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Ask to Join Fiction Becomes Reality (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by GhostlyCubone11, May 2, 2019.


Where should this be held?

Poll closed May 7, 2019.
  1. New York

  2. San Francisco

  1. ( i ran out of ideas )

    Scientists have had a secret lab, keeping something contained no one knew about. Charcters believed to be fictional, whether a video game character, or cartoon, brought to life. But, after one fateful day, the charcters being contained escaped into the human world. Now, the world has split into two sides, people wanting to have control over the characters, using them as tools, and property. But, the other half wishes to let the new arrivals be free, live their own lives how they want. The world has fallen apart, two sides in an endless war. But, with help of others, can the new charcters learn to adapt to life, and stay away from capture.
    Ok, rules, because i have a few.

    1.Please only join if you have time to respond often.
    2. This is on pause during weekends, because I can’t be on.
    3. This will have blood and violence, so dont join if you aren’t fine with that.
    4. Romance is to be kept to a minimum, only up to a kiss.
    5. Dont curse a lot.
    6.Oc’s are allowed.
    7. You can use actual fictional charcters if you want.
    8. Have fun!
    Ok, charcter sheets.

    OC Sheet. (A fictional charcter.)


    Enforcer Sheet/ Fighter Sheet (Enforcers are the people wanting to keep Charcters as property, while fighters are the ones fighting for them to be free.)

    Reason for being an Enforcer/Fighter: If your an enforcer, say the reason they are an enforcer, while fighters say why they’re a fighter.

    Ok, here’s my people.

    Name: Connor
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Connor is a green inkling. He wears a backwards cap, with a green zipped up hoodie. He covers with tentacles with his hat, his left one being cut off in the middle. His eyes are a purple color, but he uses contacts to make them blue, saying that he thinks they look stupid. He wears the hoodie to hide injuries.
    Personality: Connor has low self-esteem, often feeling like he’s helpless or useless. He often has nightmares and panic attacks, and tries hiding how he feels. He barely gets attached to anyone, having a fear of being abandoned.
    Species: Inkling
    Homeworld: Splatoon, Inkopolis
    Backstory: As soon as he was brought into the human world, Connor was picked on and hurt by the older people there. He hated being in captivity, and was one of the first to escape. He lived in a forest for awhile, but moved on to going from place to place.
    Other: He hates being talked to.

    And I’ll take Peridot from Steven Universe. Anyway, feel free to join at anytime time, I don’t really care. I’ll start when we have at least 3 people
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  2. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    I'll be Sonic, Sans, Izuku midorya, Bugs bunny , Gumball
    I love me some good crossover between games/cartoons and movies with real world.. even tho that rarely works
  3. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

  4. I’ll put a OC in a bit, but I’m grabbing Silver and Villager.
  5. I made a splatoon character, because I wanted to annoy Ghostly, have been having fun using them in Smash, and because they seem fun for Ghostly to use, so I’ll try one.

    Name: Stacy

    Age: 14 1/2

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Stacy is a purple inkling, and wears a pair of studio headphones. She has a purple sweater with a pink stripe in the middle, and her eyes are two different colors, her left eye being yellow, and her right eye being light blue. Her eyes and tentacles change color at some moments, depending on her emotion. If she gets really angry, her tentacles turn black, and her eyes turn pitch black, but her irises turn red. But, if she becomes really sad, her tentacles turn gray, and her left eye becomes dark green, and her right eye becomes a darker blue.

    Personality: Stacy is an optimistic inkling, always in a good mood. She can be over confident though, and that sometimes gets her into trouble. She barely shows emotion, but when someone mentions things like family, she will become extremely sad or angry. This can make her think things like suicide, so she likes to stay away from that topic.

    Species: Inkling

    Homeworld: Splatoon, Inkopolis.

    Backstory: Stacy had a 8 year old brother named Vian, and they arrived in the human world together. But, after a failed experiment one scientist tried, they were separated forever. It failed thanks to Stacy attacking them, when they tried experimenting on Vian. Vian was killed before Stacy could save him, and the scientists used her instead, causing her tentacles and eyes to switch color between the two emotions she felt, anger, and sadness after the experiment.

    Other: She doesnt get affected to much by her color changes, but when she’s sad, she starts thinking suicidal thoughts, and she will attack everything around her if she’s mad.

    Name: Taylor

    Age: 37

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Taylor has dark brown hair, light skin, and wears a black hoodie. His eyes are green, and he has a scar over his right eye.

    Personality: Taylor is ruthless, taking his job seriously. He will kill any escaped charcters, and hates being told what to do.

    Backstory: Taylor was always a enforcer at heart, before the incident with the charcters happened. As soon as they escaped, he volunteered to hunt them down.

    Reason for becoming a enforcer: He wanted to track down and kill those he thought were different.


    That’s all I Got.
  6. accepted. I’m excited to see how Stacy will fit in the story!
  7. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    Everyone is , everyone is.....
  8. I’ll start this once I have time. It will be in New York.
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  9. hey hey guess who's here
    and since i got into another game i'm being some yet-to-be-drawn OCs as well as Francisca (Kirby Star Allies)

    Name: Anvei/Anvie
    Age: unknown, around young adult
    Gender: identifies as female
    Appearance: Basic Freazer appearance. She is a darkish teal color, with one black-colored eye with an icy blue pupil. She also two large, tentacle-like limbs she stands on. Due to some dimension crossing shenanigans she's half her original height, which doesn't sound odd until you consider the fact that she was, and I'm not joking here, 40 meters tall in her homeworld. So she's now 20 meters tall. Unit.
    Personality: Anvei is cool and collected, almost apathetic even. That doesn't mean she doesn't feel emotion, however. She speaks in a calm tone of voice, and is very precise with her wording.
    Species: Freazer
    Homeworld: Freaze (Meteos DS/Meteos Wars)
    Backstory: After being unceremoniously dragged into the real world with her buddies on the Metamo Archives, Anvei was unconscious for a while. While she was out, the scientists ran tests and such on the ice that make up parts of her body (Spoiler alert, it's poisonous). When she did eventually wake up, it was when everyone else was escaping. So, naturally, the Freazer had to follow. Luckily the facility was large enough for her to crawl through, although she did break a few things, but such is life when you try and keep a 20-meter tall alien in a facility built for humans and not expect it to escape.
    Other: the one with the brain cells

    Name: Igni
    Age: unknown, around young adult
    Gender: identifies as female
    Appearance: Humanoid figure, with longer arms than average. Not ARMS fighter level, just slightly. She has reddish-magenta skin and a single blue eye set in her fire like head. She wears fire-resistant gear (most likely only for show), this gear being mostly off-grey and black colored. She's set at a measly 4'11" tall, or 1.5 meters.
    Personality: Igni is, for lack of better wording, kind of a hothead. She's very quick to anger, and is very passionate about her beliefs. She also yells quite a bit.
    Species: Firime
    Homeworld: Firim (Meteos DS/Meteos Wars)
    Backstory: Unlike her heavy-set ice buddy, Igni was well aware of the scientists' testing. And she hated it. She didn't want to be these guys' lab rat! Never!! When the other characters eventually escaped, Igni happily followed them out.
    Other: She, like other Firimes, can command lava flows at will.
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  10. The Bog Hog

    The Bog Hog Previously TheChildOfTheLettuceField

    I'm starting to notice that there are a few roleplays like this popping up, either this is a coincidence or I've started a trend. I need a fiction rp away from fiction rp, this seems chill, I guess I'll take Goblin Slayer, maybe another character later on.
  11. actually, you can take Goblin Slayer if you want. I'm also getting rid of my people, and replacing them. I'll make an oc later, but I'm gonna grab Susie and Jevil from Deltarune. (jevil will be a villain until later when he joins the heros.)
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  12. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    Shoot i thought this was ficionna school!
    I'll add Natsu and goku to my characters aswell
  13. Alright cool.

    I’ll pick out some characters I want. If any of them are taken tell me.

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