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Open Fire Emblem:Monarchs(Characters, Continent and Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Lucas Inazumai, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Wow, creative way of initiating Astra.
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  2. Can someone post on the RP?
  3. 'The sellsword chopped the heaad of the Brigand's axe," Haha, you've been bested!" The Brigand looked at the mercenary and threw the handle of his blade at Ashei.'

    What? What even happens here? The Brigand's head is chopped off and later the Brigand threw the handle of his blade towards Ashei? How does that work?
  4. Oh sorry, that was autocorrect, the real line was

    'The sellsword chopped the head off the Brigand's axe."Haha, you've been bested!" Ashei bragged. The Brigand looked at the mercenary and threw the handle of his axe at Ashei.'

    Basically, Ashei cut of the head off the Brigands axe, and then the Brigand just threw the handle at Ashei.

    I'm really sorry for that.
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  5. Ah, I see. That makes much more sense now. But please Astral, no need to rush a post. Take your time to think of the events and check for errors, RPs take a patient mind to do. Besides, the reward at the end is based on.
    1. How well written the posts are.
    2. The amount of events you've triggered.
    And 3. Spelling errors and mistakes.
  6. Okay, I'll take more time on my posts.
  7. A Fire Emblem RP? Oh, that's awesome. From what I've read (well, skimmed) so far, it seems you're actually following the format of the games. And that's cool. I'm so in. But I have a few questions.
    1) Am I allowed to have multiple characters?
    2) What Monarchs are taken, and of which kingdoms?
    3) What's the story so far, and how can I jump in?
  8. Look guys I don't mean to be a bummer, but maybe make the posts a bit longer (Lucas is fine)? The last thing you want is for the thread to be closed...
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  9. I'll try, but the posts we have now won't get us closed. The one-liner rule means posts like this.

    "I'll try," John said


    Syther fainted.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm all for longer posts.
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  10. Oh uh, well I take Story Writing seriously so I naturally followed the rules.
    Um to answer your questions.
    1. Yes, you're allowed to have multiple characters but to a limit of 3 as Shenigami has asked me on Messager about it.
    2. The Monarchs are all taken but as I stated, the ones from Grell, Mavos and Arkadin are looking for disciples as in pupils to teach and possibly be the next Monarch after they have pass.
    3. The story is a new war starting. Each RPer is placed in a certained location and they can only interact with the Chapters if they are part of it, those who are not only post after the Chapter has ended if they have anything to add about their character.
  11. Well, I'm back from the dead after getting absolutely no alerts.
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  12. A little update on what happened on Chapter One.

    Ashei has appeared! (Yet to be recruited.)
    Yacker has appeared! (Engaged in a battle with Flint.)

    Three Townsfolk saved.
    Two Houses yet to be checked.

    Several Brigands killed.
    Leader still standing.( I'll add his dialog in the next Chapter.)
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  13. Also, Ashei just activated Astra.
  14. Well, technically, Yacker is having an ENCOUNTER with Flint, Not a Battle.
  15. Alright, thanks. I was wondering if one of my characters could actually be the son of one of the monarchs, ideally the one closest to Holin. I have an idea for how my group might appear, and I already have basic concepts laid out. I'll wait for your response before posting the sheets, though.
  16. Oh, one last thing before head to bed. There are events that will happen on certain occasions, I can't tell specifically what it is but all I can say is this is probably one of the few RPs that would possibly do this.
    A hint: Fire Emblem Awakening OST - 44.

    Note:And Eeveechu, the closest to Holin is Cylia and Mavos. The Monarch of Mavos is a man who chooses piece over violence. Blinded during the war, he has trained himself to fight with his other senses. He also spends his time meditating. The Monarch of Cylia though is not an option.
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  17. The... merchant's theme? So Anna?
  18. CALLED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. But before you go, can you answer my question?
  20. Refresh and see my post again Eeveechu.
  21. I see now. With that in mind, I think we could have a very interesting Conflict of Interest between the Mavos ruler and his son. In a later chapter, they hear about what happened to Holin. The son wants to take up arms to help defend the people, but the ruler is obstinate about his non-violence policy. So the prince would take a knight and a sellsword (my other two characters) and go to fight without the king's permission. Could that work? Maybe they'd appear in Chapter 3 or around then.
  22. As I have stated in the RP that you're allowed to control my characters if necessary.
    Also checking the characters of Mavos, are you speaking of Marchioness Lorraine and her daughter Christine?
  23. And so I can butt Eli into there, he could be traveling to Holin and meet up with them.
  24. No, I was thinking my character Carnel could be the second child and son of Marchioness.
  25. Oh, I see. Very well then, the Marchioness is an NPC character anyways so I'll allow it.
    Now if you would excuse me, I would like to go to bed. I have school in the morning. Oyasumi.
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  26. So here are my three characters.

    Name: Prince Carnel Lorraine the Resolute
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Characteristics: Wears steel armor plates over his leather armor, favoring speed over defense but still able to his hard. Has blue eyes and blonde hair.
    Class: Hero
    Secret abilities: Sol, Pavise, Hurricane Strike
    Origins: The son and second child of Marchioness Lorraine and sister of Christine Lorraine, Carnel saw value in fighting when necessary and the weaknesses in a completely passive stance. The boy convinced his retainer, Lilith, to teach him the art of swordplay beginning at age ten. Has been given his title thanks to his endless resolve to see a matter through to the end.

    Name: Lilith Stone the Vigilant
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Characteristics: Wears a full plated suit of armor, similar to Sophie (from FE:Fates). The armor is dark green with elements of light green, and has brown leather underneath. Has blue hair and blue eyes.
    Class: Paladin
    Secret abilities: Discipline, Aegis, Final Strike
    Origins: Lilith is a powerful warrior, and the retainer of Prince Carnel. She joined the Marchioness' peace-loving group because she admired their ideals, despite being a warrior. She is one of the few trained fighters in the kingdom, which is why Carnel got her to train him in swordplay. Lilith is a kind soul, but is ever vigilant in watching for threats to her kingdom. As such, she is the Vigilant.

    Name: Silver Storm the Devious
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Characteristics: Wears clothes like Kaze, but without the armblades and with the green replaced by the purple. He also wears a purple headband under his hair with a black metal plate on the front. Carries a sheath with him, but he usually just carries around his sword with his left hand and on his shoulder. Has black hair and green eyes, as well as a scar over his right eye that sometimes makes him twitch it closed.
    Class: Mercenary
    Secret abilities: Good Fortune, Strong Riposte, Swift Storm of Strikes
    Origins: A traveling mercenary, Silver has gained a reputation for being clever and wily. He can talk his way out of most situations, and fight out of the rest. A quick warrior, he excels at finding weak spots in a foe. Not much is known about Silver's past outside of his general history, but he's a powerful warrior known to few and feared by more. He got into a tough spot while in Mavos, and the prince helped save his life. Silver is an honorable warrior, so he now works for the prince as his retainer - for 5% of his normal price, because the prince insisted on paying the sellsword for his services.
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  27. Hm, quite an interesting trio. But there are some problems with the skills.

    Axe breaker and Defender are not allowed as I have stated that Breaker and Stat changing Skills are banned.

    Furthermore, go into details on how the third Skills are suppose to do.

    With these changes, I can guarantee your recruitment to this RP.

    And mind adding the sibling relationship with Christine? In terms of her personality, just imagine a much more mature Clair.
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  28. And this is Mavos, if I'm correct, so would it be okay if Eli met them?
  29. Alright. I put Axebreaker and Defender down since they're Skills normally learned by the class. I'll change it.
    Definitely makes sense for her to meet them, yeah.
    I'll describe the unique skills in just a moment.
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  30. I'm thinking the Unique Skills are attacks learned only by a certain character. As such, only Carnel can learn Hurricane Strike.

    Hurricane Strike: A powerful five-hit attack, where Prince Carnel can hover in the air while spinning his blade. The final hit does twice the damage of Carnel's Attack stat. Has a [Speed/2]% chance of activating.

    Final Strike: A lethal, killing blow that annihilates a foe in a single hit, unless they cannot be normally killed (i.e. Grima from FE:Awakening). Has a [Strength/4]% chance of activating.

    Swift Storm of Strikes: Seven quick, blurry strikes where Silver moves as fast as a ninja - and strikes like one, too. The final hit has a 100% chance of being a Critical. Has a [Luck/2]% chance of activating.
  31. Alright then, Eeveechu151 your recruited.

    Welcome, new recruit.

    Note:Just read through the bios again and notice that Lilith has Rally Defence. I have clearly stated that Rally Skills are also banned.
  32. A pleasure to serve with you. I also have an idea for how Chapter 3 could play out, but I need to make sure Chapter 2 doesn't screw with the idea.
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  33. Chapter 2 will be taking place in Cylia. The groups from Holin and Cylia will be meeting each other in one Chapter between the continent before heading to Mavos in another Chapter, that's how it is going to be like
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  34. I think it should take a few chapters for them to cross to other countries, like in Sacred Stones. They're traversing a lot of land, after all. And that's not even counting the enemies or brigands they'll have to face. I was thinking they'd try and retreat to Mavos, but on the way run into a town occupied by brigands. During the fight, Lilith and Silver arrive. Silver goes back to get Carnel, while Lilith joins the battle as an Ally unit. Silver returns a turn later with Carnel, and they both enter the battle. You recruit all three of them by talking to Carnel.
  35. Quick question: If chapter 2 is Cylia, chapter 3 will be where?
  36. I was thinking of that. Also Eeveechu, your kinda following the rules of the games instead of an actual story. Reading the way you've explain things like joining and recruiting sounds way too similar to the games mechanic. I am not judging the way you want to type it out, but remember that this story does not follow most of the mechanics from the games.
  37. I was going by the game mechanics, yes, since that's how you've been laying it out in the RP. If we do go to Cylia, it should be at least after Chapter 3. That way, Carnel can join in. And once again, country-per-Chapter doesn't make much sense.

    Oh BTW, you can think of Lilith as the Sir Seth/Gunther of this game.
  38. Each first five Chapters will focus solely on what happens to each Continent, Holin has already been invaded. Cylia will take place before it was invaded as the Monarch of Cylia sensed the invasion happening. It will then progress to Mavos, then Grell and finally Arkadin.
  39. Will we be following different characters during these arcs, then?
    And I just read the thing about Rally Skills. I'll find Lilith something else.

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