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Fears and phobias

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Linkachu, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. Fears and Phobias?

    Fears of Wasps, Bees, and Hornets, yes I do have - much similar to you Linky. But my fear of wasps is reasoned; I've had a nest of them in my window before. Opened the blinds just to see a huge nest in the corner of my window with nothing by glass seperating them from me. I freaked, I slept on the couch downstairs until my dad got rid of it. That man is godly with a can of Raid.

    As for Phobias, only one. Acrophobia, the fear of heights. I can't even look down from my 13 stairs or I get pensive. Kinda weird to, since I love to climb trees and ride of ferris wheels, I just can't look straight down.

    When it comes to the spider ordeal, depends on the situation. I see it on the floor, yeah, I'm fine, I scoop it up on paper and let it free. But one fell from the ceiling and landed on my arm, oh man did I scream!​
  2. I'm the same. I can't stand sitting on top of the monkey bars, for fear they'd break and I'd fall, and I HATE going up in ferris wheels. *shivers* Scary.

    I'm also afraid of mice. The only mice I'm not afraid of are Rattata, Raticate, the mice on Flushed Away, and Mackie. (My name for the mouse that lives behind our microwave.) One time I saw a mouse on my computer desk and oh, how I screamed! I stayed out of there for the rest of the day until I saw Dongwa, my cat, carrying a mouse in his mouth. That cat is a mouse-catching god. (I'm easily scared, as you can see.)
  3. Sanjuro's fears and phobias: I fear Getting old. I fear heights. I have a phobia of trying new things. Ill add more when they occur. Oh roller coasters scare the life outta me. I will never ride one. I have a field trip to Great America. I will not go on the rides at all. Im afraid i might fall out of teh car of it stops and we get stuck or it derails.
  4. I fear heights, falling(even if I'm already standing on firm ground), and loop-de-loops on roller-coasters. I also fear getting stuck upside-down on a roller-coaster.
  5. Please stop. :-X I hate hearing about stuff like that. (About the roller coasters.) I heard that somebody fell out of a roller coaster at Holiday World, and that's why I'm afraid of roller coasters.

    I also have Brontophobia, the fear of thunder. (I found out the name when I watched my favorite TV show.) Whenever I hear it, I'm under the bed 2 seconds later! But that's only because that I know that where there's thunder, there's lightning.
  6. despite what most ppl say am not aranicphobic. I may be scared of spiders but i luv scorpions ^_^ and there aracnids so im not 100% aracniphobic.
  7. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia- Fear of long words

    best. phobia. ever.

    but I do seem to have coulrophobia, which is a fear of clowns. When I see a clown, I'll try to hide as quickly as possible. They scare the sh*t out of me. :(
  8. I'm scared of spiders. And scared of REALLY long words, and clowns!
  9. I'm afraid of Tunnels, Natural Disasters, and losing a limb.
  10. I have an Extreme fear of High Places! I mean I just panic when looking down, when Im up to high. Ironcly, I'm a RollerCoaster enthusiast, so I basically go on some of the highest places around xD the largest coaster ive been on exeeded 300ft I think =O
  11. i have a ear of the sun does that count i get goostbumps when i feel the warmth on my skin and i have night mares of sun like alien creatures and the sun crashing down on the earth. creepy i no
  12. Dry Foam.

    I hate the feeling of the stuff, even thinking about it sends shivers up my spine.
  13. Snakes Plain and Simple.

    Infact serpents in general which even includes sea seprents and stuff. Even pictures/Models and stuff i just freeze.

    I remember on a class trip to disneyland in an alladin walkthrough sotry thing theres a model cobra and i had to run past it because it was just awful. Especialy when i was trying to flirt with a girl there and i was sprinting arpund an alladin ride >_
  14. Fish.... Im afraid of fish..... Well... not all fish, just the weird ones (I.E the angler fish... or anything weirder)
  15. horrible squeaking noises. i cringe and have to resist the fetal position when i'm closing a pizza box....i don't know why.....*shudders*

    also, i stay away from stinging insects as much as possible.

    and accidentally getting wet, for whatever reason.
  16. I'm afraid of

    Bells--Just can't stand the stinking sound, I go crazy
    Blood--I can't look at blood, it makes me throw up
    Death--I've had very bad dreams about it

    Heights--When I was in elementary school, I was on the second floor, which I could see was hooked to the ceiling, I was SO worried that it would snap and fall I would die or something
  17. So many people afraid of bugs/insects/spiders... o.0

    Hmm... But of my own fears... That is pretty simple.

    ~You know those Marienet dolls? That can look like clowns to anything else, with china faces, and hand painted face detail?

    Yeah... I am utterly and completely terrified of those things. I mean, I am afraid of clowns in detail (I'll go into that later), but those things are just creepy... I got one for my birthday when I was a little girl, and I kept it at my father's house (because my parents were divorced, and I only went to his place 6 days of each month). Anyways, I kept throwing that thing in my closest because that thing would glare at me and I would be chilled to my spine. I mean once, I threw it in my closest, shut the closet door, walked out of my room, just shut the door, remembered I forgot something, walked back in to see the doll on my bed on the other side of the room. Unless I had blacked out again (cause I have spells like that) I swear that thing was demonic.

    ~Then their is clowns. I have this fear thanks to my dad's mother. (Love you, Grandma, bless your soul, but it's your fault!) Ever grandchild in my family gets these hand made clown dolls and this hanging clown to go over their bed when they turn five. I was no exception. These things made with total love, scared the hell out of every single grandchild. We refuse to pass these things on. They always had this evil smile and their eyes appeared to glow....

    Believe me, at the funeral, all of us grandkids were sitting there talking about these things and shivering and cringing as we retold our own freaky experiences with them.

    ~Now on to heights. I can't stand them. I will either hyperventilate and freeze up or I will freeze up and stop breathing. I can't go on most open stairways. (you know the ones with distance from the wall so you can see down sort of thing?) I refuse to go on glass floors. (I live in Michigan, and our capital building has a glass floor. I go to the capital every single year, and have to go to security for a special pass to use the elevators at all times, because of the glass floor and open stair ways. And this also helps in the fact I know every single secret passageway in the building, to avoid heights, and I had to teach security about them all.)

    Once, I went on a field trip to the CN tower in Canada, and my stupid teacher chaperon is like "Everyone on to the glass floor (with is over 70 stories up) so I can take a picture!" I refused. She started yelling at me, threatening with punishment, and I said no, and stayed firmly planted by the wall, sitting on the ground. I even told her I had a phobia of heights, she still didn't leave me alone. Finally she came over picked me up (she was the gym teacher), and placed me on the floor. I couldn't help but see down with all the mirrors everywhere and the perfectly clear glass... I cried, froze up, screamed once, then stopped breathing.... After thirty seconds of me not doing anything, even breathing, the teacher finally realized "Oh wait! This isn't good!" and took me down the elevator. Plus side out of this... That teacher became my slave at school... I got out of many things. ^ ^;;;

    ~Finally, I am afraid of death. I can't really go to funerals. I go in them to show respect, but I can't touch the corpse, doing the actually funeral, you can see my outside, usually smoking (only time I do this is because I am scared or stressed to hell), until the funeral is over. Thinking of death to long causes me to cry and scream in terror. I mean, I know it's natural, but I can't help it.

    When I know someone is dying, I distance myself from them, and I truly hate it. I really do. I did this when my mom's baby sister was dying... I loved my aunt so much, she was the closest person to me in the family, and I could barely hug her without being afraid. And because of that, I missed out on so much in her final time.

    Those are my fears. I hate them all, but I do try to concure them. I really do.
    For heights, I step a little closer to the railing and look over, trying to stand there a little longer each time... But I run away once it gets to hard.
    For clowns, a family friend is a balloon clown by trade, so I make sure to always stop by him and say hello whenever I see him in his costume.
    For death, I try to stay in the funerals longer, and try to touch the person for viewing... Though this is still my hardest one.

    For the Marienet dolls... I don't care. I hate them, and don't want to try anything with them...

    But I prefer my fears to my mothers.
    She is afraid of:

    ~Birds (I love them so much!)
    ~Spiders (I love holding tarantulas and daddy longlegs)
    ~Mice/Rats (I love them!)
    ~Most insects (I love touching them, playing with them. Butterflies are my favorite. Bees are sweet, potato bugs rock. xD)
    ~Most animals that aren't cats (I love animals. I mean it... I am only scared of Collies and Chihuahuas.. But I can still pet them and play with them.)
    ~Heights (shared)
  18. go figure, rosetea, but each and every one of those fears/phobias is/can be called completely natural. (that said, i am afraid of heights, too) the glass floors make you think you are 70 stories high on air, and make your body feel like it is going to fall. completely natural. when you are too high up, and are in an open area, even a slight wind could make your body topple over because of the reduced gravity. completely natural to fear falling. the marionette dolls, with incidents like that i'd have a complex too. fear of death is perfectly natural, as well. the clowns, well, it's kinda hard not to be afraid of someone who makes a fool of themself for a living. (balloon clowns excluded, they're awesome.)
  19. I'm. . .not really afraid of anything. ^^; I used to be afraid of bottomless pits? But then I actually saw a few, and it was just. . .so non-plussing.

    I'm not afraid of bugs, or snakes, or heights (quite the contrary, a DragonLass up a tree Is a happy DragonLass. The ground is boring and restraining.) Not afraid of clowns or snakes or death ^^; I take the view 'once you're not afraid of death, you can't really be afraid of anything else." I know maybe it doesn't apply to anyone else, but it works for me. ^^

    I am slightly afraid of losing my loved ones, but I can deal because according to my beliefs, i'll see them again. ^^ The really terrifying thing is my boyfriend leaving me ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    But I don't really have any chronic phobias, nope!
  20. And last night, I just remembered one more fear of mine...

    I don't usually think about it, because I don't have to deal with them much...


    Those things are scary as hell.... I usually curl up into my boyfriend's chest and cry as I cuddle with him... Meanwhile he is having a ball, and enjoying the storm...

  21. I have Arachnophobia!

    It started when i was little;

    I was outside..Just walking along..Mindindg my own beeswax..Then i peered into a bcket, and what did i see? A GIGANTIC spider in it..I was only 3! So i ran in the house, screaming like mad...The spider crawled out of the bucket...And crawled around..It was literally the size of my Hand! XD

    I have been scared f them ever since! Won't touch even the tiniest one..Their eyes scare me..They have eight..and...and Their all hairy..Yeuck..XD
  22. Alex

    Alex Guest

    I'm toxiphobic myself, and who wants a wifi battle my friend code is 3179 2544 7328
  23. I'm afraid of dogs. I still have the scar where my grandma's sheepdog bit me when I was a baby. At least, I think I do. It's kinda small, and old, and in the bend of my elbow.
  24. I fear angry stinging incects. o_o;; Hornets and wasps, bees not so much. Bees don't attack you without reason, you harass them they harass you. Now wasps, they will sting you for next to no reason. I don't think I have gone a single summer without being stung by a wasp. Dx
  25. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    It's true, too. People who tell me "if you just leave wasps/hornets alone, they don't bother you" are lying through their teeth and they know it. My grandmother was once stung three times just from walking out onto her back porch... a group of wasps had made their home on the underside >>

    I guess, with me, my brain goes into panic mode too quickly to separate bees from wasps and hornets. Even a fly that buzzes like a "bee" will make me jump, although once I know that it's not a threat I calm down. It's just that initial shock of hearing the buzzing or seeing something zip past my face that freaks me out.
  26. D: The wasps at my house hate me. My mom will ask me to turn on the pool filter during the summer and they'll be everywhere, once she goes to do it they have mysteriously disappeared. D<
    I used to flail around when I thought a wasp was near me, but that just got me attacked. Now I just freeze and freak out in my head.
  27. I have a fear of vacumms :-[ :-[
  28. I have alot of fears..some of them have reasons, some of them are off the wall o.o.
    I hate FAST moving bugs..I dont care about spiders because..I could just kill them with a book or something, but anything that moves fast, Like roaches, I flip out and scream like a little girl throwing every item I see at it to try and intercept it, including humans O_o.
    I've always hated fast moving bugs because everytime I try to kill them it doesnt work. And I am a certified bug ANNIHILATOR. If you dont belong in my house, you shall die.
    I also have a horrible fear of bats, Not the animals, the kind you play with baseball. I cant even watch baseball. I know why I have a fear of bats, but its personal.
    I hate heights, just because >< I know if I fall from a certain distance, there isnt no coming back and thats..bugs me ><
    I have a fear of getting in car crashes, which is way I walk to school as far from the road as possible.
    I have a fear of dying, and a fear of things aimed at my face, like guns, balls whatever, if its coming at my face I scream and duck for cover.
    One of my worst fears is probably of Airplans, I hate the sound, and I hate being in one, I hate the thought of crashing, or one randomly crashing into my house, Stupid yes, but nothing I can do about it.
    I also have a fear of being in immense pain >< So I avoid alot of things lol.
    One of my worst fears is things dying and coming back O-o Yes, Zombies.
    Thats my worst fear, and I have horrible experiences with Zombie spiders..

    Its actually funny if you look at it..

    I was in my room happy and singing to myself some song I'd never sing infront of anyone else, when some spider drops down on my desk. Soo okay, Im not that afraid of spiders so I pick up my cup coster to kill it and it HOPS and falls on the floor. So now im like "FTW hopping spider.." And I have to get under my desk to find the stupid thing, and it ATTACKS me from the cords by jumping on my hand and startling me so I fling it across the room and see it on the floor. I grab my katana (yes I have katana's in my room, im also afraid of strangers coming in my house dammit!) and cut it striaght in half YAY.

    No, half of it twitches and hops. So I scream bloody murder and chop it to tiner pieces. Then I encounter another and smash it with a book. It lives. I smash it again AGAINST the wall. It lives.
    I smash it repeatidly up against the wall and it still lives. So my entire family out on the couch can here me screaming, "DIE ALREADY YOU FUC*ER!" as I slam a TEXTbook into a spider.

    It finally died when I resorted to cutting that one into little peices to. I then refused to sleep in my room for a week and slept out on the couch or the bathroom floor.
    Dont ask me why but I feel safe in the bathroom ><
    And my last fear that I can recall is that I have a big fear of ghosts..I just dont like that entire concept O_o especially when its dark, and you see something, and you dont know what it is, and its making weird noises. I dont care if it turns out to be my cat playing in my coat, still scared the hell out of me.
    ZOMG zombie coat...
    Anyway..those are my phobia >
  29. While i love glitches...ironically they scare the hell outta me.I'm always worried that somthing really freaky will happen after a glitch.Sound glitches creep me out the most

    i also get aches whenever i hear a sound similar to scraping thats high pitched,like scraping a blackboard

    And whenever i see anything horror related i usually get a little paranoid,its the only time i'm afraid of the dark XD
  30. I have a semi-controllable fear of heights. If I believe my surroundings are sturdy enough then I'm fine, otherwise I tend to latch on to something like a banister or wall and I'll usually hyperventilate. It's one of the main reasons I dislike theme parks since I don't really go on any of the rides.
  31. Anne

    Anne Guest

    I am afraid of waiting. Seriously. Traffic makes me jittery, movie theaters mean sitting still for too long, and queues drive me crazy! It can get to the point of full blown anxiety attacks. I also am afraid of thunderstorms.
  32. I think Pain is already a given. ;D My greatest fear would probably be Darkness.
  33. Now if it were 'The darkness' rather than Darkness that'd be even more understandable. I'd probably find it very scary indeed if they suddenly appeared and started singing at me.
  34. Well, I have a phobia of Trainer Sonjo, seeing as he is the most intimidating person I know.

    But, on a more serious note, I'm personally afraid of not fitting in. Ever since I was little, I've been having trouble getting along with other people. I don't think it's me, but rather them being, well, jerks.
  35. Oh, geez, this is going to be a long post. Not because I'm scared of things (it's funny, everyone even minorly involved in my life knows I fear nothing), but because of the experience of others that I have been party to. Let's start with...

    My brother: Oh, this is going to be a good one. He's an arachnophobe (big time, I almost take pity), hates heights, is deathly afraid of rollercoasters, and has such a bad fear of needles that he'll start screaming and thrashing and will genuinely hurt someone if they try to calm him down (odd, considering he loves knives). One time he found a spider in his bed and he refused to sleep the whole night, instead curled up on the couch with all the lights on and no covers, thinking it was going to try to sneak up on him. He's scared of heights and rollercoasters, but his life's ambition is to be in the Air Force. ::) ??? I don't know quite how he'll achieve that, but okay...And the needles. When I was seven I had to get my chin stitched up, and when they brought out the needles he bolted from the room babbling nonsense (my dad joined him; cowards! I was the one being stitched up!). I think it's fun these days, though, since I got braces. Whenever he starts acting like he's tougher and braver then me, I'll (loudly) recount the story of having a thick, rather sharp needle the length of my hand shoved into my upper gums between my teeth. All the color will drain out of his face. He admitted, if he had to get braces, he probably would have done serious injury to the dentists working on him.

    Lizzie: Ah, Lizzie's well-documented phobia of clowns. Call me a bad, sick, evil, twisted friend, but when she was over at my house one time I was playing Dark Cloud 2. There are these twisted, psychotic clowns with no eyes and pure white face paint that silently pursue you, chasing after you unceasingly with long, curved knives. She closed her eyes and asked me to tell her when it was over, but I made her open her eyes prematurely. She'd always freak at that point. I plead the fifth; I was simply helping her get over her phobia.

    My other friend will refuse to open her eyes when it's dark, and I don't understand it. The fear was literally scared out of me when I was a kid (the absolute worst nightterrors and nightmares you can imagine, the board admins will probably delete the post if I go into detail) and I'm glad for it. I'm not scared of anything. Things might catch me by surprise and I'll jump, yes, but I worship Hannibal Lecter and laugh at his antics. Does that confirm me as clinically insane? :-\
  36. No one is scared of nothing, it's impossible unless you lack emotions.
  37. Hmm. Well, I haven't been honestly scared by something since those nightmares as a kid. I guess if I came across something really, truly frightening I'd probably panic (gosh, who wouldn't? You would have to be emotionless then, right?), but for the most part I laugh at things people are scared of. Now, if you're scared of zombies (like my friend Lizzie) I can understand that. Something that tries to eat you alive, and if you're lucky to get away alive you'd probably be infected---now that I'd run from. Really, really fast. Like lightning. But then, most people would. You'd have to be insane not to (my brother would try to make friends with them and get eaten. >_> ) So yeah, I see what you're saying.
  38. Probebly one of the most common fears, the fear of spiders. I'm sorta fine with the itsy-bisty teeny weenie one but the meduim sized or big one scare me so bad that i swear i'm gonna faint.
  39. i have arachnophobia
    and what is a fear of getting injections ???
    if i was your sister i wouldn't stop running till i reached alaska
    thats so creepy
    once i was asleep in my bed (duh) and a huge huntsman crawled out of my pillowcase into my hair onto my face i felt something moving and opened my eyes and it was eeeeeeeeeewrgfbkjsaghkHNSFLKJB
  40. 1. It's Claustrophobia (found it on the Phobia List)
    2. Enetophobia (that's fear of pins, which are like needles), I don't see a phobia for needles, you'll have to go with what I said
    3. What on earth ? That equals SPAM

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