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Favorite Sports Teams

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by The Kansas Volcarona, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. Do you follow any sports teams? If so, who do you follow?

    Obviously, I am a huge fan of the Kansas City Royals (MLB) and the Kansas City Chiefs (NFL). I also enjoy watching Toronto Blue Jays (MLB), Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL), and Sporting KC (MLS) games.

    I also plan on following the Vegas Golden Knights (NHL) when they start playing.

    Are there any teams you absolutely cannot stand?

    I absolutely hate the Oakland Raiders (NFL), Denver Broncos (NFL), New England Patriots (NFL), and the St. Louis Cardinals (MLB). I don't know why, but these teams just make my blood boil.

    And speaking of the Royals, RIP Yordano Ventura, you will be missed.
  2. I follow the Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Mariners and New York Mets. I'm also an alum of Eastern Washington University so I love the Eagles.

    I can't stand the Atlanta Falcons (yes I know they're in the Super Bowl this year), WSU Cougars and Gonzaga Bulldogs.
  3. Well I watch a lot of football, so I really like the Patriots. I don't really follow teams from other sports except for UConn in college basketball because that's my home state team. UConn has a college football team and I go to their games every year, but they haven't been doing good lately (but at least their old coach is back now).
  4. RoseAiluros

    RoseAiluros Mother of Meltans

    Toronto Blue Jays, all the way! I have their cards, posters and everything - love those dudes.
    Also a Celtic fan when it comes to football and The Harlem Globetrotters in concerns to basketball.
  5. I gotta say my favorite team in general is the Utah Jazz(NBA). But when it comes to other sports I follow Real Salt Lake(MLS), Houston Astros(MLB), and Green Bay Packers(NFL).

    While some teams I can’t stand are the Oakland Raiders(NFL), LA Dodgers(MLB), Oklahoma City Thunder(NBA), Los Angelos Lakers(NBA), Los Angelos Clippers(NBA),and Any team LeBron James, Russel Westbrook, and Carmelo Anthony are on(NBA)
  6. I don't follow much sport, but when it comes to the NRL my favourite teams are the Manly Sea Eagles and the Penrith Panthers.
  7. for me, I'm local supporter of my local teams
    where I live in Seattle I seen the Sounders FC couple times at the stadium

    Seattle Sounders FC and the Seattle Seahawks

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