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Open Fire Emblem: Mark of the Dragon

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Fraseandchico, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. 1000 Years Ago,
    A War raged in The normally peaceful Land Of Delphi,
    Thousands Were slaughtered,
    The Creators of this War were called the Ga'ran,
    They wielded weapons of such power, not even the strongest could defeat them,
    They manipulated Leaders into starting hopeless battles,
    And caused the deaths of Thousands in the process,
    6 Brave Heroes Stood up To them,
    After the war, The heroes went their Separate ways,
    They each, to ensure no more wars, Hid their sacred weapons,
    And Became the Monarchs of each Part of the Land,
    Helgi for the hero Of the Wind Dragon,
    Hellia for the hero of the Fire Dragon,
    Doniga for the hero of the Water Dragon,
    Dragonia For the Hero Of the Electric Dragon,
    Argan for the Hero of the Light Dragon,
    And Afganifor the hero of the Justice Dragon.
    Now, 1000 Years after that...

    Name: Names that have great placing requires a title.
    Age: Age is required for certain classes. There is Not even a little sense in saying that a twelve-year old can be a general with heavy armour.
    Gender: Specific classes are gender locked. Pegasus riders are female exclusives, while Wyvern riders are male exclusives. Note: An opposite gender can be the class but for only a good and valid reason.
    Characteristics: Details of the character, do not leave any points of the outfit or looks unless it is a surprise.
    Class: Classes that are validated according to either their work style or their placement.
    Secret abilities: this is completely Optional. Can have a total of three or less secret abilities.
    Origins: Origins are required to prove the reasons why they are all the above.


    Rule 1: It is required that you've read the RP rules before joining.
    Rule 2: You're not allowed to become certained classes unless you have a valid reason.
    Rule 3: Swearing is technically allowed, but only mild swears can be used.( Words such as F&£k or N1$$a is not allowed and will be asked to either change or removed fully)
    Rule 5: If any of the rules were to be broken, you'll be either ask to change your post or be removed from the RP.



    Helgi-the Most peaceful of the lands. has many Open fields and High mountains Where Wyverns And Pegasus Rest.
    Hellia-This Is region is the Most wealthy Region when it comes to Resources. it is very varied in landscape
    Doniga- This is the largest Region, filling up with half of Delphi's Map. it also has the Largest Population. weakest Army
    Dragonia-this land has the strongest army, but the smallest land.
    Argan- This is the land where all of the heroes came from, They hid their sacred weapons here somewhere here, no one knows where though.
    Afganifor-This region has a Very successful Legal System, being that it was the first Area to use a court system. It was where the Ga'ran Were defeated.


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  2. Nice, nice. Only problem is, is that most of it was a Copy+Paste of my Fire Emblem Monarch RP.
  3. I see those references to both Ace Attorney and Lucas' Fire Emblem Monarchs...
    Sure, I'm up for this. Think I might be able to get some more details and stuff for the world, so I can make some good characters?
  4. kinda, Only the rules and Character Form were. Sorry 'bout that.
  5. Hmm. Gimmie a while to do that.
  6. I Assume you noticed The 'evil Ga'ran' Thing.

    The continent of Delphi is Extremely Large, so there are a few areas not belonging to any region. Mainly lands that cannot be used safely. they are only used for trading routes between Helgi, Dragonia, and Afganifor.
    When it comes to Royals, they normally Have similar Personalities to the heroes of Old.
    Helgi royals are Normally Patient and Smart.
    Hellia Royals are Timid yet helpful.
    Doniga Royals are impatient and Tough
    Dragonia Royals are sometimes Warlike and Scary, But have hearts of gold.
    Argan Royals are Brave, Heroic, and Loyal
    Afganifor Royals Pay attention to the Law, and Occasionally during Trials, They are Proud and Fair.

    When it comes to Bandits, they are very Common in every region except Hellia and Afganifor.

    Anything else you need me to explain?

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