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Fears and phobias

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Linkachu, Aug 31, 2006.

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    4. Sweet mother of Figs! What is /that/? Oh, its just minimoding. Second Warning Pikachu Master, stop minimoding. Watch where you step, another warning and you're BANNED.
  2. Um, I think that mini-moding isn't basis for a warning, I'm not sure, I read somewhere on this site Linkachu did it and later found out that they removed it from the list, anyway I'm sorry
  3. Linkachu is a registered admin/mod. we're not.

    i'm fairly certain that mini-modding/godmoding is in the rule list, so look it up.

    granted, the relevancy of that statement was...questionable, but if we find spam, or the breaking of rules, we press the button on that post to report the statement to a mod/admin.

    (i've been attacked for godmoding too, but i'm lucky: they decided not to warn me. if they hadn't decided in such a way, i'd have a couple of warnings, and i'm definitely grateful that they didn't.)
  4. Two words: BIG DOGS.

    It happened when I was seven... There waas a building project by my house so I went over when they were done to meet the neighbors. I met a kid about my age and we played in the backyard. When he went near his big ass rotwiler I tripped. The dog thought i was attacking his owner so he llunged at me. Chewed me up pretty nice too I gotta nice scar down my side now...

    Don't laugh you would be afraid too! My liver almost failed casue of where he bit me.
  5. Dang. That's a lot worse than the dog-bite scar I have. I can barely see it anymore.
  6. [size=7pt]I have a fear of silver objects. It doesn't make sense to my friends, but every time I see silver jewerly, I get chills.[/size]
  7. I fear heights... Quite a bit actually. I don't even like stairs that are all, like, multilayered (did that make sense?). Like, when there's railing you can look over and see the floor... That's how much I hate heights. :(

    I also dislike creepy crawly things, except moths for some reason. I like moths but other bugs scare me...
  8. That list of phobias lists this weird stuff:
    OMG!! Don't totch me! Ahhh! ;D
    One name. Ed off of Ed, Edd, and Eddy.
    Is that an... EGG!! Ahh!
    Um... okay. Freaky.
    Teacher: Turn to page 26! Today we'll talk about WIND!
    Student: OMG! warm air! cold air! Breezes!
    Must hate Sunflora...
    Must... fly! Can't be... on the... ground.
    Ah! Valentine's day!
    Woah. Eddy's sworn enemy!
    Spaghetti! Hot Dogs! Tapioca Pudding! Ahh!
    That is soo me.
    Ironic, huh?
    WARNING: If you are seeing this, do not say your computer just blinked. Hey, why put this on? I mean, if someone is afraid of computers they won't look on the computer for a cure.
    Kid one: Hi, I'm joe. What's your name?
    Kid two: I don't have one.

    I should make a comedy on this stuff! But I won't; it could insult people.
  9. I belive the word your looking for Linkachu (and a lot of other people ^^) is "Apiphobia". Fear of bees. Meh, I don't like them myself.

    My phobia's...I have "Acrophobia" (fear of heights) and "Eremophobia" (fear of being alone)

    There are some weird ones out there, like Arceus Lord posted, and I found some that are humorous myself:

    Zemmiphobia: Fear of "The Great Mole Rat" (...the hell...?)

    Dutchphobia: Fear of the Dutch!

    Eurotophobia: Fear of female genitalia!

    Genuphobia: Fear of Knees!

    Ithyphallophobia: Fear of..."Getting Excited"!

    Levophobia: Fear of things to the left side of your body! (wtf...)

    Novercaphobia: Fear of your Step-Mother (rofl)

    Panophobia or Pantophobia: Fear of EVERYTHING (Anyone who has this....damn....I feel sorry for you.)
  10. I bet at least somebody here's Hemophobic. (Fear of Blood.)
  11. I don't have a fear of blood but I do hate to see gruesome or disfiguring injuires (i.e. disembowlement, decaptation, etc). So I hate horror or gory flicks and MTV's show Scarred is unwatchable for me. It also makes me queasy to see people contort their bodies. That makes my stomach turn. However stabbings and gunshot wounds don't bother me.

    I get extremely pissed when I hear people whining because extreme gore and such have been edited out of anime shows.

    But no I don't have a fear of blood itself unlike Tsunade :p
  12. My dad used to claim he was agoraphobic, until I explained to him that agoraphobia (which, translated from latin, means "Fear of the marketplace") refers to the fear of having panic attacks and not, as he said, a fear of wide-open spaces.

    Also, John Madden has a phobia that keeps him from flying on airplanes, but not the one you might think. Instead of being afraid of flying, he's afraid of enclosed spaces. He so claustrophobic, he has to wear loose-fitting clothes.
  13. As for Phobias, only one. Acrophobia, the fear of heights.
    I went to the Prudential Building in Boston once.52nd floor looking down on all those people,scared the **** out of me. :-\
  14. Yeah, i have an overactive imagination. I imagine me laying by the edge of the Grand Canyon and looking over the edge, and if I get up, I will be pulled down... yeah, stupid. I know I am.
  15. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Similar to what Carmen said, I don't have a fear of blood, but I don't like seeing it in large amounts either. It often depends on the context, though. I've watched major bowel surgery in real life and been perfectly fine with it, but I it avoid on TV. Sometimes just thinking about blood in a certain way can make me feel queasy and lightheaded. As far as phobias go, though, nah. I can deal with it without running away screaming ;)
  16. O_o If I ever meet someone who's afraid of getting excited I will be sure to educate them in the ways of the happy time, and how it can be an enjoyable experience with you and anoither, or your hand.

    But really......Who's honestly afraid of getting..excited...

    "Oh god...its happening again...Why every morning! *Sob*"

    Okaay...How "shealtered" are you.....

    So anyway, I've got a new one!^^ On my long trip away from computer land I figured out im really afraid of regection..Not being accepted for who and what I am..and it could be the tiniest form of getting regrected, like me saying Hi to someone and them not saying anything..It just kinda..makes my skin crawl and I get nervous and evaluate my self-value alittle harshly after that...

    I've also discovered I'm very self-concious and afraid of taking my cloths off O_o Not sure why this sprang up in my mid teens but whatever..Cloths is my happy place now..In my cloths..Yes..that is good...Its good to wear cloths..at all times >_
  17. I doubt its so much the fear of it happening so much as it is the fear of other people seeing it happen and judging you harshly. Ever get called up to the chalkboard with an erection? Me neither, but I understand that it can be a very embarassing situation. I imagine it's something like that, except all the time. Like agoraphobia, fear of having panic attacks, it can cause a great deal of anxiety and cause people to never leave the house.

  18. I know that feeling.its the same with me
  19. holy ---- that happened to me too!!!!! though it happened after i had my phobia.... i tried to suck it up with a vacuum cleaner and it crawled out >_< i screamed bloody murder and threw the vacuum at it.... then it crawled towards me, so i grabbed a book and jumped on it, grinding the book into the ground

    wish i could say that was my only fear, but...

    arachnophobia- fear of spiders
    i can't even stand daddy long legs... i see even the tiniest spider, i freeze up....

    acrophobia- fear of heights
    found this one out when i went to Disney World with a friend... we went up into a building (i forget what it was called) on one of the higher floors. she went to the guard rail and started pointing, yelling "come look at this!"
    i walked over and looked down.... instant vertigo (dizziness). i nearly fell over the rail, but my friend grabbed me...

    tripanophobia- fear of injections (chibi_fluff, this it the name for it)
    this one may have originated when i went to get a blood test.... she doctor used what looked like a stapler to prick my finger.... unfortunately, it was my first shot ever and the needle was quick-release, it startled me and ended up slicing my finger open.... ever since, i've put up a fight when going to get shots...

    monophobia- fear of solitude
    not sure where this one came from, but being stuck in the house by myself when it gets eerily quiet just freaks me out... i also don't like when people leave me out of things.... like if my friends go to a party and don't invite me, it makes me very self conscious...

    pluviophobia- fear of rain, being rained on
    ok, so i'm not exactly AFRAID of rain, but i hate getting wet (except when it's scorchingly hot)

    topophobia- fear of certain places, situations, like stage fright
    i can't stand in front of a group to make a speech to save my life....
  20. Yeah, I had a similar experience. I had to go to an allergy/asthma doctor to find out what I was allergic to. I hadn't had a shot for, like, ever. (this was back in fourth grade) So they bring in the tiny shots. I freak out. i have to lay down, so I flail like crazy. They hold me down. And... *tink* theres the first one. :-\ Yeah, I think I scared everyone in the lobby half to death.

    My arachnophobia showed about two days ago. I go to sit at my desk, and I feel something like strands of web. So I look around my room. (my Arachno-check ;D) And I see a little white ball on my ceiling. After observing it, it moves a little bit. So I get the broom and, WHAM! Then later, I see a black blotch run across my wall. After so many shenanigans, my desk is moved to see if it's there. Nope. I try to ignore it, even though I looked over there 20 times, then I see it again. I get the broom. WHAM! One less spider on my wall.
  21. that white thing, my friend, was a spider egg sac..... if i found one in my room, i'd die..... much less a spider with it...

  22. Wow..Spiders must be evolving to be stronger...or just to annoy the living piss out of people either way...

    Something I've always disliked, had a fear of, is bad omens...Im sure alot of people do but, it really gets my heart beating..I love the feeling of being afraid though, so its an awkward arrangement..But bad omens really just get me..freaked out..

    Me and my cousin Asuri, were walking down a road when the leaves on a sign where covering it, it said "Die", when we moved the branches it said "End"..It was the creepiest thing. Then a man started to follow us down the sidewalk so we just kinda ran for it XD Better to go down trying to get away.

    I also have a strange dislike of the color red..I dont know what it is, I can stand it though, but I just hate that color..It reminds me of blood, so there's none to barley any red in my room. In fact its all blue, yellow, white and pink.

    I dont know if there is a fear of this, but Christians. Not the nice ones that just do there things and leave you the fuck alone, the ones that grab you and beat bibles down your throat threatening you with hell if you dont get in there car and get baptised right now kinda Christians. They annoy me, they scare me, they repulse me, I'd say its a fear...I had a really bad experience with three christians before that just REALLY turned me away from them...
  23. i think that last one is a kind of given.... it's fine if they try to get you interested and back off when they see you aren't... the problem ones are the ones that think you're scum if your not christian and keep harping on you about it, noone likes a ranter, given ANY subject... i think it's just that some don't know when to STOP preaching, and that gives the rest a bad name

    also, for some reason, i used to hate the color blue.... no idea why, just did... i'm over it now though... but i won't wear neutral colors (black, white, brown) the only black clothes i have are my black pants i wear for work...
  24. Like Linkachu, I also have a bee phobia. Wasps, hornets, and bees, they all freak me out. I can't stand being in the same area as one. If I hear buzzing in my ear I flinch away (half the time its only a fly or mosquito). They look ugly and they are mean. My friends tell me to not be afraid, if you don't bother them, they wont bother me. Thats a lie. I do not trust something with such limited inelegance to be able to tell who is friend or foe. The things are pure evil.
  25. Yahoo! I'm not the only one!

    Back in fifth grade, I totally humiliated myself. My friend told me to stand still. I did. I hear a buzzing and something lands on my head and takes off. Next thing I know, I'm flailing like a fish outta water! H-U-M-I-L-I-A-T-I-N-G. :'(

    Yeah, I watch Mythbusters. One was "Is the Daddy Long Legs the most Poisonous Spider?" O_O They busted it (so it wasn't the most poisonous). But what creeped me out was that they found like 80 of the... yeah... under Jamie's house! Makes me think about my house.

    AL has had Painful Memories
    BTW, does anyone know if spiders in Iraq, etc. are really as big as they say, or is it one more myth?
  26. I am afraid of Mascots (like Baseball Mascots)
    OK so we were at the Store and the pillsberry doughboy was walking around the store and I almost did a flip over a cart. So after wrecking about four carts trying to run away I got stopped by my Mom who is chasing me trying to calm me down.

    Those things are demonic because they are like a book I wrote, they are half demon Half Human who can disguise there faces. Even when the frown they still smile and they always have unearthly colors.

    Marionet Dolls
    I think those things are controlled by invisible demonic agents who are trying to kill me. I am a very Weird guy, because I once shattered a doll then burned it.

    Things I'm not afraid of,
    One thing is death, I don't know if its because I'm a Christian or what. My friends say I will most likely die in my sleep because I will be so lazy about it. ;D
  27. Sooo...

    I'm scared of the dark, at my age of 14... -_-'''

    Yeah, really. When I was little, whenever there were no lights, I thought some random burgler was going to climb into my room, stab me or strangle me to keep me quiet, and then go loot the house.

    I'm also scared to locking bathroom doors. >> Not so much now, though...

    When I was about 4, I went to the bathroom and locked the door. The lock was a little knob on the handle, and you turned it to lock the door. After I wash my hands, I couldn't unlock the door becuse my hands were still too slippery from washing my hands. I cried for my parents, but since it was a party, no one heard me. I climbed out the window near the cealing, and went outside to the poarch, where they let me in. I was soaking wet from the rain...
    I'm also scared of closing my bedroom door for that reason too >>

    XD Time for bed
  28. Well darkness. Why? Cause its just... you cant see whats in there. If I would suddenly become blind I would freakout. Its just that you cant see anything and your imagination starts to play against you.
    Im also afraid of open water. You know, like a beach or something like that. Sure I can walk on a beach, but going in to the water... no way. I dont know why though, im just afraid of sharks (too many Jaws-movies?), but there arent any sharks in here. Just little fishies.
    And I cant stand bugs, well normally just bees and spiders (Im glad our spiders are reaallyy small). My father got stinged by an army of bees, so that might be why. Im also afraid that maybe im allergic to them.
  29. oh, don't say that... i'm living in italy and a spider as big as a 50 cent piece flopped down right in the book i was reading =_=... surprisingly, i shut the book on it (sigh, i never picked up that book again, and still don't know how it ends...) sat there for about a minute, then screamed bloody murder... guess the shock of it numbed my brain...

    [quote author=Gaara378 link=topic=1156.msg30040#msg30040 date=1186003727]
    Those things are demonic because they are like a book I wrote, they are half demon Half Human who can disguise there faces. Even when the frown they still smile and they always have unearthly colors.


    hmmm, never been afraid of those... maybe it's cause the first toy i was given when i was 1 1/2 years old was a stuffed clown (which i so cleverly named clownie)... i couldn't go to sleep without it... literally... i stopped sleeping with it when i was about 8, but it still sits in my stuffed toys pile (which is now in storage T^T)
  30. MagnusXL

    MagnusXL Guest

    I dunno if I'd necessarily call it a phobia, but I used to loathe needles. Nowadays they're tolerable, but I used to avoid a hospital visit like the plague when I was younger... especially when it involved getting my blood drawn.

    Even though I don't mind gore, I can't stand anything that I find to be too unclean and/or repulsive. I also can't watch people do things that are completely disgusting, else I automatically do it myself. If someone eats something on a dare, it makes me want to vomit. Ironically I'm a bit of a slob, but when it comes to anything that could leave a lasting mess and/or mold... bleck. XP

    Other than that, though, I don't really fear much.
  31. I'm afraid of falling. Not heights, mind you, but falling. Like at the water park where my best friend and I go a lot, when we are waiting in line at the top of the slide, I imagine the whole thing just collapsing below us. I could be in like a car and think, "What if an earthquake came and made us all fall down to the center of the earth?". I probably just have an overactive imagination, but still...

    I also really hate creepy crawlies (if they're crawling on the floor like a foot away from you. After I see one, I usually go to a different floor of my house.) and getting shots (I had to get a tetanus shot once and I got all woozy and light-headed).
  32. I'm the same way with the needles. I was horrible when I was younger, I would hide underneath things and fight the nurses. And I guess you could call me a germaphobe. I don't like people touching me or my things and I don't eat or drink off of people.
  33. Some might not know it, but I am as frightened as a cat on a boat when I'm in the dark of night, alone. Even with the moon shining bright...my fear still grows. I may love Umbreon as my favorite Pokemon, but I could never be one on purpose...I hate that about me. And some bugs creep me out, but not very bad. And when I hear something backmasked, I just burst in pain in my head...I have no idea why...I think those are all my fears...as far as I know...
  34. There are a few things I'm afraid of, but a lot more that are just creepy.

    Spiders, heights, and open water scare me. Roaches, surgery, porcelain dolls (namely of fat little white kids dressed as angels with those horrible unblinking eyes), and shit like that are creepy, but not scary. I'm not violently afraid of anything though, I just get extremely uneasy.

    Edit: Oh, but just because I'm afraid of something doesn't mean I won't use something I'm afraid of in order to scare other people. I love Clock Spidering people who are terrified of spiders. :D
  35. Sadly, I have a fear of Spiders.

    I never really liked them, but what made me afraid-ish of them was one time I was camping and a Daddy-Long-Leg stepped in my eye. Can you even imagine how painful that can be? Anyways, I can't stand to go to my Nana's house anymore, 'cause her land is filled with Daddy-Long-Legs and Wolfspiders.

    I also seem to kill every spider I can reach now.... *shudders*
  36. I feel nervous when it comes to heights.
    A childhood event caused me to have a fear of dogs.
    What I REALLY hate, however, is snakes...
  37. As far as I know off the top of my head I have no phobias. I do dislike blood though. I LOVE snakes. I have one as a pet. I do fear of getting bitten (again) by them, especially poisonous ones.
  38. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I'm scared of heights and dark. Every time I look down, or even up, when I'm on a high floor, tower, etc, my face turns pale. And I don't like airplanes because of that. Darkness is okay, but I always need something to "protect" me every time I go to sleep. No night-lites, I hate those. I preffer my good ol' blanky to be by my side when I'm sleeping.
  39. Didn't mention it before, but in addition to heights I'm also scared of needles and I'm claustrophobic.

    Being claustrophobic started my freshman year when I had Art second semester... The Art Wing staircase at my school is always crowded before last block, which is when I had it, and it's quite small to boot... Being in a crowded space, not to mention on staris, is what made me get claustrophobia.

    Needles just recently started though. I had to get a menangitis vaccine just before school started, but when I got to the doctor's office to get it, the vaccines were all expired, so I had to put it off for about a week or two. Then I had to sit around and wait knowing I had to get a shot and when I finally got it, I was really nervous about it.
  40. I'm really scared of losing my sight or hearing.

    I couldn't cope without either, especially sight.

    Being a guitar player, my ears need protection, and I'm very wary... I'm probably the only Heavy Metal fan who wears ear-plugs at concerts! >_

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