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Feudal Japan RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Chadwyck, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. So because of the fact that I'm a total and complete nerd, Sem and I have decided to host a little RP set in Feudal Japan, if you couldn't tell by the title of the thread.

    We've put a little work into the basic skeleton of the plot and we're happy enough with where it'll go, but we find ourselves requiring players in our little production. Obviously he and I will be two of the participants, and I'm not really sure where the cut off of people will be. First and foremost let me go ahead and say this:

    Participants will not be decided on a first come first serve basis.

    We decided that they'd be decided by PM'd posts of character descriptions and reasons for being on whichever faction they are on. Which I'll get to in a minute. So, there's that out of the way.

    Now then. On to the basic idea of the RP.

    So far, we've come up with two separate factions, as well as an NPC antagonist who will be the main baddie, we don't know anything about him yet other than that he's just some douche. So, for now, he'll be named Sumdoosh. That'll more than likely change. The two factions are going to be led by Sem and myself.

    So people interested in joining the RP are presented with three choices:

    You can decide to be in Sem's faction. You'll have to ask him for more information on the faction itself, but I can give you a bit of background on the character that he's going to be using. This faction leader is the only child of a Lord. A daughter, in fact, when he wanted a son. He raises the girl the way that he would raise a son to the point where she is skilled with a blade. When he passes on, she takes over the region, and through much hard work has become beloved by her people. She's proud and self-righteous with good reason after fighting her way into her peoples' approval. The faction itself will be violently loyal to the leader.

    The second option will be my faction. My character is a Ronin, having had his Lord slain in an attack on the castle in which he lived, my character will be one of the few survivors of the attack. He decides not to commit seppuku and instead swears to avenge his master, at the cost of his own honor. His faction is to be made up of other ronin samurai who have lost their masters and have congregated to one another. So they aren't "brothers" they are simply "allies" though they are deadly loyal because they have no honor in society and have found a place to belong.

    The two factions are rivals because of the relationship between Sem and my characters, who are personal rivals. The pair used to be on friendly terms until my character's region was attacked and they didn't come to our aid, and having chosen the dishonorable action of not taking my own life, Sem's character lost all respect for mine. The factions have been at war since then. Just for some background.

    Now the last option would be to go solo. Meaning that your character can be freelance, you can make a Lord with a faction of your own (but this will be limited and you'd need a really good character description and reason PM) or you can be a loner who doesn't fight with any faction.

    ANYWAY. That's about all I can remember for now. We'll put the finishing touches on the plot while we wait for anyone who's interested in the RP to contact us.
  2. Will this be at least somewhat historically accurate?
  3. My thoughts exactly, Secad. Or at least, include some historical characters of the time? /me is totally going to say that Sem wanted to do a Basara RP :3

    Even if there aren't any historical characters, I'll be completely fine. My character will be freelance, as he couldn't care less who he works for, he just wants to fight as he sees it as some way of repenting for his sins.
  4. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    There won't be any historical figures no, so in that sense it will not be realistic, but it will be realistic otherwise
  5. As Sem said, it's not going to be based on the actual battles and regions of the time, so there aren't going to be historical figures. As for historical accuracy, if you're referring to weapons and general world stuff, then yes. There aren't going to be flying cars or anything silly like that. And characters aren't going to have special abilities either. The only exception I'm allowing is slightly enhanced strength, stamina, and speed. Other than that, no super soldiers running rampant, please.
  6. I don't know much about Feudal Japan that what is in my old World History textbook (from high school), so I don't think I should join in due to lack of knowledge. I know more about the animals of the time than the people. XD That's the way it normally is with me.

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