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FF VI Advance - Progress, your main teams, whatever (Spoilers)

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Linkachu, Mar 7, 2007.

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    I doubt a large amount of you own the game yet but I know a few do, so I'll test my luck at a topic...

    I'm wondering where you guys are at in it, what characters you tend to use most often ('cause there's lots of variety to choose from :)), and/or just general thoughts.

    I'm bad when it comes to rotating between all the characters. I have the ones I like and generally focus just on them, letting a few of the others rot away... until, of course, I need to call on 'em for the split-team dungeons. My teams this time through have really been no different than all the other times I played the game on SNES.

    As of the world of ruin, Sabin and Mog are always in my main team. With Phantom Rush, Sabin's clearly one of the most broken characters in the game - which I love X) - and Mog's there because he's adorable and I love Moogles (but his dances aren't too shabby either). I still have yet to get Locke back, but he's destined to have a permanent spot on the team, too. I love mugging everything I see =O The last spot is generally a toss-up between Terra and Celes, though I seem to be leaning more for Celes this time 'round due to Runic. I've also used Edgar quite a bit because of his Chain Saw tool. The rest of 'em I haven't given much attention yet... Realm and Strago I've never been overly fond of, and I don't care much for Setzer's slots. Shadow is good but sometimes seems limited, as does Gau, and even though Cyan is fairly tough I'm too lazy to bother with his special skill (much quicker just to do a Blitz). Then there's Umaro, who I love using but want to pick up his special relic first, and I've yet to get Gogo.

    I'm getting there, but there's still quite a bit left for me to do, including all the extra stuff. I can't wait to take on the new dungeons, though I'll probably need to power up all my characters quite a bit first. I've yet to recover any of the new espers either. To be honest, at the moment I only know where one of them actually is ^^;

    I've got nothing much to say on the name/dialog changes in FFVIA, and I've accepted the lower quality music. I've basically fallen in love with the plot/characters all over again - not that I'd ever stopped loving it - and I still think it would make an awesome Anime series =p

    EDIT: Small update. I have now done everything you can before entering Kefka's Tower aside from uncursing the Cursed Shield (which I probably won't bother with this time 'round). So w00t. My main four charries kick some serious ass :D

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