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Open :: Festival Of Coalition ::

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by ChungHa, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. Partnership. It was one of the most valuable things and keys to success ever since the Pokemon became existent in the world. Everywhere people trained and battled with their pokemon, growing a bond so strong that almost nothing was impossible. These powerful creatures of all types and varieties have been the treasures of the world for as far as scientist could pre-date, and the fellowship shared amist Trainer and Pokemon are what creates a powerful team. Now, it is time to put to test the true 'strength' that the humans have been able to develop with their partners - and time to see who truly takes away from the experience of strength from each other's inner-beings.


    In this RP, there will be a large, festival/competition with a tournament like manner to it. As you enter the role-play, you may only take one pokemon with you into it. The pokemon of your choice is the most trusted in your team, and your choice of pokemon will determine how far in this tournament you will go. If you lose, it doesn't mean you've completely lost - as there is a twist in this tournament.

    - You may only use one pokemon for the entire tournament
    - You CAN use Mega-Evolution if your pokemon is one eligible for it, but you have to message a moderator first and ask for permission to use it in this role-play.
    - You can have allies in the tournament, but no ganging up all on a single person.


    Mira drew in a sharp breathe, she could feel her fingers slightly quivering. This moment was the one that would settle the deal for her and Gallade - and would decide her fate of what her future would hold. The thing is - all she did was sign up! The girl moved away from the desk, her pokeball fastened on her belt, underneath her long opened coat that she was wearing, adorning a deep lavender tank-top and yellow miniskirt visibly under. Atop of her head rested a quite large, glamorously woven bright yellow vacation hat. Though Mira wasn't heading to the island to laze around or get a tan on, or thought the expensive hat was even appropriate for the location - it still served as a great shade provider, so she made do with it. Standing on deck of the large ship she was on with a large amount of other trainers, she slowly swayed back and forth as the sea waves passed by, her hands dawdled behind her back.

    This battling festival was a huge deal to her - every year trainers from all over all come to Johto to be shipped out to an island, where only trainers and a single pokemon of their choice will battle it out to become the victor of the tournament. And the winner? They receive an all-access, expense-free lisence to travel anywhere they could ever want to go - whether it be from a town to another, or to an entire region across the world. All while in the luxury of a private, opulent jet. However winning isn't as simple as it may seem...there is an annual twist every year that is thrown in, and no matter how many conclusions Mira thought off, she couldnt even come close to what it would be this year.

    A rapid sounding of 3 bells emitted from the ship, followed by a deep voice.

    "Announcement: Approximately 30 Minutes until docking on the island. Please gather your things and prepare for our landing. Once we dock, you will be greeted by the host and security of the tournament, who will explain the requirements and rules of the Festival. Thank you, and good luck Trainers."

    Stepping up to the railing of the large ship, Mira rested her arms on it, looking out to the island off in the distance. The blue eyed trainer smiled, as what lied ahead was surely an exciting adventure.
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  2. Baylor sighed, staring out across the vast, empty ocean that seemed to greet her from every angle. The violent sea winds cast rivulets of chilled mist across her face, making the boat churn in the rocky waves below.

    It felt just like Kalos.

    Nostalgia was a rare thing for Baylor, so at moments like these, she couldn't just brush it away. She had to stay sharp with her emotions somehow. A chill struck her spine, and her hands reflexively found her sweatshirt's center pocket. She sighed again, this jacket was with her on the Kalos trip, wasn't it? She'd lent it to Marcel, the only freshman in the group, who gratefully wore it the entire time.

    Man... it'd only been a year? High school felt like centuries ago, to say nothing of that school trip. What she wouldn't give to be Marcel. Just a few more years to figure out her future, and the opportunity to really value the relationships that she'd made before it all went away. The rest of the Kalos group had all graduated, and she'd kill to know if their present-day situations were anything like hers.

    Spending a month with a small travel group means that you grow close. You promise to keep in touch, but the inevitable happens. There's no reason for you all to associate anymore, and they slip out of your lives like sand in an hourglass. At least, that's how it all seemed to Baylor. She did get to spend the rest of that year in Kalosian culture class with Marcel and Nadine. She went through her head, thinking of everyone who was on the Kalos trip, and playing a made up game of "where are they now" with herself.

    There was Lila. Calm and quaint, borderline motherly, and in love with the shapes and colors that made up the world around her. Probably running a brick-and-mortar bookstore somewhere. Giana, bubbly as ever, probably would marry her high school sweetheart Nickan and prove her skills as a doctor. Nadine was still a waitress, that much she knew, and Marcel was living it up in high school, bound to be a bartender if she had to guess. Jerrek... well, she didn't like to think about Jerrek. She was sad enough as is, and she tried her best to shift her focus onto something else to avoid thinking about it.

    There was Nova, slumped down on her side, and curled up, asleep. Her glossy coat had always reminded her of a galaxy: not one single color, but rather a shifting array of purples and blues and blacks, and apparently whoever gave her that stupid name must've thought the same.

    A bell chimed nearby, and the announcer's voice rang out. She had already forgotten all about the trip, and shook her Liepard awake as they gathered their things, preparing for the boat to dock soon.
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  3. It took him sometime but Isaiah finally found the perfect place to laze around. His Machamp Ali enoying the sun that was cascading down it's muscled form. He had switched out his black hoodie, for a cool blue short sleeved button covered in a floral pattern. The buttons undone and nothing underneath. His trunks also seemed to share the cool blue color. The island off in the distance reminded him in a way of Dewford City but he quickly tried to think of something else.

    The rules had stated only one pokemon for this particular tournament. He really had no trouble in picking Ali; He had the Machamp by his side since it was a Machop and he was just a boy. It rarely ever being inside of it's pokeball. The four armed giant seemed to be focused on the flocks of Wingull skimming the ocean surface for prey.
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  4. Lottie had been next in line at the desk behind Mira, rushing through the paperwork with a smile on her face. It was her and Froslasses first time attending the festival and she couldn't be any more excited. Her ankle length floral dress and red hair swayed with the gentle sea breeze as she stepped out onto the deck. As she stood their she felt a fluttering in her stomach, half from nerves about competing and half from sea sickness.

    She decided to distract herself by letting her Froslass out of its pokeball. When she had found out about the single pokemon rule she knew instantly which of her pokemon she was going to bring with her. Froslass ,or as she had been nicknamed sniffles, was the first and best pokemon Lottie had.
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  5. She rose up onto the shoreline with the swiftness and cleanness of a wave. The sheer beauty of her entrance on her dazzling Milotic was enough to blow away even the strictest citizen. She stepped off of her beloved Pokemon, leaving it to rest in the harbor. Ursula slowly made her way to the desk, her dark skin shimmering in the light, her posture held perfectly with every footstep. Her grace was princess-like, and, while not the only thing becoming of her, was most certainly a discerning feature.
    While she most certainly wasn't a child, she was a younger woman, living at the age of nineteen. She fiddled with her long, thick dark hair as she stood behind Lottie, ever so minutely swinging side to side, the yellow skirt of her dress twisting and untwisting around her legs with every turn. She fingered at the small nautilus shell secured around her neck.
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  6. OOC: So Pokemon Hunger Games?
    Nolan and his Banette had just walked onto the deck. Corpse, the Banette, was tired of sitting around, and Nolan agreed. They were both calculating and serious, and ridiculously not compassionate. Nolan looked for any important things for survival, but found none. He had gathered up some Oran berries, but that would not be a lot. He needed to get going right away on the island, and collect resources while figuring out the annual gimmick.
    Corpse looked at its claws making sure they were sharp. Nolan looked at his books and notebooks, which were character studies he took of the other shipmates. There was one guy with a machamp, and he didn't know anything else about the guy.
    One girl had a funky jacket and always looked away, as if remembering something. Perhaps nostalgic? The one with the floral dress seemed queasy, but probably a combination of natural causes and emotion. A good immediate target, but he had his sights set on a few others. And the one with the outstretched arms right now? What a cookie-cutter trainer. So excited and pumped. Well, it would be fun to wipe her out first, but a little risky. He had his sights set on one of them, and he would make quick work of them.
  7. Keeping a suitcase of formidable size by her side, Baylor ruffled Nova's head, letting the Liepard stretch out and yawn in the sun. Except... where was the sun? Shade had cast itself over Baylor and her Pokemon, and they looked at one another in confusion. It was moving unnaturally, almost as if—

    The hulking form of a Machamp stood behind them, and Baylor drew breath sharply as she put two and two together. They were standing in the Machamp's shadow, as if that were any indication of how big it was. In response to her fear, she laughed. Patting the giant on the shoulder. How does a person show affection to such a humanoid Pokemon anyways? Thoughts aside, she calmed her laughing to breathe.

    "Oh damn buddy, you scared me." She spoke purely in jest, a smile on her face and with the somber nostalgia long behind her.
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  8. Lottie stood happily with Sniffles for a while until her eyes suddenly shot over lotties shoulders. before Lottie could turn to look Sniffles had already shot over to Corpse and Nolan to which Lottie followed with a smile. "Well Howdy, thats a fine looking Banette you got there!" Sniffles floats in circles around Nolan. "If yer ever lookin for a partnership me and Sniffles here would be more than happy to fill that slot" She leans in to whisper "ghost types gotta look out for each other"
  9. Nolan was happy to oblidge, "Yeah, maybe we should form a partnership. It would be very useful. And, since we are both ghost types, I think I know a nice target to start with. You know, I feel like a know you from somewhere. For some reason, I am just getting this weird feeling that two people just like us met in a different world where they are gym leaders in training. Just a crazy thought. Anyway, back to reality. Let's go for the guy with the machamp."
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  10. Machamp sometimes forgot how big it was, not aware on how it's hulking frame created such a giant shadow. Despite it's size it gave the trainer touching it's shoulder an almost childlike smile. "Making friends I see." Isaiah had returned and was now side by side with his dopey fighting pokemon. A small gust of wind blowing his open shirt back revealing more of his chest and abs which seemed to be covered in some type of tattoos.

    He gave the trainer and her Liepard a quick once over. Her pokemon was small and slender but he'd seen Liepards battle before in the hands of a good trainer it could be quite formidable. Machamp seemed to be hypnotized by all the colors of it's coat.
  11. Nolan looked at the machamp and liepard trainer talking. It appeared that the machamp trainer was muscular and brawny, something Nolan hated. He was all brains, and no muscle, and this guy ticked him off more and more.
  12. Mira had to move some of the rims of her large floppy hat from her line of vision to noticed how more and more trainers began to claim spots on the deck as they grew closer to the island. Some were socializing and some were...studying. She was even stunned at the sight of a beautiful woman that seemed to appear out of no where, with the assistance of her Milotic. The blue eyed wonder tried not to look to scared, but confident. Even though, she knew that wouldn't actually help her case much.

    At the young age of 16, she was cute - not intimidating. With a small frame, and at the height of 5'5, she wore a designer jacket and hat - overall she just appeared as a rich little daddy's girl, which wasn't too far from the truth. It blew her mind at the types of people and Pokemon she saw, many big and broad, some athletic and fierce...all with most likely rough and challenging pasts. Yet here this little trainer stood. Everything had been handed to her on a silver platter, every issue fixed with her family's money - she felt so out of place.

    But that's why I'm here, right?
    Mira thought to herself.

    She was raised in such a prominent manner, no one thought she could become anything special on her own accord - but after everything with Team Galactic - she knew she could do more. And it didn't matter how many Machamps or gym leaders stepped foot on that dock, nothing was going to stop her and Gallade.

    She fiddled with her hands as she got all kinds of looks of examination from people around her, and even jumped a little as the unexpected chiming of bells went off once more. The announcer's voice returned through the speakers, giving the same speech as before, but this time explaining how the ship would be docked within 10 minutes. Nervousness surged through Mira's veins, but she convinced herself there was no reason to be afraid, that she shouldn't regret a single thing.

    So, she rose her head up, gripped the shiny little orb at the end of her golden necklace, and looked ahead as the once small and distant island grew as they inched closer, quickly becoming a gigantic, mountain like island, casting a large shadow over the entire ship.

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  13. After having filled out all of the proper paperwork and signing up, Ursula was very fast to return to her Milotic; the Pokemon was her only family. Her father had died in a horrible shipwreck while out touring the world by sea, and she had never the chance to meet her mother. Her father had never disclosed the reason as to why. She had come to befriend the Milotic when she was much younger, and was out fishing with the other children at her orphanage. They were all catching cool Pokemon, such as Tentacool, Krabby, and Clamperl. When it was her turn to have a go at catching a water Pokemon of her own, she came up with the rather pathetic looking fish known as Feebas. The other children thought it a pathetic capture. Ursula hadn't. She saw the beauty in this small fish--she idolized the Feebas. While the other children had kept their Pokemon confined to pokeballs and had them battle one another, Ursula let her beloved Feebas spend most of it's time in the small pond behind the orphanage. She fed it the minuscule Oran Berries she had grown on the tiny bush she kept on her nightstand, and spoke to it.

    Ursula stepped up the dock, pulling up her skirt so as to keep it from becoming dirty. She began singing Fathoms Below to herself, watching as her friend splashed about in the sea.
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  14. Lottie happily headed over to the Machamp and its trainer giving Machamp a look of amazement. "Wow look how huge he is!" she looks at his trainer with a warm smile "you must be an amazing trainer to have such a strong looking pokemon!" Sniffles circles the Machamp happily looking at it from every inch. "what kind of stuff do you feed him? How much time do you dedicate to training him each day? what kind of moves does he know?"
  15. Darren "Dusk" Winterfields looked at his fellow trainers, and gave a small smile. This would be his first year at the tournament, but he was already looking Foward to it. His Bisharp stood by his side, his shiny metallic blue of the Pokemons hard armor shone in the sun like a Lapis Knight. "Othello, what's up?" He asked the Bisharp, something clearly off. He Bisharp pointed at the two trainers with the ghost types. "This may be harder than I thought." He added thoughtfully. He walked down the steps of the front deck and observed the different people and Pokemon he saw. Being 18, Dusk was slim, but athletic in stature. He was 5'11" so average height for a person of his age. He wore a black collared dress shirt, with a pair of tan cargo shorts, and A pair of Yellow Crosstrainers. He'd started from nothing and built a reputation, hence why he'd been invited to this tournament of sorts. And he wasn't going to take anything but first without a fight.
  16. Baylor smiled at the approaching trainer, evidently that of the Machamp, and pulled her hand from his shoulder awkwardly.

    "You got one hell of a Pokemon here. Has he got a name? Dope tattoos by the way." She looked at the Machamp, laughing at his focused gaze on her Liepard.

    "This little turd is Nova." She picked up the slinking cat, hoisting her over her back, and draping her across her shoulders lovingly as she scratched roughly behind her ears. "Known her since I was a kid. The alley cat would swipe anything of mine she could get her hands on, and somehow we learned to get along." Nova purred and chuffed in agreement, leaning into the touch, until another trainer sauntered up and seemed to cut Baylor off.

    She asked the boy all kinds of questions, all of which about his Machamp, and Nova's ears flattened in annoyance. Baylor was plenty annoyed too, just better at not showing it. She let the girl talk, but she did a double-take when she saw a boy watching nearby.

    "Hey, uh- sorry to interrupt, but your buddy over there's got one hell of a side-eye." She gestured to Nolan and his Banette, whose eyes seemed plastered on the Machamp.
  17. Nolan was indeed staring at the machamp, observing weak points. He could get that thing to tear a muscle if he wanted to, and maybe sabotage it. But, he thought better of such a dirty trick. He would prove how brains beats brawns, and show gym boy what a real trainer was.
  18. Isaiah gave the boy and his pokemon a once over as well. His eyes uncaring and relaxed. "Let him look." He slowly says, placing his arms atop his head which his Machamp seemed to copy. "His name is Ali. He's different from most Machamps, when he was just a Machop he use to emulate a famous boxer from out area who he shares the same name. Personally I was too lazy to name him so he kind of named himself."

    The kid was still staring seemingly trying to put a hole into him with his gaze. He had a ghost pokemon which would be tricky but nothing he's never handled before. Another trainer had walked up on him and she was asking all sorts of questions about his Machamp. Isaiah did his best to trying to answer every question but they seemed to be coming a mile a minute.
  19. Lottie looked at Nolan and then gave Baylor a big smile after identifying who it was she was talking about. "oh he isn't my buddy, where would you get that idea?" She continued her ignorant smile and act. "Although now that you mention it he does seem to be giving a bit of a stare over here."

    turning back to Machamp and its trainer she continued to talk like none of this just happened. "OH, i should introduce my partner. she held her Froslass in place for a moment before letting her continue to circle Ali "That is sniffles, the cutest little froslass you ever will see. i found her when she was a wee Snorunt and to skip all the boring stuff we have been together since."
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  20. Mira noticed a small ruckus starting to grow around the gigantic Machamp. She began to miss the presence of her partner more and more as she saw people bring out theirs, introduce each other, and such - however she knew better than to bring out Gallade in a time and area like this.

    The fighting type wasn't much of a fan of crowds, threats, or even being surrounded by water. It was a difficult enough time for the young girl to convince the Gallade to willingly join her in the Festival in the first place. Along with its hate of crowds, Gallade's fighting personality caused him to become violent towards potential threats rather quickly - and with the tons of creepy looking trainers around the deck, Mira didn't want to risk the chance of being thrown out of the competition. It also would give her an upper hand later on - some no one has yet seen what her companion for this tournament was, and what it was capable of.

    Before she knew it, time flied and the giant ship came to a slow eventuate stop. They had finally arrived at the large island. Mira drew in a breathe of worry, and softly exhaled it in order to calm herself down. Grabbing her small backpack ((basically Serena's from XY)), she confidently walked beside trainers down the walkway that had lowered onto the island. Soon after everyone was crowded infront of a high platform, two military personnel on both sides of a tall, broad man. He wore a clean business suit, and his hair was curlier than Mira had ever seen before. After standing in the midst of the platform, he began speaking -- loudly. No microphone was necessary, as this man's voice was loud and clear when he was speaking.

    "Hello and welcome all Trainers to The Island - host of this years Festival of Coalition!" An uproar of cheers emitted from the crowd. "I am Julius, and I will be your television commentator and Festival Master! I thank you all for participating in this years Festival - but be prepared, young and old - as this year may just well be our craziest year yet! Here are the rules, and the Annual Twist so listen up because I will only tell them once!"

    All eyes were transfixed on the man now, and all ears attentive. Mira was excited yet anxious to hear about what possible twist could be put in place this time. Last year, the wrench of the Festival was that none of the trainers could actually give commands to their pokemon when battling - the pokemon's instincts were solely what had to be relied on for a Trainer's victory. Anyone caught giving a command was disqualified and sent home. The petite girl listened in as Julius resumed his announcement.

    "RULE 1 - As stated in the confirmation emails, only one pokemon per battler. This Festival is to commemorate the partnership between a single pokemon and trainer."
    RULE 2 - NO items or powerup food may be brought into the island. But fear not, every day packets of food will be dropped to you all 3 times a day. Anyone caught stealing their pouch of food from another contestant WILL be disqualified immediately.
    RULE 3 - KILLING or OVER-ABUSE to humans or pokemon is prohibited. Battles are large part of the competition, but murder is not tolerable. When your pokemon faints, that is when you have lost. You will be escorted via state of the art technology of transportation donated exclusively from our sponsors the Devon Corporations all the way from Hoenn.
    Now...SHELTER will be solely relied on your own abilities. And now, THE TWIST."

    The tense in the air was clearly tangible on the competitors skin. Anything could have happened at that single moment, and then Julius spoke the most confusing three words that confused mostly everyone in the crowd.

    "Battle. Back. Bracket."

    Not too many knew exactly what it meant, especially Mira. She had a idea, but she didn't want to get her hoped up. As a small murmur of confusion and anxiety hushed through the sardine packed trainers. All was soon explained after a blank signal to be quiet was shot from a gun.

    "In the battle back bracket, just like it sounds - when you have lost, you will still have a chance to re-enter the tournament! You will be transported to a complete different side of the island, and there you will continue on as you have in the first part of the Festival - battle everyone until you are the only one still in the game! That way, you will be transported back into the main area of the island, and continue on in your second chance of the island as if nothing happened! However, if you are the one returned to the main tournament and are defeated, that will have been your last chance. Now.....are you ready for....THE FESTIVAL OF COALITION?"

    The crowd was insanely quiet for a long moment, and then out of no where another uproar wave of cheers came again. This was insane, and Mira couldn't wrap her mind around it. So theres TWO chances to return. That is all the more dangerous and beneficial at the same for her. Her plan would have to change drastically - but now it was time to just see how things go, and do the best she could.
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  21. Another Ghost pokemon? Isaiah sighs at this revelation. Machamp seemed happy as ever as he pats the Froslass on the head unaware if the Froslass liked it or not. Time seemed to fly by and Isaiah hardly got time to himself which left an irksome feeling. The ship had arrived at it's desination, a man with some of the most curliest hair Isaiah had ever seen spoke out on how things would be done.

    "Can we just get on with it? Ugh this is such a drag." Isaiah spoke aloud not really caring who heard him or not. They had two chances if they failed the initial trial. Whatever, it was just a tournament.
  22. Baylor listened semi-intently. Truth be told, her survival skills weren't incredible, but still plenty enough to get by, or so she hoped. When the cheers died down, she turned back to the two trainers from before.

    "Man, what a trip. Good luck to both of you. My name's Baylor by the way, don't think I caught either of yours? She ruffled her impatient Liepard's head once more, and the feline stretched out in glee. "Don't get me wrong, with best-friends-since-childhood stories like those, Nova and I might need that luck more than you do." She laughed at herself again, preparing to leave the ship with her Liepard in tow.
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  23. ( okay wait the whole battle back bracket makes no sense because that will a) take a long time and b) players could get defeated in the midst of battle making it a giant loophole )

    Ursula called out to Milotic, and the elegant creature swam over to the dock. She put a hand on the Pokemon's head, and pet it.
    "Milotic, we've got this," She spoke softly, while also seeming very sure in herself.
  24. Isaiah yawned for the final time. It was time to switch gears and so he did. "You ready big guy?" He had asked his four armed companion, the lazy look in his eye gone and replaced with a look of sheer excitement. There was an electricity in the air; everyone knew this was it. No one came to lose but only trainer would walk away from this a winner.

    He could already see trainers scouting out other trainer's pokemon. Maybe, they were searching for potential allies or maybe they were seeing who was a major threat. Either way Isaiah and Ali were ready: ready and willing.
  25. "SOUNDS LIKE A YES FOR ME!" The man called out. "Everyone, once you bags have been checked for any extra poke balls or cheating devices, please approach that line, shoulder to shoulder." He instructed, gesturing to the large red line that horizontally extended at least a mile long. A large, towering golden gate was mounted closed right behind the line.

    Mira knew the rules of the bag etiquette - bringing any extra hidden pokemon or types of weapon would result in immediate expulsion from the tournament, so she made it a point to only pack the necessities of status healing fruits, and clothes for herself. Since the tournament lasted indefinitely, she packed almost every berry in her disposal, just in case fruits such as those weren't provided by the tournament along side the meals.

    After quickly getting her back checked and cleared, she made her way towards the large line, and standing beside those who were just as ready and determined as she was - she could feel it. Mira looked ahead into the large island, but it was almost impossible to see past the large, hovering trees that stood tall and proud behind the gate. The blue eyed trainer started to doubt that anything on this island was small, except for the people themselves.

    Once everyone had passed the bag-check and were lined up on the gate, a large projection appeared before the golden gate, starting at a count of 20. The seconds diminished quicker than expected, causing Mira's heart to race faster and faster as the numbers were lower and lower.

    15 seconds.

    Her teeny hands gripped tighter on the pokeball in her palms. Inside was the pokemon that would fight the hardest along side her to win this thing and make a name for herself. She was here. She was doing this.

    10 seconds.

    No going back, no regrets, no fear. From this moment on there was only moving forwards. Only battling. Only winning. Her stomach felt heavier and heavier. Was she becoming sick?

    5 seconds.

    All or nothing. As the numbers diminished, and the host's voice came booming through the speakers verbally shouting the rest of the countdown as the gate slowly opening wider and wide.


    Fireworks and confetti erupted from the ground canons. Throwing her knee-length jacket's hood up above her head, Mira took off running into the island as fast as she could. She noticed dozens of trainers running just as fast or faster than she was. Tightening her grasp on the red and white sphere in her hands, she ran and ran - disappearing into the large island, in which she would fight for her right as a battler.
  26. Lottie breezed through the bag check since she had brought the same things she had assumed everybody else had. A variaty of berries, spare clothes that were fit for the tempret environment and a set of boots and clothes fit for a blizzard. Sniffles had been put back in her pokeball already to allow for easier movement and to remove the risk of separation.

    As she lined up with the other trainers the feeling in her stomach returned, this was really it, she glanced to her left and right seeing all the trainers who looked more prepared and confident than herself. The countdown started and the beat of her heart became all she could focus on. A quick glance was enough to tell her that most of the other trainers were ready to sprint the instant the countdown stopped.

    The mans voiced replaced the numbers and in the instant the fireworks and confetti went off other trainers shot out the gates sprinting for the island. Lottie instead started her slow leisurely walk through the gate.
  27. Nolan chuckled at all the running trainers. If they all ran in one direction, there would be no one near him, would there be? All he needed to do was check his supplies. All he had packed were a few berries, but he made sure to bring a few other things. Corpse, his banette, followed. The two knew each other since they were babies, when he had accidentally lost his meowth doll. When Corpse showed up to take revenge, he realized how relieved Nolan had been to see him, and they had been inseparable, and perfect for each other.
    Corpse decided to check out the tree. Nolan laughed as Corpse floated a little higher into it. He wasn't exactly a flyer, but he could do a little hovering. The two played some tag, and then set up some berries. They were having a fun time, but knew they would have to fight with other players soon. Each of them decided to look into some bushes for anything left behind by trainers. They would stick together, and win.
  28. Oliver scanned the the open landscape, Reckless, his Honchkrow, rested on his shoulder. It had been a while since he has seen any other trainers, he wasn't a very social person anyways. As a boy, Oliver had no friends on the farm. Only is Honchkrow which he received as a from his father as a Murkrow when he was ten. Oliver began to think back to the many memories he had on the farm. As Oliver thought back to all the big feasts on the farm, he decided it was a decent time to feed Reckless. Oliver let Reckless fly above, scoping out threats while he prepared a meal for him and his pokemon.

    After 15 minutes had passed, Oliver called Reckless down to come eat. The know were perfect for each, both ate like a pig when it came to good cooking. And lucky for Reckless, Oliver was a great cook.

    After the two finished eating, Oliver decided to go look for supplies they may need it the future. Reckless came in handy in a scenario like this, he could fly above and look.

    A figure rustled in the bushes, the hairs on Oliver's neck shot up.

    "Gosh darn, Reckless! W-what could that be?" Oliver spat out.

    Eventually the figures head popped out from the bushes, it was a boy. Oliver froze.
  29. Nolan had found a boy cooking. He didn't want to attack him, since he had a honchcrow, so he ducked back into the bushes. Corpse knew him very well, and already could sense Nolan's plan. They were synchronized, moving in the same direction, and taking each dive and turn at the same time.
    In this moment, Nolan had to put up his serious, formal mode. Back when he was alone, he liked to just relax with Corpse, but he didn't have that chance now. That honchcrow could fly, so a dense forest was his best chance, seeing a small outcrop of trees ahead, he made a run for it. He knew that he had finally gotten into the real fray of things.
    Corpse lowered down to Nolan, and, as they reached the clearing just outside of the outcrop's reaches, they dropped to all fours. They would need to stay low, and bait in that trainer.
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  30. Nova and Baylor ran together, though the Liepard easily took the lead. Her trainer could easily pinpoint the Pokemon during the day, but during the night, that'd be their time to act. In long, loping strides, Nova leaped past the treeline, giving them some cover in the forest as she let Baylor catch up. The plan so far? Find a hollowed out tree trunk for shelter, and wait for nightfall. Liepards were naturally nocturnal, and with Baylor's own janky sleep schedule, she practically was as well. Stowed away in her front pocket, a leather pouch of a few choice berries jostled around with the movement. Pecha berries were great, and conveniently enough, Nova's favorite. Rawst berries were a must-have, even if they were ridiculously bitter. Given her circumstances, cheri berries weren't necessary, though she had a couple socked away just in case.

    Say, how big was this island anyway? Forest always seemed like the go-to for everyone in survival situations, and for the time being, she wanted to lay low. She followed the treeline for a ways, trying hard, but not too hard, to not leave the most notable of tracks behind her. Having traveled a considerable distance, she dipped back out into the open. A barren wasteland of sorts, dropping off into a cliff of rock crags, could be seen on the horizon. If they were quick, they could go undetected, and then drop below the rock ledge and out of sight. No one would ever be seen a landscape like this, and maybe there'd even be some caves? It was decided, and Nova got the indication with the wave of the hand. They dashed out at full speed, breathing too hard to hear any potential voices or footsteps around her. Right now, getting there was priority numero uno, and dealing with anything else would wait until after. Putting her softball skills to use, she slid silently into the cover of the crags, dirtying her jeans on the dry dirt, but making it with her Nova in tow, presumably safe.
  31. Isaiah and Ali were one of the last to take off; everyone seemed so much in a hurry to rush for the forest. Which wasn't necessarily a bad idea but they'd all have to run into one another eventually. Besides Ali was far too big not to make noise amonst the twigs and branches, and standing at 6'7" he was an easy target to spot.

    Isaiah, originally thought he was alone until he saw a flash of purple out of the corner of his eye. Then she came barreling out, her slide was impressive but all that running wasn't exactly quiet. "Machamp!!!" Ali called out to his newly formed "friends" his child like grin stretched across his face. Two of his arms pumping furiously in a wave. "Well there goes our element of suprise....good job big guy." Isaiah couldn't help but comment and shortly after a sigh.
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  32. Corpse raked into the tree. The Banette loved sharpening its claws, and hollowed out a temporary shelter for them. Nolan, meanwhile, was busy making survival tools. Knives were the most versatile weapon, allowing him to cut obstacles or chisel out other tools. He could also ration off meals between the too. Nolan ate an almost entirely meat and sugar diet, while Corpse only ate carbohydrates. They could wrap up a food packet between them, when it dropped.
    As he sat, a small rain cloud appeared overhead. If that Honchcrow was a fire type, I would be smartest to rush in and attack it now, He thought. But, he soon realized that the Honchcrow was not following him, so he walked out of the forest once the small drizzle stopped. He walked out the opposite way, and saw someone standing with others: the Machamp.
    Once he realized what that blur near Isaiah was, he would see if he could target the machamp.
    OOC: I don't get this twist thing. First off, it can easily lead to some weird battle shenanigans. Second, why would the first twist affect the way a battle proceeded while this one is basically just giving people two lives. Even in hunger games, most twists followed into one categorie: natural survival.
  33. OOC: Ok, I read it. I get this twist now. Anyways, back to Nolan living with a murderous doll.
    BIC: Corpse floated nearby, ready for battle. Nolan walked up to Isaiah, and said, "I challenge you to a battle! Let's see how that Machamp fares against ghost types."
  34. Mira was slightly out of breathe, scanning the ground below. She could see the trainers running about as she just had done, and they all seemed to almost resemble ants. The girl had managed to release her Gallade in a flash of red light, an the tall fighting type had hoisted his petite trainer an himself high into one of the large trees residing on the island. As Mira ruffled through her back, stuffing her hat and jacket inside the pink pouch, the Gallade kneeled beside her, scouting each of the trainers he saw run by.

    The two didn't want to make any drastic moves as of yet, because right now would be the worst of moments. The girl flinched as she heard battles break out one after another at rapid timings. She could see all kinds of trainer already being sent off to the Battle Back Bracket, which scared her. The Festival had just began 20 something minutes ago, and people have already been sent to their destinies of apparent victory or inevitable failure.

    The issue was, Mira couldnt quite see any trainers that she could possibly take on. Not that she had doubt towards Gallade, but feared she wouldnt be able to give out the correct commands to insure their win.

    After she turned her attention back to the ground below, she almost immediatly noticed the large Machamp and his trainer from the ship, in which she recognized from a past tournament they both had entered. However the platinum blonde trainer also saw how Isaiah was quickly approached, already being challenged by someone else she recognized. It was the boy staring down the others on the ship as well. This was perfect.

    Mira made the executive decision to watch from where she was, examining the responses of both pokemon and what their strengths were.
  35. Isaiah almost looked annoyed with the challange but he wasn't the type to ever turn down a battle. "Kid, you really need to get a life....but sure why not. You ready big guy?" Isaiah stepped down off the rock he was atop of, landing side by side his Machamp who's child like grin suddenly vanished replaced by a look determination.

    Looking over at Baylor it almost seemed like Isaiah cared. "You might want to get out of here once Ali gets going it's kind of hard for him too stop." With that his attention turned toward Nolan. "Alright, let's get this over with."
  36. Lottie let our Sniffles after a couple minutes of walking, as expected sniffles quickly floated in particular direction with much purpose. following her Froslass she finally came across a suitable cave in a small hill that seemed greatly out of the way of the beaten path. entering and placing down her bag the cave began to grow colder and colder as Froslass stands at the mouth of the cave.

    it only took a few minutes until tiny bits of snow were falling on and around the cave "this will do for protection for a while" she smiled at Sniffles
  37. Nolan was ready. He knew that he would face a few insults, all the better to get it going. "Okay Corpse, you know the game plan. Let's kick this off with shadow claw." Corpse dashed through the underbrush, coming close to Ali. He needed a weak spot to strike for a huge chunk of damage, and this Machamp was big enough to have some glaring ones. He spotted a bulging vein near neck, and dove for it.
  38. His Banette was quick with it's movements, Nolan obviously had battled Machamps before. Ali, however was no normal Machamp. Most saw Machamps as strong but dumb. Muscled but slow. Isaiah knew first hand what labels could do; his father always called him lazy, or a slacker. Constantly reminding him of his talent as a boxer he had wasted. How he was a waste. "I'm not a waste..." He mutters to himself, reading the movements of the ghost type as it grew closer. "Ali! Use your footwork to get away!" Ali was no normal Machamp. Years of speed and dexerity training made him something much more.

    With a quick series of movements that resembled a dance or the way an expert boxer would move Ali was at the side of the Banette, who had opened itself up with it's rush. "Fire punch!" One of the Machamps large fists grew a bright red with flecks of orange and yellow as his fist slammed into the side of the ghost types head.
  39. OOC: Godmoding! You should have aimed a punch at my banette. Not landed one.
    BIC: And, it's a fast machamp. Well, I've dealt with those too. Banette spun away from the attack, using his long claws to shield himself from random sparks flying from the punch. "Willow Wisp!" His prankster ability triggered, launching the orbs at an almost inescapable rate.

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