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Private/Closed Fiery Thorns

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EspeonTheBest, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. ((Hello. This is an Invite Only RP. It's based off of my written work, appropriately named 'Fiery Thorns'. It's placed in the Johto Region. You may be a 'Starcrossed' grunt, a mysterious member of the government, who happens to be attacking and conquering the whole Johto Region, or a citizen from a town and trying to rebel. Either one is great. Nothing here is Canon, and I will be using a new OC Robyn, she is the main Charcter of the story, but I actually have only written the prologue. (If you think I should write more, let me know.) thanks!

    Your character does not need to be related to horses, Robyn just likes them a lot.

    If you are
    @Twilight Nova

    Then post away. If not, ask me about joining.))

    "Robyn! You left Jasper's gate open!" Robyn heard her father call from the Safari barns. "So? He can wander around! It's not like he'll..." The young teenager's voice trailed miserably as she noticed Jasper leaping over a small stream and bucking wildly. Robyn, a brave, blonde, tall teenager, and Jasper, the wild, out-of-hand Rapidash, have been inseparable since birth. The loud stomp of boots on cobblestone echoed throughout the small valley the Skyweaver family made their living as Robyn marched her way over to the Rapidash.

    Jasper stopped as he noticed his rider growing closer. The Rapidash snorted and pawed at the ground playfully before dashing off in the other direction, hoping that Ms. Skyweaver would follow. Unfortunatly for him, Robyn instead froze and sighed as she patted the dust off her tan breeches and wiped off a smudge on her tall riding boots she wore. She pulled out a small book from her logo-imprinted riding t-shirt instead. Robyn watched as Jasper turned, confused, and smiled as she opened up the book. She held up the page to the left of Jasper and tried to compare to the Rapidash on the page.

    Not too long ago, the Johto Region discovered that Rapidash had multiple breeds, as did Zebstrika, Blitzle, and Ponyta. Jasper was a Sinnoh Warmblood (Danish Warmblood anyone?) Rapidash; tall, athletic, peppy, and smooth under the saddle. This particular Rapidash specialized in Sinnoh Riding (English) while most other horses in their arsenal were trained in Hoenn Style riding (Western). With a content sigh, Robyn put the small book away and held up Jasper's Halter and Lead Rope from his stall. She was cleaning it when her father alerted her that Jasper was out and about. "Come on. I will not give you any treats if you continue this." Robyn called to her horse. Jasper threw his head up and down and sidestepped awkwardly in a way of submission, causing Robyn to grin and approach Jasper more openly.

    The satisfying clicks of Jasper's hooves on the stone floor of the warm barn echoed around, causing one or two horses to poke their heads out of their stalls. Robyn lead her Rapidash into his stall and took off his halter, and after checking his gate, not once but twice, she hung up the halter on a hook near his stall and went to the nursery where she knew she would get lots of love from a foal there. Robyn poked her head into a large stall only to smile uncontrollably. A Zebstrika flicked her tail in greeting, but a small wobbly-legged creature took a couple tentative steps towards her. Zipping White Stripe, or Zip for short whinnied happily at the sight of Robyn. She was a Ponyta-Blitzle hybrid, and Zip happened to be Jasper's filly. Zip had the coloring of a Zebstrika, but the mane was an electric white/blue color that sparked constantly and flowed much like a Ponyta's. She had no noticable stripes like a Blitzle would have, but she was solid colored like a Ponyta. Flash, Zip's Zebstrika mother, stomped her foot and ushered her foal to her side as Zip strayed father away from her. "Dinner Robyn!" She heard her dad call from the main house that was attached to the Ruby Dawn Ranch.

    --About and hour later--

    Robyn happily walked into the barn with intents of visiting Zip. When she reached the stall, she could only gasp. "Flash! Where is Zip?!" Robyn cried as she threw open the gate and entered the stall. The Zebstrika reared up on her back legs a few inches off the ground and backed up before pointing to a small hole in the back of the stall; one only a small newborn could fit into. Robyn, instead of going back and around, dashed through the hole and sprinted in the fields. Sooner than later, she found herself deep in the woods. "Zi-ip! Zip come on filly! Flash is waiting for you!" She called. Robyn dropped her hands from her mouth and let her gaze travel around, wondering where on earth the Ponyta/Blitzle hybrid ran off to. The Safari Zone was near, and that was full of wild, savage predators, and the bluffs nearby would be fatal if Zip fell down and landed in the water.
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