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Favorite Movie of 2008

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by PalkiBlake, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. You guys must have a favorite movie that you liked last year, right? Well here, you can talk about your favorites. It can be a movie released in theaters (like Kung Fu Panda or High School Musical 3) or movies only seen on TV (like Camp Rock or Rise of Darkrai). No matter what movie you pick, it MUST be seen in 2008 (no years shorter,please.)

    I really liked Madagascar 2; Extremely hillarious, I could not stop laughing (it felt like that, too) and also Igor because it was like comedy combined with scarriness and fantasy. And the things on the first paragraph are some of my favorites, too.
  2. Probably my favorite animated movies (released in theaters) of 08 have to be Horton Hears a Who and Kung Fu Panda. They both had a good storyline, and really moving, if you're able to spot that out. My fave live action movie has to be Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull. Movies realeased on Tv? Umm....The Rise of Darkrai, Naruto movies 2 and 3, and Scooby-Doo and the Goblin King.
  3. Dark Knight. Phenomenal acting and brings up the true concept of what a hero does in the end (or at least what he/she should try to do), always the right thing for the people. Best portrayal of Joker I have ever seen, and if Heath Ledger doesn't get an Oscar many of us will be surprised.

    Best animated feature had to be Wall-E. Incredibly cute and superbly done.
  4. My all time favorite movie had to be Twilight. I have and read every book and saw it the day it came out. Though there were some parts from the book missing it was an amazing movie and actors were well chosen. ^^

    Also, Kung Fu Punda had to of been my favorite animated movie :p But that's most likely because Jack Black voiced the Panda. >>' It was a really cute, but I sadly do not own it :/
  5. I had nearly forgotten it was 2008, but I thought In Bruges was a fantastic movie. Wonderful amounts of action combined with hilarious dialogue and a surprisingly deep plot.
    What makes it more amazing is that apparently the Mayor of Bruges said he thought it was a great film.
  6. *Fangirlish squeal*

    I agree with Midnight Shadows. Epic books and Epic movie. I can't wait until New Moon comes out!
  7. Me neither, it actually comes out November this year! :p
  8. Linkachu

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    Right there with you, on both. I recently re-watched Wall-E and loved it just as much the second time through. It's subtle and amazingly well done. Never have robots been so adorable XD

    I know this says "Favourite" but I'm also going to toss in Narnia's Prince Caspian as well, because I really rather adored that film. The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe was a childhood favourite of mine, but I pretty well knew nothing about the Prince Caspian novel going into this movie and still loved it to pieces. Recently bought that one, too ^^
  9. :DYes Wall-E best movie ever. But as i watched it. I soon realized that this could be what the world is becoming. We should take more care of mother earth.
  10. I'll probably get called a fanboy, (or at least be accused of having an extremely bad taste in movies) but through the boatloads of crappy theatrical and straight-to-dvd movies, (Anaconda 3, anyone?) I'd have to say without a doubt that my favorite movie of 2008 is Resident Evil: Degeneration. I was surprised when this movie got mediocre scores, because I was totally engrossed in it during the entire run time. I suppose it was because of some of the crappy voice acting and dialogue, *nods to longtime fans of the series* as well as the B-movie plot. Graphics, monster design and most of the voice acting were superbly done; returning characters Leon and Claire was also a plus. Regardless of some of the reviews, RE: Degeneration was still awesome ;D .

    Just throwing this out there, but Prince Caspian was also really good, but some scenes were a bit too drawn out and boring. Still, worth a watch.

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