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Ask to Join Fiji Ma Nuko || Pokemon Gijinka RolePlay (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by WolfyPop, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. I have no idea what kind of title that is xD

    "Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to Fiji Ma Noku Highschool! We accept any species, for this school has a variety of places for all Types! Good Luck!"

    1. No legendary Pokemon/Gijinkas.
    2. Romance is allowed.
    3. You can fight others.
    4. Ages from 15-17.
    Put Cookies in Other to show you read the rules.

    Form (Example): Mine:

    Name: Breeze Icyfoot
    Gender: Female
    Species: Glaceon
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Long light blue hair with cyan fringe, icy blue eyes, black shirt with neon blue outline and short sleeves. White shorts, Glaceon tail and ears. She also has a necklace with a Glaceon head on it.
    Personality: Breeze is a sarcastic and sassy girl, she thinks she can stand up for herself and is quite loyal, although she can also be quite stubborn.
    Other: She has a black Skateboard with frosty markings on it.

    Once there are two more RPers, I will make the RP.
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  2. Aww Hell yeah, you can just post an RP without me knowing Wolfy~Sama >:3

    Name: Cloud Blitz
    Gender: Male
    Species: Luxray
    Age: 17
    Appearance: He wears Black Boots, and Dark Blue Jeans, a Blue Shirt and Yellow Vest, Black messy Hair, Blue Eyes, and a Golden hoop earing.
    Personality: Cloud loves socializing, and bragging about himself and his family, while he is an only child, he dreams about having a little sister, unfortunately due to his parent's breaking up, and being left with his mother for 14 years, he has gotten a few problems to work out.
    Other: His favorite food is Cookies!
  3. Dang it xD

    You're accepted, Ace :p
  4. Wait, I know a possible someone who could join, he was mah bud from awhile back!
  5. Sure, you can invite him! But I'm your BESTEST friend xD
  6. WhAT! Can't I have a Bestest Male friend and a Bestest Female friend? :3
  7. Aw fine..

    Which one am I? xD
  8. Name: Mysto Psy
    Gender: Male
    Species: Meowstic
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Mysto wears a dark blue unzipped jacket, black t-shirt and pristine jeans. He has quite dark blue hair, sometimes mistaked for black hair. This hair is usually ruffled up and in no particular position. Mysto's distinguishing features as a gjinka are his twin male Meowstic tails and ears.
    Personality: Is quite cynical and laid-back. He is no stranger to making a snide comment or sarcastic remark. Despite his uncaring demeanor, Mysto does have a soft side, though he rarely shows it.
    Other: Mysto isn't particularly fond of cookies.
  9. Accepted! I'll make the RP.
  10. Wolfy, Your the Male best friend xD
  11. WAZZZZZZUP!!! (can I join? : )

    Name: Spike Gearson
    Appearance:Silver headphones, red thin leather jacket. With a chain around his waist.
    Personality:Spike is a laid back person most of the time, but when he is needed to protect he will be there, he'll protect almost anyone as long as they're not evil.
    Other:Chocolate chip cookie :3
  12. You're in, Gallade! Post when you want :)
  13. Name: Grey Ninj
    Gender: Male
    Species: Greninja
    Age: 17
    Appearance: He wears blue Shinobi Shozoku and blue helmet that has two protruding "horns". He wears a pink scarf and has blue hair and red eyes
    Personality: Grey is Charasmatic, but Clusmy, he has good sense of humour and is fond of cookies.
    Other: Cookies, also, he has black and blue penny board.
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  14. Okay... Crap, I put Cookies in my personaility instead of my other, whelp, bye.
  15. You must put Cookies in 'Other' and then I can accept you.
  16. Now you're accepted :)
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  17. Since I'm lazy as all heck, I'ma just use a character that I already have a form for. xD

    Name: Kagami Blinn (nickname is Kit-Kat)
    Age: 16
    Gender: female
    Species: Kanto Vulpix
    Appearance: Kagami is a much-shorter-than-usual (standing at around 4'11"), auburn-haired gijinka. Her eyes are a piercing green color that greatly stand out from her darker skin tone, and her hair is almost always done up in a messy bun. Usually wearing a white sweatshirt that reads 'TOKYO', faded grey jeggings, UGGs, and a grin on her plump lips. Seven fluffy Vulpix tails poke out of her behind and two large matching ears poke out of her head.
    Personality: Surprisingly loud, very clumsy and awkward in every way possible, Kit-Kat is comfortable around everybody she sees (for the most part). Even though she's not the smartest when her fire-breathing ability is involved (or, really, with anything else), she would use it any time she could if it meant protecting herself or someone else.
    Other: Being what is basically a fire kitsune, she can breathe fire with the help of a special stick she was born with (but she doesn't usually have it with her). Kit can fly (but it's very limited), become invisible, and enter people's minds/drive them insane, but she only uses these powers if someone manages to make her very pissed. Oh, and also, cookies!
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  18. AAAAAAAAAccepted!
  19. Cool cool!

    Could I maybe get a recap of what's happened in the RP so I don't mess anything up? :p
  20. Yeah.

    Okay so at the statt Glaceon Gijinka/ Breeze was walking into her new school. While basically being seen by Meowstick Gijinka/ Mysto Psy meanwhile Luxray Gijinka/ Cloud Blitz is at the beach near the school while Breeze is walking down the hall looking for her science class she trips and the other Gijinkas laugh at her while Gallade Gijinka/ Me Spike helps her get up and he then goes to his class along with Cloud Blitz and Mysto Psy who are all in different classes. Did I miss anything?
  21. I don't think so..
  22. Oh um Greninja Gijinka and Breeze have a conversation while Mysto Psy judges them and Cloud Blitz walks onto the room also I need some sleep XD
  23. No reallys it's 2 20 AM right now...
  24. Well then get some sleep :'|
  25. I think I got it. Thanks, m'dude. :up:

    Speaking of sleep, though, I literally just woke up and got online because I'm an idiot, so I can't really write all that much right now, so I'm gonna start later.

    Also, speaking of writing, I've noticed that the posts in the RP thread have been kinda on the short side. I hope you know that I won't be writing that little, and I hope that once I get my post up, you read the whole thing, since I know that people tend to gloss over longer posts. It makes me mad, what can I say? *le shrug*

    Also also, go to bed, Gallade! xD
  26. Every day for me, Argo.

    I've never actually been part of an RP like this, so I figured I might as well try it out. That cool with you, Wolfy?
    Name: Tank Toise
    Gender: Male
    Species: Blastoise
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Has a mix of blue and beige for his skin color, and has a large shell on his back. Has brown hair and green eyes. Often wears brown gloves and boots, as well as brown track pants and a brown long-sleeve shirt. The latter two fit under his shell, as he can take it off. He just likes to wear it.
    Personality: Stoic and silent to anyone he doesn't know, but a lovable goofball around his pals. Has temper issues at times.
    Other: Really enjoys chocolate chip cookies.
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  27. Yeah, you're accepted, Eeveechu :)
  28. Cool. So, what do you think is a good place to start at? What do you recommend I do?
  29. You could come in late or something :)

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