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Favorite Selections from Video Game OSTs?

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by SparkyLewis949, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. Since I could not seem to find an active thread for this particular question, I ask, what would be your favorite selection from video game sound tracks? I have set my choices (instrumental compositions and full songs are included) below!
    Crosses by Jose Gonzalez- Life Is Strange OST

    This was an easy choice-- the one that gave me the idea for this discussion in the first place! I don't know whether it was the beautiful vocals or the musical accompaniment that drew me to this song, all I know is I was looking through the soundtrack for this game, which was already grabbing me by the heartstrings, and when I found this song, I could repeat it over and over and I still loved it.
    Punishment-Bully SE OST

    Playing through the game again, I came across a mission that started with Punishment and boy, it was just extremely relaxing, as surprising as that seems. Maybe it's because it was a "townie mission" (which, in my opinion, are the second best clique in the game), adding an excellent music composition is a delightful touch.
    Coconut Mall- Mario Kart Wii OST

    Who can resist a little Mario Kart? Since Mario Kart Wii WAS my start to the franchise, and Coconut mall always has been favorite, with its more homely feel for me, the music that goes with it suits it perfectly well. It, in my eyes, is a very sensation way to race to the very top!

    And that is all I can think of currently, so I ask you, what are your selections for your favorite song in a video game?
  2. Right now the songs that come to mind are: The Dark Messenger from Final Fantasy IX, The Streets from Whiterun from Skyrim, Battle on the Great Tower 2 from Super Mario 3D World.
  3. Jhan Garc

    Jhan Garc Formerly AkenabeShiro

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    Mines would be...

    Dearly Beloved-Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

    Final Boss-Mario & Luigi Bowser Inside Story

    Rival's Theme-Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

    Hopes and Dreams-Undertale

    Hikari Orchestrated Version-Kingdom Hearts series

    Lanox City-Elsword

    At Dusk, I will think of you...-Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

    Peach's Castle Act 1-Mario & Luigi Bowser Inside Story

    Stranger House-Pokémon Black/White 2

    Victory is right before your eyes!-Pokémon Black/White (2)
  4. Oh boy...

    Undertale - ASGORE, Hopes and Dreams, Home, Bonetrousle, Bird That Carries You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap

    Pokemon - RSE/ORAS - Fortree City, Littleroot Town, Wally's Battle Theme (ORAS)

    Legend of Zelda - Song of Healing, Gerudo Valley, Shop Theme (Ocarina)

    Pokemon - DPPt - Route 209, Canalave City, Cynthia Battle Theme, Eterna City

    Pokemon BW/BW2 - Iris Battle Theme (BW2), N Battle Theme, Castelia City

    Pokemon XY - Lysandre Battle Theme, Sycamore Theme

    Pokemon HGSS - Cianwood City, Lavender Town, Ho-oh Battle Theme

    Lotsa Pokemon, couldn't decide xD
  5. Ahhhhh people. I can talk for hours about music.

    So for starters, most of the Pokemon music is amazing, so I may or may not go into the specific ones I like, so I'll being with my other favorite games.

    Dragons Palace: I won't spoil it, but the context around this place and the mystical sounds that blend together in this peice give me chills! It sounds just like an underwater adventure- waiting to be enjoyed.

    Kamiki Village: I dunno. I really enjoy almost every song that is related to the start of the game, and this theme is no exception. I get a very laid back and peaceful vibe from this composition that I totally enjoy to bits.

    Tamaya's Theme: Explosion inducing pigs. 'Nuff said.

    Harami Lake: Again, context, but this musical piece sounds like it's creeping up on you, and the dangers that lurk inside are going to devour you if you get too close.

    Demon Lord Nine Tail: Ah, the times when I was dreaming about becoming a godly wolf and saving the world from evil and learning how to use brush strokes; way before I started to play Pokemon. (For whatever reason, I played a teen game when I was around five. I enjoyed it.) This theme really sets the mood- there is a freaking nine tailed murderous fox after you. This composition actually made me afraid of Nine tailed foxes for years. Low and behold, Ninetales is one of my favorite Pokemon. XD

    A Resolute Person: This peice truly is magical- it sets the mood for the context. Again, context, but whenever I hear the empowering melody of this composition, I can't help but imagine myself surrounded by stalks of bamboo.

    Crimson Helm, Begone!: Holy shoot. This song used to pump me up so much. If you don't know, this theme is used for many minor bosses, but I relate it mostly with this boss. Just... The excitement, and the upbeat but serious tone underlying... Love it!

    Undertale- (can I just say all of them?)
    Heartache: The song that got me to play the game. A remix artist on YouTube (who also makes Pokemon remixes) named GlitchXCity made a remix of this song, and it seriously gave me goosebumps without knowing the story behind it. It's so simple, but it really portrays the feelings of separation and the perseverance against an enemy they know they can't beat. A rite of passage. Toriel.... ♥

    Snowdin: Happy, chirpy, upbeat, hilarious. Just the way I like to imagine a city of monsters. :)

    Bonetrusle: Who can't fall in love with Papyrus? He's so comical, yet his oblivious outlook makes him so much more innocent and makes him a character you want to protect and encourage. The theme itself is so light and happy, with the background tone of determination to express how Papyrus feels about his goals in life.

    Waterfall: Bells! Or, at least I think they're bells. I dunno. This theme gave me chills when I first heard it- besides it was the first place I thought I screwed up my run through. Dang it Paps. But the luminescent flowers and water just brings it all together in a mystical, amazing piece of mystery.

    Undyne, Napstablook, Muffet's, and Mettaton's theme: I decided to group them together. They're all amazing, and each perfectly describes the character that they represent in a fitting manner- one that will make me very happy if you play.

    His Theme: So many spoilers. Too many spoilers. So much love. Too much love. *INSERT SPOILERS GALORE HERE*

    Finale: I listened to this song for literal hours on end. It is, only to be rivaled by Hopes and Dreams, by far my favorite composition. The piece itself embody's the end- the reaching if the final goal, the victory that once was thought to be impossible.

    Hopes and Dreams: The one song in this whole entire game to make me literally walk away from my PC. The surprise it springs on you suddenly, and the weird upbeat and cheerful doesn't make my list of final deadly boss themes. However, the melody is fantastic reaches every fan's heart in an indescribable way.

    Ori and the Blind Forest-
    Main Theme: VOCALS! Ok I'm done. This composition gives off a vibe of Serentity, underlying with a hint of danger. Aeralia Brighton's vocals gave me shivers and I had to put down the controller for a moment. That's all I'm really going to say.

    Ori Lost in a Storm: This composition really displays how the loss of Ori is a hinderance to the land, and the devastation of a mother losing its child. I cannot display how much I love this game's music.

    The Spirit Tree: The majesty, mystical sound to this composition really does give off the vibe of an all powerful being laying ahead of you- something you should respect. The woodwind instruments really all to the overall sound.

    Restoring the Light, Facing the Dark: Love, love, love! I guess I really like the main 'Ori' theme that keeps repeating itself in multiple pieces. The melody is fantastic, and the multiple instruments first give off a feeling of danger and urgency, but then it slows down to really unfold how big the whole situation is and how much your actions will affect all life in Nibel. It's almost like the game is asking you, do you want to go on?

    Escaping the Ruins: at first, it's just slow, quiet, somewhat peaceful. It's the time when Ori decided on if he should restore the area. And then, about one minute in, bam! The woodwind, piano and orchestra all come in, throwing feelings of urgency and danger around as our little light creature has to fend for his life. Love this piece to bits.

    The Sacrifice: The piano and Orchestra play a major part again. They come in softly, giving off a sad tone, but slowly, vocals are added and it grows louder. It gets quiet for a moment, and then it comes in loud with a happy time at the end. Then it grows quiet again, coming in with humming, piano and a few background instruments- this time giving off a sorrowful vibe. Context is huge with this one, but every time I hear this song I get really sad.

    Light of Nibel: How come I love this one? This is by far my favorite piece of all. It comes off strong, lots and lots of drums and vocals again. Not to mention that the 'Ori' theme plays over and over. It grows louder and such- but it makes me so happy! A sense of adventure and urgency again. It's truly a finale song. Just play the game! It'll give you chills.

    1. Ori, Lost In the Storm 0:00
    2. Naru, Embracing the Light 1:08
    3. First Steps Into Sunken Glades 2:32
    4. The Spirit Tree 7:06
    5. Up the Spirit Caverns Walls 8:55
    6. Restore the Light, Facing the Dark 14:31
    7. Escaping the Ruins 16:59
    8. Approaching the End 19:18
    9. The Sacrifice 20:27
    10. Light of Nibel 23:25
  6. OH! How could I have forgotten another Pokemon Theme?! If you recognize and like this theme too, you are officially some of the coolest people ever.

    Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness - Miror B Battle Theme


    I mean, come on! It's spectacular! I can't get enough xD
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  7. Jhan Garc

    Jhan Garc Formerly AkenabeShiro

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    Well, since I'm playing Advance Wars once again, might as well add some. They're all character themes, though.

    Andy, Sami, Olaf, Grit, and Lash's themes.
  8. Oh, I'm a sucker for video game Soundtracks. But I'm going to list some of my favorites from franchises other than Pokemon (since I have far too many and then I'd be cluttering the list). Also, since I'm in love with basically every track from Undertale, I won't list any of those either. I'm also going by the rule of one game per franchise for any game that has a lot of games to keep the list simple...even if plenty of those games have amazing soundtracks.

    Dark Souls: Knight Artorias - Dragonslayer Ornstien & Excecutioner Smough - Gwyn, Lord of Cinder - Gravelord Nito - Manus, Father of the Abyss - Crossbreed Priscilla.

    Bloodborne: Ludwig the Accursed/ Holy Blade - Lawrence, the First Vicar - Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower - Father Gascoigne - Gehrman, the First Hunter.

    Sonic Generations: Crisis City (Modern Sonic) - Shadow Battle (For True Story) - Metal Sonic Battle - Super Sonic Racing - Egg Dragoon Boss - Time Eater Boss.

    Metal Gear Solid 2: Tanker Alert - Yell Dead Cell - Prelude to the Denouement - Big Shell - Father and Son.

    Crash Bandicoot Warped: Tiny Tiger - Dingodile - N. Trophy - Doctor Cortex - Future - Pyramid - Warp Room.

    Ratchet & Clank 2 (Going Commando): Oozla, Megacorp Outlet - Maktar Resort - Tabora, Crystal Desert - Dobbo, Testing Facility - Boldan, Silver City - Yeedil, Megacorp HQ.

    Megaman Battle Network 6: Surge of Power - Decisive Battle, Cybeasts - Two of Braves - Blast Speed - Distortion! - Graveyard - The Count.

    Shadow of the Colossus: Grotesque Figures - The End of the Battle - A Violent Encounter - Lakeside - Counterattack - In Awe of the Power - A Despair Filled Farewell - Demise of the Ritual.

    Aaaaannnnnd that's as far as I'm going to go. I'll flood the page if I keep this up, and there are quite a few I haven't touched on that I could go on forever about (Persona, Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee, Majora's Mask). But I'd recommend checking out a few of the above if you're looking for some good tracks.
  9. OnePiecefan11

    Pokémon B/W- Emotion
    This song is just beautiful. The instrumentals really gives you feels.

    Animal Crossing- Christmas Eve
    This one was a tough one to pick because Animal Crossing has such a nice ost. I was thinking of putting a K.K song here, but I'm reminded how much I love this after rehearing it.

    Undertale- Waterfall
    Yet another tough choice of which song to pick from a game. I think it's because Undertale has one of the best soundtrack I've ever heard. As for this song, it starts off sounding pretty but then it's like an orchestra comes in. I just wanted to stay in the waterfall area just to hear that music.

    Earthbound/Mother- DCMC theme
    (Man, why can't I just put the whole soundtrack?) Well, I guess I'll put this song as a favorite. I like rock music in general so this song would please me a lot. Seriously though, this series has some of the best music I've heard. And I'm not just talking about video game music.

    Sonic- Live and Learn
    I've been listening to this song a lot recently. I'm not a big sonic fan anymore, but this song is awesome.

    F.E.A.R- Intro
    I've played this game for awhile (btw, hard as hell) and this theme is some of the best music I ever heard. It just sounds peaceful to me for whatever reason.

    Skyrim- Main theme
    Do I need to say anything? This is probably one of the best songs in video game history!
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