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Favourite Final Fantasy Charachter

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by QuilavaEmperor, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. Your favourite character, boss, enemy, job, or even side character. I'd like to know. From Final Fantasy I all the way to FF XII. I'd like to know. My favourite character would have to be Luneth from FF III. He's just soooo awesome and he's the best at Dragoon (Dragon Knight). I love Chocobos too. Is it me or is Cid in like every FF game?
  2. Like any fanboy, I like Squall and Cloud, and they'd probably end up being my top main characters.

    Top villains would be Kefka, then probably Seymour and Sephiroth.
    And Kuja was pretty good as well.

    There's Auron for sheer bad*ssery, so yeah.

    And then there's also Vivi.

    Then there's also, Celes, Cyan, Edgar, and Sabin...

    There are probably more I could think of, just not at this moment...
  3. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Oh gosh, I don't have a single favourite, I have favourites from every game. Apart from 1 and 2, and I haven't played 3, so let's go through them:

    Final Fantasy 4: Cecil. As a character, he's kinda mundane (but so is everyone else). However, in FF4 DS, thanks to the new augments, he suddenly becomes my most essential team member. Between Brace, Counter and Draw Attacks, he's capable of dishing loads of damage for a small amount of damage in return. A close second would be Edge, purely for his cut scene in FF4 DS before you fight Rubicante.

    Final Fantasy 5: Faris. A woman masquerading as a man, and a Pirate to boot. She has the most obvious character development throughout the game as long as you follow it. The other characters are all kinda blah, especially Bartz who doesn't really have any character development at all. However, there's one other character from FF5 who I like more...

    Final Fantasy 5: Gilgamesh. If you don't like Gilgamesh, you have no soul. Fo' realz. Easily the best character in the game, with his theme music, his quirky personality and his complete inability to execute plans properly. I love him :)

    Final Fantasy 6: Setzer. Like Stel, I'm in love with Setzer. His personality leads him to join your team and he's easily one of the coolest party members. Not the most useful person in the game, but his character more than makes up for it. His back story is gorgeous, along with the scenes before you get the Falcon.

    Final Fantasy 6: Mog. Kupo! Never made it to my final team, but he was an awesome character. Given a spear the the dragon boots, he turns into a good Dragoon, with extra Dance abilities. He's quirky, hilarious and snuggable-adorable. The only down side is that ultimately, there are other, better abilities in the game.

    Final Fantasy 6: Umaro. Uwaooooooo! The beserker :D The giant yeti who joins you because of Mog. Fantastic. That's what makes him awesome. This giant sasquatch that obeys a tiny moogle. And in battle, he's easily the strongest (physically) character you can get. Slap him in the colosseum and start raking in the items :D

    Final Fantasy 7: Zack. I'm not that keen on most of the main characters tbh. Zack is the character I love. He's kind, strong, passionate and protective of his friends. I've yet to play Crisis Core to get a better idea of his character, but in Last Order he was awesome in every way. More Zack please.

    Final Fantasy 8: Pretty much the entire cast. Couldn't pick a favourite for FF8. It's easily in my top three favourite Final Fantasies. The dynamics between all of the main party are great, as are the secondary characters like Edea, Ellone and Laguna. Great game, great characters.

    Final Fantasy 9: Sir Fratley. You see him twice in the entire game. The first time, he mows down Black Mages that are stalking you. He's a lot like Freya, and he could potentially have had some much more to his character if the producers had chosen so (which is a shame because it'd be great to learn more about him). One of the best appearences in the game, nice backstory.

    Final Fantasy 10: Rikku. Most of the cast of FF10 annoyed me, apart from Rikku. She was the only character who seemed to actually have a personality. Most of the time, she was happy and bouncey and the life and soul of the team. For her Overdrive, being able to mix stuff was great and sometimes the difference between winning and losing.

    Final Fantasy 12: Penelo. I think I'm the only person who liked Penelo. She was like a toned-down Rikku, I thought. And her personality was a sharp contrast to everyone else's. A smart, kind character who actually gave a damn about the other party members. She was my Zodiac Spear wielder, and the first to clear her License Grid. Great character, topped only by...

    Final Fantasy 12/Tactics Advance 2: Al Cid. While Penelo got crappier for Tactics Advance 2, Al Cid got more awesome. All of his attacks had little phrases for him to say, and the first time you fight him he's surrounded by women. Classic. Once you get him in your clan, his ability "Flourish" becomes his strongest attack, doing up to 300 damage depending on how many women are in your team. It's great, and he's a solid character who I always use.

    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 1: Ritz. The only character who really stood out to me. She had the only believable personality, and she had awesome abilities in battle. Her kind-of backstory was cute as well. Like I said, she had the only believable personality. Mewt and Marche had nothing on her.

    Final Fantasy 12: Revenant Wings: No one ¬_¬. Felt like I had to point this out. No one in FF12:RW was a good character, and the game itself was even worse. They killed everyone's personalities and made a silly spin-off that was totally pointless.
  4. Ha, I forgot Locke, Zidane, Steiner, and Amarant.
  5. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Vgfian, please reduce the size of your sig. It's far too big.
  6. Going back to FF8, there is one other character there besides Quistis that I absolutely adore: Rinoa's dog Angelo. Poor mutt has survived being sent flying into the opponent so many times, not to mention he has the incentive of randomly helping you out in a battle or can even make your entire party temporarily invincible. Shooting star is also a neat Limit Break beside the random Angel Wing.

    But now that El mentions it, FF8's cast was a lovable bunch. They're not as heavily emotional as the cast of other FFs and each has a brighter, fun side to them. It might be because of how each characters is related to the other, but they are a closely knit bunch that the player can really understand.

    Other notable characters in the FF series for me are Balthier and Fran from FF12. I know, totally pathetic of me to support the leading man, but he's just so charismatic, cool and witty. And you gotta love Fran's pseudo-jamaican accent.

    Also in the pool of Ivalice games, Luso Clemens from Grimoire on the Rift is a refreshing departure from Marche from the previous handheld Tactics. He may not be as emotionally entangled with the storyline as the hero of the first game, but I guess that's what's so refreshing about him.

    Montblanc is also one of the neatest moogles out there. He can be a tad annoying at times, but he's such a great friend to Marche.

    Oh, and to point out favorite job classes, Blue Mages, Dragoons and Snipers in Tactics for the GBA are farkin beasts. Blue Mages have the advantage of a diverse spell pool which allows them to function as just about anything, while Dragoons are just awesome as jumping-everywhere-and-killing-them-dead characters. I've always found the Vieras to be a neat race, and the Sniper family is one of my favorites to brgin into a battle.

    hmmm...favorite bosses. I can't really decide on that. I've never come across a boss I found to look epic. In fact, as most games progress they just get uglier and freakier (Ultimecia from 8 is an excellent example) But the single most weird/amusing/irritating boss would be Jumbo Cactuar(he's just bigger. with a moustache. oh, and he pretty much kills you with a ridiculous needle attack that is just exactly one point higher than your maximum HP.)
  7. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Really? I can't get past his hat.
  8. Yes, Cid is in every game, I think.

    My favorite characters from Final Fantasy 4 (the only one I've ever played) would have to be:
    Party members: Rydia, Edge, and Palom (the boy)
    Boss: All of the Elemental Lords, Zeromus, Zeromus EG, all of the summon spirits and lunar summon spirits
    Enemy: King Behemoth. They're my favorite and my most hated. They're so hard to defeat. It's maniacal!
  9. cloud from FF VII, Kingdom Hearts, KH re: Chain of Memories, and KH2 cause he kicks some serious a**!!!
  10. Hmm...

    Final Fantasy IX ~ Eiko, Freya, Vivi... I can't really decide. I loved how Eiko was just a little kid but was so tough and I love summoners. Freya because she was a badass dragoon and I love the part in her hometown - I can't remember the name, Burmecia? Or is that from a different game? And Vivi because he's so little and quiet, but is amazing when he needs to be i.e. airship cutscene where he uses Fire.

    Final Fantasy X ~ Rikku - I love her backstory, being part of the Al Bhed and wanting to rescue Yuna. I really need to play X again to refresh my memory of that part. I also loved everything about playing her, from her fast attacks to her awesome overdrives. Love her sparky personality too.

    Final Fantasy XI ~ Shantotto, because she's the biggest (yet littlest!) badass black mage you'll ever meet.

    Final Fantasy XII ~ Balthier for his remarkable stage presence ;] And Fran for her awesome voice!
  11. Well...I've only really played 1-6 all the way through, and I really only liked 2, 4 and 6.

    So...I'd have to say for FF2 my favorite character was Minwu because he's an awesome asset to your party when he's there because he's a White Wizard. Also, if you train him right, he can be stronger than the rest of your party.

    For FF4, I love Edge. He's got such a fun personality, like always trying to act like he's the best and hitting on the girls all the time. In the DS version they have thought bubbles when you run around as a character, and his are always the funniest. He's also good in battle, because he may not be the strongest, but for me he almost always gets 2 attacks for everyone else's 1.

    For FF6, I like Gau and Sabin. Gau because he's such a funny character, and is wild and childish, and also because if you get the right rages for him, he can be pretty good. Sabin because once you learn how to use his skills, he really strong.

    For main enemies in any game, I'd have to choose Kefka. He's an insane clown who kills a whole country, pretty much destroys the whole world, and basically becomes a god. And he's got a crazy, scary laugh.

    I also love chocobos in any game, because they looks so cute and have an adorable noise when you catch them. Using them as transportation is useful too.

    My favorite class would have to be a ninja, just because you can attack more often, use two weapons at a time, and you also throw different weapons and scrolls to inflict damage on your enemies.
  12. Linkachu

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    I wish I could say the same. As much as I love certain characters from each game, I definitely do have my top favourites XD

    My quick answer is a pretty shallow one. My two top favourite Final Fantasy characters are Mog and Red XIII... both for similar reasons. They're talking animals who aren't restricted by being animals (which numerous RPGs - and other gaming genres - have done), they're adorable and awesome for what they are, they have interesting and/or fun personalities, and... they're adorable? >>; To be honest, I do enjoy using both of them in my teams but they're not necessarily the "best" characters - just my favourites.

    Now for a more expanded reply like El's... I've played numerous FF games, and if I didn't enjoy the characters as much as I do I probably wouldn't have kept going back to the series. So, naturally, I do have many favourites as well, but not necessarily from every game... Gonna skip FF 1-3 and 5 for various reasons (its been ages since I played FF1 and I can't even remember its secondary characters or antagonists, I haven't played FF2 or FF5 extensively, and FF3... its characters just didn't stand out to me).

    In FF IV, Rydia has always been a favourite of mine. I love how her character transitions throughout the game and her connection to the summoning world, and in trying to keep things semi-spoilerless... she has one of the best scenes in the game XP

    As for FF IV: The After Years... My pick is easily Kain. I always loved him in the original, but about as much as I did Cecil and Edge (which was less than Rydia). The After Years did something with Kain I always wanted to see done... and it's frelling awesome. He's just a really fun character with some great plot points.

    FF VI... Many to mention. Terra, Locke, Edgar, Sabin, Celes, Mog, Umaro, Setzer, Gau, Shadow, and Kefka. I love that game more than any other in the series, and one of the reasons why is its cast. Pretty well all of the main characters are awesome for their own reasons, and Kefka is one of my favourite gaming antagonists to date. No FF VI character is like the others, in both their personalities and their special abilities (not counting Gogo, but even Gogo has a unique personality... XD). As for Kefka... I've said it before. He's insane, completely and utterly, and for that he is awesome.

    FF VII has, again, Red XIII, but I must admit that I do have a soft spot for Cloud, Aeris, and Cait Sith,. I don't dislike any of the other characters either, I'd just place those four above 'em for different reasons (Cloud and Aeris for their impact on the plot, and Cait Sith for being an interesting character in various ways).

    FF VIII is another like FFVI for me... I adore the game and love the cast. Rinoa, Squall, and Laguna stand slightly above for me (Squall and Riona being one of the cutest RPG couples ever, and Laguna for being his awkward yet heroic self), but all of the main characters were great and highly enjoyable. Like El, the secondary characters (like Edea and Ellone) were really well-developed, too, so they get notable mentions... and Rajin/Fujin crack me up.

    FFIX had Zidane, who I've long felt was one of the better FF heroes since FF6 (edging out Cloud and Squall), and characters like Vivi. Vivi always intrigued me for his origin story, and I really enjoyed his portions of the game. As for Zidane... he was just a really likable character, not overly angsty, and made things fun.

    FFX... hmm... Rikku was a really fun character with an interesting history, and I'm probably in the minority of people who liked Tidus. He's basically just a regular, sports playing kid who gets thrown into this strange new reality - his character development reflecting that. He didn't feel quite the same as the usual FF characters, something I really liked about him.

    FF XII... To be honest, none of the characters were really powerful, but I do love Basch, Balthier, and Fran. I wasn't expecting to like Fran originally, but she found a way into my main trio early on and I very much enjoyed the plots surrounding her. Balthier probably has the most character out of all of the main cast, including some interesting twists, which makes an impression on my mind. As for Basch... I dunno why, I just love the guy for what he is. He was also part of my main trio.

    I think the only spin-off title I'll mention is the original Final Fantasy Tactics, because many of the ones I've played (FF Adventure, the FF Legend collection, Mystic Quest, etc.) aren't really true FF games, and as fun as FFTA was... its characters didn't strike me quite the same as others have.
    Anyways, in FF Tactics, Ramza and Delita really make the game, but I also really love some of the secondary characters like Zalbaag and Alma. Delita is one of the most interesting characters in the game for everything he schemes and manages to achieve considering where he started, and it's really nifty that you get to play extra missions involving him in FFT: The War of the Lions. As for Ramza... for all the shit he's put through he rises to the occasion and never loses sight of his guiding beliefs. Even when the entire world seems against him he keeps going, following his own path, and I love him for it. The guy really makes a great hero.

    As a side point, Chocobos, Moogles, and Tonberry are easily my favouirte creatures from the FF world, though tbh I like FF6's Moogles by far the best. Their new, more bunny-ish look don't do it for me quite the same way XP

    [quote author=Tonberry]I know, totally pathetic of me to support the leading man[/quote]


    Yeah... I think you can see by my reply that I'd be much more pathetic than you. What can I say? I generally enjoy the leading characters as much, if not more, than the others. They tend to shape the game XP
  13. Squall is my favorite. I got him to Lv. 96 in FF Dissidia. Been almost a month since i played it though. lol.
  14. favorite game: final fantasy tactics, old school baby! ramza beoulve ftw.
  15. Linkachu

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  16. KoL

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    Hmm, favourite Final Fantasy characters, well...

    For Final Fantasy IV, I'd say Rydia's my favourite character. Her personality has a unique edge to it since she's essentially a child in an adult body, but still acts outwardly mature enough for it to seem like a mismatch. She does have a few moments though when her true age shines through, especially with regards to Edge's flirting which she obviously isn't fully able, if at all, to understand since she's still a child (although he doesn't know this.) Tellah comes a close second for the "Spoony Bard" quote.

    Final Fantasy V wasn't particularly strong on the character side, but one character did stand out: Gilgamesh. The player characters struck me as being generic and boring for the most part, with the exception of Galuf who had a fair few comical moments. Gilgamesh however stole the show almost as soon as he appeared, and his role as a comical villain made him the most interesting character to me, even though that really isn't saying much.

    Final Fantasy VI has to be Kefka. I generally prefer villains over heroes, and although Kefka did have a decent backstory explaining his insanity, his personality alone definitely makes him by far the best character in FFVI. He's certainly one of the most, if not the most, evil characters in the whole series, since he had no real goal besides killing for the sake of killing.

    Final Fantasy VII, oddly, didn't have any characters that I can really say I liked a great deal, although I don't mind any of them really. I did like Yuffie and Hojo a bit more than the rest of the cast though, Yuffie because she was quite funny at times, and Hojo because of the depth of his character as well as him seeming like a truly evil, power-hungry and ultimately dangerous individual. Being Sephiroth's dad earns a bonus point for the guy too.

    Final Fantasy VIII, I'd say I like Seifer most, and then Zell a close second. Seifer was an asshole - plain and simple, but he did seem to have moments where he could actually be a decent person, which sort-of makes him a reverse of the "good guy trying to be an asshole" character, by being an asshole character who can be alright when he wants to be...which isn't very often.

    Final Fantasy IX...Zidane certainly made a nice change from the moody characters that were Cloud and Squall, Steiner played the comedy role quite well, Vivi's a black mage - a PROPER black mage...enough said, and Quina's absolute weirdness made me like her a bit too. Overall, no-one stood out here either - everyone shares the stage equally.

    Final Fantasy X is Rikku, no doubt. On the surface, she was a bubbly, optimistic and funny character, but underneath you could tell she was actually quite intelligent, and her outward personality and her inner personality, if you can call it that, merged together very well. Plus, Mix is just straight-up broken if you get the right items early, which quite easily makes her overall the strongest character in the game in terms of battle ability. Auron also gets a close second mention for reasons that I shouldn't have to explain.

    I don't know why I'm even bothering with X-2 here, but I will for the hell of it. Not including any of the characters who were already in FFX, my favourites in this one had to be Ormi, Logos and Leblanc. When they weren't irritating the living hell out of you constantly throughout the first two chapters, they were actually a very comical and interesting group, and their eventually helping you showed that like most comical antagonists, they really weren't bad guys at all.

    Moving on from that before I start cursing about it, Crisis Core comes next. Sephiroth "pre-emo" was quite an interesting character to me, since he often reacted to things a lot differently to the way I would have expected him to. Him flinching when Zack yelled down the phone at him was funny since I wouldn't expect him to do anything remotely funny at all, and he seemed quite open-minded at times as well, such as when he said he wanted to believe Angeal (I think that's his name, my memory fails me a bit...) was still on their side and Zack told him to believe it in that case. Sephiroth simply responded with "Alright, I will." He was definitely a lot more interesting before he turned evil than he was afterwards.
  18. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Again, hard to say, there is a number of good ones.

    Irvine, Seifer, Edge, Kefka, Red XIII, Vincent, Balthier, and Cid Highwind are probably my favorite characters overall
  19. All i have to say is Cid Is Awesome xD GO CID!

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