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Open Fire Emblem:Monarchs(Characters, Continent and Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Lucas Inazumai, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. One decade ago, the world was thrown into a war,
    Many lives were taken and villages destroyed,
    The only ones that were the dominate ones were the Players of the blood game,
    Just as hope was lost, six brave and kind-hearted heroes fought against the Players,
    Ending the blood game and saving the Earth from extinction,
    The six heroes then spread throughout the continent,

    And became monarchs of the land they protect,
    Hope and peace was once restored to the world.

    One decade later...
    Enter the RP here once you're accepted

    Name:Names that have great placing requires a title. Examples: Derrick the Brave, Xobia the Blight.
    Age:Age is required for certained classes. There is little sense of saying that a twelve-year old can be a general with heavy armour.
    Gender:Specific classes are gender locked. Pegasus riders are female exclusives, while Wyvern riders are male exclusives. Note:An opposite gender can be the class but for only a good and valid reason.
    Characteristics: Details of the character, do not leave any points of the outfit or looks unless it is a surprise. Example: A hidden wristblade or chain mail armour underneath.
    Class:Classes that are validated according to either their work style or their placement.
    Secret abilities:This is completely Optional. Can have a total of three or less secret abilities.
    No god abilities such as the example: Rapid healing rate, Inpiercing skin, The ability to fly, etc.
    Origins:Origins are required to prove the reasons why they are all the above.

    Rule 1: It is required that you've read the RP rules before joining.
    Rule 2: You're not allowed to become certained classes unless you have a valid reason.
    Rule 3:This is a RP that may contain violence that are not meant for the sight of young children to read/join. You're allowed to join if you're 13+.
    Rule 4:Swearing is technically allowed, but only mild swears can be used.( Words such as F&£k or N1$$a is not allowed and will be asked to either change or removed fully)
    Rule 5:If any of the rules were to be broken, you'll be either ask to change your post or be removed from the RP.

    The continent is surrounded by tall mountains and is a known place for Wyvern migration. Within the Castle of Holin, Marquess Theo is a fearsome leader with a high morale to his troops. His children, the crown princess Victoria of Holin and prince Alex are well-known in the continent. Upon the mountains, the shrine amongst them is the home of the Monarch of Holin named Ayres.

    Known for its beautiful oceans and lakes, it is also the smallest continent amongst the rest. At Castle Cylia, Marquess Hayden is a kind-hearted noble who helps his own people. His son Christopher, is a young prince of the continent with the same heart as his father. Near the Castle, there is a lake with a shrine that is the home of the Monarch of Cylia named Iruka.
    'Continent of the desert' was the title of Grell as it is a barren land and was known to be infested with thieves and brigands. Marquess Joseph has known for double-crossing and trickery. Hidden from civilisation, the shrine is the home of the Monarch of Grell named Leo.
    The continent of Mavos is surrounded by forest that is known for its creatures of myth like Pegusi. Marchioness Lorraine is known for her honesty and hospitality. The daughter of the Marchioness, Christene is the leader of the Mavos Pegasus Fleet and known for her great bravery. The son of the Marchioness, Carnel has been known for his endless resolve to see a matter through to the end. Hidden within the forest was the shrine of the Monarch of Mavos named Herne.
    Arkadin is known to be covered in blankets of snow and cold drifts. Marquess Blaine, known for his words of wisdom as he would pass great knowledge to those who seek for it. His daughter, Aurora is a shy and timid princess who barely has any social contact with the outside world. Covered in snow, the shrine of Arkadin was the home of the Monarch named Yuuki.

    Supports are graded by ranks. The higher the rank is, the closer the bond is between RPers.

    C supports - These supports are known for the starting of two RPers having a conversation with each other.(Recruiting RPers with another one does not count as a support)

    B supports - These supports represents the bond of two RPers getting to know each other more. They can also represent the ability to pair up with one another to do a duo combo.

    A supports - These supports represents the born of a friendship that can never be broken. With this support, they can combine their skills with their abilities and such. A supports are also only available if the Admin approves it.

    S supports - S supports are when the bond becomes more than friendship. With this support, RPers are allowed to marry one another to create a pair that would fight to protect each other. If an S support is done by the same gender, it would allow them to exceed their friendship even further with one another.(I don't mean by gay marriage, but if you RPers are then go ahead, I'm not against gay marriage
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  2. For those who are joining, there are spots for certain characters.

    With prince Christopher, he will have a Paladin with him. The requirements of being the Paladin is to have loyalty to the prince and must have a high morale standard.

    For the Monarchs of Grell, Mavos and Arkadin. Three RPers can be the disciple of them. As long as there is a valid reason for it.
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  3. Name: Ashei the Swift
    Gender: Male
    Characteristics: Ashei wears the standard Mercenary class garb, except his armor is navy blue, along with his shoulder shield thing. Ashei has steel sword. Ashei is very suave, but very deadly on the battlefield. He hails from Cylia.
    Class: Mercenary
    Secret Abilities: Astra
    Origins: Ashei's parents died in the war. His mother was a Pegasus Knight and his father was a Hero. The war ended when he was eight years old, and his parents were killed, so he was orphaned at a young age.Ashei lived on the continent that would soon be Cylia. He trained the rest of his childhood to be Mercenary for hire.Ashei trained to be incredibley quick,which why he was dubbed,"Ashei the Swift".
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  4. First off Astral, to earn the name "Ashei the Swift" you must have a reason for it. Such as "He got it for being the fastest Mercenary" or "Known for his quick escape".
    Secondly, skills in fire emblem do technically count as abilities, but I'm talking about Secret Abilities. Such as going with your title 'Sonic Boom' the ability to create sound waves as you move.
    Thirdly, skills like Skill +2 or Hp +3 does not work in this RP as the stat mechanics do not carry over to this.
    And finally, if you're going to join, please use at least decent english and less spelling errors. The last thing I want to do is to rip my hair out reading something like "Maste Noire! the enemi has show up out a castle!"

    Overall, if you change to what is fitting, I may approve it to be part of the RP.

    (Also do mind that I've added supports to this so be sure to read what they can do.)
  5. Okay, I'll fix all that stuff. Sorry, about the spelling, I don't have access to computer right now, so I'm on a phone.

    Also, am I alright to still have Astra?
  6. I guess I didn't think of that so yeah Astra is usable as long as it follows the natural cause of luck. In which case. Rate how lucky you are by one to ten.
  7. Okay, because Astra does match the "Swift" in his name. I'll get to editing my character now.
  8. Alright Astral. You've been approved to join the RP. Firstly, where are you located currently. Secondly, what is the reason you're there for and thirdly, what is your current goal. Also recruitment details to how you are recruited.
  9. Here is the link to the list of Classes from Fire Emblem.
    http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_classes_in_Fire_Emblem_Fates (List of classes in Fire Emblem Fates)
    (Main, Ballistician, Amiibo, Cypher and Other Classes(except Clerics and Myrmidon) are not allowed to be used.)

    Note: You can use classes from Awakening except the Lord and Great Lord classes. Pre-Promoted classes are also limited, therefore only a few people can be a Pre-Promote.

    Here is the link to the list of Skills from Fire Emblem.
    http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Skills_in_Fire_Emblem_Fates (List of Skills in Fire Emblem Fates)
    (Main, Rally, Stat changing, Triggers, Breaker, DLC, Amiibo and Enemy Only Skills are not allowed to be used.)

    Note: Skills like Astra, Death Blow, Natural Cover, Good Fortune, Etc. Is dependent on Skill and Luck. It is your choice to view your character as Lucky and Skillfull or Unlucky and Clumsy.
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  10. Hello! May I join this RP? I'm asking because I'm only eleven. I've played through two Fire emblem games (Birthright and Conquest) and I'm currently playing through one (Echoes). I have read the rules and realized this RP is for the thirteen and up, but because I am quite fond of Fire Emblem, I thought I should give it a shot and ask. If I cannot join, I will leave without complaint.
  11. Hm, knowing the fact that you understand the age ratings for Fire Emblem and since you have
    played it before. I'll give you a chance. Create a Character Bio and I'll see if you're capable of joining.
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  12. Name: Eli
    Age: 26
    Gender: Mage
    Characteristics: Eli has shaggy dirty blonde hair. He has blue eyes, and has a light skin tone. He wears a blue mage robe. He has a white T-shirt under those robes, and gray shorts. He wears beige boots. He also wears black gloves that don't cover his fingers. (Can't remember what they're called :/) He is very short-tempered and will fight with almost anybody at even the slightest offence. He would even threaten them, but would have no intentions to commit the threat. If he were to reach an S rank, all threats would be cut to the other. He lives in Mavos
    Class: Mage

    Secret abilities: N/A
    Origins: Eli was always disrespected by his mother. Once he was old enough, he left to become a mage because of his facination with magic. When he returned to his mother's home after two years, his mother was angry that he hasn't become a mercenery. Eli left and got a small cottage in the woods. He has lived there for six years.

    So, a question: Eli is unknown to most because he mainly stays in the woods, so would he still have a title? If so, I can edit. ^^
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  13. Well, I might say that you've posted a well written Character Bio with barely any hiccups within.

    And to answer your question, titles are only given if a person has earned it by certain trials. Saying as a character I once created, Xobea the Blight was dubbed the title due to her Immense intoxicating magic and was known for her signature magic named 'Blight'.

    Finally. What is the recommendation for recruiting Eli?
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  14. Does this mean why would someone want to recruit him?
  15. Yes. In details, why and how is he recruitable. By money, by a certained character or just joined for interest. There are many ways to do this.
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  16. Okay. Sorry I ask so many questions. ;^;

    I would say he would be recruited so that he can test his power. To test his strength. To prove that he's strong.
  17. Hmm. A mage that wants to prove his own strength, has a personality that can hardly interact with anyone, bad childhood and dedicated magic user.

    All in all, your character fits into the 'Solo Fighter' category. And as a well detailed character, I'll consider your recruitment.

    Welcome, new recruit!
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  18. Thank you! I'll post on the RP later. :)
  19. Oh right, in terms of how to explain the RP will work. Basically it is a chapter to chapter RP. With each chapter having a different map layout. For those who are not within the range of it, they will only interact once the Chapter is finish.

    Chapter ended

    Floral was walking down the pathway towards the market wondering what to get for today. As she walked, she met with (Another RP if they're in the same location) who was looking for the directions to Cylia.
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  20. Hey, Might I ask, What country was the prologue in?
  21. [​IMG][​IMG]It is located in Holin as The protagonist currently is Victoria.

    I don't know why those pictures are even there.
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  22. Name: Kim the Queen of the desert
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Characteristics: Kim has voluminous diva curls that are brown on top and start getting blond in the bottom, she wears the regular female Sorcerer outfit, her skin is tan . Kim is arrogant, selfish, and powerfull, she is from Grell.
    Class: Sorcerer
    Secret abilities: Sacrifice health to deal more damage.
    Origins: She was born in Grell, when she was young she was kind, sweet and gentle. However when her parents died because of an attack from brigands, she sweared to be merciless and kill without regret, so for the past 6 years she killed every brigand she saw, stealed from every thief she saw, and never lost a challenge. The brigands and thiefs in Grell called her "Queen of the desert".
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  23. Um okay wow, and I thought Xobea's murderous intent for a love interest was bad enough.
    Okay Clementina, that's quite the character bio. Colour me impress.

    Note: The skill Kim has, how does it work? Does it drain the life of the user or reduces stamina the more it is used, because if you go with 'health' it is automatically counted as HP which is not a thing in this RP.
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  24. Name: Yacker
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Characteristics: Black, spiky hair, Peachy Skin, wears The Standard Outlaw Outfit, with A green Cloak, And Black Fingerless Gloves. He Is A Sarcastic Jerk Who Prefers To Work Alone Or For Money. Although Deep Down, He Has A Heart Of Gold, And Tends To Rob People Who Are jerks To People Who Don't Deserve That Treatment. He has A Sweet Tooth.
    Class: Outlaw
    Secret abilities: N/A
    Origins: At A Young Age, Yacker Woke Up In The Forest After His Wealthy Parents Abandoned Him Because They Saw Him As A Disgusting And Pointless Child, When Yacker Started Wandering Around, A Group Of Bandits Felt Sorry For Him When They Realised he had Nothing Useful on him, So They Took Him In, And Raised Him, Eventually The Gang Was Destroyed, But Yacker Escaped, He Is Now An Outlaw Who Roams The World.

    Just Saying, I Have played FE Fates, And I'm At The Final Battle In Echoes.
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  25. I have to go, but can I start Chapter One when I get back? I'll be back in an hour.
  26. Yeah, I guess it can be stamina, since HP doesn't exist in this RP.
  27. To answer all the things that have been said here.
    Frase: Quite the Character bio but do you require to cap every first letter on each word and kind of a used character because an Outlaw is a promoted thief, and Gauis was a thief from FE Awakening that also has a sweet tooth. So when does he join in terms of the RP because the next Chapter is the same Town that is being raided.

    Clementina: Alright, you've been accepted. Know to explain how she is recruited. Either by character, money or her own decision.

    Astral: Each Chapter starts by me writing a beginning, if you think if it requires to change I can alter it. Also when does Ashei join?
  28. What Can I say, Gauis Was My Fav Character In Awakening Before I Gave Up after I Got Game Over 17 Times In One Chapter. I Suck At Strategy.
    Probably The Next Chapter. Because Money.
    as for the other thing, its a habit. Can't help It. I know it looks messy.
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  29. Okay, I was thinking of joining in the first chapter. Ashei will join becuase of his own decision.
  30. Alright Frase. You've been accepted.
    Welcome new recruit.

    Note: New recruit is just a phrase I like to use.
  31. Yay!
    (Note: I knew.)
  32. Oh and Chapter One is finally up.
  33. Kim will be recruited by the most powerfull person in the army. She will be recruited in the first chapter that ocurrs in Grell.
  34. Oh, alright. That will probably take a while because The events will be from Holin to Cylia then to Grell
  35. It's fine by me.
  36. And also everyone will have a chance to post something when the Chapter has ended. Basically it is a POV of your character as they interact with the world around them. What they do can affect the story line a bit.

    Note: Astral and Frase, once the Chapter is over. You can expect something given to you if you are recruited.
  37. Let me just edit a thing: Kim is a Sorcecer, because it would be a litlle weird for a character that spent the last 6 years killing not to be promoted...
  38. Okay, for Astra, I'm going to roll a six sided die.If it lands on 1, the attack will be Astra.

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