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Favorite Eevee evolution

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Thepokemontrainer, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Pretty self explanatory. What is you favorite eevee evolution and why?
  2. Leafeon is BEAST.

    Umbreon and Espeon are close seconds.
  3. I personally love Umbreon the best, no contest! ;D
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  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    Leafeon and Vaporeon share the first-place spot for me: Leafeon due to its typage and its ability to learn Leaf Blade and X-Scissor and make use of them. Vaporeon because it's the only one of the original three that looked somewhat original and because it's one hell of an awesome PokeMon to train. ^^

    Umbreon is my second (or third) favorite, followed by Espeon, Jolteon and Flareon. Glaceon can go get hypothermia. <<;
  5. I like all of them to be honest. Well, I don't really have that much attachement to Flareon or Leafeon, but the rest I love. Now Glaceon isn't in the top for me, but I still like it better than the other two.

    Jolteon is my main used Eeveelution, however, because I like his spikes. He reminds me of my main character, Diego, and I could totally hear a Kung-Fu accent on him. Plus, he seems hyper.

    Vaporeon is another favorite because he could easily pass for a dual type pokemon. He can learn plenty of water type moves, Ice type, etc. Plus, his HP is horrendously awesome, along with his ability.

    Espeon seems to fall in the same place as Vaporeon, but he isn't as close to my heart. But, he does learn some interesting moves, like Psychic and Signal Beam.

    Now Umbreon tends to fall into the same catagory because of his Shiny forme, which, even though it's not that big of a change, it's enough to distract your enemies for a while. Plus he's good for status ailments.
  6. Jolt, hands down. I like the original collar-wearers best, but the spike-collar takes the cake.
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  7. I vote Umbreon and Flareon. I like Flareon because it is all fluffy and cute, and is strong. I like Umbreon too because it is strong, learns good moves and is cool! My favourite is Flareon, though. But I also kind of like Jolteon... Nope, Flareon is still the best. :D
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  8. I voted Leafeon because as soon as I accidentally evolved my baby eevee in Eterna forest in Pearl, I fell in love with the cool slender image~

    Besides; there hasn't been a bug type eeveelution yet and bug's one of my favourite types :}
    I guess Leafeon's the closest to that category and she has such an awesome move pool~

    Used to be just a weakling in comparison to the rest of my team- now she's up there leading it with Rio, my Lucario ^^
  9. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Gah it's so hard to choose for me D:

    I personally love Vaporeon, Glaceon, and Leafeon to pieces~ I'm a little biased towards water or ice types, to be honest. But really, the two blues ones are just adorable! Shiny Glaceon also has to be one of the best done shiny Eeveelutions, the other being Umbreon. Vaporeon also has decent stats and attacks, and so does Leafeon. And did I mention that Leafeon's cute? The cowlick is just ♥, as are the its leaves.

    Umbreon and Espeon come in a sort of close second. I've almost always had an Umbreon in my games if/when I could get one, and its attacks and stats are rather sweet too imo. And, even though I don't really think it's cute, it is really cool looking. Oh, and glow in the dark rings are just ftw. Espeon's design is rather simple for me, but it has decent special attack power and speed. And it's a freaking KITTY. OMG. I dunno if that makes me love it more or despise it, since Eevee's definetely a canine/dog/fox-like Pokemon.

    Flareon's really fluffy and cute, but it's just never been one of my favorites. I do like fire types, but Flareon's just meh. Jolteon also didn't really stand out to me, and the spikes all over its body just made me like it less. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike them. I just don't like them as much as the others~

    And then there's Eevee. Which is adorable and has can learn some of my most favorite moves ever from either breeding, TMs, or just level-up. And a shiny Eevee is, like, Eevee. Only about 100x cuter and prettier. :D
  10. Let's seeeee... In order, my favorites are~


    Eeveelutions are too overrated for me to really appreciate them, though. They're cute, but whatever.
  11. This is a bit of a toughie for me. Vapory has been my favorite since Gen 1, though ironically, I never trained one effectively until two generations later. More recently, I managed to train a Jolty and I fell in love with it as well, as a result. When Espy came out in Gen 2, it quickly became an important part of my team, so I have to give it props for being an effective special sweeper. I've never trained a Leafy before, but in practice it is indeed a decent physical sweeper and I'd probably like it if I did train one. Umbry and Flarey I can't really train properly, because well, Flarey is just awful stat and movepool-wise (but its still the most adorable for being so fluffeh >=O) and I'm not one to use something like a toxic staller, but Umbry is pretty cool design-wise and is my favorite dark type Pokemon overall. And then there's Glacey whose dead last, because I have absolutely no love for it relative to the other 6 Eevos.

    I'm think I'll vote for Vapory since even now, it's still one of my favorites both aesthetically and in battle.
  12. Without a doubt I have to say Umbreon. I don't even think I paid any attention to the Eevee line until Umbreon and Espeon debuted. Originally, I liked it because it was a Dark type, but now I really like it's design. It looks so sleek and I love how it looks the most different out of all the other evolutions. Also, shiny Umbreon = win.
  13. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    In some vague semblance of order:

    5. Leafeon - Leafeon sits at last place for me unfortunately, although not due to me disliking him in any way. I just don't find anything particularly notable or outstanding about him - he's...just kind-of good, but that's about it for me. He gets last place for being nothing special, but he's still pretty cool with his nice stats and attack in Leaf Blade.

    4. Flareon/Espeon - Flareon and Espeon tie for 4th place here. I like the design of both of these guys despite Espeon's pink-ness - Flareon has a very majestic appearance as do a lot of Fire-types, and Espeon has an odd beauty to it. Flareon to me has untapped potential that may never be realized though, despite being the worst of the Eeveelutions even still (yes, worse than Leafeon) and Espeon's just a beast with massive Sp.Attack and Speed.

    3. Glaceon - I really can't understand why Glaceon isn't used more than it is (i.e. almost never.) Sure, it's slow as all hell, but it has massive Sp.Attack, a great offensive type and two very deadly STAB attacks to fire off at you as well - if that doesn't scream "untapped potential" I don't know what does. No.3 goes to Glaceon - THIS GUY NEEDS MORE LOVE!

    2. Jolteon/Umbreon - Glaceon may be a sleeping terror of sorts, but Jolteon on the other hand definitely has his potential application utilized in full already, and he's easily one of the most fun Pokemon to use that I've encountered in my competitive battle time. On top of his awesome battling ability, his appearance just kicks ass too - Jolteon's awesome and he knows it, and I'd highly recommend using this guy if you're looking for a fast, powerful and flexible sweeper. Umbreon's almost a polar opposite to Jolteon with his shadowy appearance, suggesting that he doesn't want to stand out from his crowd, but I don't think he's fooling anybody at this stage in the game - it's well known that Umbreon's disabling and support abilities are extremely numerous and each as deadly as the next. Umbreon's definitely the kind of Pokemon for the more evil trainer, since he'll make any opponent's demise slow and painful. Once again, it's a tie between the flashy sweeper and the shadowy tormentor of the Eeveelution crew.

    1. Vaporeon - Ask any competitive battler which Eeveelution is the best one, and I'd be willing to bet a fair wager they'll say Vaporeon is No.1. Given just how versatile Vaporeon is and how well it performs the roles it is often given, I'd have to agree. Vaporeon is the best supporter out of the Eeveelutions, arguably the best Water-type in the game - period - and that's a well-earned title given the amount of Water-types out there, and ultimately one of the best Pokemon in the entire game. The fact that he does all this whilst looking pretty cool at the same time is just icing on the cake. Vaporeon kicks ass, and I believe his stranglehold at the top of the Water-type pile will not loosen even with Gen V here.
  14. *Looks at avvie* Welp, when that ends up changing, you'll still know it's Espeon.

    It's just... purty. And it has the best cry. Well, Leafeon has an awesome cry... But Espeon has just stuck to my heart. I've had one on my team since I got Crystal all those years ago. PEW PEW PSYCHIC. I kind of want to teach my current Crystal version one Zap Cannon for lawls.
    Out of the other ones, Jolteon is my other favorite. I like Electric types a lot so yeah. And it has cute spikes.
  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    In order:
    7.Jolteon (Shoves!)
    I hate electric types exept Raichu, I like Raichu 8)
  16. 1. Umbreon, simply because I'm a dark-type fanatic.
    2. Jolteon. My main strategy with Pokemon is to hit first.
    3. Vaporeon. It frickin' melts!
    4. Espeon, mostly because of its epic mutated two tails.
    5. Glaceon. I think it looks a bit too much of a female, so a male would be like the male-Jynx situation.
    6. Leafeon. I don't hate nature or anything, but I just think its too much trouble to get it to evolve...
    7. Flareon. I HATE fire types!!!

    And there you have it.
  17. I usually hate Fire-types as well (this is why Flareon's my least favorite), but I do have a certain fondness for Vulpix and Ninetales. :)

    And Glaceon, I think, is pretty neutral... it could pass for a male.

    Leafeon's my favorite, lol! Umbreon's my second favorite (well, it's kind of a tie), and it seems to be really popular.

    Anyway, listing:

    1. [​IMG]
    --Grass-types are amazing, and Leafeon's epic Attack stat combined with Swords Dance and Leaf Blade makes for an epic combo
    2. [​IMG]
    --I guess Umbreon's my THIRD favorite--Psychic is my favorite type, and Espeon is one you just can't ignore
    3. [​IMG]
    --Seriously? How could you NOT love this guy? It's sleek and scary and catlike, not to mention the flashing rings on its body are ultra cool!
    4. [​IMG]
    --Many a time has Vaporeon served as an easy-to-get, already pretty trained Surf Pokemon in LeafGreen. Plus, Acid Armor? On a Water-type? Freakin' sweet!
    5. [​IMG]
    --Jolteon holds the fifth place for me not because I don't like it... rather, others are cooler! Its spikiness is very cool though!
    6. [​IMG]
    --Never mind, Flareon's my sixth spot. It's fluffy, which is not as cool as spiky, but I really don't like...
    7. [​IMG]
    --Was never a fan of Glaceon.

    If you like those pics, btw, they have tons more--here.
  18. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Vaporeon is easily my favourite of the bunch. It's the first Eevee evolution that I ever used, not to mention the first Water-type that I ever trained, on my first Pokemon team ever, way back on Pokemon Red. Mind you, that experience isn't the sole reason I've bonded so strongly with it. Vaporeon design-wise is really cute and creative, making it one of my top favourite Water-types of all time (only rivaled by the likes of Buizel and Futachimaru). As KoL mentioned, it's also an incredibly good Pokemon - making it a great team member whether it be in-game or competitive. I pretty well love everything about the guy. ^^

    My runners up are Umbreon and Leafeon. For Umbreon, I love it mainly for its sleek and adorable design. For Leafeon, it's a mixture of its design, its stats, and the fact that it learns Leaf Blade (which is cool because it can actually use it).

    After them I'm pretty well tied on Flareon, Jolteon, and Espeon. All of them have their uses (especially Espeon and Jolteon), and all of them look pretty cool. I like 'em all.

    Last is Glaceon, but I admit to not really giving it a fair chance. I find its design silly, but I think it has potential. I have a feeling that after training one I'd come to appreciate it a lot more than I do.
  19. [​IMG] Okay, my list of favorites (In order) looks like this:

    1. Umbreon. Who can't love that glowing Dark-type awesomeness?

    2. Glaceon. I love it's call and its just so pretty!

    3.Vaporeon. Its a Water type and learns Surf. And its SO CUTE! I love Vaporeon!

    4. Espeon. Its pretty cool and I like it better than the rest.

    5.Flareon. I like Flareon because its a Fire type. Who doesn't love using Lava Plume or Overheat once in a while?

    6. Leafeon. I don't like how it looks.

    7. Jolteon. I just hate its voice in the anime and I don't like the spikes.

    Wow. I love these pictures. Look! I found MissingNO!:
    I found it in Kanto Pokemon, right after Mew.
    Click here:
    http://pldh.net/gallery/the493 and see for yourself.
    Click on Kanto Pokemon and look right after Mew.
    See for yourself.
  20. I already posted a link, please read posts above you before you do that...
  21. It's always been Umbreon. It's the only reason I really got intrested in the Eeveelution line.
  22. I like umbreon 2!!!!!!!!! My eevee always evolve into espeon though:( So u like dark types. Me TOOO!!! Were do u get poocheyana on platinum?
  23. 1. Espeon- I have G/S/C/SS/HG and when my eevee evolved it was always Espeon. I love psychic types two because the moves are really powerful.
    2. Glaceon- I love it's moveset (especialy blizzard) and it was the first eeveelution I got.
  24. My favorite is Umbreon, always has been. I'd say Espeon is my second favorite, and Vaporeon is my third favorite.
  25. From best to worst:

    NO.1: [​IMG] Oopsie how did that get there?

  26. Leafeon, of course. The moment I've seen him I knew "this pokemon will be in my party".
  27. Flareon all the way, as far as I know, it has the highest attack, third highest special Attack, and second highest special Defense of the eeveelutions.
  28. Umbreon in my dark team is pretty excellent.
  29. Since Gen V didn't turn out any new Eeveeloutions (major disappointment for me), I'll have to say Leafeon. I love its stat distribution, making it a PHYSICAL Grass sweeper, which is pretty cool. I had a nearly-perfect Leafeon named Ivy before he died with my Diamond.
  30. I love Umbreon.
    He has the best design with the glowy thingys.
    Then is Jolteon
    Electric ♥
    Then Espeon
    this is cuz it jst wrecks stuff
  31. I would have to say Vaporeon. It reminds me of a mermaid, and I used to be obsessed with mermaids when I was little. Not to mention it can learn both water and ice moves. I have a Vaporeon on my SoulSilver game and he is my baby. I love him dearly because he helped me finally defeat Lance using Blizzard. Ahh, good times. ♥
  32. I like Eevee the best. :p
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  33. Umbreon/ Vaporeon

    Umbreon because I love dark types and Vaporeon because it was my favorite out of the original 3 ♥
  34. Umbreon is definitely my favourite. I remember defeating Karen with my Umbreon, back in Pokemon Silver. The two moves that I used the most with Umbreon, back then, were Faint Attack and Moonlight. I simply adore my Umbreons, and I still do.

    Though if I had to choose a runner-up to Umbreon it would have to be Leafeon. I don't exactly know how I would place the others, but I know one thing for sure.... "You can never go wrong with an Umbreon!" ;D
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  35. Jesus, Umbreon is destroying the competition in this poll.

    I vote Vaporeon due to it's stats. High friggen' HP, high friggen' Special Attack, and amazingly easy to train its Defenses.
  36. My favorite is Flareon. Fire is my favorite type, and I think its coal black eyes go perfect with its fur color. I've always liked how Flareon is 'fluffier' than the other ones, also its one of the slower ones. I just find this fiery furball absolutely adorable, and it will probably always be my favorite. The cute animations of it attacking in XD also contributed to my heart melting for it when it would do a physical attack. So yeah, Flareon for me.
  37. Umbreon for sure.
  38. Alright, my detailed listing:
    1. Leafeon
    I love all the Eevee members and more than the other PKMN Themes I go by, I tend to use the Eeevee Evolution theme more. I'd use each one if possible but because we HAVE to use Fly at some point or another (whether it's required or just practical), you can't use 6 of the 8 forms. PKMN Battle Revolution however you can use 6 of the 8. Leafeon is one of my favorites, but probably taking place in Number 3 because he looks cool, he reminds me of myself for some reason, he also has awesome stats with some great moves PLUS he has an ability that opens up a few combos.

    2. Espeon
    All of those who know me best inside and out say that I'm this one through and through. Other than looks, I would say this pokemon is awesome to the extreme, great ability built in: Synchronize, screw your Powders! The Psychic type just suits me best, the type is among my favorites as well, Espeon's looks are cat-like and I have a couple of cats, so a little more plus to it, I'm not a HUGE fan of the sleek body design but I can easily manage. I don't like the poses they put Espeon in for their battles whether it's 3D (Stadium/Colosseum series) or 2D sprites. But you also HAVE to bond with your Eevee in order to get Espeon, so right off the bat along with Umbreon it becomes hard to swap them out. But, other than Umbreon, Espeon was my first Johto Eevee evolution, so because of all of these above reasons: Espeon is now a Number 1 of my favorites.

    3. Umbreon
    Number 4 of my favorites, I love the design, BUT the move set they give Umbreon suck! You get maybe 2 or 3 good ones built in but they're not strong, you must teach TMs to compensate, but other than the moveset, Umbreon gets my passion. As everyone else states, the glowing rings, the overall design is terrific end of story. The ability he has is also amazing, Synchronize.

    4. Vaporeon
    Vaporeon started out as my number 1 favorite back in R/B/Y and probably had a massive (and losing) struggle to stay on top of my favorite list of the evolutions. The design is cool, he can surf, waterfall, whirlpool, and even dive to help you with your needs on your journey, even better is that he learns Aurora Beam to help handle some flying and dragon types. Teaching him Ice Beam became one of the musts to teach to him, replacing Aurora Beam so he can learn the rest of his standard moves, this guy was one of the more versatile evolutions and in the anime he doesn't disappoint with the looks. I just hate the fact that they always have him in that sitting position, I would like to see him in more than just that dang sitting position in the Stadium/Colosseum series and most of his usual sprites. He is now my Number 5 of the list.

    5. Jolteon
    Now, Jolteon is an interesting character, he not only learns some great electric moves, but they gave him a few other types as well, a bug and a fighting move to pour in there to handle with other types, to take care of the grass and psychics with the Pin Needle attack, then he has Double Kick to handle some of the rock types, HOWEVER his ATK is nowhere as good as his SP ATK, which is shouldn't be better anyways, he's an ELECTRIC type, moves like Spark and Volt Tackle aren't exactly in his roster so you shouldn't rely on his Double kick or Pin Needle. So all in all, his design is cool but he's just not for me, I'll keep Raichu and Luxray, soon that flying squirrel as well... thanks, so Jolteon is Number 6 of my favorites.

    6. Flareon
    Flareon, a cute and cuddly evolution, someone you just gotta have, in my opinion he is my Number 2 of the list, the lack of fire types is a big hassle and having a Flareon right there in Platinum was a HUGE help for me to take down Cynthia who was a pain and almost impossible, thanks to Flareon's and Raichu's efforts in Platinum, I managed to beat her. The stats aren't great and they don't provide Flareon that many great techniques from the get go, but over time he can help you out ESPECIALLY in the 4th generation when you don't get many fire types to use. I've always liked Flareon from the beginning but he just can't match up to my first favorite (who is water) and definitely can't match up with Espeon.

    7. Glaceon
    The most female looking of the group, not exactly a breath of fresh air either. The problem here is that they made an ice type, which we have plenty to catch in Gen IV especially the lengths in which you must go in order to get it, sure just fly and head west to evolve it, but whatever. This pokemon isn't for me, just like Jolteon and its sadly in Number 7 - last place (8 if you count Eevee, yes even Eevee tops it in my opinion) of my personal favorites, a plus to this pokemon though is that I love the battle cry it makes in the game.
  39. Favorite Eeveelution :
    Vaporeon , all the way .
    Vaporeon was my first ever eeveelution and my favorite .
    Helped me in many battles and helped me beat the Elite 4 in FireRed .
    Vaporeon owns . ;)
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  40. Espeon is my fave, but Leafeon and Umbreon come in close second. Gen 2 for the win!

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