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Favourite Region?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by GalacticDeg, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. The title is self-explanatory. What is your favourite region? It'd be nice if you put why.

    My favourite is Kalos because:
    • Pokemon Y was my very first Pokemon game, so this was my entrance into the game.
    • I love how beautiful the region is!
    • The game still has so much potential for a sequel (not one like USUM)
    • I love France.
    • The games were amazing, story-line and everything!
    • Another 100 reasons.
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  2. Kalos:
    Pokémon Y was my first game.
    The art style of Kalos is beautiful.
    The Pokémon produced were generally pretty good.
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  3. Unova: Because Pokémon White was the first Pokémon game I played. The region had a LOT of original Pokémon to choose from, the storyline, characters and villains were also amazing as well.
  4. Unova:
    Pokemon black was my first pokemon game.
    It added many oryginal pokemons and many from them is my Favorit. I really like his story line.
  5. Anomaletix

    Anomaletix Previously Keet


    really good pokemon

    trials were fun

    storyline was good
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  6. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    Alola because:
    • Sun and UM went to hard like OR or to easy like Y
    • It looks pretty
    • And I'm already out of reasons, for the moment at least
  7. My favourite region is Johto

    • I love the Japanese architecture
    • From memory I can`t think of a single pokemon design I dislike, unlike every other region, some are mediocre but none terrible
    • With hoenn and sinnoh sounds in the remakes it has a great diversity of pokemon without the variety feeling forced, unlike ORAS where they just wanted to have all mons be catchable
    • For me it`s the most memorable region, even if it wasn`t my first game
  8. Johto, with Kanto at a close second. Johto is just the most interesting to me and was hella fun to explore. Blue was my first game, but Silver (and SoulSilver) is what cemented me into the Pokemon fandom.
  9. iiSilvertank

    iiSilvertank Previously SilvertanK

    Pokemon Red was the first Pokemon game I played on any emulator. I love most of the pokemon designs, some designs sucked tho, such as Voltorb. The sprites "kinda" sucked. I honestly like gen 1 in general. However, gen 2 was a MASSIVE improvement.
  10. I'm a little conflicted. Johto is great. I love how johto and kanto are so close. Also the pokéathlon is amazing. It's so cool that whenever I think about it I wonder why no other region has ever attempted to recreate it. I'm also extremely biased to heartgold. Walking with your pokémon is easily my most favorite pokémon feature.

    Kalos is the other contender. The battle chateau is awesome. Also that cave you get fossils from is super cool(fossil pokémon are the best, no need to agree. I know I'm right.) . There's a lot of cool places in kalos. Don't even get me started on the statue in anistar city sundial. When 8pm comes that thing is just great. Also lumiose city is the greatest pokémon city ever in any game ANY game.
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  11. RoseAiluros

    RoseAiluros Mother of Meltans

    My favourite PKMN region is both Kanto and Johto. Kanto feels like I'm strolling through my actual hometown whilst Johto feels like the city of my birthplace. Both bring me a sense of belonging, excitement and comfort. I've yet to grow tired of them and although the other regions are lovely, these two will most likely always be my favourite.

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