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Favorite Pokemon Protagonist (in the games)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Nshadow64, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. It's pretty self-explanatory. My favorite is May because I like Hoenn, and I might have a crush on her...
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  2. Okay... mine is the boy from BW2 (forgot his name) because I like his hairstyle and how he's dressed
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  3. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'm assuming that we can only chose playable protagonists and not supporting characters? If so, I'd likely chose the male playable character from X&Y because I've had lots of fun dressing my character up, changing his hair, etc. I believe his name is Calem?

    Runner-ups would be the original R/Y/B design for Red and either of Ethan's designs. They just appealed to me visually. I've never overly cared for any of the female player characters' designs. xp
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  4. My favorite is my character from Y because it's actually me. I LOVE character customization in games.
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  5. my fav is probaly ben/summer(PRGS) wes/michael(PC/GoD) lucy fleetfoot from pokemon link and mark/mint(PTCG)
    all for the suits and i like catching shadow pokemon:p (still need to play PTCG 4 gba,it's on the list)
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  6. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    I loved May and Brendan the best from R/S/E. I loved them really because of their outfits, and I think no game can top theirs.
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  7. Gold has a cool design, but I really like Diamond's design, specifically the one from Platinum. All bundled up in winter gear!

    Second place goes to Calem, and not because of customization (Although that was awesome). I think if Calem unzipped the jacket, got a better hat, and got rid of the heel in his boots, he would top Diamond.
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  8. My favorite protagonist would be Gold/Ethan; as I enjoy both of his designs (original/remake)
    And also the fact of going against 16 gym leaders and a former protagonist (Red). :halo:

    My second is Red for the fact of being the first thing that comes to mind when I think of a Pokémon trainer; who's the protagonist of the game.
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  9. Probably Brendan because he looks epic and has that lovable quirk (especially in the manga)
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  10. The manga plays a great factor for me because it gives the characters personality, but even before that I loved Crystal the most. She looks like the exploring and researching type of girl, which makes her so relateable.
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  11. I my favorites are Dawn,Red,Blue/Green( girl ),Serena, and May of course.
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  12. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Design-wise, I absolutely adore May's ORAS outfit ♥ I also really like May's Emerald design. Leaf is also really cute and simple, and I like Hilda's hair.

    For the male protagonists, I like Hilbert's outfit quite a bit. Brendan's Emerald design is also cool (save for the pant-pants, but I can forgive him for that).
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  13. Hilda for sure, she's just so pretty! :D Fifth Gen also happens to be my favorite, so I guess I have a little bias

    As for male protagonists, I'm going to have to go with Gold. He just seems like a pretty chill guy that I'd want to be friends with irl, especially the way that he is portrayed in the manga :)
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  14. YEA,gold in the manga was the best
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  15. Red... Why? *Takes Out Charizard* *says nothing* *kills you* *says nothing.
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  16. You know, although I haven't played BW, I'll go with Hilda. I really like her design as it's modern and trendy. I feel if I was a Pokemon trainer, I'd dress almost exactly like her. Her outfit is comfortable and her boots and hat give her that extra boost in the confidence look. Like, "Yeah! I'm ready for this adventure!". You also have those lightweight clothes for comfort. Nothing too restricting in the legs for flexibility. And of course, that sweet vest and athletic wristband that just make her really pop and give off an adventurer feeling.

    Of course, I'm really liking May's design in ORAS too. I think she's cute, but overall in terms of character design I'd say Hilda takes the cake. Granted, this thread is probably for more than just design but since I haven't played the game or read the comics, I can't say much about her character. I'm sure she's sweet though. ^-^
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  17. Think i gotta go with Ethan or Hibiki in japanese from gen 2...im actually playing silver right now:)
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  18. I like Red the most lmao :p I just like his design a lot, I dunno why, it just appeals to me the most haha

    Aside from him, I like the Gen 2 and 3 designs too, both the girls' and the boys' designs.
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  19. mhairigood

    mhairigood Likes Trains

    My favourite has always been Crystal for pretty much every reason there could possibly be.​
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  20. My favorite has always been Red and Gold but I love May and Crystal too.
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  21. My favorite is definitely Ethan but I also like Brendan and May's designs as well.
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  22. 52Crossroads

    52Crossroads Formerly Gya

    id have to say either Red or.... *shudders* Hilbert
    both of their designs give them an air of seriousness. like theyll kick your ass and walk away without a word.
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  23. I like those early player character designs the best (Red, Green, Blue, Gold, and Silver) because they all have this much more hard-bitten look than the modern designs do, which look way more cute/genki.

    I have a lot of nostalgia for Gold since I spent so many hours playing ROMs of G/S on my computer, and before that looking at pre-release images and getting so pumped up for a new pokemon game. Of the female character designs I think Crys's is my favorite with Hilda as a runner-up, but in general I'm always a little irked by the "skin tax" placed on the female characters.

    I remember seeing a fan edit where the male characters' legs were placed on the female characters' bodies*, and it made them look so much more prepared for outdoor (+winter! in DPPt) exploration while still being very cute and feminine. Being able to customize clothing in XY was really great since then you finally got a choice of how to dress and to construct different looks, but you were locked into different clothes by gender and the male character got a smaller wardrobe.

    Unfortunately the pokemon devs seem to often decline to carry features through to new games, but I hope we see customizable PCs return for Gen 7.

    *And also the male characters are SUPER cute in skirts.
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  24. Blonde

    Blonde Formerly TrainerNiko

    my two favourite pokemon protagonist.
    Ruby and Hilbert
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  25. Its really hard to get attached to the protagonists of the games because they're just vessels for you - they don't have any personality of their own. So that's probably why I like ORAS May and Brendan as protagonists, as they actually have some semblance of a personality with their facial expressions etc when running into Aqua/Magma. I know its only a tiny difference because they're totally silent, but it makes them a lot more human to me.

    Design wise I love May's RS design so much, it looks quite practical to me, same with Hilda's. I was kinda annoyed when they changed it so much for ORAS, Mays design there just sort of lacks the feeling of "I'm so ready for adventure!" that the original did. For the guys, both of Red's designs are pretty boss, but that's probably because Red is just a complete badass to begin with, so yeah.
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  26. Red, definitely. He's the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Pokemon, game verse and then his counter part in the anime. The hat, the team, the accomplishments- imminently symbolic, old or new designs aside. (I adore him in the manga!)

    I never had much of an attachment to characters after Hoenn, so I can't really speak for them. Hilda is lovely though, I always liked May, since I had emerald such a long, long time ago... Gold holds a special place in my heart for when I had SS waaaay back in the advanced console days... I adore the customization choices in X/Y.
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  27. I'm surprised there was barely any mention of Wes, the honest to Arceus most bad ass looking protagonist in the Pokemon franchise. Also being an ex member of Team Snagem gives him extra cool points~
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  28. I like Serena, she is the one who is most like me so that is why X is my main game, and also if I had to choose performer or trainer, I'd go with performer.
  29. My favourite is Gold/Ethan, by far. He was the protagonist in my welcoming into Pokemon, Pokemon Gold being my first game. I really like his design in both G/S/C and HG/SS. Plus I've always thought him as the more experienced of the protagonists, obtaining 16 badges and defeating Red among other things.

    White/Hilda is second for her awesome design, with Dawn/Pearl and Emerald/Ruby/Brendan following close behind.
  30. Without a doubt, my favorite is Red, mainly because he has to be the most badass of all the protagonists.
  31. Design-wise, Lyra is always my favorite. The big puffy hat and overalls really appealed to me.
    In terms of characterization, May is really loveable. With the introduction of pokemon contests, it added a new dimension to what a protagonist could be, and naturally she filled it. She was quirky yet likeable, cute, tenacious, etc.
  32. Mine is probably the protagonist in Pokemon XY, though I like May too.
  33. My favorite protagonist is Hilbert. he is the best champion and the fact that he was the only protag to cannonly have Zekrom makes him badass. He beat N, ghetsis, alder, and cynhtia. he earned his title as hero of ideals and champion of unova then he left to look for n.
  34. TOUKO (ME)

    Other favorites include Kris, Leaf, Emerald Brendan (I love pants pants), RS May, Touya, and Serena, just based on designs tho, since I don't really like any of the applicable characters as rivals. I also really like the new protag in Sun/Moon she looks like a coconut and I love it.

    ALSO, Wes. My favorite edgelord.

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