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Fears and phobias

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Linkachu, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. This is going to sound so silly, but I had the weirdest nightmare that everyone of earth was taken to mars by freaky pyramid shaped aliens with pincer legs and tiny red eyes O.O so now I'm scared of that happening. My mom blames a t.v. show I watch, Code Lyoko, for the nightmare but I don't because I have had dreams based on that show and they were all great dreams that put me right into the show.
  2. I'm aracniphobic, and I am afraid of needles, snakes, heights, and I think that's all I'm afraid.

    I'm aracnicphobic cuz when I was 5 or 6 I saw this HUGE trantula. I was sent screaming like a little girl, and I'm a guy.
  3. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Let me see...
    Fear of falling, because I know it's going to be painful when I hit the ground.
    Fear of bees, because the little buggers cause me pain.
    Fear of pain, in general. I'm a very sensitive person.
    ... I think that's it.
  4. Well fear of heights
    In the past I was Hydrophobic, because I drowned bad in the pool when I was six or seven, I don't remember much, but it went away when I had the swimming lesson when I was eight, I guess I overcame my fear of water.

    That's about it.
  5. Oooh, I love this kind of stuff!
    Yes, unfortunately I like reading about peoples phobias. Tch.

    Anyway, I had a Friend who read about a Phobia of having a Phobia! That's right. So you get scared of getting a phobia...however your phobia is that you are scared of getting a phobia...but you already have one...

    Hmm, ok, my fear/phobia is of Aliens, and scary electronic equipment. I get so freaked out at most paranormal stuff, even stuff like Bigfoot gives me the creeps. Well, that's kind of self explanatory, so I will stop there, before I become sick myself :(
  6. I don't really have many fears because I've seen alot in such a short time of living. One thing that will always give me the creeps is tapeworms. Can't stand em. Don't want em. Longest one pulled from a human was more than 6 feet. Nuff said.
  7. Reading about phobias is fun ^_^

    my number one fear is being alone - especially when I'm downtown. I hate being alone for several reasons:
    1. people will like think your a loser with no friends
    2. im afraid of being mugged (which has never happened and i plan to keep it that way)
    3. I just dont like it for some reason; I'm always afraid of something popping up when it's least expected.

    anyways to people who absolutely HATE spiders a have a 'lil story for you :p
    I was on vacation and was at my hotel, and looked at the window- next thing I see is a perfectly shaped spider web and a spider right in the middle of it (this is on the window) . I was bored so I caught a fly and put it on the spider web.
    Next thing I know the spider- along with its like 9834834 BABIES came attacking the fly and wrapped it around a spider web and infront of my VERY eyes i saw them suck its blood LOL.

    the point is, i usually have a phobia of spiders but i found that spider interesting
  8. ;D Don't worry. Your not the only one.I'm Afrad of everything you are...
  9. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Well, it's a new year, and a new year brings new fears. With that said...

    This year, even though only two full days have passed, I have found that I have:

    Arachnophobia: fear of spiders
    Atychiphobia: fear of failure
    Autophobia: fear of being alone
    Lygophobia: fear of darkness
    Acrophobia: fear of heights
    Apiphobia: fear of bees
    Cenophobia/Centophobia: fear of new things or ideas
    Ephebiphobia: fear of teenagers
    Hamartophobia: fear of sinning
    Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia: fear of long words
    Isolophobia: fear of solitude/being alone
    Ligyrophobia: fear of loud noises
    Meningitophobia: fear of brain disease
    Myctophobia: fear of darkness
    Nyctophobia: fear of the dark or of night
    Onomatophobia: fear of hearing a certain word or of names (in this case, a certain word. *shudders at the thought of the word*)
    Phengophobia: fear of daylight or sunshine
    Phobophobia: fear of phobias
    Photophobia: fear of light
    Sinophobia: fear of Chinese/ Chinese culture (and I know I'm Chinese, but...)
    Technophobia: fear of technology

    And I think that's pretty much it... I have to thank http://www.bored.com/phobiaguide/ for all of these phobias. And yes, I notice that I'm afraid of both darkness AND light. And I know I'm afraid of my own culture. Okay, so I was joking there, but I just had to put that on there for some reason.... Yeah, and I know that's a long list of phobias, but most of them were the same thing, just different phobia words. ;D
  10. Every Day must be torture Shiny Eevee...

    I have a fear of being yelled at, as My dad Screeched like a screech owl because I left the back door open. You probably would have too if you were standing outside in the middle of winter holding a door barefoot.Yeah.
  11. I've got a fear of heights, I'm claustrophobic and I'm terrified of clowns.
  12. Well this isn't exactly a phobia for me but I guess I'm a little afraid of the dark. (Watched WAY too many zombie and horror movies) I mean, I'm not afraid of the night (only when I'm alone though) but whenever I see a place that's pitch black I don't want to get near it because there may be something hiding there. *shudders*

    But I AM afraid of cockroaches, palmetto bugs to be exact, (very afraid) and grasshoppers.
  13. I'm only really scared of two things...losing my best friends in a freak accident, and going blind. I can't stand the thought of not being able to see anything.
  14. I suppose I should have a fear of bees, since one nearly stung me in the eye and took it out but I don't. Its the biologist in me.

    1. My biggest fear would be failure, since I have to keep up to the high expectations of my family. Seriously, a 32 on the ACT and they don't think that's good enough...

    2. Heights. Ladders even freak me out. I guess its because I'm afraid of shattering if I fall.

    3. Fear of James Blunt. Yes, I just invented it but he terrifies me. Why does he think he is attractive again?

    4. Fear of the unknown. Everyone has this to an extent but it is big with me. I stay up at night, terrified of what could happen tomorrow...
  15. I'm scared of snakes, funny story yes it is.

    Tried watching "Snakes on a plane" in theaters, got thrown out cause I kept screaming "RUN BITCH RUN!" when the andaconda came out of the ceiling.
  16. Arachnophobia,Atychiphobia, and Claustrophobia. *shudders*
  17. Roller coasters and elevators. I can deal with anything but those two things X_X
  18. I can't stand deep water... If I'm riding by a lake, but there is nothing to protect my family from falling in, I freak out. I HATE bees. If I see one, I take off running. Like one time at the park... I saw a bee and ran, leaving my friend there.
  19. me well i scared of heights, lifts not so much any more though and rejection :-[ it stop me so many times, and can't forget drowning and it doesnt help that i can't swim
  20. I'm scared to death of bees. And wasps. And hornets. Actually, if it's black, yellow, flies, and has a pointy butt, I'm terrified of it. This one time, I was watering my mom's garden, since it was a 'nice day' (97 degrees is NOT a nice day!) and I saw a bee. It just so happened, as I was looking at it, I accidentaly watered it. And since I know bees and such are so tempermental, I dropped the hose, and RAN. Since the back door was locked, (I have no idea WHY.) I went all the way around to the front, and went inside. All that in about thirty seconds. Come to think of it, I could be a track star I had a horde of bees chasing me. Hmmm....

    And another time, a freaking BLACK something WASP got its way into our living room. I spazzed out, especially since it was more of dark blue than black and it was practically invisible against the curtains. My dad got a broom, and I ran into my room, and closed the door. I actually took a blanket and stuffed it where there's a bit of space between the door and the floor, so it couldn't get in. My dad actually had to show me the corpse of it before I calmed down.

    If that's not bad enough, there used to be an underground bumblebee nest (yes, they live underground) in the front garden. My mom loves flowers, which attract bees, go figure. I saw one crawl out, and I refused to water it until I forgot about it. Anyways, by now, either they've been watered to death or evicted by chipmunks.

    My only other phobia, more of an ex-phobia is of tornadoes. When I was 7, the Matrix was on, and I was just starting to understand the plot. A tornado watch came up in the corner, and all I thought about was 'OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD WE'REALLGONNADIE' So now, I don't understand the Matrix. D:

    Luckily, those are all of my phobias. : D
  21. I would have to say I have Arachnophobia (Fear of spiders). I am really deathly scared of them. Every time I see one, I run out of the room and wait till a member of my family kills them.
  22. -Sharp/pointy things: needles, knives, swords, razor blades, etc. Not A Fan. Visits to the doctor and crafts projects are fun, mhm.
    -Fire: I even have trouble with matches 'cause I'm so worried about burning myself.
    (Amusingly enough, I had a friend a few years ago whose favorite things were fire and sharp/pointy objects. We actually got along very well.)
    -Parasites: whoever claims that learning more about something you're afraid of helps your fear has never read about parasites. Ever.
    -The ocean in general: after having half my body stung by jellyfish, watched my dad crack a rib and get a concussion from a bad wave, and (foolishly) read up on the wildlife along the shore... it's pretty, it's ecologically amazing, but I don't want to go in it.
    -Dogs: one harassed me for a week and then bit me when I was 3. Never forgave canine-kind in general, although I'm pretty good about not bolting these days if approached by a fairly calm dog.
  23. Dying- For some reason I am just so afraid.

    The Devil- This one pretty much explains itself I hope.

    Poisons- I hate it when people draw pen on me and make me smell weird things. I've always been afraid and a little paranoid about those things.

    Apocalypse/ Global Warming- I hope that global warming will never hurt us and if it does, that we can stop it on time. I wouldn't want to be in the midst of the Apocalypse with all the confusion, anxiety, fear and stuff.
  24. Im not a BIG fan of bugs... just im not fraked easy by em. Unless i think about how creepy and alien the hard Exoskeleton is... But i AM terrified of dogs and all things canine. I used to have nightmares about dogs, more specifically wolves. In one, i went outside to do an errand, and a wolf was there (i live in washinton though... ???) i ran inside and it followed. I ran in my room, but there was a smallish opening next to my door, and the wolf jumped in. Then it pounced on me and i woke up with my heart racing. I am petrified of the dogs in my neighborhood too. And Linakchu, youre not crazy, cause i study Cryptozoology and i think that monsters are real too. And im ADHD, so i have a overactive imaination/ like watching Sci-Fi channle (X-Files and Destination Truth, w00t!) so as you can likley imagine... plus my spiritology studies don't help... ya, Just really not good on any canines... :-[
  25. The big brown one was likley the Spectacled Moth, the appear to have owl eyes on they're wings and blend in to trees. The blue one im guessin may have been a Swallow Tail (i study a lot :p)
  26. Spiders. ew.

    I get so freaked out when I see a spider, I start shaking.

    The worst is when you're doing your normal day's routine, and there's a huge spider RIGHT THERE and you wonder if that has happened other times before, it's freaky. (to me, at least)

    As for some instances I've had:

    I was getting ready for bed and walked over to the side - there's about a foot-and-a-half space between my bed and the window (I haven't really put spiders into my mind, I'm too busy watching the moon.) - and pulled back the covers from there, and since I'm extra paranoid, I checked the back of the backboard to make sure there aren't any of those "special" buggers around. I was looking for my chapstick, I thought it would be on the floor, and I see this HUGE spider right there, three inches away from my foot. So I jumped back and my heart started racing. The thing looked like it had legs two and a half inches long, but a small body, & I thought, "OMG, how did I not step on that?!?! How did it get there?!" The window wasn't open, so idk. I got so freaked out and had my mom kill it...ahaha.

    This other time, I was going to the bathroom (the toiletroom, actually, the washroom is separated from it). Ugh imagine being stuck in a small place with a spider....*shivers* I just closed the door to the bathroom and was standing with my back against it when I saw this thing fall from the ceiling, but my head was down, so i didn't know what it was until I say it land. A spider about two inches wide fell from the ceiling about FOUR INCHES from my head!!! I jerked back and tried to stay away from it, but the door was closed and I tried opening it while still watching the stupid spider. It wouldn't even move!! I told my mom to kill it (again). After that incident, I still didn't get to go!! I stood in the washroom too freaked out that another one might fall from the recessed light fixture from above, ugh. It took me some reassurement from my parents and a half hour or so just to calm me down. & I still left the door open, just in case. Good thing I was able to close the washroom doors.....whew. If that thing would have landed on my hair when I sat down, I would have died!! Imagine having a spider crawl down from your hair to your face!! UGHH!!!
  27. im scared of spiders and my mother..... she's chunky
  28. I can pinpoint exactly where I got two of my phobias. For instance, my best friend came over to my house on my frikin' birthday and played a movie at 12 midnight (it was a sleepover), saying it would be 'funny'. Ever since I have had a fear of Gorillas. The movie was Congo, and I have never been able to stand gorillas ('specially when going to the zoo) ever since.

    Then she took me to see the new version of King Kong (she thought it was funny that I had a phobia of gorillas, and so decided to torture me with a big one). I didn't actually mind the Kong, I had a problem with the giant leeches and other critters. Ever since I have had an irrational fear of giant leeches and insects.

    I also have a fear of porcelain! Don't ask me why. I'm not even sure. It has made going to the privy a very harrowing experience. My best friend thought it funny and now has porcelain figurines everywhere in her house.

    My main fear is of spiders. You would too if you woke up when you were four years old with a giant huntsman spider on your face! Ever since I have viewed spiders as the Ultimate Tool of Absolute Evil (snakes are the Semi-Ultimate Tool of Nearly-Evil Evil.

    A few weeks ago, my sister and I were playing on my PS2 and she says "Is that real?" I look where she is pointing, and there on my windowsill is a male huntsman spider. The next thing I am actually aware of, I'm halfway down the hall shaking uncontrollably. She says I looked at it, turned my head back to the TV screen, put down the controller (without saving!) got up, walked like a robot until I was out the door of my room, and then started freaking out.

    Another time, I was with my best friend, and I discovered she has a fear of spiders too. We worked out a system. On 'good' days, we shriek, grab a shoe and whack it. On 'most' days I grab a can of bug-spray, spray the entire can on said blight, she grabs the vacumn cleaner, and it's 'Hasta La Vista, Arachnid!"

    Then I discovered what she does on 'bad' days. And I vowed (whenever sleeping over at her house), never to go to bed with the lights off. All I can say is it involves a can of hairspray, a bottle of nail varnish, a metal wastepaper basket and a staple gun.
  29. I am so scared of the ocean it is not even funny. For some reason, everytime i look at it (cuz we live on the edge of the ocean, how corny is that...) i start shaking violently. (i think this is called aquaphobia or something of that sort...)

    I am also afraid of clowns, but not as much as water.

    I am also slightly claustraphobic. I hate crowds and feel like i'm being choked when i'm in them.
  30. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    That would make me very evil, since spiders and snakes are two of my favourite animals. Not for malicious purposes of course, I just find them interesting, as I do all animals.

    As for phobias, I did have an injection needle phobia at one point, but got over it several years later. To this day, the worst vaccine I've ever had is the Polio vaccine, which doesn't actually require an injection but instead has to be swallowed. Nasty, vile substance...

    I also have a minor blood phobia. It used to be major, but it has waned considerably over the years.
  31. Big spiders are extremely scary... I can't stand them...
  32. I'm afraid of Elevators and Bridges. I've been afraid of Elevators ever since I was little and I watched an episode of Arthur and a little girl got stuck in a elevator. I've been afraid of bridges ever since I saw a newscast and a bridge fell
  33. My biggest fear is creepy crawlies, like leeches, centipedes, ticks, and spiders.
  34. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Spiders. I'm not as bad as I used to be, I can now catch them myself... but it takes me about half an hour to build up the courage to place the cup over them. I just hate how fast they move...

    Planes are my worst phobia I think. By that I don't mean flying, I'm jut scared of the plane itself. When I went to Florida (I live in England) I came off that flight a nervous wreck. Was worth it though, Florida was beautiful :)

    I just don't trust the plane. It should NOT fly! I know its far more dangerous, but if I could go on holiday in a small plane or a helicopter I'd be fine... 'tis just the big nasty planes that scare me. They are evil.
  35. I hate gory stuff. You know, like blood and death. I can deal with blood drawn on paper though.
  36. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I wouldn't say I'm afraid of blood, but I can't watch it for a long time. I don't mind my blood, but programmes on human dissection and stuff makes me feel a bit light-headed. Especially those programmes by Gunther Von Hagens... I can't watch those. Bleh
  37. i... hate... clowns... and... dolls... how... the... fuck... can... people... stand.. them?
  38. TrainerJimmy

    TrainerJimmy Guest

    I'm scared of bridges, like those huge industrial bridges over water.
  39. My main fear is heights. I'm okay about two stories up, but anything else is too high. If I'm inside and looking down 100 stories I'm okay, but I don't know how construction workers make it on those skyscrapers before they have walls.
  40. I have arachnophobia, a phobia of dolls*FREAKY*, and if afraid of deep water*when you cant touch the bottom of the water with your head under the water*and bugophobia bugs,dolls and spiders everywhere is like death for me

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