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Favourite Platinum Battle Frontier Facility

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Linkachu, May 11, 2009.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    ... because now I can actually ask this question and know what I'm talking about :p
    So, if you've tried out all of the new facilities, which one is your favourite and why? Alternatively, which is your least favourite?

    I actually haven't hit the Battle Arcade yet, but I'm very familiar with the Battle Tower/Factory from previous games and did give the Castle and Hall a whirl. So far, I'm really liking how the Battle Castle works.

    Having to work your way up through it and manage your points properly is exactly the sort of stuff I enjoy doing, and the various options are fairly fun. Do I save my points, or buy my Pokemon a hold item? Do I handicap the opponent in advance, or just hope I survive? When's the right time to rank up, and who should I upgrade first? Even just picking which Pokemon to take in with you forces you to weigh the pros and cons. Any Pokemon with 5 PP moves probably won't have a very easy time early on, and anything reliant on its held item will definitely have some trouble (like my Marowak who became Thick Club-less, or my Unburden Drifblim XP).

    I could see how some people would hate this and rather the straight-forward battling, but it's pretty cool for anyone who likes to think and plan ahead XD
  2. Honestly, I like them all. Sometimes I get frustrated with one, but I find the flexibility of being able to do all five when I wish to make gaining BP SO much easier than in Diamond/Platinum.

    Good fun! If anyone wants to do some Wifi in there, gimme a holler :p
  3. Don't you mean Diamond/Pearl LoN? XD

    I have to say my favorite is the Battle Factory, even though I'm the worst at that Facility. XD

    My least favorite is the Battle Tower. I failed at it so bad in Diamond, still do XD
  4. Don't you mean Diamond/Pearl LoN? XD
    [/quote]It appears I did :p I suppose I was thinking of the pair of games I owned and not the actual pair.

    And if you wanna go through on the Multi Tower with me, gimme a holler :)
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    That sounds like it could be a lot of fun ^^

    But I must agree with Shado... After having nothing but Battle Tower in D/P, I'm not overly interested in getting back into it again. I DO intend to beat Palmer that second time, but it might take me awhile to muster the energy. Battle Tower is just so... tedious for me XD If I'm going to be sitting through battle after battle, I much rather it be on a game like PBR where things are a biiiiiit more interesting (even if the matches are longer due to all the nifty effects).

    Still... Multi-battle Tower WFC sounds pretty awesome. Must try that at some point.
  6. My fav has to be the Battle Arcade. I dont know why, but I have a strange love for it. My least fav is the Battle Hall.

    My favs in order

    1. Battle Arcade
    2. Battle Castle
    3. Battle Tower
    4. Battle Factory
    5. Battle Hall
  7. I'd have to say the Battle Factory. I guess it's just so much more interesting battling with Pokemon that aren't yours. Also, it seems much more fun now I have actually beaten Thorton (I won the last seven matches, including Thorton, with the same Pokemon, who were all water types.)
    The Battle Hall is boring, but so easy. It was the first facility I beat the Frontier Brain at.
    The Battle Tower is very dull, especially as I already fought Palmer at it in Pearl, so it's kinda pointless.
    The Battle Arcade, is alright, but the gimmick wears off after a while and it turns into the Battle Tower.
    The Battle Castle has to be my least favourite. I don't like the constant stopping and lack of availability at the start.
  8. i really like them all except the battle factory, it is incredibly unfair that thorton can and usually does have legendaries, but i beat his moltres with a stone edge from breloom, because luckily fire blast missed.

    but my favorite is probably the hall, because i like the short battles and the loss of special attack from draco meteor doesnt really matter because after you beat that pokemon your on the next trainer.
  9. You can use come legendarys in the Battle Frontier, like the legendary birds, the legendary dogs, the regis and the lake Pokemon.
  10. Battle Arcade all the way. It has just the right combination of traditional battling and the special conditions that the BF is known for.
  11. Battle Hall is my personal preference. To be frank, the other ones bore me to death.
  12. My fav is the battle arcade because I like controlling the field and what the opponents Pokemon can do like if they have a berry or statis effect. ;D
  13. Battle Factory, because who doesn't like a bit of randomness in their diet? Besides, Ienjoy being able to use all the different Pokemon.
  14. I really like the Arcade because, with decent hand-eye coordination, I can make my opponent easily lose. I usually poison or burn my opponent when I get the chance.

    My second favorite is the Battle Hall. I'm not fond of having to have a streak of fifty before seeing Argenta, but at least I can choose types I'm strong against.

    On the disliked facilities, I really hate the Battle Factory. With rental Pokemon, I often don't know how to use them, and their odd sets occasionally confuse me. I'm decent with my own Pokemon, but horrid with other people's.

    My absolute least favorite, however, is the Battle Castle. I am a miser. I dislike spending CP, thinking I'll need it later, even if I may lose the next battle if I don't heal or upgrade. Because of this, I don't play there often.

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