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Favorite Pseudo-Legendary

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Kruk, May 2, 2008.

  1. - Dragonite
    - Tyranitar
    - Salamence
    - Metagross
    - Garchomp
    Those 5 are Psudeo-Legendaries.

    Mine is Tyranitar, my personal all-time favorite,and an absolute beast which inspired me to make this topic. ::)
  2. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    How do you define pseudo-legendary? Third stage evolutions of Pokemon that are difficult to find in the game and take a lot of training to level up that far?
  3. This is a tough one as I like all of them--if I'm defining it correctly.

    I'm going with Metagross and Dragonite. Metagross because I think it is one of the coolest looking Pokemon in existence. I keep changing my mind about whether I like Salamence or Dragonite more, but I'm going with Dragonite this time. I love how it looks friendly but is so powerful.

    Garchomp (is that a psuedo-legendary?) deserves an honorable mention just for being a land shark.

  4. Haha, and I'm pretty sure Garchomp is a pseudo, but then again it's so hard to tell with the 4th Gen. :D
  5. im not sure 100% sure of what pseudo-legendary means but from what other people have said, I like Garchomp. because he is fast and he is powerful. He ca out run most OUs like dragonite and tyranitar and destroy them with a dragon or ground attack.
  6. They're basically the ones right before the legendaries with some exceptions. Ones like T-tar, Dragonite, the Regi's, etc.
  7. The Regi's are legendaries. But in the came of the Sinnoh Dex, I'm going with Lucario. It totally wins and looks cool doing it. Its introduction into Brawl also grew in me, so it wins there too. Overall, Lucario is nicely balanced. My vote goes to Lucario.

    Dragonite takes a close second just because it's the Original Final Stage Dragon.
  8. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Not sure really. I love Tyranitar, he's always been a favourite of mine. Dragonite used to be high on my list, but for some reason I'm not so keen anymore...

    Salamence is growing on me at the moment... so it's between him and Tyranitar I guess.
  9. I would have to say Tyranitar is definitely my favorite, although Metagross and Salamence come in a close second. I lost interest in Dragonite for some reason, probably due to the fact that it was no longer the only real dragon on the block
  10. Im guessing you mean favourite OU pokemon in standard play. Meaning pokemon with higher stats then most but just under the legends.

    I would have to go for Garchomp. That thing is pretty insane, only thing it fears is ice and even then it outspeeds alot of stuff.

    Intresting design too :p
  11. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    According to Bulbapedia, the Pseudo-legendaries are these five:

    - Dragonite
    - Tyranitar
    - Salamence
    - Metagross
    - Garchomp

    My favourite of these is Garchomp, since I've used him a lot and can safely say he is a monster. Salamence comes a close second since I like his design, although I haven't used him as extensively as Garchomp.
  12. Same thing here. Earthquake is DEADLY. (Especially with an Adamant one)I like Garchomp because I can say she is faster then most things in the battle tower. The only thing she is slower than is a Dugtrio and a Weavile so far.
  13. Tyranitar and Garchomp are all well and good, and I like them both a lot, as well as Salamence and Metagross, I like those more. But Dragonite tops them all for me.
  14. Lucario he is one so cool looking and he made it in Brawl

  15. Sorry, Lucario isn't one.
  16. He is pseudo-semi legendary ^_^ But still PWNZORZ
  17. Well Squirtachu, I don't know about the pseudo-semi legendary thing, but yes he still PWNZORZ! lol
  18. Dragonite, enough said. A pokemon (If trained and raised correctly) that can easily destroy Legendaries which are mostly useless except for say Lugia and Mewtwo Is a good thing in my books.
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  21. Milotic and Garchomp are my favortie psuedo-legendaries, but Dragonite is up there!
  22. Milotic is NOT a Psuedo-legendary. Just a Pain to find.

    - Dragonite
    - Tyranitar
    - Salamence
    - Metagross
    - Garchomp
    Those 5 are Psudeo-Legendaries.

    [quote author=Erin]
  23. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    How many times do those five need to be repeated before people understand what a "pseudo legendary" in this case is? :p

    Anyways... I can answer this two different ways. In-game-wise, my choice pick of those five would probably be Garchomp, because after training the thing I've fallen in love with its STAB'd EQ attack. For being a Ground-type it also seems fairly versatile, and I enjoy using it in PBR and the like.

    Now, looks and creature-wise? My vote definitely goes to Metagross then. The thing is awesome stat-wise/battle-wise in its own right, but daaaamn... Look at the thing! It's just an interesting and unique creature in general, and probably the best looking of all five (I love Salamence, Dragonite, and Garchomp, but they're really not the best looking Pokemon, and Tyranitar might be nifty but I still like Metagross' design more). It's an interesting type-combination, too.

    Bronzor/BronZOMG shouldn't exist >>;
  24. Mmmm...Dragonite. Teh orginawlz. Or TTar, I always feel proud when I evolve it all the way, even though all of them take for ever 'cuz I'm lazy.​
  25. For me, it's tied between Dragonite and Tyranitar. Dragonite is super cute, and I've always adored it.. And it can be pretty powerful. Tyranitar... Well who wouldn't love to have a humongorous spikety dinosaur that eats mountains? =) I love the way it looks like it's going to crush anything and everything.
  26. my favorite would have to be Garchomp, one because he is a land shark, two because he is the only Pseudo-Legendary that i ever used to it full potential, three he is fast.
  27. Salamence. It just looks awesome,and just like chao, it is the only one I have really used to full potential.
  28. ...... this is a tough decision, I like all of them because they're strong, they are a challenge to my breeding task, I have all of their base evolutions, and they have good type combos or unique moves to their type
  29. PokeRad

    PokeRad Guest

    I agree with chao.Garchomp would have to be the best pseudo legendary due to its awesome strength.Also it looks cool and is a potential killer when it comes to pkmn battles.
  30. Definitely Lucario and then Dragonite.
  32. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Psychic Whisperer, chill. We all thought Lucario was a Legendary when it was first revealed, so it's understandable all things considered.
  33. Pokepok

    Pokepok Guest

    I simply love dragonite and salamence due to
    -their power
    -cool looks
  34. Salamence. I'm a sucker for dragon-like Pokemon, and lets face it, Dragonite's got nothing on Salamence.
  35. Tyranitar,

    He looks like my favorite monster, Godzilla. And he has a uniqe type combo along with killer stats.
  36. I have to agree with yoshimitsu27, I thought it was a legendary until it appeared against Maylene.

    In a previous post, I couldn't decide. However, I have now selected Metagross. Metagross has a rather good type matchup that can counter one of its weaknesses (fighting). It also has access to moves that take care of its other weaknesses (such as earthquake to take care of fire types).
  37. Dragonite is my all time favorite Pseudo-Legendary pokemon, followed by Salamence =3 yay for dragon types^^
  38. My favorite pseudo-legendary would have too be Dragonite, mainly due to it's high attack power, and it was the first Pseudo-Legendary I ever got. I really like Garchomp as he look's flat-out awesome and has a bit of speed to him along with a lot of power, but Dragonite will always be my favorite.
  39. Lucario,Dragonite, and Arcanine, FTW!!! They so pwn the others!!! I'm HYPER!! WHEEEEEE!!!! APPLEZ!!!!

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