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Favorite Sun/Moon starters?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Lucky Blade, May 21, 2016.


What is You're Favorite Sun and Moon Starter?

  1. Rowlet

  2. Litten

  3. Popplio

  1. The starters for Sun and Moon are just okay. A sea lion is cool, but it looks like a buffoon. It is also based off a clown, so that could explain it. Also, don't we already have like 10 cat Pokemon families? We already have an owl as well, and not to mention that this Pokemon will be 4x weak to Ice-Type moves. Since they are already here though, we might as well embrace them. Make them feel like home. Maybe make some memes about them. Imagine what their personalities would be like. You know, just have fun with them, and what other way to do that then with a poll? Vote for your favorite starter!
  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    I'm honestly trying to reserve judgment until we see some evolutions - first forms can be hard to judge by.

    I want to like Rowlet. I mean. A grass-type barn owl? Immensely me-ish a concept, especially when its animations show it doing some incredibly owl things. Plus, partial leaf feathers? I can certainly dig it. Alas, the ridiculous bowtie and derpy eyes give it a very Animal Crossing sort of look and I am... really not a fan of that, to be honest. It's kind of impeding my enjoyment of the species. Quite curious to see in which direction is it going to evolve, though. I will probably name mine Jareth, for pretty obvious reasons.

    Litten, at the moment, is a fairly bog-standard cat, set apart from the other cat Pokemon (of which there are many) by its facial expression. Look at the damn thing - it is so tired of everyone's shit. It's animated doing very cat things, too - and I'd imagine that it'd eventually evolve into some kind of a tiger creature, in keeping with the vague-ass Chinese Zodiac theme the Fire Starters tend to follow. Name would require more clues regarding its form, but I'd rather like it if that Robotnik-stache would evolve into some glorious Coeurl-y whiskers, to be perfectly honest.

    And lastly there's the fucking insult to pinnipeds what calls itself Popplio. Cheesy circus seal is cheesy, and while we've had awkward looking water-starters evolve into pretty snazzy things before (looking at you, Oshawott!)... It'd take a lot to pull something cool out of that thing. Still, I'm mostly likely going to end up training one eventually and most likely naming it McGarrett. After all, a smug, nostril-flaring Hawaiian navy seal? asking to happen.

    Overall I'd say my favorite at the moment is probably Rowlet - largely because in spite of my misgivings about its animal crossing-ish design... It's still a fucking Grass-type owl. That certainly counts for something in my world. ^^
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  3. Yes I certainly agree with all that you're saying! I will admit though, final starter evolutions don't seem to promising for me. After seeing Delphox and Chesnaught(I obviously don't like those Mons designs). I just think there are so many animals that we could've used as starters that haven't been Pokemon yet. I mean, a Gorilla, Flamingo, Goose, Narwhal, Opposum, Lemur, Peacock, Koala, Cockroach, Hummingbird, Jackalope, Platypus, Turkey, Donkey, Pegasus, Dolphin, Woodpecker, Mockingbird, Mosquito, and Anaconda to name a few. I even went through the trouble to make my own starters:
    Koaleaf(Grass Koala)(You might already find this one online but I promise I didn't steal it. It's such a good idea that multiple people have thought of it.)
    Leamugg(Fire Lemur)(Mugginess) or Seamur(Water Lemur)
    Opossoak(Water Opossum)
  4. Im all the way getting popplio...and im sure his evolutions are gonna be just as awesome as him
  5. I want to see the evolutions
    then I will choose.
    Litten will probably turn into a tiger
    because fire starters are all based on the chinese horoscope
    Popplio: Many people confuse it with a seal because of its design.
    And his collar reminiscent of the circus
    Rowlet.....Many like
    but it will be very weak against ice
  6. Like most people are doing, I'm also waiting to see the full evolution lines to really choose. But I find that, just based on the first stages, Rowlet is my favourite. I know a lot of people don't like it for having a massive ice weakness, but I think you're all just taking the easy way out. Come on you wimps, go hard or go home! ... Okay, but seriously, its super unique. Not only is it the first dual type first stage starter ignore me here, apparently I'm really stupid, it also has a completely new move, and a pretty uncommon dual type to boot. Plus, look at it it, its freaking adorable. I mean, it can completely rotate its head, that's just so awesome!

    Popplio is second best for me - I kinda fell in love with some of its bonus art, it just comes across as a massive naive troll and that's pretty cool. I don't mind the design too much, but I am pretty worried about its evolution's. It has the potential to be really awesome, but due to the clown theme they could mess it up big time if they focus on that too much. Unless they make it like some uncanny valley clown... actually... water/ghost... I'd be pretty down for that. But given its upbeat seeming nature that probably won't happen. Ah well, I can dream.

    Litten to me is the worst of the bunch because its so damn generic and boring. The only thing notable about it is its eyes and how tired of everyone it seems which really isn't much... There's just... nothing there really. The only thing I like is some of the Pokedex descriptions of it, which are pretty cool but other than that... I'm hoping they do something cool with it later on, otherwise I'm probably going to never bother using it.
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  7. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Bulbasaur's secondary Poison-type says hello. :p

    I've gotta say Popplio is my favorite of the bunch. Even before people started trashing it I thought it was pretty cool. All the hate just makes me like it more because now I want it to have the best final evolution of the lot. I'd say Rowlet is my second favorite because even if it's crippled by Ice, it's still a really cool Pokemon. I like Litten's no fucks given attitude and the flaming hairballs are hilarious to me, but the other two steal the show. Perhaps that's why it looks like such a grumpy cat.
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  8. Initially, I really liked Rowlet since it was unique being not only a grass/flying type starter, but a bird grass starter as well. The leaf bowtie also won it substantial cuteness points from me!

    Lately though, I've started leaning towards Litten. I am very fond of mammalian Pokemon in general and I actually quite like it over a lot of the Fire starters.

    Popplio is also cute, but it doesn't really stand out to me. At least when I compare it to the last two marine mammal Pokemon I absolutely adored.

    Also waiting on evolutions to make a final call, but atm Litten's in the lead for me!
  9. My sentiments generally echo those of the majority of the fan base as of right now:

    -Rowlet is adorable and probably my favorite for choosing a starter, and the concept and typing are very intriguing.

    -Litten is kind of meh: it's not really notably good or bad, it just is.

    -Popplio is not a favorite of my, considering the design. Plus, it's too similar to Oshawott for my liking, and the circus-y design makes it worse.

    -Overall, I need to see more information about these Pokemons' evolutions before making any concrete decisions.
  10. I'll probably go with Popplio, but all of them look pretty cool. I'll probably end up getting all three at some point through trading.
  11. My favorite is Rowlett right now, but I don't want to make quick judgements. In Gen 6, my favorite was Chespin before their evolutions were shown. Chesnaught is alright, but I hated Quilladin's design. So yeah, I'll just wait to see what their final evolutions are, but for now, #TeamRowlett
  12. Rowlet! I love owls and I like grass starters.
    Litten is nice and simple, but maybe too simple.
    Popplio is ok.
  13. Litten was my 'love at first sight', aside from foxes, cats are my 2nd favorite types of species, can't wait to see it's next two evolutions.

    Rowlet is funny and good looking, might be 2nd choice, I do like certain kind of birds, owls are some of them.
    just dislike that kind of sounds like Growlithe

    Popplio was my least favorite of the 3, I like fire a bit more than water, it's carnival like design makes it strange looking, hope it's evolutions are better (last water typpe went worst looking for me in 6th gen)
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  14. Litten is my number one choice for sure, but I really love all three. I don't think Popplio deserves all of the hate that it gets, but that's just my opinion.
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  15. I'm going with Litten or Popplio yup I said Popplio Littens my fav with designs but popplios so cute
  16. Rowlet: Cool and stuff, kinda generic but in a good way
    Litten: Super goth. No.
    Poppolio: I freaking love this guy!
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  17. Popplio for sure. It is one of my favourite Gen 7 Pokemon revealed so far, and I just find that he has more personality compared to the other two.
    When they were first revealed I couldn't choose between Popplio and Rowlet, and Litten was totally out of the question. Far to edgy for a starter Pokemon in my opinion. But now I've grown so attached to Popplio that I'm choosing it no matter what. Even if it's evolutions will be mediocre, which I know they won't be.
    All the unnecessary hate the little guy gets made me love him even more. Seriously, leave him alone guys!
    So yeah, Popplio is my firm favourite and my starter choice when I get Pokemon Sun.


    EDIT: Forget what I said about Litten, I love the thing now, and its evolutions. So now I'm on both Team Popplio and Team Litten!
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  18. Mine is Popillo. I like him because I like how he's like a circus seel, plus Im calling it by saying Water/Fighting.

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