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Final Results of the Pokecharms Day Haiku Contest

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    A couple of days later than planned, but with all of the latest news and site updates I figured it was appropriate. Regardless, the votes have been tallied, the winners decided, and prizes/extras prepared. The three top winners will be contacted via PM about their winnings - which, hopefully, all three of them can benefit from.

    The full list of participants and their poems can be found in the comment jump. Some of the voting was pretty close, but luckily the top three winners came out cleanly. Determined by our various members who voted, here are our Haiku masters:

    3rd Place - Silver Magpie

    2nd Place - Shocari

    And our champ... 1st Place - Secad

    There you have it. All of the participating poets showed lots of fun and creativity (as creative as you can get with a Haiku), but the lulz of Secad's won us over. My hat off to her and our other two winners.

    A big thank you goes to LoN for making the winners' banners. Also, as a special treat and thank you to everyone who entered, Doggy Ears has custom made Pokecharms-styled Stationery for anyone interested to print out for personal usage (cheers, DE~!). It is available in two sizes due to varying resolutions: Large version and Smaller version.

    And that about wraps everything up. Thanks again to everyone who participated and helped organize the contest, and here's to hoping next year's is even better =)
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Linkachu, May 18, 2009.

    1. Linkachu
      Note: If the authors on ANY of these are mislabelled, let me know as soon as possible so I can fix them up. Thanks~.

      Entry No. 1 - Secad:

      The female trainers
      Why must they wear mini-skirts?
      Quite impractical.

      Entry No. 2 - Ozmer:

      Wild Mew appears
      Threw a pokeball but missed
      Arrgh, almost had it!

      Entry No. 3 - Shocari:

      All will bow to me
      In fear of my dark powers.
      Enter the Dark Void.

      Entry No. 4 - Dwayna:

      Near, the wind whistles
      I see the fire blazing
      Here comes Charizard

      Entry No. 5 - Silver Magpie:

      Manectric's Power
      Summoned Down from the Dark Skies
      To Fall with the Rain

      Entry No. 6 - Leader Mudkip:

      Mudkip Water Gun
      It is Super Effective
      Mudkip won the fight

      Entry No. 7 - Mystic Suicune:

      Palkia rules space
      Dialga wishes it did
      It only knows time

      Entry No. 8 - NOD-Arké9:

      Heatran So Hot So
      Magma Storm Burn Your Foes So
      Flash Fire Scorching So

      Entry No. 9 - Kai678:

      Empoleon surf!
      It is fun to ride on you
      Are you a penguin?

      Entry No. 10 - jertyuiop:

      Come out, luncheon!
      Eevee's dragon type -eon!
      Looks like sandwich, yum!

      Entry No. 11 - kristycocopop:

      Oh Black Charizard,
      Oh how rare a Pokemon,
      From Orange to Black.

      Entry No. 12 - ulises87g:
      Look at Poliwhirl.
      His Belly Swirls Round and Round.
      Now You're Hypnotized.

      Entry No. 13 - Rain:

      Raichu grabbed the amp
      Plugged in its purple guitar

      Entry No. 14 - Toru202:

      A Blue Warrior,
      Two cannons on his hard shell,
      Blastoise is my choice.

      Entry No. 15 - Rayn_Shyu:

      Espeon, what joy
      To know that I am loved by
      A caring partner.
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    2. ulises87g
      this was a fun contest! i look forward to the next one. Congrats to the winners!
    3. Secad MS
      Secad MS

      I had no idea my haiku was that good. I thank you all for voting for me.

      *Lets out an uber-mega-awesome-annoying squeal of surprise and happiness*


      I'm actually twitching right now and my heart is beating as the dopamine flows...XD
    4. Linkachu
      See, this is why I love you, Secad XD

      And yep, you made a clean victory. Congrats ^^

      I'll be PMing you soon about possible prizes, but in the meantime... You do have WiFi access, eh?
    5. 112% Elusive
      112% Elusive
      Secad, I didn't vote, but yours was the funniest out of all the entrants =D
      (no really)

      Congrats to all winners, and the amazing DE for the 'Charms Stationary.
    6. Dragodden
      Yay! Congrats to the winners! :D

      And Secad, yours was just so true, plus it made me laugh. I HAD to vote you. ^__-
    7. Secad MS
      Secad MS
      I'm really flattered, Linkachu, Dragodden, Shado, and Ulises.

      Oh, joy, I'm twitching again. Moar dopamine, adrenaline, etc., too. :p

      *Note to self: Stop getting overly excited.

      I do have WiFi. I cannot wait to discuss stuff with you!
    8. Shocari
      Second Place, you say? Not bad. *pats Secad, Magpie, and himself on the back*

      Also, I give a round of applause to everyone else that entered this contest. The good news is: You beat the people whose poems didn't make it. But, for those who didn't get their poem selected, at least you tried.

      LoN, your banners never cease to amaze me. DE, that stationary is awesome as well.
    9. Mystic_Suicune
      Umm...what place did I get? Just a little curious. I know mine sucked, so I wasn't expecting top 3, but I hope I got top 10. Anyway, I'll try agian next year. Good luck to the rest of you who participate next year.
    10. StellarWind Elsydeon
      StellarWind Elsydeon
      Your haiku

      No seriously. SO FRIGGING TRUE. XDDDDDDD
    11. Magpie
      Congrats Secad! A well deserved win, methinks ^^

      Well done to Shocari too *pats back* and everyone else who entered.

      Awesome Banners LoN, and the stationery is to die for. I shall be printing some of that off shortly ^^

      Awesome poetry everyone!

      Edit: Pffff, I've just seen my new custom title XD
    12. Stark
      Grats to all the winners! Feel free to use those banners if you want, so if you want the code or can't get it then feel free to PM me.

      Also, really good job on the stationary there DE. Excellent stuff :)
    13. Linkachu
      Actually, you tied for forth with about 3-4 other people (sorry I can't give you the exact numbers off the top of my head. I still have all of the votes pasted in a text document, just not my sheet that had them added together). So, don't bash yourself. Yours was very nice, and the ones who voted for it seemed to like it a lot :)
    14. Mystic_Suicune
      Wow, really? I was that high up? Holy crap!
    15. Dwayna DragonFire
      Dwayna DragonFire
      Congratulations winners! I had a feeling that the first entry would be the winner. I actually voted for it myself. XD

      Good work, Secad. Your amusing haiku really deserved to win. and as for the other two winners, your haikus were pretty good too. In fact, I applaud everyone for entering.
    16. Toru
      Well done Secad, The Humourous Haiku has hounoured us. (o.o Alliteration ahoy!) anyway, I still thought mine was decent...

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