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Favorite Brawl Arenas?

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Gardevoir Master, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. So, what are your favorite Brawl arenas and why? Is there a certain "sweet spot" you like to camp out on?

    Since I don't have the game myself, I can only talk about the arenas I've played in Melee. A few of those have returned, as well. I liked Big Blue. Not so sure why, but I figure it must be the idea of fighting atop speeding cars like some action movie.
  2. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    I like quite a few. Final Destination obviously, its always epic in its own way, especially with that music. I also enjoy Bridge of Eldin a lot, the exploding bridge and whatnot, and its pretty. ^_^ Icicle Mountain is fun, and Castle Siege to an extent. Luigi's Mansion is nice, and so is Spear Pillar, though very hard to fight on at times. >> Other stages include Temple and Corneria from Melee, and I'm also having a blast on my own stages. So yeah. xP
  3. I'm gonna haveta say...the Pirate Ship...it's just plain awesome...beautiful scenery, gimmicks don't interfere too much with normal matches...I love it ^_^
  4. I like the larger stages more. I'd have to my favourite though is Spear Pillar. Unless Cresselia appears. That thing is gd annoying in allstar mode...
  5. I like Spear Pillar, PictoChat and WarioWare Inc. the most. I like Spear Pillar for no real reason at all. I like PictoChat because the Drawings keep things lively. Especially the Rocket one. ;D I like WarioWare Inc. for the Same reason as PictoChat, It keeps things lively.(Rolling Potatoes! ;D)
  6. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Overall, I don't think there's really one Brawl stage that I absolutely love the way I did a certain not-included-in-Brawl-stage-from-Melee-rawr... >> (*Weeps for Fountain of Dreams*) ... but Spear Pillar is the one I typically put on for music-related reasons. I made it so the Dialga/Palkia battle music plays 100% of the time because that track is love.

    Other than that, I appear to have a soft-spot for the Sonic stage (mostly for nostalgic reasons) and the Wind Waker stage (it's just very visually appealing). In the end, though? I generally put the stage selector on random.
  7. I tend to fight on the Bridge of Eldin stage with my brother a lot...mainly because it's flat but still has changes in the field every once in a while...also I go to Spear Pillar whenever I think about it, though I don't like how getting the Smash Ball can be difficult at times...PictoChat is pretty fun as well...Hyrule Temple because of the layout...and it's fun to glide around as Pit

    overall, though, I go to my own created stages most...even though some weren't made by me
  8. I like the Smashville stage and the Battlefield most. Picto Chat and WarioWare are fun, too. I mainly like a custom stage I created which is made up only of falling blocks and moving platforms. It get's all crazy awesome.
  9. Vol


    I play mostly on Bridge of Eldin (for reasons that are unknown to most people) and Green Hill Zone.

    I love my custom stages, and I usually play on them.
  10. After having Brawl for a bit and playing all the stages at least once, I'm going with Spear Pillar (Unless Palkia is there), Mario Kart, Green Hill Zone, Battle Field and Lylat Cruise.

    Spear Pillar is plain old fun with its music. That is until Palkia wars everything and I kill my self because of the inverted directions. Mario Kart cause it has spots where I can come under and Dair Spike with Falco. Green Hill Zone is just an epic win and Lylat Cruise since the Smash Taunts rule. That and all of those stages are pretty balanced.
  11. I forgot I love plaing on ANY Stages with Spikes. I make my custom stages with a LOAD of spikes most of the time. My favorite custom stages besides the ones with spikes are enclosed spaces.
  12. Warioware is just TRIPPY. So much fun on a 1on1.

    Ummm...Delfino Plaza was very pretty. I just liked the beauty of that map. Battle Field, Spear Pillar (LOVE SPEAR PILLAR), and Green Hill Zone are some really good ones...I also like Shadow Moses, especially if I play Captain Falcon. You have no idea how much your foes BOUNCE AROUND in there with a successful Falcon Punch.

    However, I am a Solid Snake player. I love Snake. I would freakin' DO Snake. And I am so freaking good at playing as Snake. I rape with Snake. He's so GOOD in my hands. He's not the fastest player, but I can just make use of the myriad quick power attacks he has at his disposable. Thusly...

    My favorite stage is New Pork City.

    I run to the left, up on that ledge, plant a mine behind me, throw grenades off the ledge, and snipe with Nikitas. Then I edgeguard my territory, and then when people come up and get me in utter rage, I knock them off nice and easy! Plus, Snake's Nikitas target those Smash Balls quite nicely, especially when nobody interrupts me. I got the Final Smash three times on that map once. I did end up learning it does nothing to the Ultimate Chimera. It was worth a try.

    But yes, I love camping on that map. I can play really well on other maps, but...it's just so EASY on New Pork!! X3
  13. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

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    I haven't exactly tried out all of them yet. Only a selected few. Final Destination, all the Melee stages, the Pokemon Stadium, and a few others.

    Favorite? Hyrule Temple, because the music rocks in my oppinion, and it's a great place to Brawl. Why? Because of all the "hiding" places. Isn't it great to be down below, where no one would suspect you were there, and then suddenly use down B for Pikachu on an unsuspection opponent? But then, sometimes, because the stage is so, well, tedious or whatever, some Brawls can take at least ten minutes to finish. But, nevertheless, I still think it's a great stage.

    I would say Final Destination, but we use it in every single brawl at church. Yes, every one. I don't know why; we just do. Plus the stage is too... small and flat, I guess. Seriously, I tried to play as Falco there, my third best character, and I died just because the platform was too frelling small.
  14. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

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    I gotta say, I used to like Final Destination in Melee, it was one of my favorites... in Brawl, I HATE IT.
    I get caught underneath the little edge curve when I try to recover as Marth, and someone else [who isn't coming to mind].

    I like Spear Pillar, it has an awesome theme, and I like the random shifting and lazors of doom... It makes for funny moments ^^

    I also Like the Warioware level, the little minigame things always throw a hurtle at the fight, especially when your opponent [me] chooses not to play them but to instead take advantage of a taunting opponent, or one that is standing still XD

    Battlefield is probably my next in line... simple and small...
  15. Top 3 Best stages

    3. Green Hill Zone
    2. Pirate Ship
    1. Final Destination

    Top 3 WORST Stages

    3. Hyrule temple *always die on it on wifi*
    2. Olimars Stage *Kinda boring*
    1. Lylat Cruise *tip: Don't use any Star Fox Characters Side B on the Stage*
  16. I don't have it either but play brawl a ton at my friend Andrews house, I favor Final Destination, Shadow Moses Island, and some custom stages we made up. 8)

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  17. Battlefield and Final Destination because they are basic, and I prefer to have a normal fight on a basic stage.
  18. created stages if they count
    if not Mario kart or Flat Zone 2
  19. well my two most favorites are norfair, and spear pillar ;D
  20. Skya and everyone from now on. Please mention why you like that stage. Posting your favourite stage without any reason doesn't really give us any reason why you like it. We like hearing why you like certain things.
  21. My favorites are pretty much any dynamic stage that has somthing going on,such as wario ware,spear pillar,and picto chat

    it's fun having to deal with not just items and enemies,but to be killed by the very stage you're on
  22. Uh well i gotta say the Battlefield its kinda cool anyway ;D
  23. I am kinda partial to large sprawling arenas like New Pork City and Hyrule Temple. I like the ability to chase my opponents around and the nightmare beasts and destructible bridge down below in New Pork City make it very enjoyable.

    For the smaller stages I would have to go with Delfino Plaza, Battlefield, and Pirate Ship. They are fun because they don't keep constant and add a bit more strategy to each new field you find yourself on.
  24. Mine would have to be Final Destination, and Hyrule Temple.

    Final Destination -(to me) To survive on this stage you need skill and to me it's my favorite because whenever I face someone it tells me if I need to improve or if I'm doing good.(Btw, I always shut most items off to help with the skill testing thing.)

    Hyrule Temple - I can set up A LOT of traps and since I can usually throw and hit whatever or whoever I want, it gives me the ability to stay away and be successfully cheap when I have high damage with a character that I suck with.
  25. [size=10pt]Mine is, Zelda/Hyrule Temple (I don't know what it is called) but it was from Melee and they put it on SSBB which made me very happy. I also like Spear Pillar, it's cool...[/size]
  26. really, Jet? :o I had no idea

    I must add a few stages to my list...

    Pirate Ship- it has a decent size, I usually don't have to worry about falling, it changes often, and frankly, it's extremely fun to hop on the catapult and let it shoot me away right before somebody hits me

    Wario Ware- Ruko already said my reason, it's always great to really hit them hard whenever they can't move...though I always fail at the CHISEL IT! one...even when I'm trying

    New Pork City- it's big, it has a man eating monster, sniping with Snake is very easy when in the area to the upper left of the swing
  27. My favorite stage is Castle Seige.I love the stage because it changes while you're in middle of the battle.And just for the record(LOL)I play as Fox.
    I also like the Pirate Ship,but my fellow players do not like that stage for some reason.
  28. i love Final Destination, it's open, the arena doesn't mess with you, and easier to do combos. i like battlefield for the same reason as final destination, but u can avoid attacks a little bit easier in my opinion. last, but not least, Bridge of Eldin, huge zelda fan and liked how they blew it up to spice things up
  29. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Once, I saw a dog sneeze. It was funny - it was like its entire body was thrown back by the force of it. If I hadn't been standing behind it, I think it might still be going.
  30. TEMPLE!!! ummmm it is so large yet gets so small when you get into the fight
  31. My favorte stages are:

    New Pork City because of the music (i set it so it so You call this a utopia?! always plays on new Pork City)

    Onitt because you can get run over by cars

    and lastly Warioware.inc because of the Don't Move! Challenge
  32. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    I'm easy as far as stages go. I'm fond of the pokemon stages, the Great Sea, and Pictochat. Ones I really do NOT like are these:

    Norfair. The one with the lava fall. Is it Norfair? Not sure. Either way, I don't like the cheap way of losing lives in stock matches.
    WarioWare. I get really annoyed when I get giant, and my opponents get invincibility.
    New Pork City. It's just TOO BIG.
    Pit's. I just can't fight there.
  33. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    These are my favourite stages:

    - Spear Pillar. Whether it be Dialga, Palkia or Cresselia who joins the fight, absolute chaos is guaranteed on this stage.
    - Frigate Orpheon. I'm a big Metroid fan, and Frigate Orpheon is a fun, compact stage with a funny twist to it.
    - Pirate Ship. A good, fun stage with nice Wind Waker music, and it's fun KO'ing players by having the ship run them over.
    - Halberd. Background looks awesome, and the stage is easy to play on even with the hazards.

    These ones I don't like very much:

    - Norfair. The lava hazards are too frequent and too dangerous, and end up preventing players from fighting properly.
    - Skyworld. Having to break the platforms to drop through them is very annoying. Overall, the stage is a major hindrance.
    - Rumble Falls. I never liked Icicle Mountain much in Melee, and Rumble Falls is even worse.
    - Hanenbow. I really don't like the way it looks - the whole stage is thoroughly uninteresting to me.
  34. Bowser mainer here. Just for the record, he is NOT a cheap movie monster!!!

    Anyway, my main being big and slow, I like the stages you don't have to move around much in, namely;

    Final Destination, Pokemon Stadium 2, and Hyrule Temple (Yeah, I know it's big, but it's just too much fun!)

    My least favourites are;

    Warioware (its just too trippy!), and New Pork (It's just too damn huge!)
  35. Out of all the Brawl arenas I liked the Lylat Cruise the best but I still think the Melee Hyrule Temple is my all-time favorite.
  36. In brawl i like Spear Pilar, because i like the suffering that makes u feel Dialga, Palkia or Cresselia... so i like it.
  37. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
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    Final Destination - because, as people have said before, you need genuine skill to fight on it. I tend to fight a one-vs-one with two lives and no items, because I am awesome like that. I used to leave Smash Balls on but on Low, but I stopped because it seemed a bit too chancey and cheaty. Whoever was lucky enough to get the last hit would probably win, basically, unless your Final Smash sucked eggs.
  38. Carmen Lopez

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    Yay, I finally has Brawl.

    Aaaanyway, my my favorite stages are:

    Final Destination- no frills, no thrills, just Brawling.
    Pictochat- I really like how the stage changes but doesn't do anything especially annoying.
    Warioware- this stage is just fun. I love the random minigames.

    I tend to dislike stages "with too much going on" (Spear Pillar) or are gigantic (New Pork City) or scroll (Rumble Falls). Otherwise I'm neutral on everything else, but then again I haven't unlocked every stage yet. And this maybe because I'm really new at Brawl and if the stages does stupid stuff, it screws with me.
  39. I'll have to say my favorite ssbb arena is.... Final Destination. I like that place cause there is no interruption between things that can hurt you for example: Spear Pillar. Dialga, Palkia, and Cressila all attack you which I don't like.
  40. Hands down, Final Destination. No luck involved, no cheap gimmicks, just pure skill.
    I also like the Pirate Ship, great visually, and Wind Waker is love.
    Pokemon Stadium 2, it's mostly skill-reliant, with very little effect on the battle when it changes.

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