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Feel-Good Music

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Tunolipede, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. hello!

    so basically i'm in the process of organizing mixtapes i'm making for a friend and one of the ones i'm doing is for feel-good songs! you know, songs that you listen to and suddenly you want to get up and dance and laugh and your heart beats faster and your feet automatically tap and you just want to sing your heart out! and basically i'm making this thread to ask all of you guys about the songs that just make you feel hella rad.

    here are some of the ones i've got so far,
    This Charming Man by The Smiths,
    Young and Happy! by Hop Along,
    Friday I'm In Love by The Cure,
    Mr Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra,
    A-Punk by Vampire Weekend,
    Electric Feel by MGMT,
    Little Secrets by Passion Pit,
    Shuffle by Bombay Bicycle Club,

    and my ultimate feel-good song has got to be You Make My Dreams by Hall and Oates. you honestly cannot fathom how amazing and bouncy and happy and full this song makes me feel. it's kind of bad because of how completely cringey and cheesey Hall and Oates are but omg i love you make my dreams. seriously. ahhh

    but yeah, what about you? don't be afraid to let your guilty pleasures show♥
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  2. Barenaked Ladies - Odds Are
    Delta Spirit - Tomorrow Goes Away
    Incubus - Wish You Were Here
    Jason Mraz - You Fckn Did It (Live)
    Jason Mraz - I Never Knew You (Live)
    C2C - Happy
    C2C - Down The Road
    Muse - Uprising
    Muse - Supermassive Black Hole
    Spandexrex - Even In Paradise
    Kanye West & Tame Impala - Black Skinhead vs Elephant
    Daft Punk - Da Funk
    The Lovin' Spoonful - Do You Believe In Magic
    Noisestorm - Airwaves
    Hairspray - The Nicest Kids In Town
    Hairspray - You Can't Stop The Beat
    ACDC - Back In Black
    Matthew Wilder - Break My Stride
    Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
    Pink Zebra - Larger Than Life
    Big Z Remixes - April Showers
    The Rapture - Echoes

    Alright, sifting through my iTunes has been productive! These are all the songs that make me happiest, no matter what mood I'm in. I'm sorry it's so long |D Some of these you might recognize, most of them you might not, but they're all worth checking out- There's many different genres here. Hope you guys enjoy!

    One of them is linked to a page because it's the only place you can download it from ^^
  3. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    ........... >:3

    I love this topic I do. ♥
    I have quite a few feel-good songs that get played a lot, but to make a list it'd look something like this:

    I Will Wait - Mumford & Sons
    Where Are You Now - Mumford & Sons
    The Great Escape - Boys Like Girls (favourite song too, not really sure why, just has been for a very long time now. :))
    Crazy World - Boys Like Girls
    Somewhere In Neverland - All Time Low
    Big City Dreams - NeverShoutNever
    First Dance - NeverShoutNever
    Sweet Perfection - NeverShoutNever
    Weightless - All Time Low
    Little Talks - Of Monsters And Men
    Nine In The Afternoon - Panic At The Disco
    That Green Gentleman - Panic At The Disco
    Winter Winds - Mumford & Sons
    Promise The Stars - We The Kings
    Check Yes Juliet - We The Kings
    August Is Over - We The Kings

    I think that's all for now, or at least all (anime music aside) that came to mind from a quick flick through my iPod. ^^
  4. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Warning: Everything under the spoiler is a Vocaloid song. Viewer (or listener) discretion is advised. Also the list is very long |D

    Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder - NoriP (both Rin and Len's version)
    Invisible - Kemu (sung by GUMI and Rin)
    The Earth's Final Confession - Kemu (sung by GUMI)
    Wind-Up God - Kemu (sung by GUMI)
    Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story - Kemu (sung by IA)
    Setsuna Trip - Last Note. (sung by GUMI)
    Renai Yuusha - Last Note. (sung by GUMI)
    Hello Laughter - Last Note. (sung by Rin, GUMI, Miku, IA, Luka, and Lily)
    Isshin Furan - Umetora (sung by Miku, Luka, and GUMI)
    Lost One no Goukuko - Neru (sung by Rin)
    How-Two Sekai Seifuku - Neru (sung by Rin and Len)
    Otsukimi Recital - Jin (sung by IA)
    Fire Flower - halyosy (sung by Len)
    Ama no Jaku - 164 (sung by GUMI)
    Shinde Shimau to wa Nasakenai - JesusP (sung by Rin and Len)
    BUNKA Liberation Ward - JesusP (sung by Rin and Len)
    Indulging: Idol Syndrome - Suzumu (sung by MAYU and GUMI)
    Shoddy Utopia Policy - Suzumu (sung by Rin)
    Keppekishou - Scop (sung by GUMI)
    Gigantic OTN - GigaP (sung by Len)
    Shoudou x Pandemonics - PolyphonicBranch (sung by Meiko, Kaito, VY2, Yukari, and Lily)
    WAVE - niki (sung by Lily)
    Unhappy Refrain - wowaka (Rin and Len's version)
    Matryoshka - hachi (sung by Miku and GUMI)
    Ah, It's a Wonderful Cat's Life - Nem (sung by Len and GUMI)
    Paradichlorobenzene - OwataP (sung by Len)
    Antichlorobenzene - OwataP (sung by Rin)
    Twinkle - Junky (sung by Rin)
    Senbon Zakura - KurousaP (sung by Miku)
    Romeo and Cinderella - doriko (sung by Miku)
    AiDee - Mitchie_M (sung by Miku and Luka)
    Bad ∞ End ∞ Night - HitoshizukuP (sung by Meiko, Kaito, Miku, Rin, Len, Gakupo, Luka, and GUMI)
    Crazy ∞ Night - HitoshizukuP (sung by Meiko, Kaito, Miku, Rin, Len, Gakupo, Luka, and GUMI)
    Capricio Farce - mothy (sung by Meiko, Kaito, Miku, Rin, Len, Gakupo, Luka, and GUMI)
    Noushou Sakuretsu Gaaru - rerulili (sung by Miku and GUMI)
    Carnival - otetsu (sung by GUMI)
    Stocking Filler - Eon (sung by Miku, Rin, GUMI power, GUMI sweet, Miki, Luka)

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