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Feast of Fiction teaches you to make Poffins

  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord


    Introduced in Diamond and Pearl as a way to beef up your Pokemon's contest stats, Poffins may seem like a slightly less cool interpretation of the Pez-style PokeBlocks from Hoenn. But, as a trade off they're infinitely easier to reproduce in the real world. And that's exactly what Youtube show 'Feast of Fiction' has set out to do. Read on for the full story and the link to create these little doughy delights yourself. Let us know if you take a stab at it!

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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Doctor Oak, Apr 24, 2012.

    1. Brendan Savem
      Brendan Savem
      This will be a very interesting project I'll have to save for a weekend, maybe the summer, who knows? At least I'll learn how to cook something and get giggles out of it. Kudos to Feast of Fiction for designing this recipe, and I wonder what they'll cook up next.
    2. Shiny Pyxis
      Shiny Pyxis
      Feast of Fiction has a lot of cool recipes, like the Sea Salt Popsicle from KH. I made something similar to their poffins at a party once, minus the food coloring but including the gels. It was tasty. ♥

      Anyways, another thing to put on my to-make list on my orchestra trip this coming weekend~ Sounds like it'll be fun to actually make. :D
    3. Linkachu
      This was a fun watch. I'll likely never try making these myself, but who knows? Might be something fun to try during the summer. :D

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