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Ask to Join Fiji Ma Nuko || Pokemon Gijinka RolePlay

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by WolfyPop, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. Mysto opened his locker with Pyschic as he looked down at a book. A new face entered through the door, seemingly looking for her locker. He paid no mind to the Glaceon gjinka and began to gather his school supplies.
  2. While looking for her locker, Breeze saw a male Meowstoc Gijinka. Then she found the locker and used the key, opening it.
  3. Cloud twirled a ring around his finger lying on a bench outside of the School, resting his head on his bag. He let out a sigh, letting the ring slide down his finger, admiring it for a second before sitting up straight. He grabbed his bag and unzipped it, pulling out various objects, until pulling out a sketchbook, and pen. He stood up, zipped the bag, wrapping it around his chest, and opening the sketchbook. He spun the pen around hia fingers, walking into the school, occasionally chewing on the tip, writing down random symbols, a thumbprint, a horse, and a peace sign. He continued to walk down the halls, whilst writing in the journal.
  4. Breeze sighed, she got her stuff and looked at her timetable, she had Science first. Great. She sighed once again and began to walk down the hall, before tripping over a pen that was on the floor and fell over, her hair falling over her face. Gijinkas around her started laughing.
  5. Spike had noticed that Glaceon Gijinka had fallen and that everyone was laughing at her and decided to go help. "Hey you good?" Spike asked as he helped Glace on Gijinka get up. "Try not to rush yourself next time when getting to class." He said. "Also you seem new here, what's your name?"
  6. Breeze was helped by a Gallade Gijinka. She moved her hair out of her face then looked at him. "I'm fine, thanks, my name's Breeze, yours?" Breeze asked him, ignoring the laughs from the surrounding Gijinkas. Great, first day and I have already humiliated myself... Breeze thought.
  7. Mysto glanced at the Glaceon girl before shaking his head and heading to class. He sat down at his deck, slumping his head onto a hand as he waited for class to begin.
  8. "Name's Spike Gearson." He replied. "So where you headed?" He asked. "You'll get used to the place eventually, I mean yeah classes suck but still you can always find some fun in school." He said. "There's a beach nearby the school, it's mainly used just to relax but you'll most likely see me there." He said.
  9. Breeze smiled. "Cool, and I have Science first," She groaned. Hey, someone who doesn't think I'm a douchebag. Wow, that's a first. Breeze thought.
  10. "Well Math's my first stop." He said. "I'll see you around Breeze." He said as he walked into the class and sat in his seat and began to pretend as if he actually cared about what the teacher was saying.
  11. Cloud didn't bother heading to his locker, instead proceeding to his class, according to his scedule, was Science. He didn't bother looking up from his book, which caused him to bump into a wall. "..." He groaned angrilly, snapping his book shut, and then proceeding to walk down the halls, unsure of where his actual class was.
  12. Breeze sighed before walking around to find her class. It wasn't that hard, considering it was right near by. She walked into the class and looked around.
  13. Grey sat in the corner of the Science Classroom. He was drawing a sketch of a Greninja roasting a delphox. He quietly muttered to himself," Alright, Grey, your better than everyone else, now let's go make some friends." Humble was not in his vocabulary.
  14. Breeze heard someone mutter and looked off to the corner, she noticed a Greninja Gijinka. She looked at him, wondering what he was doing.
  15. Mysto heard a Greninja mutter from the back of the classroom and rolled his eyes. "Narcissist." He muttered to himself, looking up idly at the board.
  16. Grey looked up for a second, only to notice another Gijinka had entered the room. He gave a small two fingered wave at the Glaceon. "Hey, I'm Grey, Nice to meet you."
  17. Breeze was caught by surprise when the Greninja noticed her. "Hi Grey, I'm Breeze," She stated.
  18. Grey lookes at the Gijinka that called him a narcissistic and said," Hypocrite." He yurned back to the Glaceon and said," Well, Breeze, that's a nice name."
  19. Mysto rolled his eyes once again. Does he even know what that word means? Narcissist and an idiot, oh boy. He thought to himself, making a quiet "pfft" noise with his lips.
  20. "Thank you," Breeze nodded in appreciation. "I'm new here,"
  21. "Well, I'm what ypu would call a veteren here, so I kniw my way around." Grey exclained as he just glared at the Meowstic and shook his head.
  22. Breeze noticed the tension between the two. "Hey, should I just it down somewhere, or..."
  23. What a piece of work. Mysto thought to himself as he leaned back in his seat, reading his book from earlier. More interesting than this place. Not even an attractive girl here. He continued to think to himself, glaring at himself for his last thought.
  24. "It's alright," Grey said as he looked back at his drawinh. He started to sketch in Chaestnaught next to the Delphox.
  25. Breeze felt uncomfortable and decided to sit down a bit in the front.
  26. Cloud walked into the classroom, taking a good look at everyone before sitting the farthest away from them, placing his bag next to his chair, and keeping his head up with his arm. It wasn't long till Breeze moved her seat, ending up sitting 2 seats away from him. "..." He stared at her for a second, then turning away.
  27. Breeze felt like she was being watched, and turned just in time to see a Luxray Gijinka look away from her.
  28. Cloud flinched, feeling his tail hit something, quickly looking back to see it stuck in a knot. "?!?" he quickly unknotted his tail, flinching every so often, once finally done, tucking his tail up his shirt. "That should do it..." It wasn't long before his tail slipped out, causing him to groan in annoyance.
  29. Breeze giggled. "You need help there?" She teased the Luxray.
  30. Cloud blushed a bit but quickly recovered, wrapping his tail around his arm. "No!" He didn't bother turning to the Graceon, focusing on his tail mostly, unsure when it would gain a mind of its own again.
  31. Breeze smirked, amused at his actions. "Wow," She giggled.
  32. Cloud heard her giggle, and frowned. He kept turned away, trying to cover up the reddish blush on his face. "Don't you have anyone else to tease?" He asked, quite softly at that.
  33. "Not really, I don't usually tease," Breeze yawned, her tail swishing from side to side.
  34. Mysto's head was now placed on the desk, himself letting out a sigh. When will the teacher get here? He thought to himself impatiently, his eyes still fixated on his book.
  35. Cloud frowned. "If that's the case, what are you teasing me for?" He asked, turning so he was now facing her. He quickly looked to his arm to make sure his tail was still wrapped around it, which it wasnt. "Dammit!"
  36. "Cuz ya look cute when you're teased, and your responses are hilarious." She stated plainly.
  37. "What?!" He growled, although visibly blushing, his tail standing out. He started mumbling curses under his breath, turning away from Breeze. "God, what a jerk..."
  38. Breeze sighed. She watched as the teacher came in.
  39. Mysto looked up at the sound of a door opening. "Took them long enough..." He muttered to himself, immediately shutting his book and pulling out any supplies he would need.

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