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Open Fire Emblem: Arena (Characters and Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Lucas Inazumai, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. Welcome to Fire Emblem, Arena!
    Hosted by Anna and I.
    In this RP, You are competing against other Rpers.
    Anna:Some can even make bets to increase your gold.
    Rpers are allowed to have the maximum of 5 characters.
    Anna: If they can keep up with each of them.
    So get your weapons and ready your tomes.
    Anna: Because it is time to battle!


    Characteristics: (Details on the clothing and appearance.)


    Class: (Some custom classes are allowed, but it must be confirmed.)

    Gold: (Gold is required to enter a battle and for betting.)

    Origins and skills: (The backstory and abilities your character has.)

    Name: Xobea Katalyst

    Gender: Female

    Characteristics: A young girl in her teens with short black hair, wearing a dark purple robe, a black tunic with gold rims, purple leather gloves, black shorts, thigh-length boots, and a rose gold choker.

    Personality: Somewhat of a stern know-at-all but becomes timid when around a certained someone. Xobea rarely cares about others and is only concerned about her skills lacking in strength.

    Class: Sorceress

    Items: Fenrir Tome, Blight Tome, Concoction, Antitoxin

    Gold: 3000 G

    Origins and skills: Not much was known about Xobea as her first ever appearance was during a Mage Battle. Known for her deadly intoxicating poison magic, she was given the name 'Xobea the Blight'. In terms of her skills, Xobea has high mana and an arsenal of spells, her most deadliest spell is 'Blight' a spell that can eradicate any living organisms in her surroundings and can cause any person to rot or dissolve.
  2. Name: Soreo Blano

    Gender: Male

    Characteristics: A Teenage-looking boy With A Green Chestplate, white Iron leggings, Silver, messy hair, peachy skin, Blue Gloves, Purple Eyes, his weapon of choice(His Lightning sword) Hangs on his back, normally in a Brown sheath.
    Personality: Kind, but can be Deadly in a fight, very open, and doesn't hesitate to say his opinion.

    Class: Swordmaster

    Gold: 3000G

    Origins and skills: Soreo was born into the Izumo Royal family, and grew up as a strong and confident boy, however, due to the war between Hoshido and Nohr, Soreo Had to leave, as Izumo was being patrolled by Nohr, who were using it as a front line. He Joined the Hosiden Army, And quickly became a general, he learnt the Skill called Astra. And didn't tell anyone about his Past for a long time, when the war Ended, he went back to Izumo, and Started helping Hoshido and Nohr rebuild after the war. he Is now both the King of Izumo, a position he did not wish for, and The Izumo army General.
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  3. Anna: Sooo, where are your items? Are you going to fight empty handed? Oh! I can open my shop now! Care to buy something?

    Anna no. Anyways, you're accepted.
  4. oops, Forgot to put his items in. Gimmie a sec.
  5. Are we using items from it, or custom items?
  6. Any items are allowed as long as it is accessable and custom items must be confirmed of use and a well detailed description.
  7. Name:
    Characteristics: (Details on the clothing and appearance.)
    He wears a dark blue leather stained cloak, over a light chain mail armor. He has dark red hair, the color of blood. His eyes are blue. On his left side, is a broad seax knife, tempered to be extremely harder than steel, held loosely on a belt. On his right, is a similar, longer version of the knife on the left side. Also, there is a set of three throwing knifes there as well. He has on a hood, that covers most of his face, but Halt can see through it.

    He isn't the kind of person to take no for an answer. If someone upsets Halt, they probably won't be alive the next day. He isn't one to be having 'good days.'
    Class: (Some custom classes are allowed, but it must be confirmed.)
    Gold: (Gold is required to enter a battle and for betting.)
    3k gold
    Origins and skills: (The backstory and abilities your character has.)

    Halt's father was a thief, of every since of the word. When his father was captured, one of his friends took care of young Halt, by putting his life in danger to train him to fight. He learned the skill poison strike from that person. Halt was soon sent off on his way, where he started fighting, and winning, in tournaments where he learned his skill, Lethality.
  8. So, When Will The rp Start? sorry if I sound Impatient.
  9. That is not how Astra works Frase.

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