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Favorite Kirby Ability

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Picnicker Virgil, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Yeah, basically exactly what the title says. What's your favorite Kirby ability? Be sure to include what game it's from and why you like it! Having more than one favorite is fine.

    I've been playing Kirby Squeak Squad again lately, even though I've beat all three files 100%, and I've found quite a few abilities that I like. One that sticks out in particular is Ice Bomb, which is obtained after getting the scroll for Bomb Kirby. I just love Ice Kirby in the game and Bomb Kirby's fun too, so the combination is perfect. Naturally, I'm a fan of Ghost Kirby and UFO Kirby, although I find I rely on that little electric thing to kill everything and end up losing the power. And the fact that you can't take UFO Kirby down ladders is annoying too.

    In Kirby Crystal Shards I love Electric-Rock combonation, Rock-Cutter combonation and, of course, Ice-Electric. Because, seriously, how many games let you turn into a fridge and throw food at things? Not many.
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    I remember Squeak Squad having quite a few new, fun abilities in it, but I'll need to replay it someday to remember them all. I think Ghost Kirby stood out to me, too.

    Generally when it comes to any Kirby game, my favourite abilities always fall to Kirby Super Star. Yo-Yo is a definite fave of mine because of its range and versatility (you can toss the yo-yo up, down, forward/backwards, get in close for a grab, or do that nifty upwards spin). Plus, it's just really fun to use. Next would be Mirror, Bombs, and Sword: Mirror because of the dash foward ability were Kirby fires mirrored images of himself in both directions (I love using it in mid-air to break things or catch stray enemies), how you can fire out reflective mirrors for ranged attacking (nice that it goes through some - if not all - walls, too), and the reflector defense stance; Bombs solely because of their range and the slight ability to adjust where you're going to throw them - they're one of the best anti-boss abilities in the game; and Sword because it has so many different uses - downward jab, the beam, jumping spin-slash, etc. - and because it resembles a Link cap and Kirby looks frelling cute wearing it XP

    As for Crystal Shards, recently I've fallen in love with what I think is the Bomb + Bomb combination (correct me if I'm wrong) - the fire works-like ability where you can keep hitting the button and exploding while jumping higher and higher. It has great protective properties, and it's fun to use.
  3. I think my favorite Squeak Squad ability is tied between Electric Sword and Ghost. I like being able to control those stupid little green glob things. Hop hop hop.

    My favorite Crystal Shards power, I think is Fire+Ice, just because it's ridiculous.
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    I just completed Squeak Squad for like, the millionth time. My favorite abilities are fire just because fire wins :3, and ghost because possessing things is what I live for. But my overall favorite is magic because a giant clown head appears out of nowhere and the cards act like knives. Knives!

    I haven't played Crystal Shards for a very long while, but of what I remember, refrigerator kirby was awesome and pwned almost every boss. I respected refrigerators ever since. :)
  5. Yep, Refrigerator Kirby was all that. What a hilarious concept. I liked Fireworks Kirby, Beartrap Kirby and Drill Kirby in that game, too (don't remember the type combos, but I think they were Fire/Bomb, Needle/Cutter and Stone/Needle respectively).

    But as with Linkachu, for me it's got to come back to Kirby Super Star in the end because that's far and away my favorite Kirby game and surely the best of the lot (such good times with the Great Cave Offensive). Mirror wins it. Mirror is fantastic. The little smirk on their faces when the two duplicate Kirbies split off in the dash attack... badass. And his regular A attack was surprisingly powerful. Yes, truly it's a terrible shame that Mirror hasn't been featured in any other Kirby game yet, because it was amazing.

    Always had a fondness for Beam (you can tell I think Kirby looks good in a jester cap), Hammer and Wing, too.
  6. In Squeak Squad, I love alot of the abilities, but I guess my favorite was the Ice one. I love freezing my enimies, kicking them, and watching them go sliding along.
  7. Jeydis

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    Fire from Superstar, or Fighter from the same title, can't pick. Overall its mostly because of their versatility and general power.
  8. I like Mirror Kirby,(Kirby Super Star [Ultra]) and Ice Sword Kirby, (Kirby Squeak Squad).

    I like Mirror Kirby because Gliding around is awesome, as well as being able to reflect with L or R in KSSU. ^^ I like Ice Sword Kirby because Slashing and Freezing is strangely awesome =D
  9. My top 3 would have to be:
    1.Plasma Kirby from SuperStar Ultra
    2.Laser Kirby from Kirby's Adventure
    3.Ghost Kirby from Squeak Squad
    I love Kirby! ;)
  10. I like Yo-Yo Kirby too, but I like Mirror Kirby better in KSSU
    It's very defensive but it doesn't attack hard

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