deeply, as nobody tells her about her mother. While the youngest of the three royals of Centai, Weiss Grew up feeling equal with her brothers, and quickly found out about Carnel's little secret, She wanted to try it too, and asked Lilith several times if she could get training of her own, It failed, but she still learnt Swordplay, as she kept watch(Hiding) And saw each of the training sessions, and managed to learn most of the basics and even came up with her own ways to attack. when Carnel left to go war, She wanted to go as well, but the King did not Allow it, However, she snuck out, and is Following her Brother's tracks.
    Others: Should appear towards the end of Chapter 1 or 2.
  25. Interesting. I'm a big fan, of Fire Emblem, so I'll go for this. It is my first FE RP, but I'm willing to give it a try.

    Name: Axel
    Gender: Male
    Class: Berserker
    Skills: Wrath (Increases crit rate at low health), Rally Strength (Increases strength to all allies within 3 tiles radius for a turn), Critical Bonus, Axefaire (Increases strength when axe is equipped.)
    Weapon: Havoc (An axe)
    Appearance: White skin, muscled well. Wears standard leather garb that allows for easy movement. Axe is kept on a sling on his back.
    Personality: Gruff, curt, overtly hostile towards those he doesn't trust.
    Backstory(Optional): Will be revealed throughout the story.
    Others: I see him as a front liner. He has reasonable movement too, so I wouldn't mind if he was used for scouting.
  26. Okay, so I've read the story and I'm quite astounded by the usage of the Relics from RWBY. And about the characters, is there a limit to how many? And the classes, are we limiting to the usual FE Fates or is it expanded, like being able to use classes from certain games.
  27. These are Fen's retainers

    Name: Rona
    Gender: Female
    Class: Kinshi Knight
    Skills: Quick Draw, Skill +2, Air Superiority, Amaterasu
    Weapon: Steel Bow, Killer Lance
    Appearance: wears red Kinshin knight clothing, has dark red hair
    Personality: Kindhearted and supportive
    Backstory(Optional): TBD

    Name: Shay
    Gender: Male
    Class: Spear Master
    Skills: Swap, Seal Defense, Seal Speed, Lancefaire,
    Weapon: Waterwheel
    Appearance: Red Sentinel armor(Cause its apparently the same class), has blonde hair
    Personality: laid back and calm but can get serious when needed to
    Backstory(Optional): TBD
  28. I suppose the limit will be 5 character but I'm not sure, and you can use any classes from across the franchise

    also, all accepted
  29. Great. I'll make the character bios after I come back home. I still have school.

    That is actually where I got the inspiration for the orbs, yeah. But these ones have more outlined powers that we'll get into in the RP.
  31. Sure I'll join, I see you have a distinct lack of opposition at the moment...

    Name: Perseus
    Gender: Male
    Class: Dark Knight
    Skills: Lifetaker, Slow Burn, Seal Magic, Swordsfaire
    Weapon: Hyperion - Similar to Ike's Ragnell, has a pitch black broad blade with a silver handle lined with gold. Functions as a ranged weapon using an embedded aura from the Denzerian Dragon orb as well as the sword working as a close combat weapon. This aura also enables his sword to destroy weapons upon contact. Occasionally uses fire based tomes.

    Appearance: Due to his extensive training beginning at a young age, Perseus has grown into a strong young man. Standing at about 6'4" and weighing rather light for his height, he has a well defined - although not disgustingly large - set of muscles covered with various scars of unknown sentimental value. His face his untouched by these scars however, allowing his sun kissed Caucasian skin to be consistent. He has brushed back dirty blond hair and crystal blue eyes that go well with his roguish smile that adorns his face at most times. For the most part he wears his set of full silver armor, made to be pitch black in appearance. He wears a helmet of the same metal, leaving only his cold eyes and harsh grin to be seen by friend and foe alike. He finishes his wartime outfit with a scarlet cape bearing a silver colored phoenix as well as his sword Hyperion at his side.

    Personality: Perseus has a two faced personality. His upbringing drained any sort of innocence from him, making him grow up long before most children do. His choice making is brash but decisive, and he is unfliching in the face of adversity. However, the few meaningful relationships he has made in life allow him to have a sense of justice, to know right from wrong, and helped him develop a sense of loyalty towards those he loves.

    Backstory: Perseus the first of his name, known as the Crown Prince of Denzer and first in line to the throne, is the eldest son of his father, King Jarin the fourteenth of his name, and Queen Ashnara. As is tradition in Denzer, Perseus grew up as a young boy with a sword as his only constant companion. With a wrathful father and an apethetic mother, he relied upon his relationships with his true siblings (open for any rpers), his bastard brother Ashnar, and his teacher, Captain Drakar.

    At the age of ten he performed his first act of becoming a true man of Denzer by taming the wildest horse known on the plains, who Perseus named Stormrider. By the age of twelve he killed his first opponent in the fighting pits. And at the age of sixteen he began a month long journey through the uninhabited edge of the plains of Denzer, known as the Land of the Fallen due to its almost unlivable conditions. Upon his return he was officially recognized as a man of Denzer and the rightful heir to the throne.

    Shortly after becoming of age, he was thrust into the militant position as a commander of his own company of cavalry, numbering at about 250 men including Drakar and Ashnar. The company, known as the Hand of the Destroyer, was used in policing the country before being called into the war against Centai as a Special Ops group.

    Others: Currently somewhere in Centai.

    Name: Ashnar
    Gender: Male
    Class: Cavalier
    Skills: Elbow Room, Shelter, (Defender and Aegis later on)
    Weapon: Bastards with rich parents still get good stuff, as he has a brave lance named Prometheus, colored similarly to the sword Hyperion. However, he currently uses a combination of iron and slim lances until he has fully grown into Prometheus.
    Appearance: Ashnar looks like a minature version of Perseus besides his black hair and green eyes showing the fact that they don't completely share the same blood. He wears completely white armor complete with helmet
    Personality: Ashnar is absolutely devoted to his half-brother Perseus and also has a place in his heart for the other royal children who he has come to be almost as a uncle figure for. He is driven by his bonds of loyalty and a want to prove himself to his father. He is much more intellectual than the common Denzerian and helps act as a moral compass for Perseus.
    Backstory: Ashnar is a rather irrelevant person when it comes to his birth status as the King's bastard son, but in Denzer bastards are treated with the same respect as anybody else as long as they can fight, in a weird form of equality absent from the majority of the other kingdoms. Ashnar is the Crown Prince's closest confident and comrade, and is consistanly becoming a larger threat on the battlefield despite barely being recognized into manhood. He is the second oldest son of the King of Denzer despite the situation behind his birth.
    Others: As he is a bastard there can be another royal child around his same age.

    Name: Drakar
    Gender: Male
    Class: Great Knight
    Skills: Canto, Luna, Dual Guard+, Armored Blow
    Weapon: Killer Axe named Helios, named for its golden tint
    Appearance: Drakar's growing age can be seen by his black hair slowly fading into grey on the edges. He has a matching beard of the same color to go with his hazel eyes. He wears a finely made set of armor of the typical scarlet color soldiers of Denzer bear along with a black coat over in all
    Personality: Drakar is a man driven by his loyalties to his prince and his country. He is wise beyond his years and is a constant source of wisdom. He is patient and calm, a rare trait for men of his position.
    Backstory: Drakar was assigned to train Perceus from the day the prince was born, allowing him to develop an unbreakable bond between mentor and student. He now acts as the bodyguard and chief advisor to the prince.

    I'll add others if there is a need to.
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  32. Alright, here's my fellas. Hope they work.
    Name: Kiran Fern, successor to the throne of Alrest
    Gender: Male
    Class: Prince (Lance wielding infantry user. Think Ephraim.)
    Skills: Focus, Pavise
    Weapon: A family lance named Goll. Effective against calvary.
    Appearance: Standing at a respectable 5'10", Kiran wears white plate armor with some gold accents. While his armor points him as being of noble decent, his features less so. His head is topped off with light brown, and a little bit too long hair. His eyes are a light shade of green, and with fair skin, he looks rather like a peasant or other such civilian.
    Personality: Kiran is a sensitive and awkward young man, who doesn't regard himself too highly. Regardless, he tries his best to prove himself a worthy sucessor to the throne- even if this goes beyond his father's wishes. While not the social master or combat master, he is rather knowledgable about the lore of the orbs, dragons, and the four kingdoms, among other studies. After all, how else would he be prince of Alrest?
    Backstory: First born son of Othello Fern, current ruler of Alrest, Kiran has hefty shoes to fill. Not only expected to be a competent leader, but also a scholar and fighter. This leads to a lot of pressure on his end, and combine this with a strict father...well, you get the mess that is Kiran. While he has the other two mostly down pat, he's still working on the whole leader thing. I'll get more into his details in the rp, maybe not, but his backstory isn't very important compared to what is going to happen in the main plot. I'll update this to be more detailed later when all the nitty gritty is laid out.
    Others: Not related to the summoner, who's default name is Kiran.
    Name: Priscilla
    Gender: Female
    Class: Dark Mage
    Skills: Heartseeker, Anathema
    Weapon: Tomes, her favorite being Fire.
    Appearance: Mostly dressed in featureless black robes, containing her tomes and a book entitled "The Bird Species of Alrest, Vol. 2". And under those robes is a short, pale girl with similarly pale green hair. She's rather unremarkable otherwise- wearing a black sleeveless shirt and simple pants. The only noticeable things on her are a slight scar on her cheek, and a little tattoo of a flame on her right arm.
    Personality: She's very cold and emotionless. She acts more with intellect than emotions, choosing options that will cause less damage in the long run rather than be a quick fix in the short, though may waive these if it means helping Kiran or Sarah. Priscilla also has a heavy bias against bandits, thinking they are nothing but "low lives suckling off the good of humanity". Other than these quirks, she has an affinity for birds. She loved hearing them call, be free and able to sing without any cares. She'd never own one as a pet- to keep a bird caged would be sin to her.
    Backstory(Optional): Priscilla was born into a line of nobles skilled in magic living in Jenar. But five years into her life, bandits raided her family's estate. Her parents were slaughtered, and she was next- until the leader of the bandits had a cruel plan. The bandit leader had her locked up, denying her anything other than food, water, and magical readings. They tried to turn her into a living weapon. And when they thought that she was ready, they finally loosened up on her. After all, she was truly empty...or so they thought.

    The bandit encampment went up in flames that night. From it, a sole girl dressed in black robes. Priscilla had gotten her revenge. But this presented a new problem- what now? She became a roamer, drifting from town to town...That's when she met Charles. Charles was on a quest of revenge of his own- he and his mother were abandoned by his father, and his mother soon died of an illness. Unable to move on until his father knows what he had done, he became a mercenary to keep up some income to survive. Priscilla joined with him, finding no more purpose in her life. They were eventually joined by Sarah, a woodcutter with a good axe throw. After proving to be a competent three at their work, they were employed by none other but the presiding Lord of Alrest, Othello. They were to be body guards for the prince, and would be paid handsomely to keep him safe from potential muggings or assassins. And they were, but...Charles found this was a pointless job. He would not find his father following around some Prince.

    So Charles left the group. He didn't even consult the others- he left a note and was gone. Priscilla did not seem very emotional over the departure, but was effected by it. She found it quite insulting that he would just up and leave without a word...but he did. Priscilla resents Charles for that. Not to the point of "I'm going to murder you when I find you" more like "I'm going to give you a stern talking to when I find you". She's effectively replaced Charles in the trio with Kiran. He's pretty different, but she got used to it. In the end of the day Kiran's still an "employer" but at least he's fine to be around.
    Others: Charles may appear later. May. As an enemy or an ally...I'll figure it out.
    Name: Sarah
    Gender: Female
    Class: Fighter
    Skills: Gamble, Wrath
    Weapon: Axes, particularly the iron axe and hand axe.
    Appearance: She's tall and burly, a little taller than Kiran, sporting well tanned skin, matching dark brown eyes and hair, which is tied back into a ponytail. She's rather intimidating, especially when in her armor- with some steely grey plate mail and leather gauntlets. Add an axe and you have yourself a pretty scary figure. Well, if she actually acted like it- but that depends on whether or not your an enemy.
    Personality: A cheery soul with a mischievous streak, Sarah tries to make light of situations and keep everyone in line. There are moments of genuine anger though sprinkled in there, but she mostly gets those out in the battlefield or while training. Still, she's able to get very jazzed up about Priscilla, be it praising her, defending her, or listening to Priscilla talk about what type of bird she saw on her walk. She's sort of has a...thing for Priscilla.
    Backstory: Sarah's life wasn't particularly harsh, nor filled with tragedy. The daughter of a wood chopper, she's skilled in tipping trees and using an axe, which was quite useful when a gang of thieves attempted to loot what seemed to be an easy target. It wasn't until a strange girl and man roamed into town she decided to pursue a career as a mercenary. While this was a sudden and rash decision, it's made her quite happy. Happier than if she was a woodcutter at least. Priscilla probably has something to do with this
    Others: She's sort of a Tharja expy towards Priscilla if that isn't clear yet. Sort of, because besides the obsession she is nothing like Tharja.
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  33. I will use these two for now, I might add more later.
    Name: Katla
    Gender: Female
    Class: Manakete (Fire Dragon)
    Skills: Wyrmsbane, Aegis
    Weapon: Dragonstone(Fire)
    Appearance: (As a Manakete, her age is unknown. But her appearance is similar to a middle aged woman.) Messy shoulder length red hair and scarlet red eyes, wearing a red worn out cloak, black tunic and black bagged pants.
    Personality: Kind-hearted and motherly. She treats others with care. But she does not like to be referred as miss or any formalities.
    Backstory: TBA

    Name: Roger
    Gender: Male
    Class: Merchant
    Skills: Life and Death, Profiteer(Joke is, he has a strange luck)
    Weapon: Steel lance, Short Bow
    Appearance: A young man with short black hair, wearing a blue mantle over his green tunic, grey pants with yellow lining and brown boots.
    Personality: Somewhat of a coward, but tries to act brave at times and sometimes a very resourceful person.
    Backstory: TBA

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