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Favorite Pokemon Game Villians

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Carmen Lopez, Jun 2, 2007.

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  1. I didn't know if this went in the Pokechat or this one. :-\ And how do you add a poll?

    So who's your favorite Team Villain? Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, or Team Galactic. And this is only dealing with the games NOT the anime.

    I have to go with Team Galactic. They just seem different than the other teams. The leader, Cyrus, isn't just some poor guy who gets reformed after you defeat him. Cyrus is truly warped. Team Galactic is also more real worldish. Maybe someone else can put this into better words than I can.
  2. I reckon Team Galactic say some of the funnier lines after you beat them and the leaders are certainly interesting, but I still slightly prefer Team Rocket. They were the original Team and still live on in Fire Red and Leaf Green.
  3. Team Rocket,they had the most interesting story.

    team magma and aqua seemed ok i guess,galactic was nice but they never really developed on what the "evolution power" was that they seeked (or how dialga and pailka are linked to that).Team Rocket though was causing mischief everywhere,had underground networks,and of course Giovanni was awesome,and it didnt take 2 fights nearly back to back to beat him.Instead he was more of a villain throughout the game.While everyone else seems to be going for the big one,team rocket just made themselves a threat everywhere,and seemed to actually be acomplishing somthing.

    To add some depth,G/S/C built up on team rocket with the RETURN of team rocket,once again being defeated and realizing that Giovanni is not comming back.
  4. I agree, seeing as Team Rocket's leader, Giovanni, was also the Eith Gym Leader. It's aslo interesting how they reappeared in G/S/C.
  5. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    They all had their weak and strong points.

    The rockets were kinda... eh. They didn't have any purpose whatsoever. They were evil because they FELT like it - because they were greedy assholes and nothing but. I appreciated Giovanni, in-game, as he was a man of honor, even for a leader of an evil group. And him being the eight gym leader was a very interesting twist that I didn't see coming back when I first played Red all these years ago. G/S/C's Team Rocket Redux were an interesting idea, but weren't so well pulled off, in my twisted opinion. Most of G/S/C was sub-par anyway, though, so all good.

    Magma and Aqua only got to shine in Emerald, where their story-lines was integrated, otherwise they were just rivals-and-mirror-images-of-each-other. Their leaders believed they were doing good for the world, by any means necessary, and that their opposing numbers were dangerous eco-terrorists. Only when they upset the balance of the world they realized that they were only causing damage and they decided to disband their teams and do what they can to set things right. This was, to me, their finest hour. Ultimately they were useless because a ten-year-old brat HAS to save the world, this being a PokéMon game and all, but yeah. >>

    Then you have Team Galactic, who have the stupidest outfits and are generally the best comic relief I've had in a PokéMon game in YEARS. They have no idea what their goal is themselves, they're just in this because it pays them money and because they were told that Team Galactic will create a better world for its members. The galactic Commanders, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, just had fanatical devotion for their 'Visionary' leader, a madman who believed that humans, war and strife were bringing down the world - and therefore wanted to collapse time and/or space and re-create a new one in his image, where he shall rule and rid the world of war and strife. God complex? Oh yes. I guess he meant well in his own twisted misguided way. But... Yeah. Cyrus always strikes me as the first genuine dangerous madman that PokéMon ever had, which will forever give him a place of honor in my pantheon of game villains.

    So yeah. They all have their stories and epic internal struggles - except for Team Rocket who, in-game, is the most boring organization I've ever set my eyes on. I suppose however, that the anime is making up for it, as the anime's goofy, misfit Team Rocket Trio are definitely one of the things that make this silly series watchable...
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  6. Pokestar

    Pokestar Guest

    I agree with Stellarwind all the way!

    Rocket-BORING Interesting honorable leader (Ingame)
    Rocket in Johto- Stupid
    Aqua&Magma- Only any good in Emerald.
    Galactic- Like them the best but mostly because of all the new introductions in D/P and because of Dialga/Palkia!
  7. I don't really know, team Galatic had a cool name!
  8. Pokestar

    Pokestar Guest

    Yeah, thats true.
  9. Now, if only their leader wasn't clinically insane...
  10. If all Teams fought, Team Galactic would win, because there are the best!
  11. My favorite is the go-rock sqaud in pkmn ranger, they have some funny suits! :)
  12. Idea: What if all of the Poke Villians worked together to accomplish a common goal? They'd b... Unstopable. @_@
  13. Thank you Stellarwind for your opinion because I totally agree but couldn't put it into words. Cyrus just slightly reminds me of one of those cult leaders like Jim Jones or Charles Manson. Therefore as far as Pokemon villains go he's the scariest. He actually succeed to capture three legendary Pokemon as opposed to Team Aqua and Magman who never controlled the Pokemon they captured. Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie were actaully tortured, making Team Galactic the most maniacal of the teams.
  14. Actually Giovanni is much more competant than the galactic leader.He had more powerful pokemon and more of them as well

    team rocket i'd say is probably more loyal too,seeing as how even after giovanni left they were working for team rocket
  15. I'm going to say... Team Galactic

    Rocket, Magma, and Aqua only wanted to rule the world (correct me if i'm wrong). In which case their was a posibility of a resistance.

    Galactic, however, wanted to destroy the universe and then recreate it, and having my existence on the hypothetical line gave me much more incintive to stop them.
  16. Team Magma only because Team Magma usually used Fire Type Pokemon or Mightyenas. Otherwise, Team Rocket. The orginal villians.
  17. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
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