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Favorite Trainers

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Satoren, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Oh hey, another favorite topic; because we've discussed this a fair few times in Chat, and a lot of people show clear favorites regarding them. So now you can formally tell us all: Whose your favourite Gym Leader, Elite Four Member and/or Frontier Brain?

    If I had to pick between the 32 current gym leaders (I'm personally not counting the Isshu gym leaders till I see them in the anime, or have translations of their in-game dialogues) I would have to say my favorite is either Erika or Fantina. I like Erika in that she's this pretty, noble young lady who demonstrates many traits of the ideal Japanese woman; but to be honest, the Grass type theme seems to be forced on her and she doesn't really have any significant quirks about her (barring perhaps her vague lesbian undertones with Misty in the manga) I think the particular reason I like Erika is with her artwork in the TCG. She's quite pretty there.


    And then there's Fantina. Truthfully, I'm rather apathetic about her design. It's nutty, it's purple, it's Sugimori so meh. My admiration for Fantina stems more from her quirky personality. The manga and anime show that she's slightly off-kilter, but is an impressive gym leader nonetheless. In the anime, she's shown to be a very capable battler, and uses Contest knowledge and even her opponent's strategies effectively. Plus, in the Japanese dub she has this lulzy engrish accent so ^^

    As for Frontier Brains, my favorite is Argenta, though I don't really know why. I kind of like her design, I guess. And I love how presumptuous she looks in the game with her trainer animation and mugshot. I rather hoped the Gen 4 Frontier Brains could be featured in the anime, but ah well.

    What about you? Who're your favorite Pokemon League Trainers?
  2. I really have no idea who any of the frontier brains are, and I haven't given much thought to my favorite E4 member...

    but I do have a favorite gym leader, and that is Norman ♥

    I just love his design, I love how his gym gives you an assload of experience, I love the Pokemon he uses, and I love that every time I verse him it's usually pretty challenging. I dunno, Norman is just a cool guy. I like him.

    (will edit this post or make a new one if I figure out my favorite E4 or frontier member)
  3. Funnily enough it took me a while to figure out who my favorite gym leader/E4 person was. A fair few of them have designs I really like, so I had to go a bit deeper to find my favorite. XD My favorite gym leaders have to be either Sabrina or Volkner. Sabrina was an original favorite of mine from way back when because I loved the episodes she was in. Ash, Misty, and Brock as dolls was just lulzy. And sure Volkner was emo and blacked out his entire city out of boredom, but hey. Again, I loved his anime appearances. And I have to say that Volkner's English VA is my favorite of all the characters whether in English or Japanese.

    Steven has my favorite design out of any person in the E4 and I'm disappointed he didn't get more screentime. They could've put him in the Kyogre/Groudon arc but nooooooo. They just HAD to bring in Lance <<. What a waste. But then again I can say that about other E4 members as well. Karen was another original favorite of mine. Back in the GSC days, I liked her just for being a dark type Pokemon trainer, but now I also appreciate her character design and her views on Pokemon
  4. Well, Karen is... umm, never mind.

    Yeah, Karen's cool. ;)
  5. Favorite Gym Leader: I'd have to say Sabrina, hands-down. I just LOVED her anime episodes, and she could be a real bitch in the games if you weren't careful. And she's hawt :x

    E4 member: Like Carmi, I also just adore Karen, and for pretty mucht the same reasons. I would've given it to Sidney for being Dark, but Karen really was cool in how she used dark-like pokes, and is hawt :x
  6. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    Those of you who know me know of my great love for a certain Gardenia. I find her adorable in terms of both appearance and personality - especially in the anime, where she is even more crazily obsessed with grass types than I am. Honestly she's the only gym leader I really love - though I do have appreciation for certain leaders more than others.

    On a side note, Steven was bloody awesome, and I really wish they gave him a bit more screen time in the series. With the major lack of Hoenn cameos in the other regions (Steven's appearance in HG/SS was the only one. Ever. Meanwhile, Johto and Kanto characters are everywhere) you'd think that it was Hoenn that was miles-a-fucking-way, rather than Isshu. <<;
  7. My favourite Gym Leader. Tough one, but I'm going to go with Volkner. He was a little reclusive and uncaring. Like me. Um, also he trained Electric Types, and his Gym Challenge almost made me want to fling the DS out the window. His team was badass and it took me a few tries to beat him.

    Elite 4... Flint, because I just liked that giant red afro.

    That's it!
  8. Wow, this is a tough decision. I'm not going to count the ones that were hardest to beat, as that does not always display their in-game or anime personality. After a bit of thinking, I would have to say Arcade Star Dahlia, a Frontier Brain for Sinnoh. She sounds very optimistic, is one of the few characters with a darker skin tone (yay, diversity!), and can still kick your butt but be nice about it. I also like her Trick Room strategy, which left me nutty as my Empoleon had a slightly faster speed.
  9. Well...it'll be a little hard to answer this cuestion...mmm...maybe no too much hard XD
    Gym Leader: Despite the fact that he doesn't even appear in the anime and only in the game, It'll be Dento from pokémon Black/White series, he looks dreamly cute, I love his green hair and his waiter costume, he looks cute ^w^, moreover the very very small dialogue form the black and white preview that shows a little part fo his voice, somehow reminds from Takeshi Yamamoto from KHR. However As teh post say we can't count with the Ishuu region leaders, maybe my favorite Gym Leader It'll be Wallace from PkMn Ruby/Sapphire (Yes without that stupid cape that makes him look more gay), Wallace it's the perfect gym leader, starting by the fact that he trains water type pokémon, he's so awesome, he's too a PkMn coordinator, and later in the emerald series he become the Hoenn region Champ.
    Frontier Brain: Personally I hate each and every one of the Frontier brain trainers from Hoenn (Or Kanto???:s), the only and unique forntier brain that I really like s Battle Castle Valet Darach, I love his PkMn platinum team, his designs is very...nice or maybe too awesome, I really don't know how to speach about him u_u
    Elite 4: I have just 2 words 4 ya: ¡Cynthia Rules!
  10. Favorite Gym Leader? I'm probably the biggest Roark fangirl here XP I remember he made an evolution speech in the anime that I had to watch more than once, for I squeed too loudly the first time >> XD

    I'm not quite sure on Frontier Brains- I never really went for the whole Frontiery thing~

    And as for E4 members? Tough call. I don't really know enough of their personalities to make a judgement.
  11. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    This'll be fun:

    Gym Leader: I'll be honest - this one has changed a lot for me in the past, and I've never really put much thought into which one gym leader stands out from all the others for me before. Misty stood out for using Water-types, which is my type of choice, Maylene for having Lucario, Koga for being a ninja, and very recently Kamitsure for looking cool as all hell and appearing to have a personality to match it. That said, now that I've actually thought about it the grand prize winner for No.1 has to go to Blaine. For one thing, his "crazy old man" personality is funny, secondly his quiz questions are the exact kind of obstacle I'd choose if I had my own gym, and finally when Cinnabar Island is nuked in Gen II what does he do? He rolls right on over to Seafoam Islands, sets shop there and continues on with his work - nothing stands in the way of Blaine. Manga Blaine was awesome too by the way - definitely a very close contest for this spot, but Blaine wins it by a hair (which is ironic because he doesn't have much.)

    Frontier Brain: If I wanted to be snarky, I'd say Palmer was my favourite for giving me probably at least 500 BP in total since I first encountered him. If I was being perfectly honest though, I'd probably still say Palmer is my favourite. Barry may suck ass but Palmer looks cool, he's a pretty tough opponent for the unprepared, and unlike the other Brains, he needs no goofy gimmicks to get by - it's just you and him, 3 vs 3, best man wins. Having Cynthia's champion theme in D/P earns him bonus points, since it suggests he has the skill of a champion himself.

    Elite Four/Champion: Does anyone really have to ask this? Really? The Elite Four as a whole are forgettable for me each and every generation, the champions are considerably cooler, but one champion rules them all, and rule he will forever - say hello to the OC, original champion Blue/Gary. Having your rival as the champion was, back then, an awesome (if rather predictable) twist that made the climax to the game special. The one guy who's out to beat you, the one who is your rival right off the bat, and he's the guy you have to beat in order to become champion yourself. No other rival has ever really shown themselves as being a true rival to the player character since then except possibly Silver - Brendan/May in Gen III sucked, Wally sucked more and Barry/Nutcase was just irritating and...well, crap. Blue/Gary was the only rival who truly seemed to be a rival to the player, and even though you always beat him he was always one step ahead of you, and the final battle against him to finally knock him off his high horse and take the crown was definitely memorable. No other champion holds a candle to this guy.
  12. I'd have to say that my favorite Gym Leader so far is most likely Volkner.

    I just really like how at first he's being a douche bag and refuses to fight you. Then that E4 guy's name which I can NEVER remember comes along and starts egging him on to fight you until he finally snaps and decides to fight you (or something like that. I haven't played Diamond in a loooong time). I just love his emo attitude.

    But if I could choose from the 5th Gen as well it would definitely be Giima. We finally get a Dark Type E4. I'm glad he's around.
  13. who is your favourite gym leader.

    mine is jasmine the jhoto steel gym leader. Its good to finally have a girl who isn't all, well, girly!!! :)
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  14. Hmm. For Gym Leader, I'd say Winona. She has a great design, trains flying types and I remember her being pretty cool in the anime.

    For Elite Four members, It's Caitlin. I think it's great they brought the character back and the fact that she was the girl Darach served in P/HG/SS is awesome. I never saw it coming. Oh, and she has a Musharna.

    My favourite Frontier Brain member is Thorton, hands down. He was the main reason I was annoyed at the lack of Sinnoh's Battle Frontier in the anime. He has an awesome design and battles with him are always pretty epic, as you are using rented Pokemon, so in a way it is an emotionless, strategic battle but is also very intense.
  15. Favorite gym leader : Tate and Liza from Hoenn . They are my favorite because they were the hardest to beat fer me xD . Their Lunatone was impossible fer me to beat back then .
  16. Favourite Gym leader, I must say Morty. His fighting style always gave me the creeps. HE was just sooooo smooth and awesome! Also, his GEngar drove me nuts. Dream Eater and Hypnosis is a friggin' sweet combination :D

    My favourite Elite four is probably Lance. Just like Morty he was super strong and that always bugged me in a nice way :D
  17. Try Karen. .__.
  18. Try Sidney as well. I'll be glad the day we get a Dark type gym leader I can adore ♥
  19. My favorites are :
    Sir Aaron ( Pokemon 8 - Lucario and the mystery of mew )
    Riley ( Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum )
  20. for me..my favorite pokemon trainer is non other than Brock of Pewter City... I like him because of his knowledge when it comes to Pokemon.. I also admire him because after his father left,he's the only one taking care of all his sibs..he even clean their house and do the chores including sewing clothes and taking care of his sibs is really a big job..but despite that he still do his responsibility as a gym leader, a trainer, and as a brother.. I also like some of his pokemon like Onix(Steelix now), Crobat, Mudkip(Marshtomp now), Lotad(Ludicolo now), and Happiny(Chansey now). I really admire him and I get disappointed that he already leave the team of ash and stayed at kanto in his hometown, Pewter City to become a pokemon doctor.. but still.. I admire him!! end of story!!

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  21. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    KoL bringing up Blaine reminded me of Pocket Monsters Special, in which Blaine is particularily badass, but then again, all the characters in that manga were really, really awesome.
  22. #1 Spot goes to.... Morty!


    ♦ Firstly; he's a Ghost type Pokemon trainer, and the only male Ghost Type Gym Leader~
    ♦ Secondly, I love ghost types and especially Morty's Gengar ¬// w //¬ Derp.
    ♦ Lastly, he seems like a laid back kinda Gym Leader but is really tough to beat.

    #2 Spot is awarded to... Bugsy!


    ♦In no other region (that I know of..) is there a bUg Type Gym Leader, so Bugsy has always held a special place in my heart~♥
    ♦ He was so funny in the Pokemon anime~!! Telling Misty that Bug Types were cool ^^
    ♦ Bugsy is also a tough Gym Leader but didn't have any Johto bug types in his team. Sad Kasumi was sad,desu ; 3 ;

    Lastly, in position #3 is... Volkner!


    ♦Wow! It's not a Johto Gym Leader! 8D;;
    ♦ I used to be obsessed with the Electric-types too.... durrhurrhurr... His team is strong and unique but definently PWn!
    ♦ I'm a sucker for gloomy blonde haired dudes . w .

    Wow...they're all gym leaders... male gym leaders too... OTL
  23. My favorite trainer has to be Silver.
    Ther was sumthin about him that made me like him i jst dont no y............
    4 gym ldr it wud b Morty he jst was so annoying 2 beat (hypnosis...) that he earned a place of fameee
    I dont rlly like any of the fontier brains tbh... Not rlly good designs imo...
  24. Morty of course! :3 He may have made me black out seven times and lose half of my money, and almost break both my game boy and Nintendo DS... but darn it he's awesome! I like any Ghost-type pokemon trainer/gym leader, but he's just the cutest ;P. Not to mention I really, really like his HG/SS outfit. It suits him much better than the blue and gold get-up he wore in G/S/C. XD

    For E4/Champion I would have to say Steven. I really wish he got more appearances in the anime. But it made me happy that he was in HG/SS, even if it was just for a short scene.

    I never really got into the Battle Frontier stuffs, so I don't have a favorite frontier brain. Sorry. D:

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