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Find a Partner -A Green Grimoire Musical Parody-

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Satoren, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. I have no idea why I sat down and did this, but hear you go! What would happen if the Green Grimoire was a musical? This is the scene where RX takes Delan to the Terminal to find him a partner to take the test with him. It's sung to the tune of Find a Pet because shut up. The song is a duet between Delan and RX because the original was also a duet and I didn't want to think about how to turn it into a Quintet with Sami, Belle and Magpie :p Just use your imagination and enjoy...or die horribly from the randomness, I don't really care.


    RX: ♪ Now, Delan my dear, I cannot express my delight! It’s abundantly clear that someone in here is the partner that’ll suit you just right~ ♪

    Delan: ♪ I can’t wait to get started! But first, let me say a few words; it’s of utmost importance the partner I meet doesn’t mind that I’m shy and reserved. ♪

    RX: Shy and reserved; got it~ ♪ There are so many partners in here who can join on a whim~ ♪

    Delan: ♪ I’m really just hoping that I’m fast enough to keep up with him. ♪ Or her…

    RX: ♪ Sure! How about Basculin? He’s friendly, dependable and will lend you a fin~ ♪

    Delan: ♪ Maybe, but all he can do is just swim… ♪ No offense.

    RX: ♪ Delan, have faith! You see, I will bet you someone in here is the partner just for you! ♪ Come on; the sky’s the limit!

    Delan: Sky is good. Maybe he or she can fly!

    RX: Really? Because I think this little Pichu here has your name written all over it; yes he does! Oh look, he likes you!

    *Pichu cuddles Delan. Static electricity then causes his fur to frizzle*

    Delan: …I’ll…pass

    RX: ♪ There are so many wonderful choices for you to decide. There are Dewotts and Seels with massive appeal~ ♪

    Delan: ♪ But Dewotts and Seels do not fly. ♪

    RX: Maybe not, but this particular Dewott knows Air Slash; that’s a flying move.

    Delan: Maybe I should just go look myself…

    RX: ♪ Wait! There must be someone here who will fit the ticket. How about a Ledyba or this cute Diglett? ♪

    Delan: Maybe it could be a little bigger?

    RX: Bigger, right; Got it! ♪ I’ve got just the one in that tree, kid; meet your new fabulous partner, Emolgaaaa~ ♪

    Delan: …Isn’t that a Pachirisu?

    RX: Don’t be silly! Emolga can fly!

    *RX throws the Pachirisu in the air. Pachirisu flails in the air and falls on its face.*

    RX: Oh…wrong Pokemon.

    Delan: …Yeahhhh, so like I was saying… ♪ RX, good sir; thanks for trying. I'll find the right partner for me. Someone friendly, perhaps flying, whose skill can defy gravity! ♪

    RX: Well why didn’t you say so? I can find you a flying partner, no problem!

    Delan: Really?

    RX: ♪ I know plenty of wonderful friends who can soar in the sky. Like this sweet Delibird and this charming, shiny Beautifly. ♪

    Delan: Better; but they already have partners.

    RX: ♪ I see; how ‘bout Noctowl? Or Swablu, or this Taillow? There are so many wonderful Pokemon just like that. ♪
    ♪ There are Farfetch’d and Wingulls; they are both quite nimble. Or perhaps what you want is this dark, mysterious Crobat? ♪

    Delan: I think that’s more than enough! I only need just one partner, these are too many. ♪ So many choices, and such coolness aplenty. ♪

    RX: Hardly a bad problem to have, if you ask me.

    Delan: ♪ Crobat would be awesome, but I also like Swablu; Do you know someone like a fluffy, blue bat? ♪

    RX: I do, but he’s not here today. ♪ I know this one, green Dodrio, just dying to meet you. ♪

    Delan: ♪What to do, what to do…♪

    (at this point, the song differs form the original as RX sings the line rather than Delan; because he’s too modest to sing this :T)

    RX: ♪ *gasp* A race! That’s it! There’s really just one way to find out which Pokemon’s best! ♪
    ♪ Hold a contest, of speed, agility, and guts that will put each one to the test! ♪

    Delan: ♪ Won’t they mind? Shouldn’t we consider…♪

    RX: ♪ This way we’ll know whose best of the litter! The one who is the most perfect partner…♪

    Delan: ♪...just for me? ♪

    RX: ♪ Can’t settle for less, we need the best; So in a contest we shall see who’s the number one, greatest, perfectest partner…♪

    RX and Delan: ♪ In the world for me! ♪

    Delan: ♪ Let the games begin ♪

    RX: ♪ And may the best ‘mon’ win! ♪
  2. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    *decides to try covering this either by herself or with someone else*

    ... once I'm not busy with school.

  3. That was adorable. Like, really, I quite enjoyed it. Partially due to the fact that the music was so catchy and the changes to the lyrics were entertaining and fit with the original song so well. But, I'm gonna have to say, that I mostly loved it because I've been waiting oh-so-patiently for any Green Grimoire related anything that this fulfilled some small desire in my soul |D
  4. PONIES...POKEMON...bleeeergh

    I'm sorry, but that was the best crossover ever. Add that to a gerbillin' musical and I am hooked. I was seriously considering becoming a theatre or musical theatre minor until I found out the time it would take out of my homework time.
  5. ... So much adorableness to see, I don't know how you do it but please don't stop!

    Loved the song and could totally see the entire thing playing out GG style instead of the ponies lol.

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