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Fight and Fight

Discussion in 'Forum Games Archive' started by Becham141, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. IVe made this game in a lot of places in many diffrent game topics so heres a pokemon version

    Bascially i will start of with a match and the user below me will answer who they think would win and then they repear the process


    Random1: who would win Ratata vs. Mewto

    (user below answeres) Mewto because... and then when theyre done they make their own question. Who would win Pidgey vs. Muk

    SO ill start

    Garchomp vs. Lapras
  2. Lapras would win because it could us an ice/water move and it would be STAB on Garchomp.

    Darkrai vs Meganium
  3. Darkrai would win, as it has better stats and a wide arrangement of moves.

    Loppuny vs. Gengar
  4. Man, that's a tough one as Normal has no effect on Ghost and vice-versa...

    Gengar as he is able to learn more types.

    Sheildon VS. Oddish (I randomly found 2 Pokémon cards on my desk)
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  5. Sheildon would take the win because it can learn flamethrower

    Staraptor vs. Pidigot (flying on flying)
  6. Math Time kids! Staraptor + Brave Bird = a dead Pidgeot.

    Charizard VS. Swampert
  7. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Swampert, the numerous water moves would be excellent vs. a fire type.

    Blaziken vs. Lucario
  8. Blaziken because of the fire and fighting moves that could wipe out Lucario

    Alakazam vs. Gardevoir
  9. Gardevoir would win because she can learn Dark-type moves. And Attract. :U

    Gabite vs. Swinub
  10. Gabite, it can use flamethrower. (unless that Gabite I got of the GTS is a Hack...)
  11. *gasp* Shame on you for posting no fight. Looks like I'll have to do the honors.

    Bronzong vs Lucario
  12. Bronzong would win because it can use Psychic moves against Lucario, while Lucario's Fighting moves are usual damage.

    Raichu vs. Farfetch'd
  13. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Raichu because its electric moves are super-effective on flying types.

    Infernape vs. Blaziken
  14. Blazeiken would win because of the fact it can learn peck at a low level plus airel ace (spell wrong I know)

    Glaceon vs. Vaporeon
  15. Ooh hard one, but I think Vaporeon would win, more life, high special attack.

    Metagross vs. Bronzong
  16. Ouch, that is hard, depends on their moves. I think Bronzong, since it could put Metagross to sleep and then keep attacking and attacking and attacking.

    Mew vs. Mewtwo
  17. Mew hands down would pwn. It can learn every TM in the games!!! So Payback on Mewtwo's ace.

    Ho-oh vs Moltres
  18. Hm. I say Ho-oh would win, but mine is completely biased because I love Johto and I don't like Moltres.

    Flygon vs. Salamence
  19. Flygon, because he is more awesome and faster.

    Golem vs. Rhyperior.
  20. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Rhyperior, because it has the ability to half SE hits and can learn Aqua Tail.

    Plusle vs Minun XD
  21. Minun wins. Because he's cool. D:<

    Entei vs. Raikou
  22. Raikou, because we all have to agree he looks way cooler then Entei.

    Gallade vs. Medicham
  23. Gallade, because he looks cool

    Munchlax or Mime Jr.
  24. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Munchlax, because the thing is a bloody sponge and it'd eat Mime Jr. all up :D

    Latios Vs Latias
  25. Latias, because Latias sounds cooler with an a then an o. (quite the reason dont you think?)

    Nidoking vs. Nidoqueen. (this had to happen at one point.)
  26. Nidoqueen, it would use Attract (what, try to tell me those plates aren't censoring her boobs)

    Sudowoodo vs. Mr. Mime
  27. Sudowoodo, because Mime's scare the c*** out of me.

    Blastoise vs. Feraligatr
  28. Feraligatr, I'm fairly sure it can learn Thunder Fang. If not, Feraligatr cause he's cooler. >:]

    Nidorina vs. Nidorino
  29. Nidorino,It Evolves Into The Much Cooler Nidoking

    Beldum VS Burmy
  30. What kinda question is that? *sigh*

    Burmy wins, I mean Come on how the hell are you supposed to win with one move?

    Porygon-Z VS. Dodrio
  31. Porygon-Z would win, because it can learn Lock-on and Zap Cannon. :)

    Tauros vs. Miltank
  32. Miltank,It Can Put Tauros To Sleep

    Magikarp VS Steelix
  33. Pointless, again, sorry this makes me sound like a mod.

    Steelix wins, quick review of how that battle went:
    A wild Magikarp appeard, Go Steelix.
    Magikarp used splash; But it failed.
    Steelix, use Crunch.
    Magikarp fainted.

    Wishcash VS. -whats his face- Quagsire (something like that)
  34. Whiscash because it has a higher speed, thus, able to knock out Quagsire faster.

    Magikarp vs. Feebas
  35. Magikarp Eolves Mid Battle!
    Gyardos,Dragon Rage

    Magnezone VS Wooper
  36. You ask for battles that you know the outcome of.

    Wooper wins, because Manezone is bloody ugly.

    Metagross Rocks22 VS. Stellarwind Estlydon

    Magmortar Vs. Electivire.
  37. Electivire, because he can power himself up by plugging his tails into a wall socket.

    Weavile vs. Houndoom.
  38. Weavile would win because more speed, and dig, and if that doesent work; He would stil win because Weavile is my favorite pokemon ever.
  39. Lanturn v.s. Rhypherior
  40. Rhyperior,It Is Awesome

    Burmy VS Burmy

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