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Favorite Electric Type?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by MercuryBubbleBlast93, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. So whats your Favorite Electric type?
    Mine is Jolteon because of alot of things. Well for one, there was an awesome Jolteon in the first Pokemon stadium that I almost always chose, and also because I used Jolteon on my second plathrough of XD Gale of Darkness. Lastly.... I just like how I can outspeed almost everything and parlyze other pokemon.
    Other close favorites of mine would be Lanturn, Ampharos, and Manectric. But I am curious to hear what everyone else's favorites are :) .


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  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Hm. Difficult question there - there are many Electric types I like and much like any other type I find it impossible to choose one favorite. However, here are a few that are rather leading candidates for Exhibit A. In no particular order...


    Electabuzz is one of the species I've always really liked - My mind interpreted their sort of... strange headed feline-primate synthesis design as something awesome (so awesome that it eventually somewhat diverged even more from the source and became its own thing - one of my most personally significant species) and the sheer diversity of what they can do only made me appreciate them more. They're the only part of their evolutionary line I really like (I'm not a big fan of Elekid and I loathe Electivire with a passion), but as they're viable enough even without evolving, I can just continue to blissfully ignore the Tentacle-Rape-Robotnik-Evo. XD

    Joltik and Galvantula

    Three words. Electric Goddamn Spiders. What's NOT to love?

    It also helps that both have utterly adorable designs (Of course, I find spiders adorable in general - but Joltiks and Galva are adorable even by non-spider standards!), a unique (for now) type combination with one of my favorite types and a very nice Special Attack stat (with the right sort of moves to take full advantage of it - especially when Thunder with Compoundeyes-augmented accuracy is involved).

    But does one really need a reason beyond electric goddamn spiders? I don't think so.


    I always found Ampharos' design to be rather interesting (especially following the adorable but basic Mareep and the bizarre pink-poodle-sheep Flaaffy) - smooth with an almost vaguely dinosaurian shape, It's been alluded to be some kind of awesome dragon-sheep since its inception (with a Japanese name that means either 'electric current' or 'electric dragon'). I was rather pleased to see it get Outrage as a tutor-able move in Gen 4 and even MORE pleased to see the thing finally dropping all pretenses and Mega-Evolving into a Dragon-type with the most fabulous hair known to man or sheep. (Of course, right in time to walk into a herd of gogdamn fairies. Typical!)


    There's no way around it: Rotom is fricking adorable. The idea of a mischievous electric ghost possessing appliances was pretty clever (and is a nifty spin on the concept of aviation gremlins), the alternate formes are rather fun (some moreso than others - I have a bit of a personal bias towards Cut Rotom because... yeah, Grass-type. Plus, the thing amuses me greatly) and it has ALL the RP awesomeness potential (I need to write more of Siegfried somehow <<). Yeah. Rotoms are great. That is all.


    I've never been a huge fan of Magnemite and Magneton always seemed like an incredibly lazy cop-out to me. Suddenly, enter Magnezone with its actually an evolution design and great usability and single-handedly saved the entire line for me, turning it from a forgettable side-electric into something I actually enjoyed using a fair bit.


    I admit, I haven't trained one of these lovely things yet. The fact they take freaking forever to find and evolve (by which point I usually already have a great Electric-type) prevented me from trying the thing out myself. However, I love their design (fucked up alien lamprey things ftw), their type/ability combination which makes them a significant threat to most things that aren't Mold Breaker Haxorus with Earthquake and the sort of havoc they can wreak upon the unsuspecting. Now if only they weren't so obnoxious to get!

    Honorable mentions go to Lanturn (for being adorable and a Deep Sea Anglerfish at the same time - only detracted by the fact there's nothing they can do that Lapras can't do better), Manectric (Great design, slightly less great usability), Raichu (for being the only one of its overpopulated-bullshit-cartoon-rodent type that is actually somewhat nifty looking), Raikou and Zekrom (both great designs but not on the list because they're Legendaries).

    Also Stunfisk. It's fucking hilarious. Almost as gloriously derp as Dunsparce but not quite.
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  3. Burgundy

    Burgundy Formerly SuperSableye24

    Hmmmm.... This is a tough choice.

    Probably my favorites are a tie between Plusle and Minun. Most people see them as just a gimmick to demonstrate double battles, but even without each other, they can dominate.>:D

    Other than those two, I like Emolga, Manetric, and the new Kalos Pokemon Dedenne. :D
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  4. Mine is Eelektross, it's simply amazing,Decent stats,Quite Good movepool and an awesome design.
  5. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator


    Not only is Manectric my favourite Electric-Type Pokemon, it is my favourite Pokemon of all time. I grew up with Charizard as my firm favourite and I never imagined that any Pokemon would ever take that title away. And then I played Ruby (after Diamond had come out... I was late) and from the moment I saw a Manectric I just loved it. I wasn't quite sure how to say Manectric when I first saw him (it was a him) so I referred to him as Thunderdog and thus Thunderdog and my competitive team was born! :'D

    I have no idea why I like Manectric. Sure, I like dog and wolves and all such Canine creatures, but I like birds a whole bunch more, and cute/creepy looking reptiles. Other Pokemon come close, such as Archeops (Archeopteryx and Microraptor are two of my favourite critters ever!), Murkrow and Druddigon but even they cannot dethrone Thunderdog.

    So yeah, Thunderdog is my favourite and will likely remain so. Lightningrod was a massive boost to my Canine friend and it was nice to see Manectric appear on many rain teams at this years VGC because of it - and doing very well!

    Slander, sir! :'P ♥
  6. Jolteon and Electivire are my favorite by far, as Jolteon is just an amazing convenience to have with his high speed and great move pool, while Electivire has an amazing move pool too and an awesome appearance.
  7. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Similar to Magpie my favourite Electric-type is also my favourite Pokemon overall and has been so for a very, very long time. I remember the first time I saw Raichu within Nintendo Power's mini Pokemon Red & Blue guides and instantly loved it. Pikachu in its own right is fairly cute (I admit this) but I've always found its design rather plain too. Raichu on the other hand has really nifty ears, adorable feet, and a really awesome tail. I love its white belly too. Quite honestly I just love everything about Raichu. There can be no other top choice for me. ♥

    Runners up would be Ampharos, Rotom, Electrike/Manectric, and Galvantula. Much love for all of them. :)
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  8. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I think Pikachu and Jolteon are my favourites. My love for Pokémon started with the anime, so I've always fondly regarded Pikachu because of it and while I do agree the design is a bit plain and so on...I really do like the thing.

    I'm not too sure these days how my love for Jolteon really came about. I remember always turning any Eevee I had into one, but I don't think it was until I played through Firered and XD Gale of Darkness that I really started to appreciate the things nifty design. I love all the eeveelutions but I have a special place in my heart for old Jolteon. ♥

    Oh, and Heloptile gets a mention too. Even if I haven't used the thing yet, I utterly adore it already.
  9. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Plusle and Minun have and always will be my favorites for general biased reasons. They might be Pikachu rip-offs, but I just really like how they're a pair and have the Red/Blue theme going on and make me think of math and physics a little and they're just cute.

    Electric type in general is my favorite type, or rather, a lot of my favorite Pokemon are electric type. Let's see, Luxray, Manectric, Zebstrika, Raichu, Flaafy, Rotom, Lanturn, and Joltik are all pretty awesome, too, and are all very dear to me for their own various reasons. If I had to choose one of them as my favorite, it would be almost impossible to. Though I suppose I like Lanturn most out of this bunch, if only because he was so amazing against Wallace and Juan in Emerald |D
  10. Electivire will always be my favorite Electric-type because I absolutely love his design. He looks like a sir-like version of Electabuzz and deserves to wear a monocle. I also thought Motor Drive was a cool-sounding ability and Electivire has the honor of being the first Pokemon to be given that ability.
  11. Oh, I have so many favorites for this Type, it's ridiculous.

    Now, first of all, it should be fairly obvious what my favorite Electric-Type is. Zekrom has an awesome design, is a combination of my two favorite types, and has several moves I like.

    Next up is Ampharos. Now, it's previous evolutions are alright, but Ampharos? He has many moves I like, including ThunderPunch, Thunder Wave, Signal Beam, and after Gen V, the awesome Cotton Guard! This a great Electric-Type that doesn't take long to get, as its line is fully evolved by Level 30. This Pokemon has been very helpful on a few Pokemon games, such as Pokemon XD: GoD. In addition, it has a Mega Evolution with magnificent hair and a dual Dragon Type(thus making another Electric/Dragon and increasing my like for this Pokemon), making this Pokemon my second favorite Electric Type.

    Others I like include Pikachu/Raichu, Raikou, Chinchou/Lanturn, Manectric, Rotom, Blitzle/Zebstrika, and Elektrik/Elektross. They're all awesome, just not by first two definite favorites.
  12. The big thing about Manectric for me is that in the newer generations it can learn Flamethrower and also learns a great dark special attack like Snarl :D
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  13. For me, it's always been Jolteon, ever since 1999. He has an awesome design, and his high speed and special attack power makes him an awesome fighter. Electivire is a close second, and for a little while, I preferred him instead, but I eventually went back to good old Jolt.

    I also like Galvantula. Again, great design, plus Compoundeyes-Thunder and Energy Ball works just great.
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  14. My favorite is all of the forms of rotom. Once I found out I could trade for one in black 2 AND change his forms without an event, I bred 5 more and had a team of 6 rotoms in all of his awesome, most of them uniquely typed, forms!
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  15. Ampharos or Luxray for me. I love how they look and find them pretty good to train. :) Though I do also love Minun, Plusle, Rotom, Lanturn and Blitzle.
  16. I like Electivire and Raiku, they look really cool, plus they're powerful.
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  17. Manectric for me. Lanturn, Luxray and Electabuzz are also notable mentions. Stunfisk and Emolga also stick out for me
  18. Eelektross is great. It's weakness would be ground type moves but Eelektross has the Levitate ability and it covers up for the weakness.
    Manectric is great too.
  19. So Im gonna add Heliolisk to the list here because it is actually really cool! And it can learn surf, very tempting....
    also im glad to have a frilled lizard-like pokemon on board. :)
  20. I can say Magneton or Raichu maybe...
  21. im going to have to give it to raikou as my fav zapper [​IMG]
  22. Pichu is the best Electric type by far. Nuff Said...
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  23. My favorite eletric type Pokemon is probably Joltean or Raichu.
  24. Manectric, Minun, Lanturn, Luxray, Jolteon, Emolga, Zebstrika, and Heliolisk. :p Favorites forever!(Especially Manectric.) ;)
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  25. Well that's a though question really but lets see here
    I really love me some good Jolteon with its awesome design and for the first gen the only reliable alakazam killer with the mighty Pin Missile!
    however I also have a thing for Electivire with its mighty look
    if I had to chose one it will be good ol Jolt!
  26. mhairigood

    mhairigood Likes Trains

    My favourite is Raichu - no contest. When I first got into the animated series and games, I fell in love with the thing. There is just this raw bodacity about it and I just----SQUEE every time I see the precious. One time, I saw this holo' card and I wanted it so badly but it was like, £5. My poor ex ended up getting it for me as a lovely gift. I still have it tucked away in my treasure chest.

    I dunno... There's just something very special about Raichu for me.

    Two other favourites of mine are Joltik and Galvantula. Why?
    ...Have you seen them?! They're ADORABLE. And very useful in battle.
    I just can't stand the happy I get from them. Ugh, lovely creatures. <333

    [Luxray is also pretty badass. ♥]
  27. I Like Luxray,Manectric,Ampharos,and I like all of them really
  28. Every and each one of them!!!
    But if i had to choose..
    It's the Hoenn region duo, the best in double battles and super cute! They are - Minun and Plusle!!!
    The first time I saw a Pokemon, it was Minun and Plusle. After that, I DEMANDED my mom to buy me Emerald version. Sadly, I couldn't catch them, instead I caught an Elektrike, wich is cool, but Minun and Plusle are my favs! I got Minun in my Sapphire and Plusle in my Ruby!!
  29. Probably Luxray,Electivire and Ampharos.

    I personally have a Shiny Ampharos and I love it, its my highest level in the game not including my migrate ones. Elective has a great moveset with a wide variety and good overall stats, as does Ampharos, and Luxray just looks awesome, as well as the fact it has a very well balanced attack and Special attack. Luxray is very underrated tho, not sure as to why
  30. My favorite Electric-types are the following Pokémon: Pikachu, Raichu, Pichu, Emolga, Electrode, Magnezone, Jolteon, and Zekrom. I'll admit that I have too many favorites. :p
  31. Why would you think that? I hear many peopole say that Luxray is OR, and in many walkthroughs on YouTube, they have Luxray on their team so..
  32. My favorite Electric type Pokemon is Galvantula because its a spider and its really strong. Also because it is not on Electric, but also BUG! A broad choice of types. >_<
  33. mine is amporos, it evolves from a sheep and has a fabulous mega evolution
  34. Ampharos (with Mega-Glorious Hair as well in Gen VI) is pretty neat, but Light Ball Pikachu (which I found without even trying - lucky me) with max speed is pretty terrifying.
  35. 3 words : mega-ampharos is majestic!!!!!!!!!

    and i love manectric when i first saw it on emerald i just had to catch it :)
  36. My favourite electric type is pikachu! :p
  37. Hmmm, I'd say it'd be a tie between the Blitzle & Helioptile lines since I love both their basic and evolved forms

    • Blitzle & Zebstrika because zebras are my favorite animals and I've wanted a zebra pokémon since God knows when
    • Helioptile because it's so freakin' adorable, and Heliolisk because it's the perfect blend of serious & cartoony
  38. [​IMG]
    Shinx is my favorite electric type and also my favorite Pokemon overall, not really because it's the strongest, but because I've always had a special attachment to it. When I was little, I had a ton of stuffed lion toys that I loved and raised almost like a little kid does with baby dolls. So when I played Pearl for the first time, and saw a electric lion cub that was blue I knew I had to have it. I also enjoy the rest of shinx's evolution family (Luxuray is on my primary team for battling in every version since gen IV). Some of my other favorites are probably Jolteon, Apmpharos, and Electivire.
  39. My favorite would have to be Luxray. The appearance and colors are absolutely great. Plus the moves Luxray have.
  40. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    Jolteon. It's speed and sp. attack have saved me multiple times.
    Also, if it knows thunderbolt by the E4 like it should, it completely destroys Siebold.
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