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Favorite Pokemon Move!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Carmen Lopez, May 2, 2012.

  1. Thanks for the topic idea, Dway! I'm fairly sure this hasn't been done in a long time. Welp, it's self-explantory: What's your favorite move? It can be related to its function or from the way it looks in the anime.

    As for me, I'm a fan of some random moves. Psychic has been a favorite move of mine since Gen II because I liked it's animation in GSC. Dark Pulse is another favorite of mine because its animation in Gen IV and Gen V. Don't you love that haunting little tune?

    Functionality: I have to go with Earthquake on this one because it's extremely useful for competitive battling. I only wish we could see it used more in the anime. Was anyone else a little sad that neither Ash's nor Paul's Torterra got it. I know there's a certain stigma about the move in Japan though.

    Will definitely post more when I think of them. I don't want this to be a tl;dr again xD
  2. Ok my favorite moves...

    Functionality(attack): I think this one would would have to be volt switch. Just generally a good move for scouting, getting a pokemon out of a bad match-up, or just plain being annoying.

    Functionality(stat): This move is Dragon Dance. This move is terrifying on the right pokemon. A boost in speed and attack is nothing to sneeze at. All I can say is this, Arceus have mercy on your soul if a haxorus get's two of these off on you.

    Functionality(status): One of the reasons defensive walls are still viable, Toxic. Anyone who uses this move knows why it's good. It's poison that can do the battling for you.

    Appearance(Anime): In the anime I always love how sceptile/grovyle's leaf blade looked. They looked like honest weapons that could slice you in two. Like any of us need reminding how dangerous Armblades can be.

    Appearance(Game): My favorite move based on game appearance has to be Blast Burn in battle revolution. It starts as a tiny Fireball then, massive pillar of FLAME!! I would often send out my Charizard just to see my opponents engulfed in a pillar of flame that scorches the sky. >:D
    I think my feelings for this move can be summed up in the words of Flame Hyenard.
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  3. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    By Type:

    Normal: Slash. I'm a bladey person, what can I say. Tri-Attack and ExtremeSpeed are also pretty damn awesome. As far as non-damaging moves go, Swords Dance is another favorite, and then there's Shell Smash, which makes certain Pokemon (did someone say Carracosta?) much deadlier than they really should be.

    Less so ingame and more in my mind/in writing I have an appreciation for Nature Power and Secret Power because of the whole effect alternating by environment thing. I really should write them more. I should write more in general. Blüh!

    Fighting: Brick Break. It's the first fighting move that was really, really good and it continues to be so. Runners-up include Sky Uppercut (Although its slightly lower accuracy and rather limited distribution makes it rather rare on my teams), Close Combat (although its lacking PP and detrimental effect on certain stats, again, makes me use it rarely) and Aura Sphere (Which is pure amazing on the few special attackers that can learn it). Again, more in my mind than actually ingame I have an appreciation for Force Palm (if only because it's pretty much the attack equivalent of 'Talk to the hand!' or, well, SHINING FINGERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!)

    Flying: Aerial Ace. It never misses and it has a decent power. Gen V brought us Acrobatics, though, which in conjunction with a Flying Gem and Archeops is a freaking Force of Nature. Air Slash can be awesome on special attackers, too. Again, moreso in my mind, I have an appreciation for Mirror Move if only for the sheer diversity it allows.

    Poison: Whooboy. There are quite a few good moves there. On the physical range we have Poison Jab and Cross Poison. The Sludge Bomb is pretty effective as a special attack, and then there is Coil, which again makes certain snakes much, much deadlier than they have any right to be.

    Ground: Derp. Earthquake. It's a love-hate relationship, though. I love having it around, but I really hate it when the enemy uses it. XD Earth Power is a close second, I guess.

    Rock: Rock Slide and Power Gem for Physical and Special respectively. Ancient Power is also awesome, although again, it tends to be more of an RP/fic move for me.

    Bug: Megahorn, X-Scissor and Bug Buzz. DEFINITELY. The three Order moves for Vespiquen are also incredibly nifty, but since they're so restricted, they don't quite count.

    Ghost: Shadow Ball. It's been kind of a favorite since its introduction. I like Shadow Claw too.

    Steel: Flash Cannon, Iron Head and Meteor Mash. Yup.

    Fire: Fire Dance, no fucking contest. Flamethrower and Fire Punch are there too, and Flame Charge is incredibly useful.

    Water: Hmm... Aqua Tail, Razor Shell, Water Pulse and Waterfall. Maybe Brine. Maybe. Aqua Ring is also nifty.

    Grass: Leaf Blade. I love Leaf Blade to subatomic fragments. Leech Seed, Seed Bomb and Energy Ball as well. Some props go to Horn Leech and Magical Leaf as well.

    Electric: Thunderbolt and Thunderpunch. Electroweb gets some props due to being pretty damn useful until you get Thunder on Compoundeyes Galv and Magnet Rise is freaking awesome in concept/writing/whatever.

    Psychic: Psychic, Psycho Cut and Calm Mind.

    Ice: Ice Beam and Ice Punch. The most useful ones. XP

    Dragon: Dragon Claw and Dragon Pulse. Dragon Dance and Outrage get props for fic/RP use. I know Dragon Dance is pretty useful ingame too, but I'm not usually one to waste time with non-damaging moves ingame and don't do competitive battling, so.

    Dark: Crunch, Dark Pulse and Night Slash. No nonsense, low risk, high reward attacks. Heh.
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  4. I have a couple of these, but I don't really feel like organizing them correctly, so I'll just list them with an explanation.

    - Double Kick. I enjoy this one particularly because the moment your Combusken learns it in R/S/E, which takes a bit of grinding, the first two Gym Leaders are laughably easy because of their type disadvantages.

    - Blaze Kick. Pretty good stats attack/accuracy-wise, a nice bit of PP, and also aesthetically pleasing, although moreso in Gen III than the other generations' graphics.

    - Mirror Move. What can I say? I love Blaziken's original moveset. This one is particularly practical due to the fact even the strongest opponents sometimes use an attack of a type that's quite effective on them.

    - Grass Knot. Even if only because Infernape can learn it and thus own almost every other PokeMon in his generation. Eff yes.

    I might've said this before, but I'm the type of Trainer who gets rid of non-attack moves as soon as I can and replaces them with the best attacks that PokeMon's moveset, even if they only learn it at a higher level; I'm a patient grinder. This is why I often get pissed when other (and more tactically skilled) Trainers do utilize these moves and win.

    I dunno, I just find it the most satisfying way to battle.
  5. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Right now, my favourite move is Wide Guard. This + Protect in doubles creates one hell of a defensive combination if used correctly on the right Pokemon.

    Offensively, I'd go with Close Combat and Draco Meteor as my favourite moves. Unfortunately, there doesn't yet exist a Pokemon that can use both of these moves, which is probably for the best...for now.


    You'd probably love Me First as well in that case.
  6. Speaking of how moves look in the anime, I have to give a special mention to two of Maylene's Lucario's moves: Metal Claw and Bone Rush. Did anyone else find it hilarious that Lucario spawned Wolverine's claws to use Metal Claw? I thought that was actually a cool touch to show how Lucario can use the move despite having paws. I also liked how Lucario spawned a bone to use for Bone Rush in lieu of an actual one like what Cubone and Marowak carry.
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  7. By Type:

    Normal: Explosion. I made a whole baby cup team surrounding this move, its good fun. Also I have a Choice Scarf'd Exploder :)

    Fighting: Dynamic Punch. Because it makes no sense to me. Maybe that's why it causes confusion?

    Flying: Brave Bird. My Crobat has this, kickass move. Also, honourable mention to Fly for obvious reasons.

    Poison: Toxic. Apparently there aren't many poison moves? Hmm.

    Ground: Earthquake. Again, not many ground moves o.O Another honourable mention going to Spikes for again, obvious reasons.

    Rock: Head Smash. My Swift Swimming Relicanth I have planned has this in its moveset, I think :) Seems cool! Also, another honourable mention to Stealth Rock.

    Bug: Quiver Dance. On an unrelated note, Tail Glow's description makes no sense to me. Lets all stare at flashing bright lights to improve our mind...

    Ghost: Shadow Ball. Shadow Sneak is always fun too :)

    Steel: Bullet Punch. Pretty neat on Scizors and the like ^^

    Fire: Sunny Day. Will-O-Wisp is always useful, I like it a lot as its quite ghostly. Fire Punch for some sheer badass-ery.

    Water: Rain Dance. Surf is another obvious one too~

    Grass: Leech Seed. Spore is nice too - If anyone faces my Grass-team, you'll hate me after.

    Electric: Thunderbolt. Its the obvious choice, though again I like ThunderPunch for its badass-ery.

    Psychic: Calm Mind. Trick and Psychic are always handy too~

    Ice: Ice Beam. Ice Punch again, along with Blizzard. Those who remember my Gyarados know why I like that move ^.^

    Dragon: Dragon Dance. I also am a strong fan of Outrage ^^

    Dark: Nasty Plot. I have some fond memories of a Sneasel when Crystal first came out, that had a pretty beastly Beat Up too :)

    (If anyone wants the easy-to-edit type code:)

    By Type:

    Normal: Slash.

    Fighting: Brick Break.

    Flying: Aerial Ace.

    Poison: Poison Jab.

    Ground: Earthquake.

    Rock: Rock Slide.

    Bug: Megahorn.

    Ghost: Shadow Ball.

    Steel: Flash Cannon.

    Fire: Fire Dance.

    Water: Aqua Tail.

    Grass: Leaf Blade.

    Electric: Thunderbolt.

    Psychic: Psychic.

    Ice: Ice Beam.

    Dragon: Dragon Claw.

    Dark: Crunch.
  8. Favorite Move(Anime, Appearance) One of my favorite moves based on appearance was Victini's special move, V-Generate, or something like that. In the Pokemon Black and White movies that had Reshiram, Zekrom, and Victini in them, there was this one point when Victini and Ash were trapped, and Ash was very weak and on the ground, so Victini got really mad. A fiery power surrounded him, and the V on his head was in flames. He flew straight upwards like a rocket, and when he hit the ceiling, it was like
    BOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM! And the biggest explosion I ever saw rose up.

    Favorite Move(Games, Appearance) I like how Thunder looks in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, with a few small bolts of lightning coming from a dark cloud, followed by a big one that cut straight through the Pokemon and made a thunderous boom.

    Favorite Move(Anime, Function) Pikachu's Thunderbolt is very useful in the anime series. It fries most Pokemon that it hits, and it always gets rid of Team Rocket. Plus, Pikachu can use it to charge electrical devices.

    Favorite Move(Games, Function) always liked that Protect. It puts up an impenetrable wall that, well, protects you from all attacks. I know you can't continually use it, but it's good for strategy. You can figure out one of the opponent's moves, you can use it in Double Battles when the other Pokemon uses something like Earthquake or Surf. Also, if the enemy Pokemon is poisoned, burned, confused, or in love, it can help keep them from attacking, and cause damage.
  9. Oh, I have a few favorites^^

    Screech: I love spamming this move

    Swords Dance: I love spamming this move as well

    Retaliate: I love revenge^^

    Aurora Beam: Now I haven't used a Pokemon that knows this move in a long time, but I loved how it looked when used in FR/LG

    Perish Song: As long as no one uses it on me :p
    And tons more!
  10. Normal - Tri Attack
    Fighting - Mach Punch
    Flying - Sky Attack
    Poison - Sludge Bomb
    Ground - Earthquake
    Rock - Rock Slide
    Bug - Bug Buzz
    Ghost - Shadow Ball
    Steel - Bullet Punch
    Fire - Will 'o Wisp
    Water - Waterfall
    Grass - Leaf Blade
    Electric - Discharge
    Psychic - Calm Mind
    Ice - Ice Beam
    Dragon - Dragon Dance
    Dark - Dark Pulse
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  11. Wow, lots of moves on this one, well, I'd have to go with Aeroblast. Its an epic & Effective flying type move and I ESPECIALLY loved his version of it on SSBB, it was so perfect! It brings me way back...
  12. Outrage for me. It seems every Haxorus I battle online seems to know it? ~:?~
    I also like focus blast, 'cause I saw a guy use it on a wi-fi battle and that guy beat me. I admired it from then on.
  13. Poe


    Substitute! :D I was 10 years old when i discovered the move in my pokemon red, and I thought it was awesome. ^^ The mere thought that you could repeatedly attack your oponent while they only get to take it out on a doll made me feel invincible! Until the doll broke of course... It also had this weird sound whenever you used that sounded creepy...
  14. Crunch, mainly from an eating point of view :3
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  15. For nostalgia's sake I would have to say earthquake! :p
  16. My List:

    Attract - You're basically flirting with your opponent, yes. However, this move can be effective on the battlefield and in real life. Think of the song 'Yellow Rose of Texas.'

    Sing - A soft suthing lullaby. Who doesn't like to slip into dream land with a soothing voice lulling in the background?
  17. I've always been a fan of Metronome because there are so many moves that I'll never know about or use unless I Metronome it. Metronome is part of the reason I like Togetic so much, cause when I was younger I would just use Metronome all the time and my Togetic would get so much experience.

    My other favorites are Tri Attack and Secret Power. They're fun.
  18. My favorite moves are Swift, Silver Wind, and Aura Sphere. Personal favorites. :)
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  19. catolotl

    catolotl Likes Trains

    My favourite moves are Petal Dance, Razor Leaf,
    Ice Beam and Charm [because dammit, it's adorable!].
  20. Grass Whistle - I love this move! Its the Grass type equivalent to the Normal type move Sing! I'm a big fan of both types, but Grass is my favorite. Grass Whistle is the perfect move for me. If I was a Pokemon, I would totally know this move! Its great and also sounds graceful. If you've ever heard it in the anime, you'd be at peace of mind and heart. :up:
  21. Normal - Tri Attack
    Fighting - Brick Break
    Flying - Sky Attack and Brave Bird
    Poison - Poison Jab
    Ground - Earthquake
    Rock - Ancient Power
    Bug - Signal Beam
    Ghost - Shadow Punch
    Steel - Bullet Punch
    Fire - Flamethrower
    Water - Surf
    Grass - Solarbeam
    Electric - Discharge
    Psychic - Calm Mind
    Ice - Ice Beam
    Dragon - Dragon Pulse ♥
    Dark - Dark Pulse
  22. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    I couldn't pick just one, so I did one per type.
    Normal - Judgement
    Fighting - Close combat
    Flying - Brave Bird
    Poison - Venoshock
    Ground - Earthquake
    Rock - Rock Slide
    Bug - U-turn
    Ghost - Shadow Ball
    Steel - Gyro Ball
    Fire - Flamethrower
    Water - Hydro Pump
    Grass - Leaf Blade
    Electric - Bolt Strike
    Psychic - Psychic
    Ice - Blizzard
    Dragon - Draco Meteor
    Dark - Dark Pulse
  23. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Substitute is an adorable move, and I'd love to have a substitute plushie to cuddle with ♥

    Other moves I really love are Volt Switch and U-Turn (I had a Volt-turning team for a really long time~), Taunt, Knock Off, Close Combat, Wish, and Heal Bell/Aromatherapy. I will almost always have at least four of the above on any given team, occasionally will have all of them XD
  24. 012


  25. Flame Thrower

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