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Favorite Pokémon Bios

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Johto-Master, Feb 2, 2010.

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  1. In this thread, post stuff, facts and details about your Favorite Pokémon whether they be known facts, relate only to the TV show, made up, or obvious but never revealed by Nintendo.

    Big-Jaw Pokémon. At 7'07", it is the tallest of the starter Pokémon, surpassing Torterra by 4 inches. (Although Torterra is a lot heavier.) And is the 23rd Tallest Pokémon overall, tied with Hariyama. Feraligatr's best stat is Attack, and Defense is only 5 points behind. It is rather slow, but can make up for it with a Dragon Dance or using a Swords Dance-Aqua Jet combo.
    As you can see, Feraligatr in the wild is much bluer than a Feraligatr obtained as a Starter and raised from a Totodile.
    It's Jaw and Snout are also much thinner, possibly because it no longer has the need to attack prey, because it's trainer will supply it with food.

    All Feraligatrs have a strong jaw and huge teeth, perfect for catching fish or for a strong Crunch in battle.

    Feraligatr excels at Water-Type moves, especially Physical ones such as Waterfall or Aqua Tail.

    Why Feraligatr is my favorite.
    Feraligatr was the first Pokémon i ever got, on my very first video game (that I didn't have to share with my brother) Crystal Version, and is also going to be my starter for HeartGold. And not only is it my favorite Pokémon, its a starter in my favorite region, and that just makes it even better. My Desktop is a huge Feraligatr and I collect Feraligatr cards and toys.

    Fun Fact: Feraligatr is the only Pokémon with more than five syllables in its English name, with five, and along with Victreebel and Vespiquen, its name is missing a letter due to the limit of 10 characters for a name.

    Your turn!
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    This thread has about as much point as Final Fantasy X-2.

    Also, as per request of KoL...

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