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Festival of Stars [Private PRP]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Kalseng, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. Workers and business owners of all ages were hustling around, noisily hammering in nails or laying down wooden floorboards for shops that would soon be ready for business. Restaurants were carting in dozens of carts of food, managed by grumbling chefs with angry voices. Soups sloshed about in large pots, and meat landed with wet sklaps onto wooden chopping blocks. The clatter of plates and pots drifted out over the empty fields of the Entralink Forest, hanging in the air before vanishing like mist in heavy crosswinds. It was a surprising set for the festival this year, though the plans the coordinators of the even had in mind seemed more grandiose than ever. With everyone setting their shops up, a seasoned festival-goer would know exactly how long until the festival's beginning; the remaining preparations would take just under 16 hours. There were difficulties this year ensuring that everyone would get their things in order, however, so the officials started the preparations four days early. The central stadium's frame had long been built, and the stone columns put in place. The only thing left to do was fill the stadium's floor with sand, paint in the chalk lines for the battle areas, and let the stand owners cart their way in. The largest area requiring preparation was almost done, and it was already displaying its grand crystalline orb. Once all was said and done, it would be lit up for the beginning and ending ceremonies. But for now, it was just a displayed beauty. Fanning out from the red, tent-covered stadium were red-orange buildings and stands, famous for their food and souvenirs. A pokémon center had hurriedly been established as the second building to go up, and a pokémart built into that.

    Five prongs pointed out in a star shape from the base of the festival, each "arm" of the star representing a new region. The north-facing arm was Kanto, and following in a clockwise circle around the arms, the other regions were Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kanto once more. This proved to allow any member of any region a chance to partake in the delicacies or cultural trinkets of another region. Such was the noble ambition of many wanderlust-stricken individuals. The colored tents faded from the red to the yellow tips, in representation of a sunrise. Old shops with great success were given prime registration and their choice of location, meaning that these established wonders would find themselves clumped around the stadium. Newer shops with booming sales, or shops with less success and just as much history, would establish themselves in the middle, with brand new stores or old flops taking their places at the very edges of the star-shaped arms. In between the arms they set up Pokémon parks for the three main distinctions: Those who are bound to the land (A series of jungle gyms or benches with a relaxed atmosphere), those who were bound to the sea (Large pools set up with hoops and diving boards, along with smaller, more open pools for the littler Pokémon.), and those who took to the skies (Large numbers of perches, flying hoops, pulley systems for trainers to send up treats.)

    The festival, established hundreds of years ago in Johto, was intended to celebrate the majesty of the night sky that renewed its wonder every year with a resetting of the constellations. A tribute to Jirachi was adopted once Hoenn officially announced its partnership with the festival’s organizers. The two main draws of the festival, however, took place every day over the entire length of the festival. The Star Cup, a famous coordination event that rivaled those of regional grand cups, and The Star Tourney, an event larger than most regional championship conferences. Their sizes were mainly due to their lax entry requirements, allowing many would-be champions into their fold. It was only required that you have a competing team of at least 4 pokémon, register the day that registration was declared open, and that you have at least six badges or three ribbons from any one region. Simple requirements meant large entry numbers, and large entry numbers meant a true challenge of skill by the time the final 5 rounds were decided.

    The bustling had grown to a crescendo on the final preparation day, a roaring of shouts, power tools, and grunting workers blanketing the forest clearing. Under the stadium's floor, almost three dozen scientists buzzed around noisily, checking and rechecking equipment. A broad, brown-haired woman, nervously biting her fingers on one hand, watched with attentive blue eyes as they hooked cold metallic sensors to her daughter's temples. The scientists had placed her in the padded black pod with the utmost care, but she was still nervous. They had chosen her because of her "Untapped dreaming potential," but these scientists had never mentioned how scary it would look. After they attached the final sensor to her chest, they lowered the glass door over her daughter's calm body and latched it in place.

    "She'll be fine," a female voice behind her asserted. As the cautious mother turned to see who was speaking, she immediately identified the scientist as Fennel. Her purple, waist-length hair and pristine lab coat and glasses instantly identified their thin-framed, intelligent, and calm owner. "She's just having her dreams monitored and interpreted. She'll be totally fine in there."

    "And you promise about that?" the mother said in deliberate, warning words. "You promise she'll be safe?"

    "I promise," Fennel agreed with a nod. "One hundred percent promise."

    "I'll be fine," the muffled voice of her daughter assured her from behind the glass, pressing her hand on the glass towards her mother. "Don't worry mom. Your little Stella will be just fine."


    Standing on top of a gently-sloped hill, Coda brushed back his ginger hair and looked over the clearing with calm emerald eyes. He was trying to fight down the nervous and excitement that the festival awoke inside of him. He had just brushed out the wrinkles on his tan suede jacket, and he was already feeling the wind upset its carefully hung folds. His darker brown vest hardly held out any of the cold, though the high collar did help keep the chilled wind off of his face. Perfectly pleated pants were the least of his worries, though he did try and keep them that way. He had originally opted for nice dress shoes, though the hard to clean, shining leather shoes were soon traded out for nice traveling shoes with solid rubber grips.

    "'Ey," he said to the group of happily munching Pokémon behind him. "You guys ready for this?"

    A chorus of cheerful cries echoed behind him.

    "Ya’ sure?"

    Another sudden burst of noise affirmed their positions on the matter, and Coda smiled at the open space that was quickly filling with people. His five comrades stood behind him, some sitting, chewing on a bowl of their preferred pokéfood. The latest member, Sarge, was perched on Hyun's shoulders and eating his food from on top of the Emboar's head. The wet slurps and chomps of happily eating pokémon were the backdrop to his clear thoughts and excitement. He had never been to the Festival, and he had arrived one night early in a fit of over-excitement. He sighed, and checked his X-Transceiver for the time just once more, as if the 30 second break between checks would suddenly shoot the time forward by 12 hours. He tapped his foot and looked at the enchanting Unovan skyline. The trees that broke up the horizon were bathed in a warm golden glow, which made the summer trees turn into autumn's gilded harbingers. A few scared flaps broke the silence behind him, followed by a few heavy, reverberating stomps of Hyun's approaching legs. The soft crackling of fire that accompanied Hyun's approach was comforting to Beo by now, though it did worry him that the sound of a small forest fire brought him comfort.

    "Mate," Coda began, reaching his arm back to welcome the burning boar's approach. "We've come a long way. There's been a lot of personal trial, and even more challenge from others, but we've made it so far." A snort of small, flickering light from Hyun stated his commemoration. The young man wrapped his arm around Hyun's shoulder, and the pokémon reciprocated the gestures. "So some dragons stand in our way. What power do they have over us?" The munching behind him stopped, and the sounds of his approaching party replaced them. "They don't get to tell us our strength. We get to tell them." Treant nudged his way under Coda's wing, and turned to coo in confirmation. Oubli hovered over his head and happily chimed his excitement. "We just gotta take it. And let me tell you, mates." He pointed at the stadium, aiming for the central crystal. "It's right there. And it's ours." His party pointed limbs and appendages towards it, each one making their own personal pact to take their victory.

    "Yers?" a deep voice asked from behind him. "You've got yerself stiff competition, boy." A man on a Rapidash approached Coda from behind, pulling off his wide-brimmed, stereotypical rancher's hat. The man raised his arm to mimic the gesture Coda presented. "Ya might get it, but we'll give y'all one hell of a wrassle for it."

    "Really?" another female voice questioned, breaking out of the tree line from Coda's other side. "I think your victory, or whatever, is so mine. At least, like, the Star Cup is." Her perfectly chosen, properly matching outfit belied a personality of wealth and entitlement. Her hand lazily rose to point at the Stadium. Soon, more trainers arrived with anywhere from no Pokémon to a full team trailing their heels. Each one, Pokémon and human alike, pointed to the center of the Stadium. The pact was all the same, and it rang true in each heart.

    Victory at the Festival of Stars.


    Soon, just after the sun had completely set, almost a dozen camps were arranged, Coda himself sitting at one with the cowboy - his name revealed to be Maxfield - and the air-headed girl - her name, Ashley. There were only three tents so far, but they were large were enough for both the trainers and their full parties to rest in. The trainers were swapping stories, joyously laughing their way through Maxfield's retelling of how a single Munchlax had almost cost him an entire herd of Bouffalant. In between Coda's laughs, which grew steadily hoarser, he felt sleep nagging at the bottoms of his eyelids. After just a few more stories, Coda set an alarm on his X-Transceiver and headed to his tent for sleep.


    The festival ran like a well-oiled machine, and before Coda even realized what was happening, he'd already been signed up and was waiting in the Green Room before the preliminary rounds started. He scanned the other trainers in the room, and discovered just how diverse these other trainers are. It was insane, just how different people with the same dream could be. Coda took a few more deep breaths, and traced the outlines of his pokéballs with his fingers.

    The mint green tint of the entire room was relaxing, but only somewhat. The cushions of the couch beneath his rear were incredibly stiff, and unforgivably poorly stuffed. The room was the size of a Pokémon Center lobby, and was staffed with two Nurse Joy's and a pair of Chanseys. The walls were the same shade of green, and the square room had TV's on every wall to display the action from the inner area of the Colosseum.

    "Deep breaths, deep breaths," Coda reassured himself. He was unnaturally tense. Maybe it was the crowd. Whatever it was, he was ready.

    Just after his heart had settled to a manageable rate, another number of trainers walked in, their footsteps so out-of-sync and their walking paces so varied there was no way that more than two of them were traveling together. Coda waved them in, and tried to fake a smile for the trainers in front of him.

    Hopefully none of them were his opponent.

    Well, that was lengthy. Regardless, only seven people, including myself have been okay'd for this one. Cody, Shiny, Zacky, Brendan, Psycho Monkey, and Dinova2.


    And me. SO. I hope this will be great guys! I've missed you so. ;-;
  2. (You took your sweet time Kal, but you're here now, and that's what matters)

    It was always tense for him, those long minutes before the first round of a tournament. When many of the participants were gathered in one room waiting eagerly for the moment when they were brought out to prove their mettle in battle. Brendan stepped into the green room in amongst a large crowd, some silent like him, others boasting about their talents, and making oaths and promises to go far in this tournament. He carefully eyed many people that caught his eye. While there were many young adults like him, there were also many younger competitors, some even as young as ten. That brought Brendan back a bit, he was only twelve when he was last at the Festival of Stars in Johto, one of the young ones eager to prove themselves to the older, experienced trainers.

    Now, seven years later, he was one of those older trainers. His clothes were starting to get small on him, his jacket sleeves falling short of his wrists, and his black pants just a few centimetres short of exposing skin. His white shirt, once slightly baggy, was getting skin-tight. He was fighting back a growing beard now, his attempts at shaving not as successful as others, leaving him with black stubble, a contrast from his pure white hair. His sneakers were worn out too, countless miles clocked in these shoes; at least the third pair he thrashed in his journey. Was he getting old now? He looked at some of the latest pokédexes people were showing, and remembered back when he had the very third model. He remembered watching battles where legends like Wallace and Lance were beaten down by schoolchildren. Where did that put him?

    It was then that Brendan saw someone very different from the younger people. An elderly man, thin and stick-like, hobbling on a thick cane. He looked as if he would fall over and collapse if the wind blew too hard on him, and yet he was freely socialising with people not even a quarter of his age, talking about his dreams of victory, almost no different from the schoolchildren that were grouped together just a few feet away from him. No, he wasn't old yet. If someone like that man could still play it like he was young, then there won't be any stopping for Brendan anytime soon. He looked down at his Machop, his most trusted partner in eight years of adventuring. The superpower pokémon looked no different than when Brendan first met him, strong, fit, and always eager for a good fight. Not today though, Brendan smiled and pulled out a pokéball from his belt, he already decided on who was going to open up this tournament, and it was going to be a spectacle.

    Brendan was caught completely off-guard when he accidentally tripped over the edge of one of the seats, his head landing on a pair of feet in rubber grip travelling shoes. Brendan quickly scrambled back to his feet, making sure he still had his pokéball in his hand. Machop gave him a disapproving look and shook his head at his lack of attention, and pointed Brendan back to the owner of those feet; a well dressed trainer with ginger hair and brilliant green eyes, who looked pretty tense himself.

    "Ah, sorry about that. Was caught up in my own thoughts there, and didn't see that seat." Brendan gave a sheepish grin as he apologised for his trip-up.
  3. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    It had been three years since Brian last attended a Star Festival. The Trainer clad in black clothes stood just outside the festival grounds as he walked down the line of the six Pokemon he would use for the Star Tournament. Though he had yet to win the tournament, Brian didn't care. He was merely drawn by the thrill of battle and the experience it brought him and his Pokemon.

    "Alright men, and lady, are you ready for tomorrow!?" Brian asked his team enthusiastically.

    "You're damn right we are!" answered Axel, the Infernape with gold fur and Brian's partner in crime. Aerodactyl affirmed the comment with a loud screech and the best possible grin he could make with his serrated teeth. Lucario gave his sensei a respectful nod while Snorlax sat up long enough to give a thumbs up before laying back down for a nap. Brian's other fire ape, Darmanitan, beat his his chest and hollered loudly to pump himself up. The Trainer's final Pokemon and only female of the six was Cubchoo who simply smiled at being given the opportunity.

    "Alright then! Tonight we sleep and tomorrow we ride into battle!" shouted Brian triumphantly. He returned all but Axel to their respective Pokeballs and set up camp for the night.

    The next day Brian and Axel idly walked down one of the many paths between stalls looking back and forth at the merchandise. It was slightly nostalgic, this being their third festival, but at the same time was a completely new experience given that this was the first one they attended in Unova.

    "Let's see, rules say I need a minimum of four Pokemon. Check. And at least six badges..." Brian trailed pulling out his badge case. "Bolt Badge, Quake Badge, Jet Badge. Huh. That's all for Unova? Well that won't do." He put his badge case away and started fishing through his green backpack that had multiple duct tape patches on it from all the repairs Brian made to it over the last nine years. He pulled out another, older badge case which contained the eight badges of Hoenn. "Better." he said with a smirk.

    "Oh you. Just you." teased Axel patting his bff on the back.

    After registering, the duo made their way to the Green Room to wait for the Star Tournament to get underway.

    "Jeez, look at all these people!" commented the Flame Pokemon at how crowded the place already was.

    "I know! This is going to be great!" Brian squeed.
  4. Isabelle had never been to the Festival of Stars before, and, as of yet, she was unimpressed. Sure, the set up was nice, and her coffee was good (for Unova, anyway), but there seemed to be a distinct lack of competition. Never an optimist, Isabelle decided that she would follow through and register -- after all, she had already taken the boat from Hoenn.

    "Alright, Pomeg,let's go," Isabelle sighed, standing up. She slid her backpack over the baby pink windbreaker she was wearing. On the belt holding her skinny jeans up were five Luxury Balls and one Pokeball. She walked a few steps before the Grumpig caught up with her.

    "Good boy," she smiled as she scratched between the Pokemon's ears.


    "This line has been ridiculous, hasn't it, boy?"

    The Grumpig snorted in response.

    "Next please." Isabelle walked up and placed her left hand on the counter.

    "Yes, I'm registering for the tournament."

    The man behind the counter slid a clipboard and a pen toward Isabelle. "If you could take a second to fill this out, and show me at least four badges from one region, I'll get you signed up."

    Isabelle filled out her name, some basic information, and the Pokemon she would be using in the tourney. She slid the clipboard back across the counter.

    "Badges?" The man asked. Isabelle froze.

    "What, this isn't enough?" She asked, raising her left hand the slightest amount. On her ring finger was a platinum band with a tiny emerald stone. The same ring was worn by every Hoenn Champion.

    "Miss, please. We have a protocol to follow, and there's quite a line starting to grow..."

    "Fine," Isabelle huffed. She didn't move the gaze of her green eyes away from his as she reached around into her backpack for a worn-down badge case. She opened it to reveal the eight badges of Hoenn.

    "Th-thank you." The man stammered. He stamped something on the form, and turned to call the next person in line.

    "Ridiculous," Isabelle muttered as she walked toward the Green Room. Pomeg followed closely behind. Once inside the room, she walked to a small refreshment table and poured herself a cup of coffee. Black. Her mood perked, ever so slightly, as she took the first sip. Across the room, she saw a trainer with a gold Infernape next to him. If anything, Isabelle thought, he would be interesting to talk to for a bit. At best, he'd be a good challenge later on.

    "Hey, you," she called, "with the Infernape! C'm'ere!"

    (Womp. This is a little funky. I need to find a groove again...)
  5. A Flygon streaked across the sky, carrying its trainer on its back. They had somehow managed to procrastinate and sleep in. Now they were about to miss their first star festival. Now they were moving as fast as possible to try and make it in time for registration. The trainer, Gaby, patted the dragon pokemon's neck, urging the pokemon to go faster.

    "Come on Ven! You need to go faster or we're gonna miss it!" Gaby said, clutching onto Ven's neck to keep from falling off.

    Ven squawked angrily at his trainer as he continued to soar towards Entralink Forest. Gaby felt a buzz at the base of his head as he used his telepathy to hear Ven retort, "Hey! If you want to let me hop on your back and ride you there then be my guest!"

    Gaby let it drop as he saw the star-shaped festival grounds come into view. The sounds and smells from the festival drifted all the way up to them as they stopped over the festival. Gaby's eyes swept over the festival, searching for some sign of where the registration was. Then, he saw it, a slowly dwindling line of people just outside the stadium. Gaby leaned over Ven's head, pointing, "There Ven, that's where we need to go!" As he said it, Ven pulled into a steep dive, aiming right for the line.

    Gaby's eyes watered as the wind stung his eyes from behind his glasses. The wind swept his blue jacket back, blowing behind him like a tiny cape. His black hair was blown back by the dive as well. Ven pulled out of the dive at the last second, landing just shy of registration. Gaby quickly dismounted and ran to the desk, digging through his backpack for his badge case.

    Once he had registered, Gaby sat waiting in the green room. He chuckled a bit as he thought how he had forgotten he onlt had 3 badges from Unova. Luckily, he still had the complete set of 8 from Hoenn. Like the rest of the trainers there, he anxiously awaited the beginnning of the tourney. He quickly surveyed some of the other trainers to get some preliminary info about his opponents. Unfortunately, most of the trainers had their pokemon in their pokeballs, trying to keep as much early advantage as possible. Of the few pokemon he did see, several caught his interest. Most looked strong, but some seemed rather odd. Gaby could have sworn he saw a golden Infernape, but that couldn't be. Even shiny Infernapes were a pinkish maroon, not gold. His nerves must have been getting the better of him.

    ((OOC: Woohoo! Finally underway!))
  6. His fingers played anxiously across his lap, rolling this way and that. He idly popped a knuckle and took a relaxing breath as he tried to calm himself. There was no need to be so worked up, as far as he knew. He was just being paranoid. Stressing too much over small details, like his number of badges, or his lack of competitive experience, or the fact that he hadn't gotten anything to eat that morning and was pretty much starv-

    Suddenly, an entire person tumbled down in front of Coda, the stranger's head landing on his shoes. Coda jumped in surprise, losing his train of thought.

    "Ah, sorry about that. Was caught up in my own thoughts there, and didn't see that seat."

    Coda shook his head, and gave a nervous smile. The man looked unkempt and appeared to not have a lot of money. His clothes were obviously a full size too small, hugging his body all over. Not only that, but the pokémon he had out with him was a basic evolution, Machop. It was difficult to ignore the stark difference between his black stubble and white hair, and despite all the red flags that told him to just make a passing remark and go on with his life, Coda spoke.

    "Na' problem," he pardoned, sticking out his hand. "Name's Beo. Most people call me Coda, ta' be honest. Wanna seat?"
  7. (Uni be eating my times)

    "Na' problem," the young man pardoned, sticking out his hand. Brendan grasped it and shook it. Although he couldn't help but notice his accent, it sounded Southern, though he wasn't sure. "Name's Beo. Most people call me Coda, ta' be honest. Wanna seat?"

    "Alright, thanks." Brendan carefully sat down next to Beo. Machop jumped up and sat down next to him. "Name's Brendan by the way, and this is my partner Machop." he introduced,

    "Mach!" Machop greeted, giving a thumbs up and a smile.

    "So, Coda," Brendan asked, "are you from around here, in Unova I mean?"
  8. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    (OOC: If I would have known everyone was going to use Hoenn Badges, I would have picked a different region just for variability XD)

    "Hey, you with the Infernape! C'm'ere!" a female voice called. Brian looked around the room, both to find the source of the voice and to verify that he was the only one with an Infernape outside its Pokeball. Over by the refreshment table stood a woman with a Grumpig staring right at him and Axel.

    "Yup. She wants us." Axel confirmed.

    "Well it would be rude to keep a lady waiting." said Brian walking over to the refreshment table.

    "Good morning! I am Brian and this is my partner in crime Axel." he introduced with a slight bow. "You summoned us?"
  9. Isabelle couldn't lie to herself, this guy looked like an impressive trainer: something about the way he walked showed that he knew what he was doing. She took a long drink from her cup.

    "Brian, eh? Nice to meetcha'," she extended her hand as she spoke, "I'm Isabelle, and this guy here is Pomeg. I can't promise he'll play nice with Axel." Isabelle finished her sentence with a slight wink.

    Isabelle paused for a moment before speaking again. Around the four, more trainers entered the room. It was getting louder and slightly more frenetic as the morning wore on.

    "So, Brian," She began. Isabelle drank before continuing, "something tells me you've got a bit of a story. Maybe it's that golden Infernape. I don't expect to hear all of it, of course...but, who are you?"

    At the same time, Pomeg had turned his attention to Axel. The Grumpig made a few awkward snorts that, roughly translated, would mean "So...come here often?"

    "And no," Isabelle laughed, "I've never been much for small talk."
  10. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    "Don't worry, Axel can hold his own pretty well, even when playing at a disadvantage." Brian replied with a smirk and accepting Isabelle's handshake.

    "So, Brian," Isabelle paused to take a sip of what smelled like coffee. Brian couldn't help but notice the ring she wore on her left hand as she brought the cup to her face. "Something tells me you've got a bit of a story. Maybe it's that golden Infernape. I don't expect to hear all of it, of course...but, who are you?"

    Brian chuckled at the question. "Who am I? I told you that already. I'm just me. As for my story with Axel, we met nearly a decade ago when I beat the then Chimchar in hand to hand combat before catching him. I liked his spunk and felt that the gold fur complemented my own weirdness perfectly. We've been together ever since that day, the day I became a Trainer." His voice grew soft as he reminisced about that fated day.

    "And yet with all our skill we have yet to Champion a League Tournament." he said regaining his original tone. "But what about you Isabelle? If I'm not mistaken, that ring on your finger is only worn by the Hoenn Champion. I'm sure your story with Pomeg is way more interesting than mine." he surmised with an excited grin.

    Brian didn't want to dismiss the other participating trainers so casually, but Isabelle would be the opponent to face in this tournament. Right then and there he made it his goal not to lose until they fought and even then he would still give everything he had to beat the Champion.

    "So...come here often?" Pomeg asked Axel meanwhile.

    "Um..." Axel trailed trying to figure out where exactly here was. "Well, this is the third time Brian and I have been to a Star Festival, we've been in Unova for a while now, and this is our first time to Entralink Forest." he summed up covering all his bases. The Infernape's ears perked when he heard Brian imply that Isabelle was a Champion.

    "Woah! Are you and your human really that tough?" Axel inquired before flashing a similar smirk to his Trainer's. "I'll see you on the field then." he promised.
  11. ((Sorry. Rough weekend.))

    "Who am I? I told you that already. I'm just me. As for my story with Axel, we met nearly a decade ago when I beat the then Chimchar in hand to hand combat before catching him. I liked his spunk and felt that the gold fur complemented my own weirdness perfectly. We've been together ever since that day, the day I became a Trainer." Brian's voice become softer as he finished his thought.

    "Cute." Isabelle muttered as she took another drink of her coffee. Brian continued.

    "And yet with all our skill we have yet to Champion a League Tournament." he said regaining his original tone. "But what about you Isabelle? If I'm not mistaken, that ring on your finger is only worn by the Hoenn Champion. I'm sure your story with Pomeg is way more interesting than mine." He smiled as he finished.

    "You noticed," Isabelle grinned slightly and shifted her weight, "yeah, we won the Hoenn Championship a few years back. It was a pretty close match, but I'm still pretty damn proud of my team. I wouldn't give Pomeg too much credit, though," she laughed as she tussled the top of her Pokemon's head, "he's a gigantic dork."

    Axel said something to Pomeg about seeing them on the field. Pomeg wasn't really sure what it was, though; the crowd was making him rather nervous. "Oh, uhm..."he said, rubbing his head to straighten the little hair that Isabelle had disturbed, "uhm, well. Okay. Yeah! Uhm. I...I won't go easy on you!" Pomeg attempted what was supposed to be a grin. However, between his nervous weight-shifting and over-acting, it appeared more schizophrenic than friendly.
  12. Coda leaned back, thinking how to answer this question. He'd thought about how to answer it several times, but he was still never really sure what the right answer was. He had this huge life story, and it was a struggle to answer this question without sharing a bunch of details. So, Coda had whittled it down to the essentials, and was now siting at a respectable few sentences.

    Give or take a life story.

    "No," he began with a sigh. "No, I'm originally from Hoenn. Got out of there quick as I could, and got a new hold on me life. Good idea s far as I'm concerned. So, how about you?" Coda smiled. "Where you from?"

    Sweet. No excessive talking.

    [[OOC: Gonna drop the accent in terms of writing. He still has it though.]]
  13. (I know what you mean Kal, Kale is an interesting character to make dialogue for, so I understand what it's like with Coda)

    "My dad lives in Pallet Town, in Kanto, so I guess that would be home. I was born in Hoenn though, so I guess I'm from there too." Brendan explained,
    "I love both places though, they're so contrastingly different from one another, it comes with the climate, but also with how the people there lived. It's a wonderful thing... being able to experience so many places... but you're not here to hear me yammer on, and that's not why I'm here either." Brendan turned to look Coda in the eyes,
    "We're here to battle pokémon, so are you ready for that?"

    (Whoo hoo, short post is short. Nothing really to do here)

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