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feebas in pokemon sapphire??

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Aurorette, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. I would love to know if you could get this pokemon in sapphire and where you could get it.
    I heard you had to do something to get this pokemon.​
  2. On Route 119, there's a river that goes through it. On the entrie river (includes the pond at the start of the route and up the waterfall by the institue, there are over 100 water tiles. Feebas is found in six of those tiles, and it changes with the trendy Phrase at Dewford Town. It's mostly luck.

    Hint: It's easiest to use a grid search method.
  3. okay, thanks.
    I'll try the grid method.​
  4. You can use any rod... its advised you fish a few times in each spot to be safe.

    Catch lots when you find them so you can get a good nature and such (or have a female to breed)
  5. Doctor Oak

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    Wrong forum. Moved and warned.
  6. baratron

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    I recommend that you read the catching Feebas/Milotic guide by johanass at Gamefaqs: link. He explains that it is a good idea to use the Old Rod, as it only catches Magikarps and Feebas - which saves you a lot of time. He also explains how you use a Pokemon with Surf to fish every single square of the river; and suggests that once you find your first square with Feebas in, you should fish and fish and fish to catch as many Feebas as you have Pokeballs, in case you mess up the evolution.

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