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Favorite/Least favorite Pokemon types

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by OnePiecefan11, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. As of now, there are 18 Pokemon types and everyone has one they love and one not so much. As for me, my favorite type is Grass because of the different ways I'd used them. Whimsicott I used as a staller, Shiftry as an attacker (btw I swear it reminds me of Jiraiya from Naruto lol), and Cradily as a wall. Also they have a variety of moves to use so it doesn't feel like the same playthrough every time. My least favorite would have to be Ice type. I don't really hate this type because it has good moves like Ice Beam, but they're found late in the game making it hard for me to add to my team. Not to mention it takes luck to freeze the opponent. (For those thinking about what I think of Snover/Abomosnow, I don't like them much.)
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  2. I'd say that Grass and Ghost tie for my favorite typing, while Fighting and Fairy are my least favorite
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  3. My favourite type is fairy, while I don't really like poison type
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  4. My favourite type is psychic
    The type I Hate the most is fairy
    Close runner ups for hated type:
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  5. My Favorite type has to be Dark.

    I don't know why! You may think that since my OC is Cleffa, I'd be into normal or fairy types! I really like the Purrlion line. Liepard is an amazing Pokemon and it's so beautiful! The contrast of the purple and yellow was so unexpected, but welcome. When I first bought Black, I neglected catching a Purrlion because I didn't want a two legged cat. However, I wish I did stick with Purrlion because instantly I wanted a Liepard as soon as I battled Team Plasma. To add on to that, Absol.....nope no more words. Absol is fabulous! As soon as I could catch one in Pokemon X, I did. I was so excited to find it's mega stone and forgot then forgot to find it until after I beat the elite four. When I battled my Rival in the final town, (with the battle Cheatu-?????) and he gave me the Absolnite as a reward, a just about gave myself a nosebleed with the facepalm.

    My least Favorite type is Fighting

    The humanoid Pokemon. With the exception of Meloetta (Pirouette), Keldeo and the Sword trio, I despise of all fighting types. I'll make it known that I love psychic types as much as I do dark. So I usually will a psychic or a dark on my team. Not until recently have I had a team without psychic types. So, fighting types have never been a huge issue for me, as I usually carried an Espeon, Meowstic, or a Giafarig (I don't think you guys understand how useful a Girafarig can be!). It's not that fighting types are hard to beat, they just look weird. The Timber line has veins popping out everywhere, the Sawk line looks too much like a human, I feel like Machoke is wearing less than he should, along with Machamp. Plus, there are female versions of these Pokemon, as it's just.....awkward. I really don't like human-like Pokemon, I feel like capturing a Sawk would be like capturing another human being. It just doesn't seem right to me.
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  6. For me my favorite Pokemon type has to be Electric because of how great it is. First it has only one weakness which is ground but many Electric types can learn Ice/Water type moves so its OK.
    Least favorite has to be Steel. I never really used any Steel Pokemon but I think the Steel Types have Potential
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  7. My favorite type would probably be Dragon. Dragons a cool, illusive, hard to train but make powerful allies. For me, their just seems something mythical about Dragon Pokemon. Maybe because it was because they're one of the lesser common Pokemon types, maybe because they all have really nice designs (in my opinion), or maybe it's because Dragons were my favorite mythical creature when I was a kid.

    My least favorite type is fairy.....bastards ruined Dragon types for me. I mean, I know Dragon types needed a bit of a nerf, But.....really x0 damage from Dragon moves? I mean, what, when my 400 pound Dragonite's is pounding a 10 pound Clefairy into the ground during Outrage how is he not doing ANY damage? Are his punches just...Phasing right threw it or something!?!?

    Other then that Fairy types seemed pretty cool to me...
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  8. I really enjoy ghost types these days - I find most ghost types sit in my sweet spot of cute and creepy, so I'm rather drawn to them. I mean, Yamask is super cute, but its also heavily implied to be the souls of dead humans carrying around their own death masks. So many of them have Cheshire Cat smiles which I tend to be pretty biased towards liking. Honedge is super badass, but possesses people who grab it, and Giratina Origin is one of my favourite legendaries. Plus many of them are just too fun to use. I love Sableye in particular due to it getting both prankster and magic bounce, which are two of my favourite abilities. You get to play mind games if you run a set catering to both of those abilities. When will it Mega? When to I change strategies to deal with it?

    My least favourite is probably grass type. Nothing against the designs of the Pokemon or anything, many of them are really cool (Sawsbuck anybody?), but that massive number of weaknesses just makes them so hard to use. Its just frustrating to have so many super effective moves to try and deal with in battle. I appreciate them more than I used to because I've done a few monolokes with grass types, but still competitively there's so much you have to watch out for, and for someone who really loves sitting there laughing when opposing Pokemon do no damage to me, its irritating.
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  9. Favorite types:
    1- Psychic, I don't know why, but I love it;
    2- Ground, a simple and nice type;
    3- Grass, I like the nature;
    4- Fire, red is my favorite color, that's why.
    Types I don't like:
    1- Fighting, boring and overrated (in my opinion);
    2- Dark, I don't hate this type but I find it boring, even though it has a lot of nice Pokémon.
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  10. My favorite two types are Eletric because I love a lot of Pokemon of that typing, it's mostly only weak to Ground and Eletric type Pokemon are fast! I also like Water since mostly I pick the Water starters. My two least favorites are Ice since I don't like most Ice Pokemon and Psychic because I barely use Pokemon of the typing and I find it overrated.
  11. My favorite types:
    Fire - many of my favorite Pokemon are fire types, including my #1 favorite (Flareon)
    Dark - many moves I like are Dark, some Pokemon I like are also Dark types
    Fairy - ever since I played a Fairy team, I learned to love them, and my favorite ability is fairy, Pixilate

    Least favorites:
    Rock - and - Ground - both seem to have the least number of Pokemon I use or even like
    Dragon - mainly since most Dragons are not based on animals I like
  12. Favorite types for me are..
    Rock being my most fav because of how good it is offensively
    Least favorite types are..
    I just find them week in my opinion
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  13. My favorite types are Poison and Grass. There are so many ways to use those types and there are many Grass/Poison dual-types out there. Venusaur is at the top of my favorite Pokemon list.

    The one I like least would be Fire. I really don't like Fairy types, but I really have no desire to train Fire types. That said, there is exactly one Fire type that I absolutely LOVE, and that is Typhlosion. Can be used as a special attacker (Solarbeam for doubles) or physical attacker (I love having Thunderpunch on this guy) and it's got good looks to boot. It's my favorite starter from gen 2. If I were to create an all-star team of my six favorite Pokemon Typhlosion would be on it.
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  14. Favourite types:
    Fire: Fire is beautiful, and I like warmth.
    Dark: It's such a mysterious type, and black/gray is one of my favourite colours.
    Electric: I've always liked electricity and thunder.
    Dragon: Dragons are pretty cool, I guess.
    Psychic: I like psychic powers and all that, I think it's cool.

    Least favourite types:
    Ground: It didn't seem very different from rock. They also destroy me most of the time.
    (I'm looking at you now, earthquake.)

    Ice: It just seems to weak, and I hate coldness.
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  15. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I can't really explain why I like specific types, I just do. Ice, Fairy, and Electric are my top three forever, but I don't think I can really pinpoint a reason why I like any of them. I guess the attack animations are pretty/cool? Or I really like specific Pokemon that just so happen to be those types? Or I like their concepts as types, if that makes any sense. Meh.

    Other honorable mentions go to Flying, Psychic, Ghost, and Ground.

    I don't think I have a type I particularly dislike, though one I like least is probably Rock? I don't have many Pokemon I like that're Rock types, anyways, so that's probably one of the reasons why.
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  16. Hmm, My favorite types are Dark,Fairy,and Grass. I always had a fascination with Dark Types ever since I saw Umbreon in the anime. Fairy type cause I like Magical Girls, and For grass is earth is my element also I like flowers.

    Honorable mentions go to Electric, Fire and Flying

    For Least favorite I have to say Steel and Poison, I just never been found of those types
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  17. If I had to choose a favorite type… honestly, I can't, I like fairy a lot more than I thought I would, but it's on a mutual level with about fifteen others.

    I've never really cared for fighting, ground, or steel. Poison, bug and flying aren't often used within my team, but they're not... disliked, just not to my benefit when playing. Perhaps normal, cause it seems like every time I take a risk and send one out, the opposition just happens to throw a karate chop out and they're done for. xD
  18. Favorite: Electric (Very useful type against water-types)

    Least favorite: Normal (Not very useful since it has no resistances except ghosts)
  19. my favorite type is either electric or psychic; i dont really have a reason, but i mostly use those two, and i always found psychic types to be powerful (??), something like that i guess, im also rather fond of most of the electric-type pokemon designs (same goes for psychic).

    i never really used steel types though, and im not a huge fan of poison pokemon either, so i guess those two are my least favorite types..
  20. Favourite type is Ground for little reason besides my all time favourite is of that type, and my second favourite is partly so. I don't like them because of their typing, I like the typing because of them. Not a great reason perhaps but my favourite and least favourite are just barely so, I'm cool with all the type choices they made in general.

    Least favourite is Rock, for a long time it seemed dull and redundant to me.
  21. XenoRed

    XenoRed Formerly Charizard F

    Favorite type is Fire cause they really look cool and they are powerful.Also, I like electric types.So Fire and elecrtic are my favorite.

    I dont really like rock type so that's my least favorite.
  22. My top two types would probably be Dragon and Normal. Dragon because, well... I love dragons! And though I normally don't use pure normal types in my runs, they still have helped me in both competitive play and nuzlockes. I'm actually planning on doing a normal run on White 2 soon.

    My least favourite would have to be Rock. This is the one type I rarely use in my runs, the only rock type I've ever used was Armaldo in my first playthrough of Omega Ruby.
  23. my fav type is rock

    my least fav type is electric

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